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For Immediate Release:
Wednesday, September 14, 2011

With revelations of a corporately driven agenda Senate should reconvene Skandera confirmation hearings immediately and show her the door.
“Education Secretary-Designate Hanna Skandera has been on the job for almost nine months and during that time she has advanced ideas she and her boss, Governor Susana Martinez, claim are going to change how New Mexico educates its children. “But is the change good for New Mexico’s children or good for Skandera’s long list of corporate backed patrons?” asked Michael Corwin, executive director of Independent Source PAC, an independent expenditure political organization formed to expose the hidden agenda and hypocrisy of conservative extremists operating in and running for political office. “We think the change is really all about a transfer of public education monies to private corporate bank accounts, and what is additionally insulting to New Mexicans is most of that money, under Martinez’s and Skandera’s plans, will be transferred to predominately out of state companies. So much for Martinez’s hollow promises about creating jobs in New Mexico,” stated Corwin. The New Mexico Senate needs to re-convene its confirmation process and demand answers from Hanna Skandera regarding a host of questionable actions and her lack of real understanding that ‘public education’ is just that: for the public not for profit making companies. On June 10th she fired over thirty key employees at the Public Education Department in a manner that would have made corporate raider and ‘profit at any price advocate’ “Chainsaw” Al Dunlap proud. Skandera replaced these professionals with her friends and more high paid ‘consultants’ to privatize the system. Senate leaders need to find out through a public process how the firings and other changes allowed the appointment by Skandera of a lobbyist for charter schools to be put in charge of re-writing the codes for those very schools that she represented. This, after several of the lobbyist’s client schools had been deemed by the Public Education Commission unfit to continue to educate children; a decision that Skandera overturned for the lobbyist. There is speculation that Skandera has already had to re-asses some of her firing decisions, as she may have created internal conflicts of interest and lost critical data important to school districts in their pursuit of much needed federal funding. There is also a significantly increased time to process teaching certificates. And then there is the re-writing of job descriptions to accommodate politically and ideologically connected and compliant candidates over other qualified professionals.
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Corwin released an advanced copy of New Mexico’s Spyglass, an on-line and printed newspaper to be distributed later this week across New Mexico. New Mexico’s Spyglass contains a “powerful expose of the crafty agenda of Skandera’s sponsors. In her short but meteoric rise as a spokesperson for the transformation of public education to a multi-billion dollar private enterprise that benefits a handful of powerful corporate individuals and organizations, Skandera has promoted their agenda as reform. “But their approach, embraced by a naïve and inexperienced Governor, is already dismantling important safeguards for our students, while putting lobbyists and their vendor clients in charge of establishing the rules for turning our open public education system into a private, secretive corporate structure that benefits computer suppliers and fly by night teacher training entities,” Corwin continued. “Actually we think it is time for the Senate to re-convene and show Secretary-Designate Skandera the door. Our children deserve better.” concluded Corwin.

See attached pdf file for advanced electronic copy of New Mexico’s Spyglass.

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Independent Source PAC - Phone (505) 250-0244 - 11024 Montgomery Blvd. NE # 128 - Albuquerque, NM 87111  

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