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IIT-JEE 2012
As is well known, Brilliant is ever striving to continuously improve the quality and level of support services to its students. Brilliant is now pleased to offer the B.MAT series with YG file Problem Package for IIT-JEE 2012 along with an Add-on option for an AIEEE Test Series at no extra cost, which can be taken either as Sit-down or Home-based Tests.

Y.G File, 2012 offers you a collection of 1500 tough problems to tackle in Mathematics, Chemistry and Physics. The Y.G. File will consist of two Parts i.e. Part I and Part II. Both will consist of objective questions in each of the 3 subjects –Chemistry, Mathematics, and Physics. Y.G.File, Part I (with solutions) will be despatched in September/October 2011, and the Y.G. File, Part II (with solutions) will be sent in November/December 2011. Y.G. File, Part II will include questions on any additional topics that may be included in the syllabus for IIT-JEE 2012. In Y.G.File, Part I, there will be a total of 750 Objective Questions (250 in each of the three subjects Chemistry, Mathematics and Physics). Similarly, Y.G. File Part II will have another 750 Problems on a similar pattern and a substantial number of write-up questions in Maths, Physics and Chemistry with associated objective questions. The objective questions will be presented topic-wise, so that the student can attempt the problems in any topic as and when he/she feels comfortable with his/her level of preparedness in that particular topic. Questions and problems that cover more than a single topic will be given together, at the end of each subject. The solutions to all the questions will be sent with the respective questions and problems.

National Sit-down Tests
Six Part Tests and eight comprehensive Full-Syllabus Sit-down Tests will be conducted in 44 cities between August 2011 and February 2012 before the Board Exams, and in March/April 2012 conveniently after the Std XII exams and closer to the IIT-JEE in April 2012. Our students will be administered two 3-hour objective type Test Papers, each with a separate section for Chemistry, Mathematics and Physics. In light of the recent trend of the IIT to vary the pattern of the JEE Question Papers, the pattern of the papers of our B.MAT Series will also vary. The solutions for all the Full-Syllabus Tests will be given at the Test Centre by the closing hours of the day. All students who appear for the Tests will be sent their percentile score for each Test; the results of all the Tests will be posted on our website www.brilliant-tutorials.com where students can access their results.
Brilliant Tutorials Pvt. Ltd. 12, Masilamani Street, T.Nagar, Chennai – 600 017. Tel: 24342099, Fax: 24343829


E-mail: enquiries@brilliant-tutorials.com

Karnal. Dhanbad. 2012 (Saturday) March 31. Coimbatore. 3. Chandigarh. Physics and Chemistry) on the AIEEE and BITSAT patterns with detailed worked-out Solutions. Dehradun. Salient Features of the Add-on Package for AIEEE 1. Calicut. NATIONAL SIT-DOWN TEST SERIES comprising 6 Full-Syllabus Tests. Kota. Two home-based Full Syllabus Mock Test Papers with Solutions. The Test Papers will be evaluated and percentile scores will be sent to help you assess your performance against the national competition. equations and data in all the subjects to help you with your problemsolving. Jamshedpur. Varanasi. 2012 January 22. 2011 September 11. TEST CENTRES: Agra. 2012 March 24. Meerut. 2011 January 08. Chennai – 600 017. Fax: 24343829 www. Bangalore. Mumbai. Tel: 24342099.com E-mail: enquiries@brilliant-tutorials. Kolkata. READY REFERENCE COMPENDIUM – a valuable comprehensive collection of important formulae. Bhopal. 2012 February 19. Guwahati. 2012. Kanpur. 2011 November 27. Ahmedabad.MAT PART TEST 1 Test 2 Test 3 Test 4 Test 5 Test 6 B. Hyderabad. particularly oriented to the AIEEE pattern at no extra cost. Kochi. 12. Masilamani Street. Ranchi. Bhilai. and Visakhapatnam AIEEE TEST SERIES – ADD-ON PACKAGE Brilliant offers a Special Add-on Package. Patna. Jammu. 2.B. Rourkela. which could be of significant assistance in your preparation to face CBSE’S All-India Engineering Entrance Examination (AIEEE). New Delhi. QUESTION BANK of 1000 questions (covering Maths. Allahabad. 2012 (Saturday) *Dates may vary at some Centres depending on Centre availability.com . Brilliant Tutorials Pvt. conducted in 31 cities. Kurukshetra. 2011 September 25. Madurai. Mathura. Indore. Pune. Thiruvananthapuram. Nagpur. Gaya. Chennai. 2011 December 11. Lucknow. 2011 October 30. 2011 October 16. Bhubaneshwar. Mysore. Bokaro Steel City.Nagar. 4. Jaipur. 2011 November 13. T.MAT National Sit-down Test Schedule EXAM B.brilliant-tutorials.MAT FULL-SYLLABUS TEST 1 Test 2 Test 3 Test 4 Test 5 Test 6 Test 7 Test 8 DATE* August 28. Amritsar. Ltd. 2012 February 05. Jabalpur.

