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I hope that you are capable of setting aside two hours of your time to watch a video entitled "Joel's Army." If not, then I will use this mentoring letter to inform you of a movement that has the potential of being so dangerous, that the Jim Jones Christian massacre in Guyana in the '70's could pale by comparison. In fact, Your very life depends upon understanding and evading becoming a part of the great falling away that is actually happening right now! You are

certainly in danger if you are comfortable with terms like "the army of the Lord," "taking back what Satan has stolen," "the locust army," frontline warriors, spiritual bootcamp, military Christianity, "the violent take it by force," "green berets" and the like. Jim Jones only involved a couple of thousand. By comparison, each leader of the "Joel's Army Movement" are mega preachers, some of whom not only pastor congregations of 25,000 people or more, but also influence the lives of millions of people who faithfully watch Christian television. So their influence and power is staggering. You also need to know that religious demons have been recruiting Christians to join this movement for decades. When I watched the video, I was stunned. In just a few minutes into it, I realized that the enemy had set me up to become "one of them" with the first false prophecy that I received on January 8, 1983. I have shared about this before. AS OF 1/30


To repeat here, a 9 year old child prophesied these words to me in my living room. For 25 years, I believed this was God. Time proved that it came from the devil. As an aside, children are being recruited into Joel's Army to prophesy today. Leandra was a precocious child who also spoke in tongues. Today, she is a engineer, who has no interest in religion. She does not remember the day she uttered this prophecy to me and my 14 year old daughter, at that time. She does not know or even care that a devil used her to tell me a lie that I believed in and named my ministry after---for almost 3 decades! Not necessary for her to know. I am the cause of her receiving the counterfeit supernatural manifestation of tongues which opened her to this particular spiritual charade that she spoke forth as if a prophecy from God: "The WATERS of heaven shall flow down upon the house of the minister and the minister's daughter. These waters shall HEAL the city. Great miracles shall flow from this house.." (Leandra, Saturday 1/8/03)




Do I believe in miracles? I believe that both God and the devil manifest miracles. For it is a miracle of God that I did not become one of "Joel's Army's New Breed" because I was recruited decades before I had even heard of them . Having

had a strong taste of the devil's power while I was a psychic medium in the early 70's, my lust for the supernatural actually laid the foundation for my attraction to the Charismatic movement. My innate desire for greatness and for being a powerful, superhuman being should have propelled me to the forefront of the "Joel's Army" madness. It is a miracle that it did not happen and I simply went "another way." That way was repentance through the cross. Proud Pam died and Christ has lived out His life in me. So I am convinced that Satan has been preparing me to become a part of "the New Breed." The New Breed is believed to be ―an elite group of Christians endowed with supernatural power that will enlist them to be part of the army of ―dread warriors‖ that God is supposed to be raising up in our generation. According to one of the early proponents of this false teaching, John Wimber claimed that this is a type of ―Joel’s Army‖ who will overcome all opposition to the gospel and eventually subdue the nations. This false doctrine is a part of what is known as ―dominion theology." Dominionism teaches that an elite army of ―overcomers‖ will either destroy or subdue all the enemies of Christ until they eventually gain power and authority throughout the world. The government of the nations will be upon their shoulders and when all the secular authorities, governments, princes and kings have finally submitted to them, Christ will return and they will present the kingdom to Him. (Prophecy Today, Vol. 7, No. 1, England) The "recruitment plan" was cleverly set for me to be a part of "Joel's Army." First of all, I never ONCE considered that Leandra's prophecy was not from God, and so I named my ministry, "Healing Waters." Then, 25 years later, I find out that "healing waters" is a an expression identified with the ascended master, Maitreya. The being that is now called "Maitreya" is certainly a fallen angel, whether he be the Anti-Christ or not. I quickly changed my ministerial name from "healing waters" to my own, I lost my high ranking on the search engines, but that is okay. I need to remain "under the radar" for awhile, until the time is right. Then, about 15 years ago, in a dream, I was called "a frontline warrior" by "a general." I was wearing a damaged, ripped, war torn military uniform as I walked through a crowd of soldiers dressed in military white, smiling and conversing in the


