JIRA is a bug tracking, issue tracking, and project management application.

12.1.1. Resources
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Download JIRA and plugins. Upgrade checklist: o Related products: -. o References: -. o Integration configuration changes: HTTP Binding, MySQL - Connector/J DataSource, Properties - JIRA Home, Global Settings - Look and Feel, Apache Configuration - Context - AJP Connectorand Windows Service - Catalina Home. JIRA Documentation, Important Directories and Files and User's Guide. FishEye integration with the FishEye plugin to view Issue and Project changesets.

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12.1.2. JIRA installation guide
Download the archive: atlassian-jira-4.3.4.zip [version 4.3.4]. Extract this .zip file to P:\dev\apps\issue.

As of JIRA 4.3 'in-place database upgrades' is officially supported. HTTP Binding
Change the listening ports and and restricted to localhost by editing the configuration file P:\dev\apps\issue\atlassian-jira-4.3.4-standalone\conf\server.xml:

<Server port="80058062 " address="" ... <Service name="Catalina"> <Connector port="80808063


" address="" Database settings
Create a MySQL user called jira-user and database called jira with the following commands:

mysql -u root -p mysql> create database jira character set utf8; mysql> grant select, insert, update, delete, create, drop, alter, index on jira.* -> to 'jira-user'@'localhost' identified by 'password'; mysql> mysql> mysql> mysql> flush privileges; select host,user from mysql.user; select host,db,user from mysql.db; quit

1.characterEncoding=UTF8 by editing the configuration fileP:\dev\apps\issue\atlassian-jira-4.3..ofbiz.3.core.16].10..properties file: # The jira. Relative paths are not allowed.jar [version 5.3. minEvictableIdleTimeMillis="4000" timeBetweenEvictionRunsMillis="5000" maxActive="20" validationQuery="select 1" /> Configure the JIRA entity engine to use MySQL and remove the schema-name by editing the configuration file P:\dev\apps\issue\atlassian-jira-4.sql.1.Download the Connector/J and add the driver mysql-connector-java-5.4-standalone\lib.1.xml: <datasource name="defaultDS" field-type-name="hsqlmysql schema-name="PUBLIC" helper-class="org. </datasource> </entity-config> " 12.4-standalone\atlassian-jira\WEBINF\classes\entityengine.> <Resource name="jdbc/JiraDS" auth="Container" type="javax.1. # This must be set to an absolute path.5.3.jar from the archive mysql-connector-java-5.jdbc....GenericHelperDAO" check-on-start="true" .. # jira. # Ensure that only one JIRA instance uses the selected JIRA Home. JIRA configuration Edit the data directory by changing the following property in the P:\dev\apps\issue\atlassian-jira4.home configuration must be set and specifies the directory in which JIRA will store its data files. Remove the one that is already there: mysql-connector-java-5.DataSource" username="jira-user password="password " " " (see above)" driverClassName="com.16-bin.home}/atlassian-jira" . “Windows service”).entity.1..4-standalone\atlassian-jira\WEB-INF\classes\jira-application.3. .Driver url="jdbc:mysql://localhost/jira?.zip to the JIRA classpath by copying it intoP:\dev\apps\issue\atlassian-jira-4.4-standalone\conf\server..home = P:/dev/data/issue/jira Note It is possible to overwrite this value with JIRA_HOME (see also Section 12.mysql. Configure the JIRA application server to connect to MySQL with url jdbc:mysql://localhost/jira? autoReconnect=true&amp.16.xml: <Engine name="Catalina" defaultHost="localhost"> <Host name="localhost" appBase="webapps" .> <Context path="" docBase="${catalina.useUnicode=true&amp.1.

Verify the installation by changing to cd P:\dev\apps\issue\atlassian-jira-4. • Plugins. 2. SMTP Port: 25. Fullname: JIRA Administrator. • License Details. o o o o o o From address: jira. User. o o o o Mode: Private. and click Next.noreply@company.3.org. o o o Confirm: password.net.org and click Next..2. 12.. Administrator account: o Username: admin.atlassian.net/jira.1. Required settings You should see the JIRA setup wizard: 1. System System menu: • Indexing. Host Name: mail. 12. .3. For jira-system-administrators select Edit Members: o o Under Add members to selected group(s) select user for group by clicking Check admin and click Select.3.3. License Key: . Base URL: http://dev. This SID is required to retrieve a new license from my. Automated Backups: Disable Automated Backups.1.1. .4-standalone and running bin\startup. Application properties: o Application Title: dev. Password: leave empty and click Finish. 12.bat. You should now be required to login at http://localhost:8063 and do some Administration. o Password: password.net JIRA. groups & roles User. Groups & Roles menu: • Group Browser in Add Group form: o Name: jira-system-administrators and click Add Group. Email prefix: [JIRA].1. 3. Verify that the server is running in your browser at http://localhost:8063.admin@company. Email: jira.dev.3.com. Email Notification: o Name: JIRA SMTP Server. Username: leave empty.