G. Fees: The fee for Option CSA is Rs. Jaipur. Ahmedabad. Masilamani Street.4700/.com E-mail: enquiries@brilliant-tutorials. 2011 January 15.643/. Rourkela. Bhopal. Kolkata. Mumbai. and Visakhapatnam AIEEE NATIONAL SIT-DOWN TEST SCHEDULE EXAM Test 1 Test 2 Test 3 Test 4 Test 5 Test 6 Full Syllabus Full Syllabus Full Syllabus Full Syllabus Full Syllabus Full Syllabus DATE December 18.6240. Ltd.G File Part I and II consisting of 1500 questions. Fax: 24343829 www. 2012 *Dates may vary at some Centres depending on Centre availability. Fees: The fee for Option FSA is Rs. Calicut.MAT Part Tests. T.6883/-.+ Rs. File Problem Package WITH AIEEE ADD . The student must choose one of these two modes at the time of enrolment. OPTION FSA – Full-Syllabus Test Series: • • • 18 B.Service Tax. Thiruvananthapuram.484/. B. Patna. Brilliant Tutorials Pvt.+ Rs. Bokaro Steel City.Note: Students can choose to take these AIEEE Tests as Sit-down Tests or receive them by Post after each Test has been conducted at all Centres. 2012 February 26.G File Problem Package as detailed above. Meerut. Ranchi. Hyderabad. Jamshedpur.MAT Full-Syllabus Tests (8 National Sit-down & 10 Home-based Simulator Tests with sealed solutions by post) Y. Dhanbad. 2012 February 12. 2012 April 15.5184/-. Chennai. AIEEE TEST CENTRES: Agra. Karnal. Kanpur. Coimbatore. AIEEE Add-on package as detailed above. Nagpur. 12. Tel: 24342099.Service Tax.MAT and Y.MAT Full-Syllabus Tests (8 National Sit-down & 10 Home-based Simulator Tests* with sealed solutions by post) Y. Chandigarh. Mathura. Total: Rs. Question Bank containing 1000 questions with solutions and Ready Reference Compendium of Formula Equation & Data. 2012 January 29./.Nagar. Pune. New Delhi.ON PACKAGE Students can choose any one of the three options given below: OPTION CSA – Complete Test Series : • • • 6 B.com . AIEEE Add-on package comprising 6 Full-syllabus Tests. no change will be subsequently allowed. Kochi. Gaya. 18 B.brilliant-tutorials. Bangalore. Kota. Total: Rs. Chennai – 600 017. Lucknow.

File as detailed in option CS above. File Problem Package Fees (Inclusive of Service tax) Option CSA with AIEEE Add-On Rs. Fax: 24343829 www.G. • Y.G.2790/. B.3077/-.+ Rs. File Problem Package All 24 Tests by post plus Y. (8 National Sit-down Tests and 10 Home-based Tests) plus Y. 2012 need not enrol for the AIEEE Add-on package.brilliant-tutorials. Option Features 6 B. or c. Centres must be marked separately for B.5184/- Rs. Ltd. Fees once paid will not be refunded or adjusted under any circumstances. Similarly. payable at Chennai.G. Ltd. Students must clearly indicate the Option chosen as well as the Centre of their choice for the Sit-down Tests at the time of enrolment.G. • • Brilliant Tutorials Pvt. since it is already included as a part of these courses.Nagar.MAT and AIEEE (if the student opts for the Sit-down Tests for AIEEE). Credit Card at any of our Centers (details on Next Page) Personal cheques will not be accepted. Online Credit Card / Bank Transfer (Bank Routing Details on Enrolment Form). Log on to www. Students already enrolled in Brilliant's Elite. NOTE: • The examination superintendent at the venue of the National Sit-down Tests reserves the right to refuse admission to any student who does not produce the original Admit Card.OPTION CHA – Complete Test Series by Post • All 24 Tests with Sealed Solutions by post.287/. 12. • AIEEE Add-on package as detailed above.MAT Part Tests and 18 Full-Syllabus Tests.3077/- Payment can be made by: a. or b.G. File Problem Package 18 Full-Syllabus Tests (8 National Sit-down Tests and 10 Home-based Tests) plus Y. Tel: 24342099. One-Year Postal. File are already included as part of these courses. Chennai – 600 017. A crossed Demand Draft. T.6883/- Option FSA with AIEEE Add-On Option CHA with AIEEE Add-On Fee Remittance: Rs. Fees: The fee for Option CHA is Rs. students enrolled in Brilliant’s one-year or two-year Postal Course towards AIEEE.com and follow instructions for online enrolment. drawn in favour of Brilliant Tutorials Pvt. which will be sent to all students on enrolment. Total: Rs.Service Tax. Masilamani Street. 2012 need not enrol again. YG-File or Classroom Courses towards IIT-JEE. Money Order – please include the student’s full postal address and course in the coupon.com . d.com E-mail: enquiries@brilliant-tutorials. Brilliant-tutorials.MAT and Y.

