Saturday, January 13, 2007

sunny day
last night i spent 2 more hours just to post my blog,hacking let it the dorm room i read my blog on my pda till 3:13 am.rat in neighbor room first mute then turned on tv and later again silent.i dreamed in dawn a woman creates a kind of characters,or a kind of language,and tried all her means to promoted a printed demonstration i read it rewrite a chinese traditional poem ’heng kang cheng ling ce cheng feng,yuan jin gao di guo bu tong(likes lofty mountain from the side view while likes mountains from front view,different scenes from different distance and height views)’ in its characters.their house was in a rainy mountain village.i woke up after 2 pm and got up at 2:48 pm.then i wandered awhile in the garden of the dorm zone then visited a cross near the main street of qrrs where sunshine was still bright on the road.after sucked enough sunshine,i returned to dorm.i listened to the radio till 4:30 pm.then i ate my only meal today,with 4 rmb for additional food.rested on bed for a while,then i went to see my baby.the kid sister of my baby’s mother there,with her mother.she,the prostitute,again laid herself on the bed and crawled around like a sex toy,while her mother stood aside,teasing my baby.i then sorted bathing tools intending to shower in common baby insisted played with the soup.when i left they started their dinner.when i returned the prostitute and her mother left,and the dinner also finished.i cared my baby awhile then i told my baby’s mother i needed a quarter to operate on pc with my pda.she urged me started at i used the baby and his mother played on the bed where the kid sister of his mother’s aunt laid herself on and baby haunted me for sometimes but was held away by his mother.when his mother can’t hold him calm,i finished my work and started to play with them on the bed with the kid sister,who exerting her will to let my baby restless and later asked his mother’s milk.his mother milked aside the kid sister,who kid son watching tv in the waiting room.after we couples shifted our baby to waiting room and eating some fruits,the kid sister also watched tv in waiting room.they watch an old war theme tv series movies titled ’liangjian(show ur sword)’.my baby was bored and milked.i waited he fell into sleep.after his mother shift him to his cradle,i stood aside the cradle and again felt strong dirty will from the southern neighbor.his mother urged my i left after i felt enough.returned to dorm i tried awhile team one reader and found it can read pdf files well and let me glad. its not a bad day today.last night when i read my blog i found a lot of plots happened.but god let me still slept the afternoon,a song from radio told me u want to be assured by me i love u.i do love and there,now and then.kiss u with beer.feel u with winds.bye.i love u. Technorati Tags: Blogroll Posted by benzrad at 11:14 PM 0 comments Links to this post

Sunday, January 14, 2007
grand sunn day
last night i spent 3.5 rmb just to post.after returned to dorm its already after 0 am.i tried teamone reader and enjoyed its versatile documents support.i read "a confession",of an christian classic,after 3 the dawn i dreamed a lot about if i should adopting a software entitled ’power shadow’,which functioned as a temporary os while the real os kept intact after reboot,detailedly.that echoes last night i got a view of dog’s plot to join the kid sister of my baby’s mother to try to capsule our raising into their obligation of their gangsters’ protect.they,dog,rightly the just cause of threats my family encountered,but they tried to guise it with their faked divided gangsters’ kingdom of 1109 years exists with no relation with any men,my royal under god’s care takes no one deal with anyone. i got up at 11:47 am,and i ate my lunch at once.then doubting if i should visit my baby.i lingered awhile on bed skimmed my pda,then dozed.i went to see my baby about 1:30 pm.when i upstairs i heard my baby’s cries in the corridor and found he was in the arms of the kid sister outside of his mother’s baby in my arms asked to return home.then we played around.his mother tutoring a girl student with the kid brother of the kid sister.we ate the remnent of the huge orange.when his mother asked to care my baby,i started to finally touched my pda in the aim to backup it after last time backup had being relied for several months and this time with some new warez.the grandma soon arrived and chatted with her kid sister operation on the pc in the room obviously inconvenienced baby bumped my pda two times onto floor.after dinner the kid son likely felt gloomy and slept early.her mother asked me how to let some multimedia copied directly from cd to hard disk correctly run.i tried first to modify its page source then suggested rebuild its iso from copied baby had bored into sleep in advance.when i shifted to bedroom to watch my baby while his mother trying the ultraiso,my baby woke up and asked to play with the notebook.his mother tried to pacify him.i had an idea to shift stuff from my old sd card whose write-proof button tending to break,to the new sd cost me about half an hour and my baby’s energetic let his mother anger with me.i later held my baby play around while his mother annoyed and slept alone.we ate orange and haunted the room where the kid brother learning.his mother got up and throw my coat outside of the door and demanded my baby turned peacefully played with my udisks and some utilities i always brought with me.when his mother again milked him and i thought maybe my absence help my baby less agile,i left. its a nice day.the sunshine at noon so beautiful that let me felt guilty not to shine my baby outside.but i really didn’t find any interesting activities outdoors.the backup of my pda was splendidly successful.i likely will enjoy more reading in the night hence after. bye.i love more no less.kiss u with bright.kiss u like in the flavor of hot pepper.i love u. Technorati Tags: Benzillar blog Posted by benzrad at 11:22 PM 0 comments Links to this post

Monday, January 15, 2007
bright sunny day
last night i spent 3.5 rmb just to post to my the dorm i played with my pda for some time.later skimmed some ebooks.i went to bed after 2:40 am.i got up at 2:07 pm and

immediately found the sunshine too bright to miss.i went to the library at once,there i read some mags not to lend.the librarian treated me a bit colder,and refused to let me know when she will fetch mags newly arrived.when i almost finished reading,2 guys arrived.i then went to newspaper reading room.but the performance of beijing opera in nearby room too appealing to miss,so i went there first.but an old man sang in female role again just after i sat and prepared my ears.after the man finished another old man sang,then the rehearsal finished.there r 3 or 4 men there reading newspaper.i only read some picturials.returned to dorm,i listened music radio on bed.the live topic was "ongoing love" and i felt i was sharing the moment with u.dinner i asked for additional food,for its my only meal today.the cook at service to sell food,but on the other side of the stool the administrator of family name sun(grandson) in chinese actively directed the cook what to offer to me and i had to refuse the nasty belly of what the sun claimed of sheep.i enjoyed my dinner.after dinner i on bed sorting my sd card of my pda.last night i forgot to lock it from write and dog nearby immediately found it and modified files on it,esp. let the ebook titled "terrorism on front line from vietnam to 9.11" or about so ill layouted in teamone reader.they recently aimed to the ebook and modified it for several times after i restored it again and again.their secret was just narrow in a tiny box,shortly preventing common people knowing.their dirty trick just like dirty snow melt quick in sunshine in day time.i backup my pda os for 3 times,and finished it at 8:21 pm.then i here the cafe i with a member card to last time deposit,as i can remember,should be 14 rmb while the clerk woman told me its now left 9 rmb. i knew my pda more or less infected by virus or spywares,however,the warez i needed working,so i felt glad to finish a new backup after all.i found a lot of interesting ebooks from western authors but quite sometimes can’t linger on them too much time. bye.i love these days of search and wait.i love u,like snow cap of the everest mount,hard to live with the heat from our structural contacts and twist.kiss u with beer.i love u. Technorati Tags: Blogroll Posted by benzrad at 9:17 PM 0 comments Links to this post

Tuesday, January 16, 2007
extroadinary sunny day.
last night i spent 4.5 yuan to post to hacked heavily hampering me from getting my blog backup with blogwriter.when i left the cafe its already near 12 am.i then enjoying reading my family album on my pda.then i read autobiography of germany chancerllor Angela Merkel till 3:33 am.i got up at 11:21 am and went to see my baby at once.his mother had returned from her school and be free in the afternoon.i played with my baby awhile then started to sort my pda,shifting my backups to pc and tried again to restore orneta reader mobile from mobile disk to my ebook entitled "terrorism on front line: from vietnam war to 9.11" losing its words break in teamone reader while yesterday i found a fresh copy working without any problem,so i tried to restore it but dog’s close monitor infected and destroyed my operation.i also sort my all downloading to backup baby’s mother almost lost her temper,complaining my busy with pc these days there.i then cared my baby,feeding him with juice and sang a lot.time swift,then his mother tried to i held my baby haunted outside.we first visited the sports baby watched awhile basketball players.then we passed the skate ground to a supermarket titled "kang le fu(health merry wellbeing)",as i refered once in my blog.the saleswoman asked to hold my baby and my baby accepted but later he cried for me.i bought him candy,jelly,seeding,ice cream.on the way home he asked to visit a grocer market and i bought some pine nuts.the 2 pork vendors talked with me.when we arrived the kid sister of my baby’s mother there.i

let my baby eat the food we just baby asked to play with the cell phone of the kid sister of his mother and his aunt want to take it back.his mother want to let him give it up but he refused.i beat my baby on his right leg for he wrongly attracted by the evil.he cried and his mother held him into bedroom and i went there again beat him on his bottom.he cried again but soon he asked for my caress with peace.there r 2 girl students there tutored,with the kid brother of my baby’s mother’s baby started to play happily around the waiting room,sometimes around the 2 girl students.the kid sister of his mother started to eat at waiting room with a stool,then soon left after answered a call.dinner was remnants of yesterday’s,they called me yesterday in the afternoon to go over to attend a ceremony for the birthday of the kid sister of my baby’s mother and the kid son of his mother’s aunt but i didn’t received.after dinner we played with my baby.then the kid sister asked to fax her national id card to her i suggested send via web and we busy with capture and processed it on the notebook.the kid sister urged her son to learn baby slept in the mid.his mother glad to let me demonstrate my skill on pc. that’s my happy day fax online mostly only support text message and i likely had to spend more time to find a solution to fax photo.i love u.kiss u with beer.bye. Technorati Tags: Blogroll Posted by benzrad at 9:37 PM 0 comments Links to this post

