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The Two Determinisms (or) How to avoid being unaware of having a completely different conversation with the exact same

words and word order than the one you think you are having. The Word ‘determinism’ in these days is understood in popular writing to portray a generalized concept of human fate that is already worked out in advance of one's life; destiny; lack of control over one’s own life. It is usually opposed by the term ‘free will’, which implies control over one’s fate and destiny. Thus a lack-of-control versus control dichotomy is pretended to have been set up as, at the least, emotional opposites. In popular writing, the term ‘determinism’ is then an opposite of ‘free will’ and there are innumerable debates, books, philosophical camps and schools all vested heavily in teaching such opposition and a framework of life in which that opposition can be understood and monetized. There are a few who seek to make free will compatible with determinism, both in and out of religious discussions, but always as if each were distinctly separate doctrines and definitions that helped the other prove true by the distinctions of each from each other. The word determinism is not a Biblical word and that is the source of its power to confuse rather than to make plain simple reality. It claims to describe a phenomenon found both in Scripture and outside of Scripture as a term not bounded by either. It is a term of an implied meta lexicon to describe all things without being spiritual and without taking a side in a debate other than an implied neutral definition out of which a debate and truth is constructed by mixing in other terms of differing definitions. ‘Free Will’ is another such term that also aspires to such a title and also is not found in Scripture. There is, in the general minutia of what the word determinism performs as a function in its opposing of free will and not being bound by Scripture, the presumption of one, single determinism that is universally encompassed by the term. The presumption is that there is only one determinism being spoken of and the reality of it being the one and only determinism is presumed to be without question. So it is with the term ‘free will’. In order to standardize the debate between them and to guide that debate to a desired outcome, standard paradigms of what a definition ideally is has to exist and so is implied to exist. Yet there are two determinisms. Only one actually opposes ‘free will’ while the other actually depends on the concept of free will being true in order to exist itself, while only seeming to oppose the doctrine of human free will. The determinism that claims to be an opposite of free will and yet is not is the determinism spoken of human speech / noncreating speech / the speech that is not-God. It is in fact: non-creating determinism even though it is called by the name of simply determinism as if it were the only one in total reality because the speech used to say it also is implied to be the only one in total reality.

Non-creating determinism depends on several lies to seem to be truth: 1. total lack of new creation 2. idealized scarce resources as a result of the idealized lack of new creation 3. men forced to have free will. The lack of new creation is part of the common sense of men about their own speech and being. They have no expectation that their speech ought to be abl eot create anything simply by being spoken, as does God's Word. In denying God, they deny creation and thus need an idealized environment of lack of creation to envelope all of reality to make their speech seem truth. The idealized scarcity of resources that is immediately implied by denying creation, especially new creation and on-going creation then comes as a supposed logical necessity of a speech that can create nothing and so claims no speech can create anything. In order to get out of both those deceptions, one has to escape the self by being born again in Jesus Christ and in the lie of free will, one cannot escape free will or self because God supposedly forced the self and free will on you and keeps you bound in that box. Having a free will yet being forced to compete for what is idealized to be perpetually scarce resources by all human beings supposedly makes certain behaviors mandatory. You have to eat and drink. You have to be warm in the winter and not overheat in the summer. You need shelter. Etc. So does everyone else. In the competition to get what you need, you are also constrained by your body. You only have two legs and two arms, two eyes, one mouth, one brain, etc. That is the common norm among all the creatures you must compete against for what you need, especially when you think you must compete for such intangibles as salvation of soul, respect, social status and wealth. The very free will you supposedly have is idealized to result in repeated behaviors given your other constraints. Those behaviors are common among all those with your common constraints. Thus, if free will is real, free will has produced its own determinism. I. E. Those in non-creating speech are deceived that both free will and determinism ‘are true’ but that free will is the parent of determinism. What is important to notice is that the same fatalism results from ‘both’ while free will claims to be a savior from fatalism by opposing determinism. No matter how you look at it, the non-creating character of the entire speech of men results in fatalism because of its lack of new resources and idealized lack of new creation. Whether it is called determinism in one instance or free will in another makes no difference. The speech itself, because it cannot create anything forces an outlook of scarcity as common sense and that scarcity is taken for granted among nonChristian people ( to include false Christians ) to be the only norm. In fact, that falsely idealized scarcity ( false because God creates all the time and enough and makes sure we get it on time..) is the root of death cults like the abortion industry and the environmental movement. Their whole outlook is one of conserving resources that falsely idealized oto be scarce by either killing people by outright murder or killing people by the manufacture of artificial obstacles to normal production of all necessities.

