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Protocols of physical tests

Press up test: A 10 minute warm up. Find a non-slip surface and a partner or assistant. Lie on the surface, place your hands by your shoulders and straighten the arms. Lower your body until the elbows reach 90 and then extend your arms to return to the start position. You should then continue this press-up action, with no rest, until you are unable to repeat the movement again.

The assistant should count and record the number of correctly completed press-ups. The following should be done to complete the sit and reach test properly:

Sit and Reach test:

Equipment needed: Box Tape Metre Ruler A partner/assistant Warm up for 10 minutes then remove your shoes. Your partner then should secure the ruler to the top of the box using tape so that the front edge of the box lines up with the 23cm mark on the ruler and the zero end of the ruler pointing towards the athlete. You should then sit on the floor, with your legs fully extended with the bottom of your feet against the box. You should then place one hand on top of the other, then slowly bend forward and reach along the top of the ruler as far as you can, holding the stretch for two seconds. Your partner should then record the distance that your fingertips reach. Repeat the test three times. You should then calculate the average and use this value to assess your performance.

Grip Dynamometer test:

You should take your good hand and apply as much grip pressure as possible on the dynamometer. Your partner should record the maximum reading. Repeat 3 times. Take the highest value. This will assess your performance.
10 x 5 Agillity test: Warm up for 10 minute. Mark out a 10 metre straight section on the track with cones and place two wooden blocks at the finish line. Your assistant or partner should give the command GO and start the stopwatch.

Then you should sprint as fast as possible from the starting line to the finish line, pick up a block, return the block to the ground behind the starting line, sprint back to finishing line, pick up the 2nd block and sprint back to the start line. The stopwatch should be stopped when your torso crosses the line on returning the 2nd block and time is recorded.

The test is restarted if the 1st block is dropped rather than placed on the floor or is not placed behind the line. the test is conducted 3 times. The fastest recorded time should be used to assess your performance. Vertical Jump test: Warm up for 10 minutes. Chalk your fingertips. Stand sidewards beside a wall , keep both feet on the ground, reach up as high as possible with one hand and mark the wall with the tips of your finger.

Then from a static position jump as high as you can and mark the wall with the chalk on your fingers Measure and record the distances between your chalkmarks Repeat 3 times Calculate the average. Use the average to assess your performance

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