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sunlight. As they saw me walking slowly forward, they stepped aside and made room for me to go to the front and speak with "the General" The General asked me "Where have you been?" I said, "I've been raped." He put his hand on my forehead and said "you are a frontline warrior." Suddenly, my tattered garment was changed, and I stood there, decked out in a green beret military outfit. It was the first time that I had ever heard the term "frontline warrior." Since I have laid every supernatural experience that I have had before the Holy Ghost for trial and testing, this particular dream has been one that remained in question. This was one that I really had believed came from God because I viewed it from a spiritual warfare perspective. I am one of the few who will go toe to toe with demons. There have been times that intercession felt like "spiritual rape." Yet when God revealed the fallacy of the Healing Waters prophecy a few years ago, He also informed me that I was called into deliverance ministry by the devil. I have not fully understood why the devil would call me into this ministry.. After watching the video, I now understand why. The "New Breed" is convinced that they are going to defeat the devil because "they are superhuman beings." Most of these foolish people have never even been in a battle with a demon as I have been. Once I discovered that demons MUST flee once their captive receives the truth, I no longer practice the dictates of deliverance ministry. Now, speaking of the General in my dream. I thought the General was Jesus Christ. Looking back, that dream and others drew me to reading and embracing Rick Joyner's books, ie. "the Final Quest," He is the next person that I heard use the military terms like, spiritual warfare, army of the Lord, green berets etc. When Joyner came to my community, he was NOT yet well known. In fact, I was one of about a hundred people in attendance at one of his meetings held in a hotel dining hall. Since Joyner had made extremely positive statements in his books about how God intends to use African American women, I engaged him in a conversation and handed him a copy of my first book. The look he gave me was haughty and supercilious. I was not surprised when I never heard from him. As I watched this video, I realized that the General was not the Lord. All of the present day, self proclaimed apostles and prophets cal themselves "Generals." Rick Joyner was the most influential of the Generals that I came face to face with it. The next key "General" that attracted me was Peter Wagner. Through his wife Doris, I became connected to

the Wagners in a deliverance ministry called the International Society of Deliverance Ministers. (ISDM). As time passed, I realized that the ISDM was simply a marketing tool for their inner circle to sell their books, I stopped attending the annual conferences, nor sending in the membership fees. They had one token black among them and there was no room for another. I GOT the message! Her name is Kimberly Daniels, an author of more than one book, a former track star and one of the leaders within the Apostolic Movement. Thank God they already had their "token." My point is this. I was certainly on the wrong track. For If either of these "generals" ---Joyner or Wagner--- had decided to wholeheartedly embrace my ministry, only the Lord knows whether or not I would have become indoctrinated by their teachings. Thank God, they did ignored me. Combined with the healing waters miracles prophecy and the occult powers that I was STILL operating in, I certainly fit the bill to be one of "new breed," "manifest sons of God." So it is absolutely the miraculous hand of God that caused me to reject this movement and its leaders. After a few years, I realized that Rick Joyner was a false prophet and I threw away his books. I AM SORRY THAT I THREW THEM AWAY! You see, the devil told the truth to Joyner and then mocked him. FOR DEMONS ARE REALLY RIDING ON THE BACKS OF CHRISTIANS. Ironically though, the ones who are being ridden upon are "the new breed of Joel's so-called army! THEIR TARGET IS "OTHER CHRISTIANS" WHO DO NOT BELIEVE AS THEY DO. FALLEN ANGELS ARE MOCKING RICK JOYNER BECAUSE A DEMON IS ALSO RIDING ON HIS BACK, PROPHESYING THAT CHRISTIANS SHOULD SLAY OTHER CHRISTIANS. This is the fulfillment of the prophecy of the Lord where Jesus warned that "brother would be against brother." DEMONS ARE RIDING AND SHALL RIDE ON THE BACKS OF PROFESSING CHRISTIANS in a spiritual civil war within the church. I interpreted my dream to be that the Lord was saying that I am a spiritual warrior because I am called to cast out devils. No, the dream was given so that I would be drawn into this false doctrine about Joel's army, the locusts, etc. I heard Joyner himself say that these are not only spiritual warriors but natural ones as well. PEOPLE SUFFERING FROM NARCISSISTIC PERSONALITY DISORDER, BORDERLINES AND OTHER

MENTAL HEALTH DISORDERS are listening to Joyner, Jakes and all the rest of them and soon, someone is going to get maimed or even killed. They have drawn children into this so we can look for more Columbine incidents. No doubt in mind, this Joel's army thing is headed for sheer disaster. The govt. is going to pay attention to this sort of thing and ALL Christians are going to be targeted because of the language that they use in their messages. People are not understanding that they are not a superman race of people who are going to take the kingdoms of this world for the Lord. This is why I am very skeptical of people who call themselves "bible believing." They have taken a chapter from Joel and a chapter from Revelation and misapplied it. They have completely overlooked the obvious---as the locusts are NOT a godly army. These folk are NOT going to take back the land for God, nor will they devour all things of the earth. They are going to BE devoured, if not by the government, then by all of the plagues that are going to befall them. They are going to become demon possessed and no one will be able to deliver them! Read and harken to the words of others about this Joel's Army madness:

―The pitch and intensity of the military rhetoric of this branch of the global Dominionist movement has substantially increased since the beginning of 2008: One can only wonder how long before this transforms into real warfare with actual warriors.‖ (Discernment Research Group/Religion News blog) Joel’s Army believers are hard-core Christian dominionists, meaning they believe that America, along with the rest of the world, should be governed by conservative Christians and a conservative Christian interpretation of biblical law. There is no room in their doctrine for democracy. As I watched the video, I FULLY understood why I have been led NOT to align myself with any particular Christian group. They are going to spiritually and perhaps literally "gun each other down" when they disagree. I choose to remain below the Christian radar while the "shoot out" occurs!.

To get a better understanding of what dominon theology is all

about, here are some quotes from " The Generals. You can see these men actually speaking forth these heresies in the video. TD Jakes was absolutely shocking in his message about the locusts. I don't know if he realizes what he is doing! It will be interesting to see if the other mainline mega preachers are going to "go with the flow" of this demonic tide, ie. Joyce Meyer, Creflo Dollar, Eddie Long, Juanita Bynum, Fred Price, and the rest of the tongue talking, prosperity preaching segment of the charismatic community. So read the wordsof the "Generals" of this madness: Rick Joyner has written:…

''In the near future the church will not be looking back at the first century church with envy because of the great exploits of those days, but all will be saying that He certainly did save His best wine for last. The most glorious times in all of history have now come upon us. You who have dreamed of one day being able to talk with Peter, John and Paul are going to be surprised to find that they have all been waiting to talk to you! You have been chosen to see the harvest, the fruit of the seed that they were planting.'' [1]. ―As the church begins to take on this resolve, they [Joel's Army churches] will start to be thought of more as military bases, and they will begin to take on the characteristics of military bases for training, equipping, and deploying effective spiritual forces; In time, the church will actually be organized more as a military force with an army, navy, air force, etc.‖ (Rick Joyner ―The Warrior Nation — The New Sound of the Church‖) The blues and the grays in the church are likened to the American Civil war: ―In dreams and visions blue often represents heavenlymindedness – the sky is blue – and gray speaks of those who live by the power of their own minds – the brain is often called gray matter – This will be a conflict between those who may be genuine Christians, but who live mostly according to their natural minds and human wisdom, and those who follow the Holy Spirit. ..I do not believe that this [prophecy] can now be stopped, or that the Lord wants it stopped.‖ (Rick Joyner Morningstar Prophetic Bulletin, 5/96 - Let us Reason) Peter Wagner has written:

―I myself feel that God may be calling, equipping, and enabling a relatively small number of Christian leaders to move out in frontline, strategic-level spiritual warfare. And I also believe He is raising up large numbers of Christians to back up these people with moral support, intercession, encouragement, and material resources. God, I think, is in the process of choosing an expanding corps of spiritual green berets ..who will engage in the crucial high-level battles against the rulers of darkness…The cultural mandate, which some refer to as Christian social responsibility goes as far back as the Garden of Eden. After God created Adam and Eve, He said to them: ―Be fruitful and multiply; fill the earth and subdue it; have dominion over the fish of the sea, over the birds of the air, and over every living thing… Both the cultural mandate and the evangelistic mandate are essential parts of biblical mission, in my opinion. Neither is optional‖- (C. Peter Wagner – Quotes & Notes) Lou Engle has written:

“I believe we’re headed to an Elijah/Jezebel showdown on the Earth, not just in America but all over the globe, and the main warriors will be the prophets of Baal versus the prophets of God, and there will be no middle ground,‖ ….―There’s an Elijah generation that’s going to be the forerunners for the coming of Jesus, a generation marked not by their niceness but by the intensity of their passion,‖ …‖The kingdom of heaven suffers violence and the violent take it by force. Such force demands an equal response, and Jesus is going to make war on everything that hinders love, with his eyes blazing fire.‖ (Joel’s Army and The Call) Todd Bentley has written:

―An end-time army has one common purpose — to aggressively take ground for the kingdom of God under the authority of Jesus Christ, the Dread Champion,” … ―The trumpet is sounding, calling on-fire, revolutionary believers to enlist in Joel’s Army. … Many are now ready to be mobilized to establish and advance God’s kingdom on earth.” (Todd Bentley)

The scary part is that the Generals are targeting those under 40. ―Everyone born after abortion’s legalization can consider their

birth a personal invitation to take part in this great army,‖ (John Crowder from his book, The New Mystics: How to Become Part of the Supernatural Generation. [*a literal how-to guide for joining Joel's Army]) We have individual salvation – but in the nation we have corporate salvation…God’s people are going to start to exercise rule and they’re going to take dominion over the power of Satan. As the rod of his strength goes out of Zion, he will change legislation, he will chase the devil off the face of God’s earth and God’s people will bring about God’s purposes and God’s reign. (MacPherson ―Can The Elect Be Deceived‖ 1986) Stay informed. Stay safe, people!