Thursday, January 18, 2007
2007.1.17:snow last night,bright sunny full sunny
the night i tried to find free internet fax failed in the cafe i now again blogging.after returned to dorm i felt i can try more,so i headed to the newly open cafe near 12 pm.there is only a vacant seat who front usb disabled.i waited for some time till a guy wandered around and suggested my played awhile on his pc upon my asking for change seat with him.later he changed seat with me and soon the neighbor seat changed a guy and i under strongest attack i ever experienced.till 4 am they lost their energy and i enjoyed more on my work.i finally find a site offering email to fax and whose service covering china.i tried to fax with a picture twice.i also adding some ftp servers to my ftp client and found one of them very handy.when i left i felt glad with stuffed warez.after breakfast i decided to see my baby,by the way to sort warez on my pc.on the way i haunted the cafe again to finish a pirate os half downloaded.i faxed again but when i arrived my baby’s mother’s home i was told by the kid sister her relatives didn’t receive any fax so far.the reason likely the fax number i filled in not correct,and i will tried tonight,even the kid sister needn’t it any more for she had resolved her problem by other way.the morning i sang a lot and my baby slept in my songs.we didn’t go out to receive his mother.after lunch his mother tutored the 2 girl students and i dozed awhile.after i woke up i cared my baby and exchanged some words with the girl students.all went like usual but near 8 pm when i intended to left,i felt strong faint and can’t leave.i rest on bed for some time but still can’t feel sure to return to the dorm i slept the night in my baby’s mother’s home.the night was not so peace for me.i felt the the spy of neighbor and had to fight against baby woke up with his mother in early morning and i got up to care him after his mother left to attend teachers’ exam.later the kid sister got up with her son.breakfast was porridge with pie and i enjoyed it very baby ate a lot of pickles.then again i sang a lot and my baby slept in my songs for about 45 minutes.then we went out to receive his mother.we ate an ice cream and entered the school yard.we ventured the teaching building.then his mother found us.she in fact didn’t take exam in the school.she returned home and fetch us .lunch i ate less,for still disconfortable.i dozed again at noon while my baby was cared by his

mother.after i woke up his mother tutoring the son of her colleague.then we held our baby outside to deposit for baby insisted walking his own and fell sometimes.later the grandma arrived when my baby’s mother tutored 2 girl baby cried a lot in front of the girl students and later was sent to sleep by his mother.dinner i talked about web service and cyberspace with my baby’s mother a lot on the table,let the rest baby’s mother more or less persuaded by me,but later we triple went to the room the kid sister and her son occupied and watched Korean movie on the notebook.i held my baby returning to the bedroom to play,and till my baby’s nose bumped on the rim of the window and cried,his mother returned to bedroom and played with my baby was especially agile after enough sleep.i left on 9 pm and ported on the way to blog. these days not too bad for me.i m in the pursuit of u and even more eager to know ur scent.kiss u with tear.i love every restless moment.bye. Technorati Tags: Blogroll Posted by benzrad at 6:25 AM 0 comments Links to this post

Saturday, January 20, 2007
last night i spent 4.5 rmb to blog and download a bit broken warez.when i arrived the dorm the rat of neighbor just met me in the corridor,again an covert scene to inform me dog's surveillance.i read "from vietnam to 9.11:front line of terrorism" after washed till 2 am.then i skimmed awhile the chinese version of "Hundejahre",by Günter Wilhelm Grass.i rested after 3:17 am.rotten rat attacked first when i started to read,let my wrest painful and cold.however,i slept sound and woke up lately till phone call from my baby's mother arrived.she let me know her notebook finished downloading the warez she helped me to get from the internet access of her school.i continued to sleep till after 3 pm i got up.i intended to borrow pc magz but the librarian told me in the phone no new issues available.i then visited my baby.his mother leaving,met me in the entrance of the residential building.i then found the ftp download list finished but only a little warez left on the hard disk while the 2 os i needed all gone with wind,deleted by invading hand into the notebook or modified the download list not to let the ftp client to download at baby messed a heap of changes his mother piled on the bed and later bumped on the notebook and tear the cdrom.the grandma watched aside and babbled.i finally lost temper and beat his bottom and he cried seriously and soon slept in the arms of the grandma.then his mother returned and shifted our baby to bed.she dumbfound the trick dog played on her notebook but can't bare my scorns onto dog and let me stop.then she tutored 2 girl students while i laid myself aside my baby dozed.after my baby woke up i held him dinner i ate 3 bowl of rice.we lingered in the room the kid sister occupied then i watched tv news.then we shifted to our bedroom and my baby was milked by his mother and calmed down.but the kid sister and her son turned tv and baby turned agile and played lately.he drove his bike,fed with seedings,laughed with his mother's tease.i later started to doubting where to download the warez i want.i left after 9:30 pm without my bike and gloves.i intended to spend overnight in a nearby cafe but i was told the usb was i walked to the newly open cafe in the mid between the dorm and the house of my baby's mother's.lcd was not available.a neighbor challenged me then download browser,firefox with some addons,modified unauthorizedly within compression archive on the notebook of my baby's mother even i always finished my operation as swift as possible. bye.i love baby's mother dragged me to force me to leave when i started to sing after dinner and warned me of file for divorce,but i didn't reply.i don't hesitate to live with u.kiss u with beer. Technorati Tags: Blogroll

Sunday, January 21, 2007
2 sunny days
the night i got what i needed.i walked to my baby’s mother’s home in the baby and his mother just got up.i asked for porridge and his mother cooked for me then left to shower.soon the aunt got up.i murmured to my baby how tasty a breakfast with porridge and pickle can baby ate some porridge first but frequently asked to idle awhile.later i ate 2 bowls of porridge and ate out of what his mother cooked.the aunt cooked some other porridge for herself and her baby’s mother returned with bean juice and pies.i sang and recite chinese traditional poems a baby slept for about 40 minutes.then we went to receive his mother.i ate an ice cream on the way.the door of the school open so we entered.we roamed in the yard for some time.then the students left.finally his mother appeared with her notebook and we returned.after lunch i dozed.when i woke up finding my baby and his mother and the kid sister of the aunt absent at home i started to sort my downloads last night and backup them to my mobile hard let the virus definition file of norton av ill working and they likely infected all files i got,but i didn’t mind them,virus and spyware just no way to escape av soft’s chase after time.after my baby returned with his mother i cared him playing.his mother left soon again.when the grandma arrived i started to transfer my browser’s working environment to my baby’s mother’s notebook,to let her adopt the convenience of bookmarks and addons of firefox.backup and migration of her old cookies and remembered password on her notebook to the firefox portable costing me the rest time of the afternoon till dinner,and finally password book within firefox incompatible with firefox portable and i had to give up migrating memoried password .dinner was dumplines.after dinner i went to shower,there only me washing,but the man served there to clean bathers’ body clean himself side me near and let me felt cold.when i returned home my baby and his mother stayed on the bed the aunt baby played with the kid son and sat on the back of the kid son who laid himself face down.i felt sleepy and returned.his mother let me fetched 3 oranges and 2 dorm room i dozed an hour then went to sleep around 11 pm.when i arrived the dorm the rat in my neighbor room just met me in front of his room.i woke up after 1 pm and got up at 1:52 pm.i roamed in sunshine in the open space near the front gate of qrrs,then explored the newly built qrrs’ residential zone,where it just separated itself from flat houses area.i got a view how city residents in old time can be poor except the land they occupied before technology made building house so easy.i returned to dorm after 3 pm and started to read the ebook titled "from vietnam to 9.11:front line of terrorism" till dinner time.the canteen shut,so i had to eat my dinner in the near pub,at a price of 5 rmb.i ate an apple after dinner and headed here the cafe with it i had a member card. in the afternoon before i got up i reviewed my love to u and my future with u.i don’t know where u r and how u think of me,i m in need of u.god sure guiding us front the upside. bye.i love u.kiss u with tear. Technorati Tags: Blogger,benzillar Posted by benzrad at 2:31 AM 0 comments Links to this post

