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Alexandera (Sasha) Thackaberry Sasha.Thackaberry @sashatberr

Strategic leader, skilled at devising and implementing innovative solutions to large challenges.
Passionate about education as the primary vehicle for opportunity for all learners to achieve their
potential and live purposeful lives.


• Experienced leader in online learning with a focus on consensus-building to create cultural
change in support of world-class learning experiences and institutional economic growth.
• Proven record of initiating and executing systemic changes to support high-quality learning
experiences at scale.
• Extensive experience with Next Generation Learning models including Competency-Based
Education, gamification, personalized learning, digital badges, ePortfolios and MOOCs.
• Committed to continual learning personally, and to fostering growth for faculty and staff.
• Philosophical focus on human design, creating ease-of-use for learners and faculty.


• Vice President, Online & Continuing Education, Louisiana State University
• Assistant Vice President, Academic Technology, Course Production and New Learning Models,
Southern New Hampshire University
• District Director, eLearning Technologies, Cuyahoga Community College
• Manager of Next Generation Learning, Cuyahoga Community College
• Senior Instructional Designer, Cuyahoga Community College
• Online Learning Coordinator, WVIZ/PBS ideastream®

• Consultant, Systemic eLearning Design Improvement, Forsyth Technical Community College
• Consultant, Systemic eLearning Conversion, Design & Development, Parker®
• Consultant, Instructional Designer and Developer, Quality Matters®
• Consultant, Instructional Designer for Professional Development, Bedford City Schools


• Adjunct Faculty, Kent State University
• Quality Matters Facilitator, Face-to-Face and Online
• Online Course Facilitator for Pilot Courses, WVIZ/PBS ideastream®
• Teacher, Cleveland Metropolitan School District
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PhD in Higher Educational Administration, May 2017

Dissertation, Competency-Based Education: An Emerging Taxonomy
Kent State University, Kent, Ohio

Master in the Art of Teaching, May 2002

Kent State University, Kent, Ohio

Bachelor of Fine Arts, August 2000

The University of Akron, Akron, Ohio


Louisiana State University, Baton Rouge, Louisiana

Vice President, Online and Continuing Education Nov 2019 - Present
Vice Provost, Digital and Continuing Education May 2018 – Nov 2019
Associate Vice Provost, Online and Distance Learning Feb 2018 – May 2018
• Leads the strategy, planning and execution for expanding the online learning portfolio, focusing
on high-quality learning experiences with world-class customer service. Focusing on ruthless
prioritization of quality of online programs and customer service in support of an R1 mission as a
land, sea, and space grant institution.
• Leads functional teams across the portfolio, including business and operations, program
development, instructional design and development, marketing, recruitment, retention and
graduation services, supporting the whole student journey.
• Leads combined efforts for online programs across the LSU family of universities, including
campuses at Alexandria and Eunice.
• Leads academic technology and support, including Moodle, Kaltura, Panopto, remote
proctoring, and associated tools and integrations.
• Leads technology group for Online and Continuing Ed, including an infrastructure group
migrating systems to the cloud (AWS), Salesforce and related tools (Five9 autodialer, texting,
web chat), and web development for the website, digital marketing, lead forms, etc.
• Manages Continuing Education programs, including K-12, community programming, and
professional development. Leading conversion of face-to-face professional development
programming to self-paced, online formats, with mechanisms for PLA built-in.
• Leads the creation of scalable design and development process for the building and
maintenance of courses to be used across a spectrum of high-quality learning experiences.
• Manages a budget of $25 million, half of which is a revenue-generating, self-sustaining unit.
• Conducted thorough current-state analysis, evaluated needs based on enrollment goals,
proposed new team structure and positions, created new strategic goals and worked to build
institutional buy-in, renamed combined division to Digital and Continuing Education.
• Created new culture in Online and Continuing Education, moving to a matrix-oriented “squad”
approach, with new functional teams in Product Strategy (including User Experience), Marketing
and Recruitment, Instructional Design and Development, Program Development, Business
Operations and Technology, and Professional and Community Programs.
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• Supported creation of financial projection tools (pro formas) in order to assess viability of
standing up specific programs; initiated and led creation of a formalized online program
development process including market analysis, financial analysis, etc., to focus on growth.
• Developed innovative spectrum approach to a strengths-based program development process
to ensure that all learning experiences are built (1) stackable, (2) scalable, (3) maintainable, with
a focus on ROI for the learner and the institution.

