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Mr. Money Bansal Roll.No.- R205A06 Reg.No- 10802676 Class- B.Tech-(ECE)

I Money Bansal of section 205 registration no. 10802676 and roll no. 06 of course B.Tech. ECE hereby submit my synopsis on foundation of computing. I have done this project of Library management system under the guidance of Miss. Satindar Kaur. This is my great experience of C programming to submit this synopsis.

Miss. Satindar Kaur (Lect. Found. of comp.)

‘C’ is a programming language developed at AT &T’s bell laboratories of USA in 1972.It was deigned by Dennis Retchie. This project of “LIBRARY MANAGEMENT SYSTEM” gives us the complete information about the library.We can enter the record of new books and retrieve the details of books available in the library .We can issue the books to the student and maintain their records and can also check how many books are issued and stock available in the library. The library Management system is designed & developed for a receipt and issuance of books in the library along with the student’s details.The books received in the library are entered in books entry

form.When the student wants to get the desired books the same is issued on the availability basis to the student.

This program helps us to do many further aspects in the future.~~~~!!!!!!

Advantages:-There are many advantages of this system whose name is Library management System This system process

made computerized to reduce human errors and to increase the efficiency.The main focus of this project is to lesson human efforts.The maintenance of the records is made efficient, as all the record are stored in the access database, through which data can be retrieved easily.

System Requirements and Analysis

A database to store the details about the books should be designed. A unique id should be given for each books in the library. This will be the key of the database. These are follows--S. No. 1. Field Name Article Id Field Range Any valid 5 digit number Remarks This is the key field of the database. We can have some alpha numeric character in the beginning to show if the article is a book/journal. If a name exceeds 25 characters, the first 25 characters are taken. ___


Name of the book

Up to 25 characters in length. Up to 25 characters in length. Up to 25 characters in length.


Name of the author(s) Publisher


If a name exceeds 25 characters, the first 25 characters are taken. This is the publication year.

5. 6.

Year of publication From 1900 to 2099 Subject

Up to 25 character Like mathematics, physics chemistry in length etc. Up to 15 character Id of the person who has currently in length borrowed it.


Borrower’s user Id

Source Code :
#include<stdio.h> #include<dos.h> #include<ctype.h> #include<stdlib.h> #include<string.h> #define nm 20 #define cal 2 #define idn 5 #define dt 2 void chk_name(char *p,int); void chk_id(char *p,int); int duplicate(char temp[]); int duplicatest(char temp[]); void studinfo(); void issue(); void returned(); void viewstfo(); void view1(); void stuissue(); struct lib { char bname[nm]; char bid[idn]; } lib1; struct isue { char sid[idn]; char bid[idn]; int isdate; int redate; } iss1; struct ret { char sid[idn]; char bid[idn];

int redate; } ret1; struct st { char sid[idn]; char sname[nm]; //struct lib lib2; //struct isue iss2; //struct ret ret2; } st1; void main() { clrscr(); gotoxy(1,1); do { printf("\nThis is library module\n1.Issue book\n2.Return book\n3.View issued books\n4.Student info\n5.View student info\n6.Exit\n7.Issued by one student "); scanf("%d",&choice); switch(choice) { case 1: issue(); break; case 2: returned(); break; case 3: view1(); break; case 4: studinfo(); break; case 5: viewstfo(); break; case 6: exit(0); case 7: stuissue(); break; default: printf("One among 1,2,3,4"); getch(); } }while(choice!='6'); } void issue() //Function definitions int choice;


char temp[idn];

char btemp[idn]; FILE *fp; fp=fopen("boissue.rec","ab"); printf("\nEnter book id:"); chk_id(btemp,idn); strcpy(iss1.bid,btemp); { getdate(&d); printf("\nTodays date:%d",d.da_day); iss1.isdate=d.da_day; } iss1.redate=iss1.isdate+10; struct date d;

printf("\nEnter student's ID:"); chk_id(temp,idn); strcpy(iss1.sid,temp); fwrite(&iss1,sizeof(iss1),1,fp); printf("\nINfo saved , can be issued"); printf("\nExpected date of return is comming: %d",iss1.redate); } { int ch; FILE *fp; fp=fopen("boissue.rec","rb"); printf("Enter book's code:"); chk_id(temp,idn); while(fread(&iss1,sizeof(iss1),1,fp)&&strcmp(temp,iss1.bid)); ch=strcmp(temp,iss1.bid); if(ch!=0) { else { fseek(fp,ftell(fp)-sizeof(iss1),0); fwrite(&iss1,sizeof(iss1),1,fp); printf("Book returned"); printf("No such book");} void returned() char temp[idn];