Tuesday, January 23, 2007
yesterday was a sunny the sunshine is enviably bright
last posting in the cafe i with a member card was block most of proxies and interacted with me in the process i switched proxies.i finally gave up to post to my googlegroup at and clipmarks at after 2 hours,in which half and an hour spent posting times and times failed.returned to the dorm i read "from vietnam war to 9.11: on the front line of state security" till 2 pm,then i read awhile my blogs on my pda.i went to bed after 3 am.i felt agile even on bed and in a dream or in reality i watched the dawn sunshine on the curtain of the window.i also dreamed doing homework with one of my childhood friend in my hometown overnight in a empty building.i dreamed luxun,the notable modern chinese literature author whose real name was zhoushuren,taught us in a narrow classroom.he wore t-shirt and sometimes bared his chest.i got up at 11:37 am and left to see my baby at baby just walking near the door when i arrived and held him till his mother and the aunt finished their lunch with mutton with vegetable.when i started to eat,the mutton was few and i ate some rice with pickle.his mother demanded me swallowing the soup and i rebuked,against her sneer.then his mother suggested haunted outside with our baby.we went to the supermarket near qrrs.we haunted awhile then entered the adjoin kfc.his mother wanted to buy 3 kind of food but only got 2.i bought a hamburger with my own purse to feed baby glad there and lean himself on the back of the chair for kid.after returned home,his mother want him to sleep and i also dozed awhile but they gave up sleeping soon,left me alone for some time.after woke up i launched to reinstall his mother’s notebook’s win xp,as her current one was hacked to unable to connect to internet.the os i got several days ago trickily,let me failed many times to install from hard disk,for there were not blank cds to burn the cd image onto baby wanted to watched me for sometimes but carefully held aside by his mother,who turned more and more impatient with baby even cried when he attempted to push the power bottom while the ghosting process running and i stopped him.i finally gave up after 10 the time my baby busy with stack books from the cabin and stood onto it and stepped down and laughed a lot.his mother with the kid son of the aunt watched tv aside.the aunt previously watching but now close herself in door.i held my baby played awhile then uncoated him and he accepted to play with his mother and ready to milk.i left them when my baby likely to be fed and the dorm i read "from vietnam war to 9.11" till 4:01 am and left only a chapter on 9.11 to be finished tonight.i enjoyed the updated information on the development of tactics and air power of modern war.i got up at 2:07 pm and want to blog.on the way i bought 5 blank cd at a cost of 6 rmb.the cafe with which i had a member card was stuffed so i returned to a cafe nearer to dorm zone.the stuffed cafe really indicated the abound idle young men. bye.i love and day i counted ur steps apart from me.i need u,no matter how far the distance was.kiss u with tear. Technorati Tags: Blogroll Posted by benzrad at 3:30 PM 0 comments Links to this post

Wednesday, January 24, 2007
bright sunny day
last night i spent 4 rmb to post and register my baby and his mother their accounts with .i read in dorm till 2:41 am and finished "from vietnam to 9.11:on the front line of national security" and some of "thinking on the web".in the dawn i dreamed again i held my baby alone and left him with my absence for some time and when his mother found him his body covered with some swells.i faced the accuse of ignoring and i tried to settle with god’s care and tested it with my ears but just woke up by babbles from the female administrators in the i hurried up to see my baby and found he was in the close arms of the aunt who watching tv with his kid baby almost immediately asked for my cares.he immediately asked to play with the shampoo newly bought by the aunt.the kid son was in a fuss and attempted to take away the shampoo several baby later played with water in the lavatory and the aunt finally took away the bottle of shampoo.then i bathed my baby.this time i finished bathing my baby on my own and my baby played with bailing out water from the basin to floor without any notice of water projecting onto his head.i wrapped him with his towel and later put on him.after lunch i started to burn 3 pirate os onto cds.his mother soon left for her school.i sang a lot with my baby on my shoulders and the kid son learning in the waiting room.i against my baby’s mother’s warn started to reinstall os of the pc and the notebook and tried to reinforce the security settings and backup them.the grandma and her sister went to shower.i didn’t finish my work till 8 pm and missed the dinner,even my baby called me for quite sometimes.i just want to let pc busy so as let me had free time to eat my baby was forced to challenge their side watch with his brave deeds.he also attempted to use the computers for several times but mostly held aside by his mother.when i finished my work on pc and read to eat my dinner, his mother,who was tutoring a boy student first time,cursed me for i let her ms powerpoint missing and can’t open some ppts.i finally lost temper and beat her.the boy student left, and the aunt and her son mingled in the mid and i almost threatened the kid son when he attempted to stop baby cried loudly but later slept on my shoulders.when the aunt and her son let my baby’s mother into their room and lock the door i kicked the door and let it broke down to the floor and scattered the glass.when my baby woke up i open the window on balcony and talked to him and sang for him.after shift my baby to his mother with milk she just bought,i left for dinner and kiss my baby. in a restaurant near the dorm i turned talkative and shown my pda to the boss couples.then i was here writing to u. its not a bad day today.i just sorry for my baby for i didn’t accompany him more time.i love him exceed what can expressed in words.i love u.with my tear and beer.i love u from the heaven.kiss u with fragrance.bye. Technorati Tags: Blogroll Posted by benzrad at 10:55 PM 0 comments Links to this post

Thursday, January 25, 2007
a day i didn't even observe its face.
last night i spent 3 hour at a price of 4.5 rmb to post and adding my family members blog accounts to knowing my trying to get rid of the

handicapped post2blog, which ping to technorati automatically was disabled even u can set in the setting files to default to ping ,and proxy setting of individual blog account was locked to direct connecting even u can set proxy, hacked by hacker in dog team,and offer a blogs management function to batch post via its web service, totally get rid of the control of china dog in the shit stained mainland,tentatively loose its hacking last night and my posting via post2blog exceptionally succeeded to post to and most of my blogs now hacking heavily hampering me to download post2blog and my other work.they just a prostitute in male.there r many disclose of the character of dictators,like former iraqi president and former soviet secretary general.they just bitch and prostitute in mantle of power. last night i returned to the dorm after 1 am and read my blogs on my pda till 2 am.then i wandered in the room till 5:02 am.on bed i still felt hard to sleep but enjoyed on the bed.i heard the leaving of qrrsers.i woke up at 5:01 pm and went to dine.the canteen administrators all urged me to support my baby when he was infant.i had a 4 rmb food without any meat.after dinner i dozed on bed till after 8 pm i woke up and sometimes caught the reckons of dog and the family member of my baby's mother's.then i ported in a cafe with which i first time experience overnight surfing. i had not too much to utter now.i need some additional time to reinforce my cyber existence on web services.bye.i love u.every time i caught mind of u.kiss u with u on the sea bed with blue water.kiss u. Posted by benzrad at 9:25 PM 0 comments Links to this post

Friday, January 26, 2007
dry clear sunny day
dry clear sunny day last night i merely posted to my blogs in 2 ftp client can't connect to its servers.and dog in the last few minutes cut down all connection of the pub not to let me operate on my web service,showing how they ruthlessly treating public interests.returned to dorm i read my blogs on my pda after 2 am.i woke up at 9:10 am and got up at 9:17 am and went to see my baby at baby was striding in the waiting room near the door while his mother washing in the cooking area.when i kneeled down to receive my baby, he avoided me and retreated to the lavatory.after uncoated i held my baby in arms and he immediately asked to play with bottles of comestics and later played with tap water.her mother soon can't bare and took him away from me.i then tried to backup her notebook's newly installed os but she refused me by taking away the notebook.soon the eld son of the aunt arrived from his hometown.he talked loudly and soon left with the family to eat out.i suggested to my baby's mother to eat out but she said she wouldn't enjoy my baby sleepy and was milking.i decided to wait my baby ready for lunch.i dozed siting on the mat in the waiting room while my baby and his mother slept in the bedroom.after my baby woke up,i asked his mother's idea about lunch but she refused.i then went to the restaurant near the railway station to buy dumpling (baizi in chinese).the process was quite long,as routine in chinese state-owned enterprise or collective company.i bought 0.6 kg,or 1.2 jin in chinese measure baby barely ate 3 tried my best to eat more.the rest was left aside.i cared awhile my baby then his mother again took him away.later she tutored the girl student.then the grandma arrived.she chatted with her kid sister's family in the room for my baby after the later returned.i silently started to backup the os of the notebook and till they finished dinner i finished the task.the

notebook likely surfed yesterday and heavily infected,resulting slow response and an 1.6 gb folder of quarantined files within the av dinner time the kid son of the aunt called me and i admitted baby's mother soon cleaned baby finally approached me and played awhile with the notebook and shifted it to the bed the aunt occupied.he felt glad to play with the notebook till he picked the heap of my burn cds.his mother later forcefully took him away from the cds and i rushed to pack them.then i farewell to my baby.he followed his mother to the waiting room and didn't kiss me as usual. that's my day today.the sun really loveable in the morning.the moon high and clear in the mid sky after i finished my dinner in the canteen just after returned from my baby's mother's home.i was in a surprise to find its still at service and i partake some beer with the resting worker of the canteen. bye.i love every corner u can hide from me.i love u like the most peaceful moon light in front of ur door way.kiss u with deer.i love u.