Southern New Hampshire University, Manchester, New Hampshire

Assistant VP, Academic Tech, Course Production & New Learning Models Feb 2016 – 2018
• Led the development of a next-generation student learning ecosystem including current and
emerging technologies. Leads the analysis of core components of the learning ecosystem as
well as extensible tools in multimedia streaming, student engagement tools, ePortfolios, digital
badging and microcredentials. Responsible for development and implementation of multi-year
strategic academic technology plan.
• Initiated and led an LMS conversion from Blackboard Learn 2014 to Brightspace by D2L from the
justification for change, gaining cultural buy-in, through the fastest implementation of a new
LMS at scale, bringing 17,000 graduate learners online in 4 months, and another 70,000
undergraduate learners online two months later.
• Leds new learning models from conceptualization through implementation, including the
College of Online and Continuing Educations’ accelerated learning program SNHU|Accel.
• Led initiatives on the modularization of curriculum design to be deployed across delivery
modalities; working towards a flexible future of personalized educational modalities.
• Directed project work regarding implementation, upgrades and ongoing support of academic
technology systems and course production, including front end LMS upgrades, course
enhancements and associated procurement and RFPs for academic technologies.
• Managed team of over professionals (teams include new course development, course
maintenance, academic technology, multimedia, and SNHU|Accel/CBE,) developing team
members through continual professional development, coaching and mentoring.
• Manages area budget of $1.5 million (without team salary lines.)

Cuyahoga Community College, Cleveland, Ohio 2009—2016

District Director, eLearning Technologies 2013 – Jan 2016
• Provided strategic direction for college-wide projects related to digital education including
initiating and leading the evaluation of Learning Management Systems (LMS).
• Promoted and led innovative learning model initiatives including gamification and game-based
initiatives, Competency-Based Education, and digital badges.
• Served as Project Lead for the development of a Competency-Based Education certificate and
degree program in IT through EDUCAUSE’s Breakthrough Models Incubator.
• Managed direct reports; led a team of edtech professionals, managed $700,000 budget.
• Directed eLearning technical operations and projects, including the administration and front-end
support for Blackboard Learn, Adobe Connect, Camtasia Relay, SoftChalk, Sharestream and
others, including supervising upgrades, associated communications, and Tier IV support.
• Spoke regionally and nationally on the use of innovative learning models, including at Educause,
WCET, Quality Matters, Innovations, and Learning with MOOCs at MIT.
• Managed QM process for course submission and faculty professional development; QM
Coordinator for Tri-C; member of the Ohio QM Consortium Executive Committee.
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• Led the creation of a gamified online version of the First Year Experience course, a new
eLearning Orientation, and the creation of a “Student Survival Site” for learner support.
• Served as member of multiple college-wide committees including the Emerging Teaching and
Learning Innovations Committee, the Technology Governance Committee, the Distance Learning
Committee, the Technology Forum Steering Committee and others.
• Systematically crafted operational processes that are purposefully transparent, accessible, and
efficient by simplifying methods for internal team collaboration.

Manager of Next Generation Learning 2012 – 2013

• Advocated, proposed, implemented and managed innovative programs utilizing new learning
models for systemic positive impact on student success.
• Led project teams relating to new and emerging innovative uses of technology for student
success, including Tri-C’s first MOOC (Massively Open Online Course) through a Gates
Foundation grant, as well as the Social Media Technology Grant activities.
• Initiated new projects for college-wide adoption to improve student outcomes, including the
Gaming Incubation Group for Tri-C to support edugaming projects.
• Planned and implemented college-wide celebration of National Distance Learning Week, with
professional development for faculty and staff in addition to student activities.
• Devised and managed the eLearning and Innovation (eLi) social media outreach and preparation
for social learning, including the eLi blog, (