Other authors on the web have persevered to study this movement more than I have so their works are being featured this week. Excerpt from "Dominion Theology... The Stench And Foul Smell Of Joel’s Army" By Carol Brooks We have the potential for millions of so called believers to turn on their fellows in what has been described as a ―Civil War‖. Under the delusion that they are God’s end time army and an instrument of His judgment, they believe the ―slaughter‖ will begin in the temple with the elders… the leaders of His people, and then to the church at large. This ―impending civil war‖ will be over the institution of slavery, which as been defined as ―any organization including denominations or movements, that are holding their people in spiritual bondage‖. In other words any Christian who does not bow to this foolish doctrine is

considered to be in spiritual bondage and a cancer that has to be removed. [See more about this Civil War in Section 8]. This is likely to be no less than a fulfillment of Jesus’ prophecy when He spoke of a tremendous persecution for Christians in Matthew 10: 21-22 and John 16:1-3. The most chilling of Jesus’ words are ―but an hour is coming for everyone who kills you to think that he is offering service to God.‖ It is easy to see how the ―Manifest Sons of God‖ or ―Joel’s Army‖ could bring about the fulfillment of this end time Biblical prophecy of internal strife, betrayal and bloodshed in the church.. However if they have thought about it at all, there is one point that seemingly has not occurred to them, and that is when Jesus made the predictions He did, He was speaking to true Christian believers, telling them that they would be killed by those that “have not known the Father or Me”.

The Warning Make no mistake.. I am sure that there are sincere believers who have become involved in the Dominionist movement, perhaps because they are unaware of or deceived about some of the teachings, the subterfuge involved and the extent to which some of the leaders are willing to go... But God has commanded us to examine all teachings by the light of His Word, holding on only to those that are good and discarding those that do not stand when held up to the light. But examine everything carefully; hold fast to that which is good; [1Thessalonians 5:21] If you really believe in a long period of peace and prosperity that precedes the return of Christ I suggest you seriously rethink your views. The dangers in believing that the millennium will precede the coming of Christ lies in the fact that, although it is true that there is going to be a time of relative prosperity and peace on this earth before Jesus returns, it will not be righteous Godly kingdom, but one established by the antichrist. Rick Joyner said a mouthful when he wrote…

The beast is the embodiment of religion that originates in the mind of man. It comes up out of the earth in contrast to Christ who comes down out of heaven." [10] And Many who feel called to attack and tear down the old institutions and denominations will not be sent from God. There will be ―stumbling blocks‖ circulating in the church who will cause confusion and some destruction from time to time. They will perceive themselves as prophets sent to judge and deliver, but they will in fact be sent by the evil one to divide and destroy. [11] He got that right. This entire Dominion scenario certainly originated in the mind of men and though they perceive themselves as prophets, they are sent by none other than the evil one.

The New Age’s Accurate Description of the Church I have said it before and I will say it again.. While the New Agers are so wrong about so much, I often wonder why it is that they often seem to have their finger on the spiritual pulse of this world far more than we have. Perhaps it is because they are faithful to the demons/spirits that communicate with them and we have ignored the God who has communicated with us. In Externalization Of The Hierarchy, New Age Theosophist Alice Bailey perfectly describes the situation in so much of the church today with a twist that I whole heartedly believe. She said.. [Emphasis Added] "What the orthodox theologian and the narrow doctrinaire have to offer no longer satisfies the intelligent seeker or suffices to answer his questions. He is shifting his allegiances into wider and more spiritual areas. He is moving out from under doctrinal authority and to direct personal, spiritual experience and coming under the direct authority which contact with Christ and His disciples, the masters, gives" (Externalization Of The Hierarchy). The twist is that her Christ has nothing to do with Jesus of the Bible, and the masters she talks about are no more than fallen angels.. or demons. If you do not know anything about Alice

Bailey and the Lucis trust she founded, or the ascended masters that much of the world gives allegiance to.. I strongly suggest you read… Note: I devoted an entire book to this subject called "The Fake Jesus: Fallen Angels Among Us. You can obtain it at /bookstore