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Sunday, January 28, 2007
bright sunny day
last night in the cafe i registered my baby and his mother another account with ,for i valued it.after returned to the dorm its near 9 pm and i read the biography of philipine's president Gloria Macapagal Arroyo till 3 am and when i laid it aside i can't afford to miss any time i can be with my baby,my god,and felt deep sorrow for my baby and his i headed to see them.the bike area was locked and i went there via a taxi,costing me 8 rmb.when i entered the bedroom his mother was awake.i kissed my baby a lot and let him woke up and again milked to sleep.i slept aside my baby against the room the aunt the morning my baby approached me and touched my eyes but i just want to sleep.till near 9 am the breakfast almost finished my baby approached me again to let me get up to breakfast.i got up and found the grandma and his kid sister's family there around the table.i picked the inner seat and baby soon asked for my care and i barely drank a little bowl of bean juice.even i want more the table and dishes was cleaned.then the old sisters went to shopping.the kid son went to study.our baby played with bottles of cosmetics with tap water and later was took away by his mother.lunch was cooked by the liu,the first son of the aunt.the kid son also returned.lunch was merely a dish of eggs.after lunch the liu washed baby was held by his mother.the challenge from the liu let me dozy.then he asked me some question about customization of win xp desktop answers likely faultless and let my baby's mother glad.when his mother started to tutor a girl student,i left to shower.i also had a haircut.on the way home i met my baby with his mother haunting out and we entered the sports baby played with 2 basketball for some time in the clusters of boy players.his mother urged to return so we did.his mother bought him a cup of ice cream and i bought him a stick of sugar gourd.they enjoyed the gourd at home.soon the old sisters returned and they busy with sorting the refrigerator,which lower closet frozen.i accept my baby's mother's urge to leave before dinner but his mother discussed my expense log book till dinner time.dinner was a large

fish,cooked by the liu.before dinner i spent some time swiftly move my download to hard disk.then the sons went to baby and his mother lingered some time around the bed on which the aunt lean.i felt boring and intended to leave but at the time the sons returned.i lingered some time with my baby and his mother in our bedroom and i intended stayed there for the night,but his mother drove me fact last night i told her i wouldn't stay in the dorm any more.i just want spent any time of my own with my baby.but now after a night and a day i felt my baby can live well without my sorrow for him.i kissed my baby several times before leaving.the liu rightly stayed in the waiting room to watch our parting.on the way i decided to spend the overnight in the newly open cafe to surf and far i found some ebook to download from ftp servers.but 0day stuff was blocked by periodically cut off the connection to internet. bye.i love u.the biography of Gloria Macapagal Arroyo let me know life was short and tender,while responsibility was straightforward as gliding.i felt i need more mood to enjoy the passing history around me,including my u in the sheer light.kiss u with deer. some shot of my baby today.

baby near lunar new year

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Sunday, January 28, 2007
warm winter day
warm winter day

• last night was an enjoyable experience in the of my neighbor left in the mid and 2 of other side slept but threats lingered on me for quite some 2 sd card capable of 2 gb was stuffed and i had to ditched some ebooks downloaded.i returned to the dorm to have breakfast,then rested on bed for 2 hours.then i headed to computer market to buy myself another sd card.this time the vendors of the booth i dealt for some time all present,including the manager i earliest dealt.a 2 gb sd card cost me 135 rmb while just a month ago 1 gd sd card of the same brand of apacer cost me 115 rmb.i returned to my baby's mother's home and there i immediately sort what i got last night to hard disk.i noticed my baby and his mother not in waiting room and i thought they haunted outside but likely they slept in bedroom.i till lunch time paid attention to them after i almost finished my sorting.after lunch we played with our baby awhile in the bedroom while the aunt chatted in the other baby's mother unease and frequently urged us to hang outside,but my baby refuted it.then the aunt and his eld son leaving.they three likely had slept together on the narrow bed for 3 nights,even her sister's home were spacious.soon my baby's mother decided to haunt outside.we went to a supermarket on my baby asked to stride on his own in the mansion,looking around here and there without any daunt.his mother again frequently urged to baby later touched the glass wall with his hands and 2 of his fingers bleeding.after we found it his mother complained me a lot and cold shoulders to me.on the way home we shopped in the grocer shop.his mother again and again urged me not to stay her home and sneered to me.when we just arrived the home a phone call likely from the grandma arrived and i left without farewell to my baby and his mother talking to the the dorm i tried some time on my pda then dozed.after dinner i read awhile my blogs on my pda.then my baby first acquainted me in the phone.his mother just want to square me out,to save her insult to me in the afternoon.i gladly talked with them.i also buzzed my hometown to informed my mother i had remit her 700 rmb to support her life there.i dozed till 7 pm and then i here to write u. the moon was round and large but baby's mother told me in the afternoon the weather was turning.i love u,like the coming the supermarket a girl with a woman in front of me reminded me of u.i love u,in every corner i search for u.kiss u with deer.bye. - post by benzillar warm winter day

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Monday, January 29, 2007
thickest snow in the winter last night,sunny day aftermath.
last night in the cafe was under pest of dog.they controlled the keyboard and the hardware package filtered the internet ftp client can't download even can connected to the server.i cost 3.5 rmb but with an allowance of 0.5 rmb just to post to my blogs.this night i watched the traffic monitor hardware modified my ftp client's requests and let it bypassed downloading to finish or kill a download queue.they likely can modify files on my write-proof udisk,and let wrote it after my file operation finished.they hijacked and modified my submit package to to let it batch posting a word,they blocked the way to the world within china,which fatally deemed them into death,or no freedom in china forever. when i arrived the cafe, a cop in uniform sat on the nearest seat in the room and his car ported outside.what else they can do,except licking around with their dirty and infectious tongue? last night i slept early,just after 11:47 pm.i didn't woke up till 11 am but can't help continuing to sleep.i got up at 2:40 pm and went to borrow pc mags.there were 3 kinds of new issue but i can only borrow i finished reading one there.then i passed the front open space of qrrs and its workers' palace.i doubting if i should go over to see my baby so i didn't enter it.but as soon as i picked the pc mags,i enjoyed reading them in the room all the afternoon,till dinner time.i ate 4 rmb food as my only meal today.turned back to dorm i finished reading to another pc the mid my baby's mother buzzed in and my baby was held by his mother to the phone to talk to me.then i visited the i tried to let ftp client download but its ill worked under hacking.the 5 cafes near the qrrs all fatally blocked me from blog posts,some of them err-prone,likely under their unauthorized modifications after posted,not merely under hijack and modifications before the moment my submit package through its way out of china,the dog pest land. bye.i love this saint white world of winter snow.i love u in every piece of my message in the cyberspace.i love u with my tear and soul.kiss u with beer.

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Tuesday, January 30, 2007
snowing all day,the longest snow in the winter
last night in the cafe was merely bearable.i spent 3 hours there and should charged 5 rmb but was allowanced 1 rmb.after returned to the dorm i read awhile my blog on my pda and slept after 2 am.i dreamed played with a python and half wet dreamed.the night before the day i dreamed of one of my once qrrs colleague,lixiangjun (finding the emperor),who once was a cop worked in qrrs and lived neighborly in the dorm but later gave up his career and

went to beijing,said worked there as a real estate salesman.i woke up after 10 am and got up at 10:23 am and went to see my baby at once.the snow likely continued since last night,and snowing all the day.when i arrived my baby was striding near the door in the waiting room,while the aunt and her elder son cooking.the kid son learning in the room he baby on my shoulders playing caps of bottle.the elder son want to stand on the football and fell to floor and damaged his arm.his mother accompany him to the baby didn't want to receive his mother outside,so we stayed.his mother bought some apples and bananas.the kid son left to study.we started to eat lunch,but his mother refused to sit aside me,but on the opposing side around the baby ate less.after lunch i prepared hot water for my baby to bath,but his mother opposed baby soon bore into sleepiness when we watched tv.he slept soon,so did his mother.i doubting if i should went to surf,but felt dozy and later slept aside my baby first woke up.then the kid son returned.we went outside after his mother suggestion.we visited the sports yard,where we took some baby asked me to push him sitting on the ice ground to slide and later i even push him sliding with his back and head on the ice.his mother had to let her shoes repaired,so we headed.but a girl student of the school reminded my baby's mother her tutored schedule,and we returned home home his mother urged me to leave.i backup shots to her notebook and left.the aunt and her elder son had returned and slept together.i played my pda awhile in the dorm and had dinner.then i waited in the dorm for overnight surfing.i listened radio and dozed awhile.i departed for the cafe newly open at 8:54 i busy with finding some torrent seeds to download,now that http downloads frequently hacked by dog and can't run in windows,including 3 different av soft's definition files and some tools i needed.they also let quite some pda warez can't run on my ppc.i don't know what they intended but they had not too much options to adopt against me. bye.i love this saint snow white world.i love u with my simplicity and my soleness.kiss u with beer.