} fclose(fp); } void chk_name(char *p,int size) { int i=0; do { ch=getch(); if(((ch>='a' && ch<='z')||(ch==' ')||(ch>='A'&& ch<='Z'))&&(i<size-1)) { i++; printf("%c",ch); } else if(ch==8 &&i>0) { i--; p--; } } c[i]='\0'; *p='\0'; } { int i=0; do { ch=getch(); if((ch>='0' && ch<='9')&&(i<size-1)) { i++; p++; printf("%c",ch); *p=ch; void chk_id(char *p,int size) char ch; while(ch!=13); printf("%c%c%c",8,32,8); *p++=ch; char ch,c[30];

} else if(ch==8 &&i>0) { i--; p--; } } *p='\0'; } int duplicate(char temp[]) { FILE *fp; fp=fopen("boissue.rec","rb"); while(fread(&iss1,sizeof(iss1),1,fp)&&strcmp(iss1.sid,temp)); fclose(fp); if(strcmp(temp,iss1.sid)==0) return 1; else return 0; } { FILE *fp; fp=fopen("boissue.rec","rb"); if(fp!=NULL) { while(fread(&iss1,sizeof(iss1),1,fp)) if(strcmp(iss1.sid," ")!=0) { printf("\nStudent ID:%s date:%d\n",iss1.sid,iss1.bid,iss1.isdate,iss1.redate); } if(strcmp(iss1.sid," ")==NULL) { else printf("Not found"); }} Book ID:%s Issue date:%d Due return int ch; while(ch!=13 || i<size-1); printf("%c%c%c",8,32,8);


printf("Unable to open file"); } }

*/ void studinfo() { char temp[idn]; FILE *fp; if(fp!=NULL) { fp=fopen("studinfo.rec","ab"); do { printf("\nEnter unique student ID:"); chk_id(temp,idn); } strcpy(st1.sid,temp); printf("\nEnter student's name:"); chk_name(st1.sname,nm); fwrite(&st1,sizeof(st1),1,fp); fclose(fp); } { } int duplicatest(char temp[]) { FILE *fp; fp=fopen("studinfo.rec","rb"); while(fread(&st1,sizeof(st1),1,fp)&&strcmp(st1.sid,temp)); if(strcmp(st1.sid,temp)==0) { else return 0; } { int ch; void viewstfo() return 1; } else printf("File not found"); } while(duplicatest(temp));

FILE *fp; fp=fopen("studinfo.rec","rb"); if(fp!=NULL) { while(fread(&st1,sizeof(st1),1,fp)) if(strcmp(st1.sid," ")!=0) { printf("\nStudent id:%sStudent name:%s ",st1.sid,st1.sname); }

if(strcmp(st1.sid," ")==NULL) { printf("No records"); }

fclose(fp); } { else

printf("File not found"); } } void view1() int ch; FILE *fp,*f; fp=fopen("boissue.rec","rb"); f=fopen("studinfo.rec","rb"); if(fp!=NULL)


{ while(fread(&iss1,sizeof(iss1),1,fp)&&fread(&st1,sizeof(st1),1,f)) if((iss1.sid," ")!=0) if(strcmp(iss1.sid,st1.sid)==0) { printf("\nStudent ID:%s Book ID:%s Student } Issue date:%d Due return date:%d

OUTPUT:-THIS IS LIBRARY MODULE 1. ISSUE BOOK 2. return book 3. view issued books 4. student informations 5. view student information

case 1: book issue.c enter book id : 1234 today date is : 21 – 09 – 08 enter student id : 2343 information saved , can be issue expected date of return is coming : 21 – 09 – 08

Future scope of project
The problems, which existed in the earlier system , have been removed to a large extent . And it is expected that this project will go a long way in satisfying user’s requirements. The computersisation of the library management will not only improve the efficiency but will also reduce human stress thereby indirectly improvely human recourses.



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