o Confirm: password.org/wiki/Cross-site_request_forgery This controls whether the XSRF protection is enabled at all. o Accept remote API calls: On (for Eclipse Mylyn plugin support) and click Update.” disable Form Token Checking by changing the following property # # # # # # # # # in the P:\dev\apps\issue\atlassianjira-4. • • Edit Configuration of Attachments: o Attachment Path: Use Default Directory and click Update.org and click Create and Edit Groups:  In Available Groups select jira-system-administrators / jiraadministrators / jira-developers and click Join >> and << Return to viewing user 'Jene Jasper'.properties file: These settings control how JIRA applies XSRF security token protection.• o Next click << Join. o • Note When using Mylyn and “Submit failed” in Eclipse with following error message “JIRA could not complete this action due to a missing form token. Edit General configuration: o Allow unassigned issues: On. In JIRA Permissions form: For JIRA System Administrators select delete the jira-administrators and confirm Delete. Enable Sub-Tasks. • • . o Password: password. Activate Issue Linking. 12.3. In User Browser select Add User: o Username: jjasper.xsrf.1. o Full Name: Jene Jasper. o Notify users of their own changes: No and click Update. jira.wikipedia.3. o Email: jjasper@company.enabled=false .4-standalone\atlassian-jira\WEB-INF\classes\jira-application. It is ON by default in JIRA and only here as an example. We do not recommend that you every turn this off.4. See http://en. Global settings Global Settings menu: • Global permissions in Add Permission form: o Permission: JIRA System Administrators. And Apply the email format setting. o Group: jira-system-administrators and click Add. Edit default values in User Defaults: o Default outgoing email format: html.

time.3.java.picker.sun. jira. o Permission Scheme: Default Permission Scheme.time.picker.format = dd/MMM/yy hh:mm ayyyy-MM-dd HH:mm jira. jira. Edit the Date Picker Format by changing the following properties in the P:\dev\apps\issue\atlassian-jira-4. Day/Month/Year Format: yyyy-MM-dd and click Update.ed.picker. o Issue Security Scheme: None and click Add.javascript.net/fisheye/..com/j2se/1..format = %e/%b/%y %I:%M %p%Y-%m-%d %H:%M . o Stack Type: File Extension.• • Activate Time Tracking.. o Repository: svn. o Notification Scheme: None.date.date. o Chart Type: Line.3.java.format = %e/%b/%y%Y-%m-%d . Project Project menu: • In Projects select Add Project: o Name: Development Production Line. After that add a new component: o Name: manual with Description: The Short Story. These two properties need to match for the datepicker to perform correctly The first date is in Java format (http://java.uk/CGI/man-cgi?date) jira.4-standalone\atlassian-jira\WEB-INF\classes\jiraapplication.properties file: # # # # # .ac.1. . o Path: /. o Default Assignee: Unassigned.html)..iso8061 = falsetrue • Restart JIRA for these property changes to take effect... o Day Format: EEEE HH:mm. 12.2/docs/api/java/text/SimpleDateFormat.5.4.use. o o Complete Date/Time Format: yyyy-MM-dd HH:mm. In System Dashboard select Add Gadget such as FishEye Charts: o FishEye URL: http://dev. o Key: DPL.format = d/MMM/yyyyyy-MM-dd jira.picker. The second in unix format (see the FORMAT section of http://unixhelp.date.picker.time. o Refresh Interval: Every 1 Hour. o Description: DocBook about setting up a Production Development Line. and Component Lead: jjasper.date..javascript. o Project Lead: jjasper. Edit Configuration of Look and Feel: o Time Format: HH:mm.date.