family in thickest snow in the winter

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Wednesday, January 31, 2007
snow overnight and morning.shine in the afternoon
last night i first time tried peer downloading in cafe and even dog's pest hindering me getting quite some enviable warez,i reaped almost 2 gb stuff.they resolved to prevent me getting any av soft or its definition database file,so as let its terror on my pc prevailed it way.the left side neighbor first play some music and let me felt quite relaxed.but he soon left.the right neighbors likely a couple engaged,kept babbling and later the male read loudly what he typed in instant message cursing from time to time.they let my right leg chill.when i left around 7 pm a car ported outside just launched to leave.i ate 2 rmb for breakfast,and rest on bed for 3 hours dozing.after 10 am i woke up but don't want to get up and stayed on bed after 1:30 brain today full day stuffed in dorm.then i went to renew my borrowed mags.only a new issue there,so i read some mags don't lend there.the sun was bright and large in the sky when i left the front gate of qrrs and went to read newspaper.the 'cankaoxiaoxi(world reference digest) always left few pages there,tentatively avoid my learning more about the world.returned to the dorm i finished reading the borrowed mag and again rest.there r likely a couple in neighbor room,chatting,even its working time for qrrs.they let me cold and dozy.i ate my dinner some time earlier,with 4 rmb for additional food.a guy left qrrs for his master degree ate there,in his vacation,acquainted me.i ate an apple my baby's mother offered yesterday.then i again rest on bed listening radio.when i turned awake after 7 pm i reviewed our relation and felt proud and touched on our own.i was weak in front of u,otherwise i should took u directly as my wife,but i always regard u resourceful than me,i don't think u should be more experience in love,but i think female nature plenty than i entreat u to pick me,to ensure me that u choose me,follow me.i might insecure in front of u,but i always value trust and pledge more important than anything in love and in marriage.i lost in love before i headed here to write u. bye.i love deer in grass slope,without any shelter.kiss u with beer. by the way,my web chat available now these days,even sometimes unstable under pest of dog.on any blog of mine with meebo im box,u can leave me message or chat with me if i m online.i will kept online when i write u. Posted by benzrad at 10:21 PM 0 comments Links to this post

Thursday, February 01, 2007
bright sunshine all day
last night i spent 3 more hours in the cafe to blog,and join some friends with i was charged for 3 rmb with favorite price.i saw some beautiful faces in and tried to make friend with them.returned to the dorm i read awhile my blogs on my pda and went to bed after 1:00 am.i slept very sound till 1 pm,and forced myself to got up at 2:08 pm.when i arrived my baby and his mother went outside.the aunt and her sons watching tv.i busy with sorting what i got from the overnight surfing in the new cafe the night before yesterday.his mother asked where i was when they returned,but my baby later approached me and was held away by his mother.his mother threatened me to shift the pc out of her home.after i finished backup,i asked if i should install media player on her notebook for her recently complained a lot about missing the soft to play movie she got from her colleagues,and i was told did it.near dinner time and i was told by his mother

i’d better eat dinner first for yesterday they ate the brand ’quanjude’ toast duck the liu brought from beijing and i was left with some.i enjoyed it and made some appreciations.after dinner i played with my baby while his mother started to tutor the son of her colleague and the son of her aunt.i talked to my baby to let him stay on the pivot.when he asked to play with tap water his mother came to care him and let me continue my work broke by dinner.when i tried to find a backup cd to restore some baby songs my baby got impatient with his mother’s care and being kept away from the notebook,and soon milked to sleep.after i found the cd lost i quit my task and slept aside my baby to accompany him in sleep.her mother urged me to leave.soon my baby woke up and want to play.his mother got anger with me, complaining each time i was here my baby got agile,and i accompany my baby when he is sleeping is absurd.i held my baby watched the city night landscape on the balcony with window open.when i found the mops laid on the rim of window to prevent water leaking from window all sucked,i shift my baby to his mother and squeezed out water of the baby still don’t want to sleep sometimes when i slept aside him on bed,even i sometimes felt sleepy.when his mother got again anger i left.the aunt and her sons kept babbling and giggle on their bed.the liu went to waiting room watching my leave. its a nice day.i don’t know why i recently slept so sound.but i saw more girls with their mates.when i leaving the dorm to write u here,a tall girl washing her hairs in the washing room of the dorm,let me felt so near and so far from what i can and privilege to have with u. bye.i love sheer bubble on the seashore of the south china sea.kiss u with beer. Posted by benzrad at 9:46 PM 0 comments Links to this post

Friday, February 02, 2007
cloudy day as i saw
last night i spent 3 hour and spent 3 rmb in the cafe near the dorm zone.a chinese girl within blacklisted me let me at a loss.i registered my account with and found its attraction mainly on the news voted,not handy tool for personal posts management.returning to the dorm i read my blog on my pda till after 2 the nightmare i dream something crept onto my bed from what it hide under the bed and i can’t speak or scream even startled.then in a building likely in a campus,there r some bed berth only with a layer of straw and some shit on it.i was in a corner and felt threatened heavily.later i found a group of young muslim in a near building snipper me through the large window of the building i alumnus of my senior middle school,raojiawang(family prosperous), appeared and slept on the bed adjoin mine.then i was in the campus of the senior middle school,huanggang middle school,where i stayed temporarily in a small cabin used as the radio station of the elder brother appeared in the campus.and the building where i was taught when i was a student there was ditched and its ground floor was supported by wood.i woke up at 2:58 pm and got up at 3:02 pm.then i traveled through the open space in front of qrrs.after returned to the dorm i listened to the radio till getting up for dinner.qrrs now hosting a birthday ceremony for its graduate employees tonight and set up a huge balloon outside of the canteen.i ate 4 rmb food without any meat as my only meal today.then i jogged some time in the room.then i buzzed my baby’s mother,less her buzzed in when i was in the cafe later.when the qrrsers leaving for the party,i arrived the cafe i had been charged favorably to surf.ftp again was set to unable to download even its connection with servers succeeded.some pests around me bit heavily,including an by appearance boyish person just aside me murmuring all time,but i just wondering if he is normal.

the atmosphere of celebrating lunar new year turning thicker now,but i still beset in the misery of missing u.i need u,in every meaning it can u like a cheese in the cold basement.i love u.kiss u with beer and feel. Posted by benzrad at 7:07 PM 0 comments Links to this post

Saturday, February 03, 2007
sunny day
last night i spent 3 more hours in the cafe ,costing me 4 rmb.i tried to post to .returning to the dorm i read the biography of Russian president Vladimir Putin then read my blog awhile .i went to bed around 1 am.i got up at 9:52 am and went to see my baby at once.i ran upstairs and his mother tutoring a girl student when i arrived.the aunt held my baby playing on the edge of the window of the baby immediately asked my caress.then with him on my shoulders i sang and recited memo.later his mother rebut my performance and let me calmer.when the aunt and his elder son started to cook,i powered pc trying to retrieve my email accounts book from dreammail to thunderbird but failed.i delayed awhile to have lunch when they were eating.i ate a lot of bone of the brand "quanjude" duck with its juice.before i started to eat my lunch i asked for pickle,and my baby asked a lot and ate a lot of pickle,let his mother and the aunt in a fuss.they tried to stop but i let my baby eat what he liked and drank sweat milk his mother bought to dilute the saltiness.after lunch his mother suggested haunting outside,and we haunted the cult dragon supermarket nearby,where his mother bought a barrel of edible oil and some grocery.i bought my baby some milk candy.his mother suggested to transfer surplus in my salary book to my baby's deposit book and she did with my admission.she transfered 1000 rmb while my finance book indicating only 900 rmb left while i had to spend another 200 rmb as my monthly expenditure.returning to home i soon decided to fix the notebook which can't play movie fluently as result of being infected by virus and malware.later i decided to reinstall the os and working environment.his mother constantly opposing my operation,by delay or refusing to care my baby.she also urged me to leave before dinner.after dinner i continued installation and backup.the system surely infected,whose symptom including undeleteable folder in the recycle bin.however,this time the movie can be played in normal also changed the logon avatar to a dog into my backup, just boast their hacking utilities as their used behavior.the aunt family went to bed early,and played on baby don't want to sleep and asked me to hold him to hang around when the notebook let me free.i finished backup near 9 pm and his mother seemed happier.we played with our baby awhile on the floor in bedroom.she checked my finance book.i waited my baby milked to sleep and left. i also picked an apple. the road connecting to suburb decorated with string of atmosphere everywhere.the couple from hunan prov. lived temporary in the dorm also absent when i returned the dorm,let me even lonely.i felt i was ditched in the eccentric corner on the earth.however,i don't lose my hope and my faith in my responsibility. bye.i love u, in near time and far coincidence.the moon night so clear and cool in the universe.kiss u with beer. Posted by benzrad at 11:46 PM 0 comments Links to this post

Sunday, February 04, 2007
Pale sunshine, chill day
last night i spent more than 5 hours in cafe to try to let my thunderbird likely blocked localhost's some ports needed by web mail function of thunderbird and let my all attempt failed.when i left its after 3 bit heavily during the time i surf.they besieged me after i chose a far seat.they r dog or gay from cop or arranged by cop.they let me irritated and felt cold in my now bit again heavily around. after returned to the dorm i read my blog on my pda till 5 am.i can't sleep but just dozed.i got up at 8:10 am and ate breakfast in the canteen.then i went to see my baby.i ran upstairs and my baby was in the arms of the aunt when i arrived.his mother tutoring 2 girls students and the kid son of the aunt.the elder son,the liu reading in the room they now occupied.i told my baby how tasty a breakfast with pickle and porridge can be and soon the porridge was baby ate some.after breakfast i murmured to my baby a lot,till his mother lost her temper and almost slam onto my face and startled my baby into cry.i got a view why she preferred to tutor students at home,just let her being on center stage of the family,in the guise of being busy and earning and righteous business and also avoid herself engaging anything of chores.its a long time tradition of her family life,and she succeeded to bring it to my family,let her dominating and sustainable,but all her did just in fact rubbish,like the rubbish system of china ran its way everywhere and felt assured.robber and thief felt they doing the most common job on the earth.her dominating role over the students she tutored just as boring as what she taught and earned, and fragile as she sensed it,that's why she so dependent and in nowadays china beset in the same situation,inevitable,they doomed to lose for themselves losing the ability and inspiration to sustain the boring its exerted on the whole citizen.there is nothing new ,nothing original,nothing productive.they bankrupt the world with their rotten corpse.that's their fate,till they bing buried. when the grandma arrived,my baby's mother felt glad to let me to fetch some package of washed clothing the grandma brought.the grandma surely empowered with something recharged and her presence quickly let me doze and slept.i slept till after 2 pm,or so,at least i missed the baby's mother glad to let me sleep and covered me with quilt of my baby' baby approached me sometimes and wanted to play with me but i can't woke up.after i got up the grandma chatted with her sister family in the room for my baby.i soon decided to bath my baby.his mother opposed it and my baby also disagree with it,but i arranged it.his mother then enjoyed to bath him while i busy with holding the water jet and shot with camera.after bathed our baby,his mother showered herself.i played the shot on the tv to let the grandma and other member at home watch.then i went to shower in the public bathroom.there i enjoyed the whole bathroom with my own alone.returning to home,dinner soon started.after dinner i asked for my baby's mother's permission to operate on her notebook to backup shots and the os again.when i busy with pc,my baby played with the kid son of the aunt and bit him.his mother lean aside the aunt.after i finished backup,we played with our baby in our baby turned more and more to be less agile,but i felt dozy,so i left.and just arrived the dorm i came here to write i updated my youtube and picasaweb. bye.i love dim and in dream.lunar new year can be ur shopping march. i will spend my holiday with my god.kiss u with beer.