Senior Instructional Designer, Office of eLearning and Innovation 2009 – 2012

• Designed courses to train college faculty in quality instructional design for online environments
in a tiered training environment for fulfillment of a Title III grant. Designed face-to-face
workshops. Created Train-the-Trainer materials, Facilitator Guides, and Learner Guides.
• Project managed and designed a Math Sample course for a hybrid course, using an Open
eTextbook; faculty involved received the Ohio Board of Regents 2011 Faculty Innovator Award.
• Designed and developed Dean’s Training to illustrate quality online learning environments.
• Collaboratively designed a new course template with streamlined course navigation, integrating
student resources; it won Innovation of the Year 2010 from the League for Innovation.
Presented this template at the Quality Matters 2012 conference.
• Created the Instructional Design Toolkit, a Sloane-C Best Practice, with Creative Commons
licensing to provide easily accessible tools for faculty on instructional design.
• Participated in multiple Title III committees, including Teaching for Online Learning, Master
(Sample) Course (co-chair), eLearning Orientation, and Quality and Course Design.
• Supported the college-wide transition of online courses from Blackboard 8 to 9.1.
• Drove awareness and adoption of Open Educational Resources (OER) through faculty training.
• Served as a statewide trainer for the face-to-face Applying the Quality Matters (APPQMR) Rubric
Training; certified face-to-face and online APPQMR trainer.

WVIZ/PBS ideastream® 2007 – 2009

Online Learning Coordinator
• Led online professional development program for K-12 teachers with over 1,200 in-service
teachers engaged annually.
• Managed a team of 16 online facilitators, including monitoring progress and consistency in all
online courses through WVIZ/PBS, implementing facilitator standards & performance
• Managed designer/developers for all new courses developed in Moodle for in-service teachers.
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• As revenue-generating division of a non-profit, managed annual department budget of

$400,000, including grant management and facilitator compensation models.
• Created partnerships with organizations across Ohio for program expansion, including Logan
County Educational Service Center (ESC), Lucas County ESC, Stark-Portage Area Computer
Consortium, Tri-County ESC, and Trumbull County ESC.
• Coordinated graduate credit for online courses with embedded university partners Ashland
University and Cleveland State University. Expanded university partnerships to include Notre
Dame College and The University of Akron.
• Designed and developed new online courses in Moodle; facilitated pilot versions.
• Wrote, received, and reported on grants for innovative project support through PBS TeacherLine
via the U.S. DOE more than doubling the grant award over three years.

Actors’ Summit Theater

Director of Development and Education 2006 – 2007
• Wrote grants, and received funding from foundations including: The Ohio Arts Council, The
Margaret Clark Morgan Foundation, The Musson Foundation and The Ritchie Memorial
Foundation; expanded foundation funding base to include new grantors and those who had not
funded the theater in five years or more, including The GAR Foundation, The Akron Community
Foundation, The Murdough Foundation, and The OMNOVA Solutions Foundation.
• Designed arts-integration, standards-based curriculum guides for teachers.


Forsyth Technical Community College

Consultant – Systemic eLearning Design Improvement 2015 – 2016
• Creating a systemic instructional design and development quality process, including:
• A framework for quality assurance in multiple domains associated with online and
blended/hybrid course design and delivery, as well as program support services, faculty
development, and integrated student engagement; provides recommendations for categorical
training needs for faculty professional development,
• An assessment of instructional practice based on the framework grounded in research-based
best practices; recommends strategies for implementing reflective-based practices, and
• A keynote speaking engagement and professional development workshops.

Parker® 2012 – 2012

Consultant – Systemic eLearning Conversion, Design & Development
• Consultant for eLearning process conversion for a major Fortune 500 company whose business
is engineered products with industrial, hydraulic, and aerospace applications.
• Created internal design and development processes to make Parker independently capable of
converting content and migrating it into Moodle 2.2, including design organization templates.
• Crafted customized course template for consistency, ease-of-use for learners, and unified
learner messaging for participants; created a built-in process for continuing improvement.
• Advised on development tools and build-out of eLearning with future expansion in mind for
modalities including mobile learning and world-wide implementation with Subject Matter
Experts from multiple countries.
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Quality Matters® 2011 – 2012

Consultant - Instructional Designer and Developer
• Designed and developed Moodle courses focusing on quality instructional design principles for
professional development of higher education faculty, including: Creating a Foundation with
Learning Objectives (Standard 2), Connecting Learning Objectives and Assessments (Standards 2
& 3), Link Instructional Materials and Learner Engagement (Standards 4 & 5).
• Implemented a wide range of technologies for the creation of learning objects.
• Assisted in the redesign and redevelopment of the Applying the Quality Matters Rubric
(APPQMR) – QM’s flagship training course.