For Option CHA. Bye-Pass Road. New Delhi 110 016. Mayur Vihar Phase-I.: +91-11-2735 1180. 2735 1181 WEST DELHI A-1/295. 29. Second Floor. CENTRES (for Cash or Credit Card Payment) SOUTH INDIA OFFICES: CHENNAI . Tel: +91-120. 94. Sector-4 www. Punjabi Bagh (West). 27. M. V. Tel: 040-27665570. . Kasthuri Apartments. Tel: +91-121-402 9280. Tel: 24342099. 4. Ravipuram. PITAMPURA 1. Equations & Data will be sent in November 2011. Chennai 600 017. Begum Bridge. 18 GURGAON M-1. ARRS Multiplex Road. the Question Bank containing 1000 questions with solutions and a Ready Reference Compendium of Formulae. Ground Floor. Pitampura. Old DLF Colony. Nehru Street. T. Near Gesonar College City Centre. South Manorama.S. Trivandrum. Kalu Sarai (Behind Azad Apartments). NOIDA H-150. Sector-63. City Centre. Pratap Nagar. Opp: Kavitha Theatre. Plot No. Shankar Mutt. Tel:+91-6542-233 018.Nagar. and only on. 35/22. Tel: +91-11-2279 2226.. Chennai – 600 017. Dwarka. Near Sarada Math. New Delhi 110 026. Tel: +91-651-246 1307. 771 KOTTAYAM II Floor.Road. Masilamani Street.com Hyderabad. Fax: +91-11-2653 7396 EAST DELHI 13. students must compare their answers with the sealed solutions provided. 1308 HYDERABAD BOKARO Brilliant Tutorials Pvt. Patna . Near Double Road Junction. Tel: +91-80-4144 2127. S. receipt of the student’s Hall Ticket for AIEEE 2012.Nagar. Road. 18 DWARKA Raj Laxmi Plaza.695 001. Puri.K. Y. New Delhi 110 075. Tel: +91-11-2508 6117. Ltd. . Sector 5. File Part I and the Ready Reference Compendium will be despatched in September/October 2011 and Y. Tel: +91-452-4351 075 MYSORE MIG-7. 99126 78880 / 81 Bokaro Steel City. 363 NORTH INDIA OFFICES: SOUTH DELHI 50-C. 12. two Mock Tests will be sent in March 2012 on. Tel: +91-44-2434 2099. Meerut. Udaya Ravi Road.5/2. For the AIEEE Test Series. 1st Stage. Ramnagar. 2128 COIMBATORE No. Tel: (0471) 4010 999 TRICHY D-110. Tel: +91-427-4265 779 TRIVANDRUM C-1. clearly showing the Registration Number and with the photograph visible.G. Plot No. II Floor. Kumar Plaza. Coimbatore 641 009. Tel: +91-11-2653 7392. Tel: +91-821-4262 128/4264 127 SALEM 454/4. In addition. 019 .T. 9th Cross. 16. The last three Test Papers will be sent ONLY on our receiving a photocopy of the student’s Hall Ticket for IIT-JEE 2012. 95. 15. Kunnumpuram. 1-8-702/B/1. 93. II Floor. Madurai 625 016. 1st Floor. The answer papers for these Tests will not be evaluated by us.(Registered Office) No. 458 KOCHI 39/4210. 52 RANCHI 8. First Floor. with the Registration Number and photograph clearly visible. Future Plaza. Tel: +91-612-2540951. The next five Test Papers will be sent ONLY when we receive a photocopy of the student’s IIT-JEE 2012 Application Form showing the Application Number. Tel: +91-481-2585 152 MADURAI 72/193. Tel: +91-124-426 8015. 426 8016 MEERUT 2nd Floor. 25. New Delhi 110 091. Tel: +91-484-4028 770. Tel: +91-11-2522 1424. New Delhi-110 034.G. Ground Floor. 81 PATNA Plot No. Tel: +91-422-4377 457.G.Special Note: For all options. Fax: +91-44-2434 3829 BANGALORE No. whichever is later. Fax: 24343829 Sri Kamakshi Bhavan. Kalarickal Building. 28. the Papers of the National Sit-down Tests will be despatched immediately after the conduct of each of these Tests at all Centres. Boring Road. File Part II will be sent in December 2011 or on enrolment. Tel: +91-11-2552 7515. Salem 636 009. or on enrolment. Dhanya – Remya Theatre Road. Meenas Building.com E-mail: enquiries@brilliant-tutorials. Kochi 682 018. Gurgaon 122 001. Central Market.12. whichever is later. Masilamani Street. East Thillai Nagar. Club Road Ranchi. Jugeshwar Bhawan. New Delhi 110 058. Langford Road. Mysore 570 023.425 3316/17 NORTH DELHI 19-20. The first 2 home-based IIT-JEE Simulator Test Papers will be sent on enrolment or in November/December 2011 whichever is later. Near Bus Stand. Kottayam 686 001.5. Ph. Noida.F. Bangalore 560 027. A-16. Kohat Enclave. T. Behind MRF Showroom. Tel: (0431) 4023 353. Janakpuri (Pankha Road). Trichy – 620 018. Sector 14. 17. Ram Complex.G.brilliant-tutorials. U.

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