Demons will come in prophecies, visions and dreams and actually tell you what appears to be the truth about the future . Their intent is to use YOU to make "their" truth come to pass. Using myself as a concrete example, it was true that a group of Christians already existed that called themselves "frontline warriors." Once I heard the same term from my dream in the mouths of well known, renowned Christian leaders like that Rick Joyner and Peter Wagner, the enemy's expectation was that I would automatically assume that "this MUST BE God!" Then the religious demon assigned to me planned to use me in a self-fulfilling prophecy. Taken a step further, this is the same trick that the religious demon assigned to Rick Joyner employed. Joyner was shown a vision of demons riding on the backs of Christians, fighting other Christians in a civil war that would be acted out among the churches. Then the demon used Joyner himself to "make it happen," as it is Joyner's back that the demon rode to pave the way for the rise of the Joel's Army movement. The building blocks in every demonic scenario are intricate and inter-connected. For example, the speaking in tongues laid the foundation for it all. It began on 1/1/1901 when the first Pentecostal spoke in tongues. Then it spread to the counterfeit revival called "Azusa Street." For more than a century, tongues has been the dividing line between the weak and ineffectual and the exciting and charismatic. If you speak in tongues, then you are IN and you are IT. A "NEW BREED!" You are trained to believe that you are more powerful than Christians who do NOT speak in tongues. This was the beginning of this entire fiasco. Coupled with the lukewarmness of the traditional, denominational churches, the enemy took advantage of yet another building block.


The perverse need of dissatisfied Christian seekers propelled a lust among them for signs and wonders. Healing ministries added to the agenda of raising people's appetites for the supernatural. The prosperity gospel provided Joel's Army with the masses of followers and the financial power needed to market their false doctrines and practices on a global scale. The ambition and desire for power of "the Generals" opened them up to be conduits of "doctrines of devils" and to spread them by the sheer power of their dynamic flesh, that masquerades as God's anointing. The ultimate goal? To use professing Christians to destroy other Christians, for as Jesus declared, "a divided kingdom cannot stand." IT IS A GRAND SATANIC MOCKERY! So how did I defeat Satan's personal agenda against me? First, I reclaimed my commonsense and learned how to try the spirits. Throughout, I stayed at the cross of Calvary! I resisted personal pride by allowing the Holy Ghost to break me. Therefore, I lost all ambition to be anyone special. It just LEFT!!! Nothing IN me desires to be a part of Joel's army as I have been stripped of personal ambition. I no longer seek the help of mega preachers to mentor or embrace my ministry. In fact, I no longer have "a ministry." I no longer stand behind any pulpits nor do I answer to any man's authority. Even though man has ordained me, I no longer submit myself to the approval of men. I will not be called, "pastor" any longer, or "Rev" any longer. When people call me by those titles, with tact, I correct them. I have ONE General. Jesus Christ of Nazareth. I walk by faith and not by supernatural signs and wonders. One of my practices is to quickly admit when I am wrong. I not only acknowledge my error without rancor,, but I also make immediate changes. When God said to me, " If you stay in that denomination, I will not be able to use you. But let them put you out." I did just that and in 9 months, I was "outta there!" When I found error in one of my 6 books, I tried to immediately take it off of the market. When that failed, I no longer market it. When the Lord revealed that the enemy had taken over my congregation, I shut down a church that I loved that I had founded 12 years previously. Whatever God shows me, I DO once I have tried the spirits and I am assured that it is HIM.


As a result, God has been impressed with my meekness and my obedience. Realizing how truly powerless I actually am, I am constantly shocked when the Lord honors my prayers. As I write this, I perceive that I have entered into the secret place of the Most High and that I abide in His shadow. I stay in His shadow, because I know full well that the devil is exceedingly more powerful than PAM. I realize that "this is the enemy's hour," given to Him by God Himself. So I understand my boundaries. I don't fret, fear, nor am I sad, nor do I say things, like, "Oh, my heart hurts so bad for God's people." I just keep ready and alert when I perceive that ONE of God's people has been prepared to be "un-deceived."

Therefore, the Lord's burden is light to me. I no longer struggle with demons. Not even for 5 minutes once I have uncovered their presence! I give the command and the Holy Ghost backs me up. Since I have humbled myself and perceived that in truth, I am nothing where the power of the enemy is concerned, demons cannot stand before me with the name of Jesus Christ of Nazareth in my mouth, once I uncover them with the help of the Holy Ghost. Joel's Army folk haven't a clue how to contend with fallen angels and demons. When they come against demons, they will be mauled, at best. That's how I did it. IF YOU RESIST THE DEVIL WITH THE TRUTH, HE WILL FLEE FROM YOU! PRAISE THE HOLY NAME OF JESUS CHRIST OF NAZARETH!

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