Summary of Learning Outcomes To achieve a pass learners must demonstrate the ability to deal with each of the following outcomes and present these in report form – scripts will be checked against each of these: 1. Investigate the concept and process of marketing 2. Explore the concepts of segmentation, targeting and positioning 3. Identify and analyse the individual elements of the extended marketing mix 4. Apply the extended marketing mix to different marketing segments and contexts.


Hilton hotel group is a market leader in the hospitality sector. A world led by Conrad Hilton. The group has over 3,000 hotels all over the world and over 500,000 rooms in 80 countries and territories. The family of hotels include highly regarded and known brands that adhere to the highest standards of quality. The Hilton family of hotels adheres to founder Conrad Hilton philosophy - it has been and continues to be our responsibility to fill the earth with light and warmth of hospitality. The group says - this is our inspiration for our over arching message of kindness and generosity- Simply stated as hospitable. The Hilton family employs over 135,000 team members globally. Since 1919, the founder opened his first hotel in Cisco, Texas the hotel group have been an innovative and dynamic company. The hotel brands include Hilton Conrad hotels and resorts, double tree by Hilton, Hampton inn by Hilton, Hilton garden inn, Hilton Grand vacations, Home woods suites by Hilton and Waldorf Astoria collection. The Hilton family of hotels is focused on managing the business operations in a way that benefits the environment, services to the community and enhancing the guest experience. (From: HILTON hotels website -homepage)

Tasks For the purpose of this assignment, you are the manager in charge of the hotel group team of Corporate marketing Coordinators. Task 1 – Concept and Process of Marketing (LO1)
1a). Compare two definitions of marketing and in your opinion which of the definitions reflects the focus of the Marketing activity of the hotel group. Give reason for your answer. 1b). What are the main features of a marketing oriented organisation and in your opinion does the hotel marketing activities exhibit these features? Use relevant examples to support your answer.

3e). State how the hotels’ pricing strategy can be made to reflect its corporate objectives and market conditions. Identify and explain the macro and micro environmental factors which influence marketing decisions and discuss the extent to which these factors impact on the hotels’ marketing decisions. Explain how the hotel group through its distribution system can ensure customer convenience. Outline the factors which influence the hotels’ choice of targeting strategy. Task 4 . Use the activities of the hotel group to support your answer.Concepts of Segmentation. In what way can the marketing of the hotels’ products and services to organisations differ from marketing to consumers? 4c). 3b). Different Marketing Segments and Contexts (LO4) 4a). Critically analyse the importance of the additional elements of the extended marketing mix to the hotels’ corporate objectives. 3d). Explain the important elements of the marketing concept.) Describe how the hotel group through its products development maintains its competitive advantage. Task 3 – The Extended Marketing Mix (LO3) 3a. Task 2 . 2d). Explain and provide the rationale for the difference in international marketing and domestic marketing. Suggest the segmentation criteria that the hotel group can use for two products in different markets. 3c). 2c). Marking and Grading: ● Pass Assessment Criteria To achieve PASS grade the student must meet all the learning outcomes mentioned below: . Your responses should be in the form of a report to management.1c). You are required to attempt the entire task. Identify and assess the benefits and costs of a marketing approach applicable to the hotel group. Demonstrate how buyer behaviour affects the marketing activities of the hotel in two different buying situations. Illustrate how the hotels’ promotional activities are integrated to achieve the corporate marketing objectives. 4b). Suggest the marketing mixes for two different segments suitable for the hotels’ consumer markets. Targeting and Positioning (LO2) 2a). 1d).The Marketing Mix. 2b). Demonstrate the significance of these elements to the hotel operations.

(M2) ● Range of sources of information / data are used in making the formal report. Relevant theories have been applied to examine the main areas specified in the assignment. (M3) . (M1) ● Identify and apply strategies for appropriate solutions. Information / data used are synthesized and justified.● Merit Assessment Criteria ● As for a pass but with more detailed and analytical responses.

(D3) . ● The presentation and style of the report is of a high standard. and the content of the assignment has been selected with consistent success and showing a high degree of analysis. ● Familiar and unfamiliar contexts have been used. and demonstrates fluent use and understanding of the technical language. (D2) ● All tasks have been completed to a very high standard. ● Conclusions and recommendations justified.● Distinction Assessment Criteria ● Contents are presented in logical and accurate manner. (D1) ● The main areas specified in the assignment have been critically analysed in terms of theory and practical application.

750 – 800 words for each task or 3500 (+/. bullets and numbering ● Consistency in top. and Times New Roman ● Line spacing 1.10%) words Excellent Formatting: ● Preferred writing styles Arial. Font Size 12 ● Consistency in Heading Scheme. please refer to your student course handbook available on Live Campus.Submission Guidelines: Your submission should be in a report format. right margins ● Alphabetical Harvard referencing and bibliography Report Structure ● Cover ● Title Page ● Contents page.5. ● References (including weblioreferencing) ● Bibliography (including webliography) ● Appendices *For Late Submission policy. bottom and left. ● Acknowledgement (optional) ● Abstract/Executive Summary ● Main Body (Tasks) ● Conclusion. Verdana. .

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