From baby in showe...

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Tuesday, February 06, 2007
sunny day,eaves dripping yesterday.sunny morning
last night i surf overnight in the new cafe.i registered myself and my baby with some other email account with google,netease and kept close monitor and stole one of my account.they bit heavily in the process.i spent most of time on setting webmail account within thunderbird.when dawn descended i barely finished letting thunderbird working.returning to the dorm i ate my breakfast and rested on bed for awhile then returned the cafe to write my blog. the night before yesterday i spent 3 rmb or 4 in the cafe to blog.when i surfing i heard the wife of the boss likely saying it indeed charged 1 rmb for an hour.if so the boss had guilty to accept my expressed obligations many times.indeed i knew all these under dog's arrangement,but also in god's set.i needn't care anyone on the earth after all.returning to the dorm its already after 0 am.i read my blog on my pda till after 1 am.i dreamed the pave way around the lake of qrrs covered with plants and grass.i was asked to bring some boxes of book to the library and on the way met one of my once qrrs colleague,wubaohe,a girl graduate from beijing normal unv. .i was blocked by the gatekeeper of qrrs.i got up at 2:24 pm.i then went to the library of qrrs,there i read some mags not lend.namely china garden.then i went to read newspaper.but the newspaper "cankaoxiaoxi(world reference digest)" was taken by an elder there,so i read pictorial.then on bed i listened radio till dinner.i asked for 4 rmb food but was allowanced 1 rmb.on bed in the dorm i started to doubt if i can surf overnight and felt right to do it.after 8:30 pm i walked about a mile to surf the cafe allowing me to down with emule.ftp now blocked deadly,let my ftp client downloaded some files but all of them broken or incomplete while the ftp client was cheated to have likely manipulated router's filter rule to maltreat my internet traffic. bye.i love u,in these new year in u like candy in mouth.kiss u with beer. Posted by benzrad at 9:41 AM 0 comments Links to this post

Tuesday, February 06, 2007
sunny son before lunar new year in new clothings.
shot by his mother. no words can express my love for him.

baby near lunar new year

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sunny day
the morning in the cafe was just make use of a pc, not the internet.p2p download was heavily tempered.a man in my age likely a cop nearby biting heavily.i merely prepared thunderbird for my baby's mother,and that cost me 4 rmb.when i left its near 11 am.i went to see my baby at baby was in the waiting room when i arrived.the aunt today very domineer and ordered my baby to eat a baby's mother had lecture in the morning.when she returned she looked baby rushed to pick her her baby ate less for lunch i told what i valued email client and suggested her keeping good behavior to make good use of email client.she likely half accepted.i also told him how cop in the morning stole my domain of email with yahoo and gmail and of a speedy domestic hostsite.she agreed to let me operate on her notebook to move thunderbird portable onto it.but the backup made in the cafe likely infected and i spent a lot additional time trying to avoid fact the whole afternoon i busy with rebuilding a portable working environment for myself.downloads from the cafe infected heavily and let my pc hanged quite baby and the kid son of the aunt and the grandma all urged me to eat dinner but i just busy with finishing it before dinner.when i ate my dinner they finished and my baby's mother got angry and refused to offer me meal.after dinner i soon finished backup of download and shut down pc.the aunt family gathered in the room they occupied now.i waited for my baby playing with the kid son.later we moved to our bedroom and my baby first played with his mother hide-and-see in curtain and laugh a lot.later i laid him on the pile of quilt and let him sliding to ground.the risk let him laugh quite a lot and let his mother uncomfortable.she told me she will file divorce tomorrow with me and let me waited on the ground of the home building in the afternoon.she even inquired how i care my baby if she left my baby with me.i admitted her request.after my baby slept i also dozed on the edge of the bed.i kiss her forehead and left.she also shown her care for me.its a painful moment,but i m afraid more severe pains to arrive to tear our hearts apart. i rested on the bed in the dorm for awhile then i arrived here.

today quite some graduate employees of qrrs leaving for their the morning and in the night people leaving.but i saw the wife of the hunan couples with their child son.i don't know what a pain ahead but i know god's training just sweat and meaningful. Posted by benzrad at 10:05 PM 0 comments Links to this post

Wednesday, February 07, 2007
ordinary sunny day
last night in the cafe was again practice its dirty trick to control the keyboard and router data package filter to trouble my posting and surf a lot.the pc hanged a time.they likely got mad in method these days,after times and times failed against me.returning to the dorm i read my blog on my pda till 2 pm then slept.i dreamed of 2 interpreters, a man and a female.after 1 pm i was alarmed by the phone from my baby's mother,to imformed me to register our divorce to the civil office.i left at 1:10 pm.i rode there by bike and my baby's mother alone waited there and we moved to its new office location near the district government.there we were rebut for we didn't bring residential book.when we returned the home our baby just held by the grandma and the aunt playing on the baby rushed to his mother but seemingly ignored me.i waited in front of the ground door awhile then upstairs to meet his mother and met her just outside of her door.there we registered our divorce and my baby's mother made note on the document that i gave up all property and my baby to her.i was let to fill the form first but when i reluctant to write our accord she pick it up and i told her that i left my house deposit within qrrs,my once workplace,to her,and all my owning except my monthly expense of 300 rmb.she weep when we waited for our divorce registry,which numbered like "0100700100" or "00100700100",etc. on the way home we shopping grocery.i bought my baby some candy of worth 7 rmb.returning home i moved some missing files onto my pda and imported family email list to the thunderbird of my baby's mother's notebook,as she once inquired.then we played with our baby.i sang sometimes.the liu kept watching tv as usual.the old sister busy with cooking.they first time cook steam bread,with which i ate 4 without any baby's mother ate 2 aside me.on dinner the liu ate after we finished and he insisted eating rice,which was remnant of lunch and there was few.after dinner the aunt family gathered in their room and my baby played there for some time,sitting on the back of the kid son laying himself face down.later we played in our bedroom,his mother played with him with hide-and-see in the baby laughed a lot and i kiss him a lot.his mother got angry when i sang but later rejoiced.after my baby milked to sleep,i kiss my baby's mother's forehead and told her to be sure of our bright future and left.i told her i will take an apple with me but i forgot it when i coated and left.arriving the dorm i headed here immediately and busy with correcting my blogs till now to write did batch posted my posting,but dog likely invaded in with their messing and my blogs missing some posts and i had to costly amended them. bye.i miss u everyday. i need u in every moment when i was alone.i love u like the sheer right.kiss u with beer. Posted by benzrad at 10:10 PM 0 comments Links to this post

Friday, February 09, 2007
sunny day,stained snow melting,day light longer
last night in the cafe was a mess. i merely blogging while cost 3 rmb.later some men and female sat around me and bit me.turning to the dorm its already after 0 am.i read awhile my blog and slept at 2:10 am.i dreamed a lot and remembered some but now after busy with let emule to download and finding some firefox addons i forgot them.i got up at 11:18 am and went to have lunch.after lunch, i rested on the bed for some time then haunted outside.there r quite some boys playing basket ball in the yard.i sat on the swing for awhile, then walked around the open space in front of qrrs.on the way returning to the dorm i visited the free cafe of qrrs and trying to download some firefox addons to prepare a clean reinstallation,but just after 3 or 5 minutes the internet connection was cut off,i reset the pc and being force offline again after several minutes.the cafe administrators persuading me leaving for several rounds,including bodily poking.i then left and found dinner ready and i ate it.then i rested on bed listening music.after receiving my baby’s mother’s phone call i decided to surf overnight to download and prepare a fresh rebuild of portable baby hummed in the phone and let me glad.i also in peace reviewing my years and times with his mother.and i can envision we can have a better way to live with ourselves.after 7 pm i listen news from radio of beijing,in which the premier talked about the power of people.i sensed the bless from my ancestor and more peaceful to accept my baby’s mother as part of mine and live with trust each other in the long run.i also felt surer that i will trust u from the start and all the time in our life together.after 8:30 pm i launched to the new cafe.all lcd occupied.i waited till overnight service launched.then there was a young man left,and i pick the seat in a rush.the pc was immediately controlled by dog,hanged after i tried online security scanning.after reboot i tried a domestic av soft to scan the emule downloading also started.there r some complains about the lagging of speed, letting me sorry for my downloading costly for internet traffic,but i m surer that dog more responsible for the slow internet speed.they monitored all my activities online and the passports of all my cyber existence, in god’s view, what they desperately hampering my getting a clean portable pack and a clean os at home was likely just waste my time and upset me,and harnessed hacking tool to let their monitor more automatic.after all what’s the worth of all these worthless wrest?only god know when and why i had to enjoy my working scheme with my own pleasure. bye.i love u,in every silent moment.i felt even readier for ur descending in front of u with beer,which tasteless without u at lunch.kiss u with peer. Technorati Tags: Benzillar,blog,blogger,love,letter,diay,girl, Posted by benzrad at 12:53 AM 0 comments Links to this post

