and an unstoppable will to succeed. 8 End of the Beginning . Our first few seasons consisted of loud and colorful graphics and that’s who we were at the time. because of that many mistakes were made with just as many lessons learned.Our journey began here with a young team. lots of heart. The fact that other people appreciated what we did only motivated us to do more. We were inexperienced with a lack of knowledge on how to run a clothing company. We had a vision to create designs that we enjoyed and that’s all that mattered.

We were still opening our eyes to what this industry was about after our first year. we managed to work through those tough times while becoming more ambitious and excited. We finally managed to quit our day jobs and began to really focus our efforts onto the brand we created together. Our business faced continuous amounts of trial and error but that didn’t stop us. We also began collaborating with other companies in order to slowly expand and survive the hard-hitting recession. Although it was a struggle. End of the Beginning 9 . We ventured out and began marketing our product by releasing our first print ads and working closely with celebrities to spread our products to bigger markets.

Two thousand and nine would see our darkest days. Minor misunderstandings and simple miscommunications nearly brought our doors to a close. but it was those obstacles that helped shape us and drove us beyond the struggles of the present and into a soon to be brighter future. Working countless hours and being exposed to the real world created a dark cloud that reflected onto our brand and us as individuals. 10 End of the Beginning . the bright eyes and youth of 07’ had faded away and the reality of running an independent brand reared its ugly head.

That once you see beyond the struggle. to persevere. you can achieve the impossible. There was a general consensus among our team that it was time to come together and achieve the success we had been working for.There is a common wisdom that is shared in which nothing in life comes free. one goal remained. Having overcome the major obstacles 09’ had to offer. We realized that fear was an emotion that had no place in our dictionaries. What was left was a continual desire to inspire the people that had supported us since day one. that bit of advice was never more apparent until two thousand ten came around. and being dark and mysterious is a trait left solely for the cool guys (which we are definitely not). End of the Beginning 11 . so we utilized our raw talents once again to deliver a message to the rest of the world.


achieve the impossible IMKING – Raw Talent . Whether you’re a scholar or an artist. raw talent breed’s opportunity. and achieve the goals of tomorrow.Opportunities are never given to the ordinary. they are seized by the extraordinary. elevate with knowledge of the past. to feed our thirst for creativity and evolve with experience and determination. See beyond the struggle. IMKING’s mission is to discover and inspire. talented individuals able to see beyond the struggles of the present. Raw.

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