CHUGIAK MUSTANGS NJROTC SY 2011/2012 CALENDAR 10-Aug-11 Wed Instructor's/Teacher's First Day State Released In-Service

Days Students First Day CHS Open House NJROTC Welcome Aboard Social LABOR DAY HomeComing Game & Dance JROTC Raider Cup Decathlon NJROTC Car Wash State Assigned Testing Days US Navy's 236th Birthday JROTC Cadet Challenge State Released Grade Reporting Day JROTC WACKO Parent Conference Day State Released Grade Reporting Day Harvest Moon Ball US Marine Corps' 236th Birthday Thanksgiving Break JROTC Bowling Competition Shoot Off/Brain Brawl Varsity Rifle Region IV Match Cadet Change of Command State Released Grade Reporting Day JROTC Drill Coord / Instr Meeting Chugiak NJROTC Alumni Reunion Christmas Break New Years Break Classes Resume JROTC Drill Comp (Eagle River HS) Martin Luther King Jr. Brithday JROTC Drill Comp (Colony HS) Mustang Round-up Chugiak NJROTC Company Formation President's Day JROTC Drill Comp (Robert Service HS) Chugiak NJROTC Company Formation Final AMI Rehearsal Phase I of the AMI Inspection Phase IIAMI Pass In Review State Released Grade Reporting Day Spring Break Parent Conference Day Senior Field Trip - Pearl Harbor, Hi JROTC Indoor Triathlon Competition State Assigned Testing Day Joint Military Awards Ceremony Set-up Classrooms Professional Development Days/JROTC Instr MTG Classes Begin 30 Cadets Needed from 1800-2100 (6-9 PM) 1800- all cadets and parents (ends 2300/11pm) HOLIDAY 1445 Show CG/Sword and Flag Details (72 Cadets) FT Richardson/Otter Lake (12 member Teams (2F)) 0800-1600 Chevron Gas Station (Cadets as Needed) Navy's Birthday 1400 (2pm) Physical Fitness Competition - South End Of First Quarter FUN Team Competiton @ East Early release for students Professional Development Day 1900-2300 @ Elks Lodge USMC Birthday Holiday ERHS Hosts: EAFB Bowling Alley Hosted by Service HS West HS Per 5 or 6 Location TBD End Of Second Quarter/ First Semester Eagle River High School 1700 Setup; 1800-2300(6-11pm) Chugiak Cafeteria Winter Vacation Winter Vacation WELCOME BACK! 0800 drill teams; Color Guards; Cadets&Parents No School 0630 Drill teams; Color Guards; Cadets&Parents 1700 Set-up 1800-2030 CHS Cafeteria 0800-1200 Area Manager Inspection Practice No School 0700 Drill teams; Color Guards; Cadets&Parents 0800-1200 Area Manager Inspection Practice All Cadets Field Trip 4th,5th,and 6th Prds 1st, 2nd and 3rd Prds Parents Invited--Starts at 1900 Main Gym End of third Quarter No School Early Release for students (11-3:00; 4-7 PM) Seniors Buckner Gym, FT Richardson, Dimond Hosts 1300 @ East HS

11, 12 & 15 Aug Thur, Fri&Mon 16-Aug 30-Aug 2-Sep 5-Sep 10-Sep 16/17 Sep 24-Sep 4-6 Oct 13-Oct 14-Oct 14-Oct 22-Oct 27-Oct 28-Oct 28-Oct 10-Nov 24/25 Nov 30-Nov 9-Dec 11-Dec 15-Dec 16-Dec 17-Dec TBA 19-30 Dec 31 Dec-2 Jan12 3-Jan-12 15-Jan 16-Jan 4-Feb 14-Feb 18-Feb 20-Feb 25-Feb 3-Mar 5-Mar 6-Mar 6-Mar 9-Mar 12-16 Mar 17-Mar 18 - 24 Mar 24-Mar 29-Mar 31-Mar Tues Tues Fri Mon Sat Fri/Sat Sat Tues-Thurs Thurs Fri Fri Sat Thurs Fri Fri Thurs Thur/Fri Wed Fri Sat Thurs Fri Sat TBA

Tues Sat Mon Sat Tues Sat Mon Sat Sat Mon Tues Tues Fri Mon-Fri Thur Sun - Sat Sat Thurs Sat

3-5-Apr 14-Apr 24-Apr 28-Apr 4/5 May 17-May JUN

Tues - Thurs Sat Tues Sat Wed/Thu Thur TBD

State Assigned Testing Days JROTC Military Ball Cadet Change of Command Recondo Challenge Blood Drive (0730-1430 Rifle Range) Student's Last Day 2011 Summer Camp

1900 @ Captain Cook Ballroom Period 5 or 6 Location TBD Hosted by Colony Open to all over 16 yrs w/ parent permission End Of Fourth Quarter Awaiting Dates


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