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Funk Gumbo Radio is greatly honored that the highly talented Yinka Oyewole of the Nigerian/Scottish/Essex/London Rock-Grunge Soul group Sabatta did Part 1 of our Funk Gumbo 5 Questions. Sabattas new self-titled album Sabatta is on sale at:

BIO: An enigma, an anomaly, an exception to the rule, Yinka Oyewole exists as much in spite of the world
as a part of it and the same could be said of his band SABATTA. Born in Romford, Essex, UK of Nigerian parentage, educated in the North of Scotland and resident in South London, Yinkas life has been nothing if not eventful! Originally having dreamt of being a fine artist Yinka switched to music early because he felt he could reach more people than putting work in a gallery. Musically Yinka was exposed to so many forms of music: rock, hip-hop, hi-life, Afrobeat but the guitar is what possessed and moved him from the start and inspired him to form Sabatta. Sabatta might be described by some as an alternative rock band but its more a blend of grooves, beats, guitar and lyrics. Formed around 2006 Sabatta has released two critically acclaimed albums Princess Raw and Emperors New Clothes. Having played in the UK, France and the USA as well as England and having shared bills with artists including Peter Doherty, Slaves to Gravity, Saul Williams, Zoe Kravitz, and Janelle Monae, Sabattas affair with the disparate and diverse has continued unabated. The cultural make up of the group has always been diverse the line-up for the last two years being English drummer, Brazilian bassist and British-Nigerian singer/guitarist now joined by Hungarian virtuoso Zoltan Toth on bass that tradition not only continues but is ready to music SABATTA is seemingly on the verge! With the new album Sex Power Death, Yinka moves his musical unit into new territory not so much expanding the sound with extra instrumentation (on the first two albums there were already keys and strings and percussion) as much as emphatically bringing it to the fore but never losing that sharp Sabatta edge! Yinka: Ive always had a lot of sounds in my head getting them out of there seems to be the smartest thing to do! Ive lived in a few different places, mixed with different types of people, and had many experiences I want to share that. Where I live right now I see worlds collide you go in Elephant & Castle shopping centre or the pub over the road and its like the bar scene from Star Wars literally! I think as a musician or an artist, to not reflect your environment in your work would be dishonest for me at least, so with my new songs I really want to explore that. As a live band SABATTA has always been captivating but expect upcoming live shows to be turned up a notch Yinka: Anyone who comes to see us play will get more than 120%. Everybody wants to perform these days but we feel its a privilege not a right. We want the audience to hear the music theyve downloaded, live but BETTER and with a jaw-dropping performance to go with it. Its hard work but whats really great that isnt? In 2011 expect jaws to drop!
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9-15-2011 - Written By: David L. $Money Train$ Watts & Howard Hobson Funk Gumbo Radio

Funk Gumbo 1: What led your parents to migrate from Nigeria to

the UK? How much of the Nigerian culture are you still connected to?

Sabatta: Well, my father came over to be a student and my mother came over to be a
Nurse (and she and my brothers went to Scotland because it was a Scottish nurse who came over to Nigeria that inspired her). They met and had me and my brothers. In terms of Nigerian culture Well, I have a million cousins many in Nigeria some over in the UK so it's never far away, we have our own food , if you check my videos I wear traditional clothes often - it's something that I am - I mean it's my name.

Funk Gumbo 2: Describe growing up in the UK and Scotland. Were

there any experiences or people that influenced your current musical style?

Sabatta: Well, I would say everything affects you so growing up around the UK
completely affected my music. I heard hi-life and traditional music at home- especially in the kitchen on Sundays - when my Dad would play King Sunny Ade. But being in England I heard a lot of rock, hip-hop, pop, soul, everything basically, in terms of experiences I grew up in Romford Essex - Essex is a very 'in, popular area now, but it wasn't always. But it's quite hectic still - very 'hustle' oriented by had a very low racial mix when I grew up - now it's different. Then in the north of Scotland that was the same and still is, then in South London it's like the total opposite - actually the parts I've been in a called little Nigeria. But also it's kinda of like the bar in Star Wars - everyone's there! So to me it's impossible not to mix up styles - because my upbringing was so mixed up!
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Funk Gumbo 3: Yinka, your bio references a checkered past. What

can you tell us about that period in your life and how did you evolve into the man you are today?

Sabatta: When I say checkered I don't mean I have an extensive criminal past or
anything! LOL! It's just literally I've been in several different situations. I suppose living in south London and actually North London - Tottenham - where I also used to hang out and is where the riots kicked off last month - I have seen a lot of things, that's true. I don't know, I guess it makes me a little more battle hardened, streetwise. I'm currently in NYC. I was walking through Harlem the other night (I'm staying in Brooklyn) and its funny cos I could smell trouble as I approached a block. Later that evening I was told by someone yeah that block is extra 'hood' - you just know after a while cos you're used to it. And then ironically although Brooklyn has a rep - because it's 'my hood' right now - and I've stayed here several times - I'm very comfortable and know the lay of the land. I guess it's just an extra string in my bow.

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FUNK GUMBO 4: When did you decide that you wanted to pursue
music as a career? Tell us about your first musical performance in front of a live audience.

Sabatta: Ha ha - at school! I was about 15/16 - I decided from about 13 - but I played for
my school - everyone came - it was hilarious. I think I even had a groupie! LOL!

Funk Gumbo 5: What led to the formation of Sabatta? Describe the

band's "Grunge Soul!" sound.

Sabatta: Well, it started as a concept in my head. And I guess in a way Grunge Soul too.
Sabatta comes from an old western movie - the lead character of a film. and his theme song is 'If you wanna get money, if you wanna get rich, if you wanna have a good time - you gotta be a son of a bitch!' and I thought that would be the perfect vibe for a balls out rock n roll band. On the other hand grunge soul is the idea of merging rock with R&B - and I mean like from the 60s - when it all started really - that's the sound I'm kinda going for BUT in a modern context. Because I happen to be a LOVER of hip-hop but also HEAVY rock - so I guess it's also kinda like an up to date Funkadelic - but it's also kinda retro because the rock I'm talking about isn't what you hear today either. So in many ways it's a 'Gumbo!' ;-)

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Funk Gumbo Radio Los Angeles, CA 90019 Live Internet Network