3" /> --> </Service> .0.6. Character Set: UTF-8.1.. Remove the older prepackage version P:\dev\data\issue\jira\plugins\.0.0.net/fisheye/.To connect to an external web server (typically Apache) --> <!-.1.And Manage versions with for example: 1.0. 1.1 as required “affects versions”.RC1.bundled-plugins\jira-fisheyeplugin-3. Apache configuration Configure the JIRA application server to accept an ajp connection on web context /jira by editing the configuration file P:\dev\apps\issue\atlassian-jira-4.Define an AJP 1. 12.1.jar to JIRA by copying it into P:\dev\data\issue\jira\plugins\installed-plugins.. These will also be used as fix versions for milestone versions.. API URL: leave empty..1..RC1.0.1" shutdown="SHUTDOWN"> <Service name="Catalina"> .5.4..1. FishEye plugin upgrade Optionally download a higher version of the FishEye plugin and add the archive jira-fisheye-plugin3. <!-. authorization and access control”).3..0.home}/atlassian-jira" . 1. .jar.4. Wiki Rendering: On and click Update.RC10.. “Authentication.0. <Engine name="Catalina" defaultHost="localhost"> <Host name="localhost" appBase="webapps" . HTTP Auth Password: password. FishEye Password: leave empty..1. 1..> .1.. Enable Crucible Integration: Yes.3 Connector on port 8009 --> <!-<Connector port="80098064 " address="127. FishEye integration In System → FishEye Configuration select Setup FishEye: • • • • • • • • • FishEye URL: http://dev.0. 12. </Server> . 12.0..4-standalone\conf\server.3.xml: <Server port="8062" address="127.0.. HTTP Auth Username: jira (see also Section 7.1.> <Context path="/jira " docBase="${catalina.1" enableLookups="false" redirectPort="8443" protocol="AJP/1. FishEye Username: leave empty.3. 1.

.conf include : <VirtualHost *:80> . <Proxy *> .conf </IfModule> </IfModule> </VirtualHost> with the following content in P:\dev\apps\httpserver\apache-conf\httpd-jira..conf: <IfModule proxy_module> <IfModule proxy_http_module> #<IfModule proxy_ajp_module> <Location /jira> Include . Windows service To restart automatically on Microsoft Windows create a service configuration file jiraService..Instruct Apache to proxy all URLs whose path portions begin with /jira/ using the following P:\dev\apps\httpserver\apache-conf\httpd-vhosts.1. <IfModule proxy_module> <IfModule proxy_http_module> . Tip If the browser displays a 401 HTTP error then the Apache HTTP Server logged-in user doesn't exist in JIRA or the password doesn't match..conf </Location> ProxyPass /jira http://localhost:8063/jira ProxyPassReverse /jira http://localhost:8063/jira # ProxyPass /jira ajp://localhost:8064/jira # ProxyPassReverse /jira ajp://localhost:8064/jira #</IfModule> </IfModule> </IfModule> When JIRA and the Apache HTTP Server are restarted you should be able to browse JIRA at http://dev./apache-conf/httpd-realm..net/jira...5. 12./apache-conf/httpd-jira.xml in P:\dev\apps\windows\services: . </Proxy> # JIRA Include ..

11. Repository Manager . Otherwise JIRA will terminate on logoff.bat</executable> <logpath>P:\dev\logs\windows\services</logpath> <logmode>roll</logmode> <startargument>run</startargument> <stopargument>stop</stopargument> <!--beeponshutdown/--> <!--waithint>20000</waithint--> <!--sleeptime>1000</sleeptime--> </service> Get a copy of the latest binary of winsw. Important Add -Xrs to prevent JVM termination on CTRL_LOGOFF_EVENT.</description> <env name="JIRA_HOME" value="P:\dev\data\issue\jira" /> <env name="CATALINA_HOME" value="P:\dev\apps\issue\atlassian-jira-4.3. rename it to jiraService. Database Top of page Front page NextChapter 13.4-standalone" /> <env name="CATALINA_OPTS" value="-Xrs" /> <executable>%CATALINA_HOME%\bin\catalina.1.xml in P:\dev\apps\windows\services. Install the service with jiraService install.2. • • • • PreviousChapter 11.<service> <id>jira</id> <name>dev. “Service Wrapper” and optionally create the environment variableSERVICES_HOME).exe and place it next to the jiraService.net JIRA</name> <description>JIRA . Start it with jiraService start or sc start jira (for more information see Section 1.Issue tracking and project management.

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