Friday, February 09, 2007
sunny day,inspiring sunshine in the morning
last night in the cafe was worthy even dog finally blocked out my p2p download after all these temptations and taking away just to upset me,letting me getting about 200 mb stuff.i find lots of addons of firefox and enjoyed them very much, esp. the addon of google browser sync,with its function i had envisioned some time before i knew it.i just can't wait for google's network operation system and online office.the addon of deepest sender,dog

again hindered me getting it,long time handicapped and some of its form box abnormal.hacker in dog team sure had some knowledge on these warez and just can't help showily harnessed it.the only vacant likely a plot,for from the moment i picked it the keyboard and mouse were remotely controlled and just after i took the seat quite some empty seats appeared and soon i was besieged by babbling hooligans bustlingly till after 4 am.they smoked as their usual dirty trick to disgust me.after all who can save their pitiful fate of being buried with dust and shit?no longer than the life of a fly. after returned to the dorm i ate my breakfast in the canteen.then i headed to see my baby.he was walking in the waiting room when i arrived,while his mother tutoring the 2 girl students and the kid son of the aunt.then with my baby in my arms or on my shoulders i hummed and sang and murmured to my baby,who played with caps of bottle on his own.when his mother started to tutor another girl student and held my baby to breed him i started to rebuild my portable suit on the pc.i reinstalled the os to prevent infection but sure dog around can harness wireless gadget to hack my operation again.but i don't care more about it in the process of my operation.they infected my files can only had one advantage they can benefited,in my view, to inform them actively to hack me online when i surf ,via the spyware embedded into my file to server to search its client.other thing concerning privacy had all being in god's view, and thief eyes in god's set.i didn't eat lunch when i operate on the pc,for i didn't felt baby was cared by the aunt for some time and was bore into sleep in his mother's arms.i slept aside him when the pc let me free.but he soon woke up when i just felt into doze.after lunch his mother held my baby outside.i stayed at home to do my task.the liu and the aunt watched tv and severely attacked me.when my baby and his mother returned i merely finished my work,but yet to pack to my udisk.after finished my task and turned off the pc i cared my baby and sang a lot.the aunt and her elder son started to cook and before the dinner the grandma arrived.dinner was pie with potato slice and onion.i enjoyed it for i was very hungry.after dinner my baby played with my pda and thrown it twice onto floor but intact.when they chatted i felt sleepy and his mother suggested my leave and i the dorm i dozed for an hour and here write u.i just so anxious about the fantasy of the newly added addons. bye.i love u, in the turning corner in front of us.longest dark had faded its way.i saw the brew of our love.kiss u with beer.i love u,like beer in transparent light brown and green.kiss u again Technorati Tags: Blogroll

Saturday, February 10, 2007
blunt sunny day
last night in the cafe was gliding of time, at a cost of 4 rmb.returning to the dorm its near 0 am and i read awhile my blog on pda till 1:30 am and went to around spying concentrating and let me cost some time to settle down.i stayed awake for some time before i got up at 2:22 pm.then i walked around the front open space of qrrs,there were still sunshine on the ground.returning to the dorm i listened radio music.the topic of one of its program was jealousness.i reviewed my time with the occasional contacts with the girl fang (square) when i was in naikai unv. and later my time with my baby's mother,and look forward to the time with u ahead.spying eyes thick in the dorm and let me restlessly.the canteen received less customers when i ate my only dinner there.on the way returning to the room i met 2 girls leaving with packages for their home,likely.i again listened radio awhile till my baby's mother buzzed in and told me its little year (xiaonian in chinese),i refuted her according to the calender on my pda that tomorrow baby at the time

around 7 pm was said just slept.i came here to blog soon after and tried seeing why thunderbird ill working after packed into portable now heavily blocked me,hindering me operating on ,on which i created 2 groups under title of benzyrnill at and faezrland at faezrland and declaimed democracy of china and my royal of china.they also block quite some proxy of australia,most of them usually working and speedy.maybe they now need a boost of their loot to bargain with their host for bonus bone. bye.i love u, in tear in dear.kiss u with u like the sunshine tomorrow. Posted by benzrad at 8:30 PM 0 comments Links to this post

Sunday, February 11, 2007
weak while pure sunshine in the morning,straight bright in the aftenoon
last night in the cafe being blocked heavily. i merely blogging while costing 4 rmb for 4 hours.returning to the dorm i read awhile my posts on my pda.the rats in neighbor room kept babbling and dirty i read awhile chinese traditional poems on my pda. i went to bed at 1:06 am.soon in the dream i sensed ur pains of ur love and ur penalty to me of migrating to us.i wet dreamed then and woke up.i was heavily upset,and saw quite some omen of the effect of ur giving up to our love.i can't judge what's illusion and what's omen, even sure dog around exerting their coldness and dirty will.i got up at 9:23 am and washed my bed rob then went to see my baby.he was near the 2 sons of the aunt watching tv with their mother.he was told by them to pick me a pair of slippers.i held him then till went to receive his mother who now underwent normal teaching scheme at 10:40 am.i was in sincere low spirit that i seldom baby directed me entered the sports yard where lots of skaters even the sunshine melting dirty snow.then we moved to the south park,where he asked for some candy.his nose running and the vendor lend us tissue to baby very glad to play on the mini plaza in the park and laugh and babbled a lot.later he walked to a nearby grocery market.then i suggested to prepare to receive his mother and we headed on.we entered the school later when the students leaving.he then turned irritated and even worse after returning home and was milked to sleep before lunch.lunch was fried beef which they ate last night as the feast of the festival of lunar little year(xiao nian in chinese).my pda's calendar still indicating today should be the festival and i also remembered the day in my hometown was right the day.after lunch i dozed aside my baby and his mother soon left for her baby soon woke up while i sleepy.when he played on his own i started to retouch my portable suit.then the aunt family left to fetch their booked ticket from the railway baby cried a lot not to let me operate on the pc,and i knew hacking around concentrated. my baby even powered down the pc just when i copying the archive to udisk.however, i didn't scorn my baby after all my wrong scorns to my baby while he is always right.later we mix some drink of juice powder and beer to drink and he liked it very much.then i bathed him.he enjoyed it very much,only when he can't breathe when water covered his face he need my caress.when i wrapped him with quilt sitting in the sunshine on the balcony the aunt family returned and left some fussy comments.i turned normal in spirit,and sang sometimes.near 4:20 pm when went out to receive his mother.he again entered the school yard for the gate was open.i sensed cop in the outpost of the gate spying closely all baby asked to walk on the dusty field track till his mother approached us.then i went to public bathroom to shower.the bathroom changed its boss.and a man before i arrived there being massaged and continued that after i left.another man arriving when i baby's mother tutoring a girl student and soon

finished and dinner ready.before dinner my baby ate a bowl of wheat food with spoon on his own and felt glad.after dinner i recited some strong phrases and let my baby stay in high spirit.when he asked his mother's milk and slept,i the dorm i dozed awhile,listening radio.after 9 pm i came here to write u. bye.i love u,no matter how u treat me.i admitted i can't judge ur decision upon our love right now, and i really care about my life ahead with u together.i need true love,but i would suffer misery as the stories of artist.i broke my heart one time and i think i don't want ruin my soundness any more. i love u,in every tiny sense it u in sunshine.kiss u with beer. Posted by benzrad at 10:26 PM 0 comments Links to this post