Bedford City School District 2011 – 2011

Consultant - Instructional Designer for Professional Development
• Designed and developed an online faculty training workshop for K-12 in-service teachers in
Moodle focusing on crafting quality courses through instructional design for K-12 students.
• Showcased a variety of eLearning authoring tools, including avatars, Prezis, embedded
Slideshare presentations, wikis, and other multimedia tools.
• Coordinated granting of graduate credit for licensure renewal through Ashland University.


Kent State University

Adjunct Faculty 2014 – present
• Teaches “The Guide to Everything eLearning for the Higher Education Administrator,” a 3 credit
online course offered through the Higher Education Administration graduate program.
• Modules included The History of Distance Learning, Instructional Design & Development, New
Learning Models (Next Generation Learning,) eLearning Infrastructure and Architecture, Online
Programs, eStudent Services and Leadership in eLearning Environments.
• All learners created an ePortfolio and individual presentations in diverse technologies to
demonstrate their competencies:

Quality Matters®
Online Instructor/Facilitator 2011 – 2012
• Facilitated online professional development workshops for faculty nationwide on instructional
design using the Quality Matters rubric and process including Applying the Quality Matters
Rubric Workshop both online and at institutions throughout Ohio.
• Online professional development workshops facilitated include: Creating a Foundation with
Learning Objectives (Standard 2), Connecting Learning Objectives and Assessments (Standards 2
& 3), Link Instructional Materials and Learner Engagement (Standards 4 & 5).

WVIZ/PBS ideastream®
Facilitator for Pilot Courses as Online Learning Coordinator 2007 – 2009
• Designed, developed, and facilitated pilot online courses in Moodle, including online book
groups for Lies My Teacher Told Me by James Loewen, Boys Adrift by Leonard Sax, Odd Girl Out
by Rachel Simmons, Powerful Times by Eamonn Kelly, and Why Gender Matters by Leonard Sax.
• Audience was in-service K-12 teachers obtaining graduate credit for courses through Ashland
University, Cleveland State University, Notre Dame University and the University of Akron.
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Cleveland Municipal School District & The International Preparatory School

Mentor Teacher, Teacher 2002 – 2005
• Successfully mentored two fellow teachers through their Praxis III assessments to obtain their
five-year professional teaching licenses.
• Created project-based arts integration activities for students school-wide.
• Developed and taught daily lessons for over 400 students.


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A l e x a n d e r a ( S a s h a ) T h a c k a b e r r y P a g e | 10

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• Executive Committee, WCET

• National Council for Online Education Advisory Board Member, UPCEA
• Innovation Committee, UPCEA
• 7 Things Advisory Committee, EDUCAUSE
• Editorial Board, Internet Learning Journal
• Reviewer, Journal of Competency-Based Education
• Peer Reviewer, International Review of Research in Open and Distance Learning
• Former Executive Board Member, IMS Global, Digital Credentials and Badges
• Former Executive Committee Board Member, Ohio Quality Matters Consortium
• Former Steering Committee Member Member, The Literacy Cooperative
• 2014 Open MOOC Award of Excellence (ACE) for the Pre-Algebra MOOC from the Open
Courseware Consortium (member of awarded team)
• Emerging Leadership Cohort of the Mandel Leadership Institute, 2012
• Innovation of the Year Award 2010 through the League of Innovation
• QM Coordinator; Certified Quality Matters Face-to-Face and Online Applying the QM Rubric
Trainer; Certified Quality Matters Peer Reviewer
• Volunteer Talent for Pledge Drives for WVIZ/PBS ideastream®