Monday, February 12, 2007
pale sunshine
last night in cafe posting was's block let it a test of endure ability.i got view that dog not only cost me more money on web but also more time being waste,less time to think on the profile at was hacked to error-prone.the day before yesterday it was being down but when i tried in ie near 0 am it resumed.then yesterday it again google browser sync also under unauthorized modification and lost the status i logout last time.returning to the dorm near 0 am i read awhile my blog then slept at 1:26 am.dreams i can't remember now.near 8 am the monitor of my once working place,qrrs, buzzed in to informed me going to the office to fetch bonus and financial aid before 8 am.i returned and slept till 1:08 pm getting up.finding the unclear sunshine i felt better jog outside and i went to the office.the monitor asked why i didn't arrive on time then we went to the main office building.there i was offered 700 rmb and 2 qrrs' uniform then waiting for the interview with the department director.we talked briefly,at the time the labor association chairman of department handed me another 700rmb.after the director left the monitor and the chairman,in family name of liu, accompany me to fetch some material bonus in its shop and help me bring them to my dorm room.i saw their out and wondering if i should sent them directly to my baby's mother's house.but i left to listen radio till 4:30 pm then i ate my dinner at a cost of 4 rmb.the female administrator of the canteen inquired me and i glad to talk about my recent status.after dinner i haunted around the open space surrounding the workers' palace.when i returned,under the tree near the gate of the dorm zone some magpies rabbled loudly and let me wondering the moment of my arm around ur neck near,and my hand almost reach urs. i also sensed the arrangement of qrrs, maybe from the day i first time arrived back to 1991 when i graduated from nankai unv. after the turbulence of "6.4" beijing storm.old man's covet layout still in good shape and history extending likes an mutton sheet. after dinner i also buzzed my hometown and my mother wanted me took job and visit her next year.when i buzzed my baby's mother she felt not so glad to know my not bringing materials newly got her home.i felt obliged to her. bye.i love near time i can sense.kiss u with god's touch.kiss me,baby.i love u in the heaven.bye. Posted by benzrad at 8:27 PM 0 comments Links to this post

Wednesday, February 14, 2007
pale morning, snows in the mid of afternoon
last night was terrible for determined to waste my time in the cafe.i spent 6 hour merely let my portable suite neaty and blogging.i first tried online virus scan and dog let it hanged first time.second time 2 online scanner,namely kaspersky and trend, working but didn't find any virus or spyware in my portable suit can be intact from dog,but also possible dog hijacked the online scanner,which was just an activex of ie.also active access scan was unable,so they hide and see with scanner,just like many occasions they can do anything on it can pestering.they most frequent and straight utility sure the router in their hands,they can let it automatically.they r earning to do that,in the dog rein to earned to dog chinese people.posting also painful,frequently returning failed pages.i insisted hand over 5 rmb as charge.when i arrived the dorm its 1:26 am and i felt worry about if the aunt left for their home and left my baby with his mother alone at home.i rest a moment then headed to see my baby and by the way transfered the materials offered by qrrs to my baby's mother's home.i was armful and i took a taxi.on the taxi i was obliged to talk about my situation and the driver sure intelligent.if not slept aside my baby and the spying eyes from the southern neighbor let me restlessly,sometimes even woke my baby up.his mother complained a lot on my troubling her.near dawn i fell into sleep but soon my baby asked my accompany to him.the aunt prepared breakfast with pies.i tasted some vinegar with my baby.i ate a lot of pie and porridge.then his mother left for her baby soon asked to haunt outside.i just too sleepy to notice anything.we visited sports yard where lots of skaters and the south park where we caught up some morning exercise elders.we soon returned.i felt better then.after his mother returned i slept and didn't eat lunch.i slept very sound.when i woke up his mother caring my baby playing.the aunt and the liu haunted outside,only the kid son lean on the baby sure more and more confident now, and also demanding.i cared him with his mother till the girl student arrived.then i walked a mile to the dorm and ate dinner there.i dozed in the room till 7 pm then i came here.till 1 am i started to blog.and almost 5 hours spent avoiding pestering of dog. bye.i love near and on far.i can see more stern challenge ahead with my web activities but i sure enjoy my part of pleasure of internet.kiss u with right. Posted by benzrad at 1:39 AM 0 comments Links to this post

Wednesday, February 14, 2007
bright sunny day
last night in the cafe was dog chased.and it likely will continue to block my posting step by step and cafe by cafe.since 9 pm till now,half of an hour passed i can’t open any web site other than google in my firefox,after restarted firefox 2 times.i spent near 7 hours till 3 am to retouch my portable suit and blogging.returning to the dorm i read my blog then went to bed.i dreamed bush,the american president now,talked to us within a small gathering with his family.i got up at 2:49 pm and finding the sunshine enviable i walked outside in the open space around the workers’ palace of qrrs.i toddled awhile in the entrance of the little bush garden in left front of the palace,then a huge car approached to clean the

snow.then an elder approached me and asking if i was from a factory of qrrs.i then moved to dorm and went to borrow magazine.but the library was locked.i returned to the dorm again and listen radio.then i noticed its valentine day.i doubting if i should go over to see my baby’s mother and decided to see them after dinner at canteen.i bought 3 hambergs and cup of cocacola,which was my baby’s favorite,at a price of 27 rmb with 3 coupon i bought from a customer couples there eating.the man of the couple let me doubting there is a dog,but i needn’t care anyone covert.i also bring a coffe cup offered by qrrs last day but it fell onto ground from my hand when i picked it out from the holder of my bike on the ground of the residential building and baby immediately asked to drink cola.the grandma there and likely had been there a day,as my baby’s mother told me yesterday.she soon finished tutoring the girl student and we finished eating the hambergs.soon dinner was ready by the grandma but they all ate less.then we couples played with our baby and he laughed a lot.the grandma soon watched tv and brewing dirty will or challenged baby later tired and being milked but after his mother took off his coat he again asked to play.its clear that the grandma determined to stage after 2 of her sisters to challenge us.i also got a view that dog trying to distract me from my direct goat and underwent covert plot in aim to extending its day it can be in charge.i decided to leave when i know i m ready and my baby immediately left his mother’s milk to farewell to me.i kiss him again and again and left.i stayed in dorm for minutes then here first try my portable suit then write u. bye.i love u.yesterday the magpies crowed on the tree in front of my window in the dorm.i m sure u r never more closer to me now.i love u, in sheer baby’s sensational fresh touch and new landscape.kiss u with beer.holding ur thick hairs to cover my face in touch with urs.i love u,never be more surer.Technorati Tags: Benzillar,blog,blogger,blogroll,love,letter,diary,girl,China Posted by benzrad at 10:42 PM 0 comments Links to this post

Thursday, February 15, 2007
dry bright day
last night near 11 pm i was allowed to access most websites i had accounts via direct connection.i was seemingly encouraged to surf lately.returning to the dorm i read awhile my blog on pda then went to bed after 1:40 am.i dreamed in dawn of a guy,likely a qrrs’ graduate employee in one of the dorms,liked chinese boxing (sanda in chinese) training,who can use his leg kick the hot spot (xuewei in chinese) between eyes to let u tear.i spelt his name in dream,but after woke up his name into my mind was fang zhenjiang(square promote river).last night or in last sleep i dreamed my grand father smiling,and stay quite awhile in my dream cordially.i got up at 11:39 am and went to lunch.after lunch i strode in the open space on the south side of the workers’ palace of qrrs.when qrrser flocking to the factory,i returned to the dorm zone and jogged on the rim of the mini garden.then i returned to room to rest.i spent then 2 hours in sunshine.i know girl fang(quare) r well and ready.she now a china marine corp’s officer and temporarily working in the team of state security to monitor my web activities.she ruined the post in the new cafe about my mad history,for she can’t bear the broken story of our love in nankai unv. listening radio on bed,i roamed a lot of the pass time with brewing of love with her while seldom contacted.most songs broadcasted in the radio were love and let me even immersed in moving and forgiving.then my baby’s mother buzzed in to tell me she and my baby finished shopping.i then visited icbc,intending to remit some money from qrrs to "hope project" to subside poverty strike children of china.but only a window at service and quite some queue there.i also was told remission need national id card which i didn’t i returned to the dorm and picked my bike to visit my baby was sleeping when i arrived and his

mother watching a war theme tv theater titled "pearl harbor",about japanese shock invasion to us.i sat down to eat peanuts with her.but soon my baby woke up and cried for sometimes.after him rejoiced,we played with him and let him glad.his mother ate most of the sugar gourd i bought in the way and the rest let my baby glad.then the grandma arrived with a box of apple and a box of orange.soon the girl student arrived and my baby show his friendship a lot to her,offered her oranges and hindered her from writing.when dinner was ready the tutoring didn’t finished and my baby kept offering meal to the girl student,so we suggested her to eat with us and she did.after dinner and the girl student left the grandma watched tv and we played with our baby and he really liked us to play games with him.when i found tv series concerning topic i cared i baby first refused to farewell to me but later kiss me and goodbye to the dorm i again felt the pains of love with girl fang(square) and a hot brain.i lean to try to cool it and found my link to the japanese girl who once studied with me in a class when i prepared my master degree entrance exam in nankai unv. .i left the dorm at 9:57 or 9:58 pm to write u. recent snow was the ever thickest snow in the dog year of lunar melting in day time but some of them still let the road bumpy.workers sure promptly to clean the road for travel.i like the snow very much. bye.i love u.dear.i have 25 years with u.ur face was the faintest image in my mind.i love u so much,in every moment looking forward to being with u,with ur tall figure and slender buildup my heart tumbled.u r the most vivid dream of mine i can envision so far.i need u eager than any time.i can’t wait for our warm house and harmony family life.i kneel to the ground on which my grand father’s tablet stood to beg for ur presence sooner to me.i love u,with my heart and soul,live me a life more colorful,baby,not to let it continue being pale,i urged u.kiss u with flow of mountain steam from the most serene valley.kiss u again before bye to u.i love u me my baby. Posted by benzrad at 11:13 PM 0 comments Links to this post