None of that has anything to do with Jesus Christ / Word of God and new birth in Jesus Christ and God’s creation of enough for us all and on time and making sure we get what we need. None of that has anything to do with what is called by true Christians, determinism. God’s determinism is in new creation and is rightfully called predestination and election. At least 99% of the time, when you hear the word determinism, or read it in print these days, you are being spoken to as if you have free will and non-creating speech is the only speech in total reality and any determinism is non-creating determinism by default. Most who use the term could never explain to you the difference between the two determinisms or even that there are two determinisms. They are not new creatures in Jesus Christ and therefore know nothing of Christ. 1Corinthians 2:12-16 But we have received, not the spirit of the world, but the Spirit which is of God, that we may know the things which have been freely given to us of God: which also we speak, not in words taught by human wisdom, but in those taught by the Spirit, communicating spiritual things by spiritual means . But the natural man does not receive the things of the Spirit of God, for they are folly to him; and he cannot know them because they are spiritually discerned; but the spiritual discerns all things, and he is discerned of no one. For who has known the mind of the Lord, who shall instruct him? But we have the mind of Christ. There are then many people these days who automatically suppose free will and a generic term of determinism to be opposites and have yet to be ‘educated into’ seeing them as ‘both’. The facade is that because the terms exist and have properties that fall within the standard paradigms of what a definition ideally is, they have understood, at least in part, what is being said when that topic comes up in conversation or in print. The difference between the Word of God and non-creating speech is never mentioned in such circles and the implication is that everything within the debate is operating off a standard definition of language and knowledge that implies language is one large meta that certainly could not have been divided at Babel, can’t be made flesh or be a living creature. The people who are deceived that any mention of the term determinism is automatically an opposition to free will are unaware of the connection between non-creating determinism and free will and the mixing of that determinism with free will to form communism, socialism, fascism and all free will based religions. As such, they have been and are presently deceived by those very ideologies in the midst of thinking they were and are defending against the infamous effects of those ideologies. They took up a generic determinism as if it were the genuine new creation, predestination and election of God in Jesus Christ as a defense against the anarchy and destruction of libertarian free will and yet the same infamous effects are occurring as if they had done nothing, even as they win debate after debate against those who champion libertarian free will. They are then seduced by the defeats into being deceived that pure determinism is not a useful defense against evil. Being already deceived that the determinism which they wielded as

a sword of defense is the same as God’s new creation, predestination and election in Jesus Christ, they are easily ensnared in false religion that combines determinism and free will and the effects come faster and are more devastating. This happens while they never understood the non-creating determinism was placed there to be easily defeated by its opponent ( free will ) due to the properties assigned to it just so it could seem an opposite of free will for a time. The time spent learning the whole system is also the time of your life. The confusion over the two determinisms is not an accident. It is the judgment of God put into practice via the deceit of Lucifer. It is the result of a continuous campaign to usurp the plain Word of God and substitute Christ with a lexicon that appears more multipurpose and flexible than God as Word as a test on God’s people and judgment on the world. The modern philosophical debates over whether free will exists as a universal paradigm have non-creating determinism as their sole determinism to oppose for public viewing. It gives the impression of a fight over truth when the whole is one single paradigm that ends at the same ‘conclusion’ no matter how it is argued or who wins: free will based determinism. After that, whether one is a Nazi, a communist or a socialist is simply random while the religious ‘choices’ all end the same as well. All of them will be in the lake of fire, no matter who wins a vapid and lying argument over whose system brings any stability or prosperity. The only thing that determines which supposed independent system one is a part of is how the emotion is done and how concepts of fairness are presented for each. God’s new creation, predestination and election in Jesus Christ is completely separate from non-creating determinism. God knows what He wants to perform and creates it. We grow within it and as part of it as God does it through us. In non-creating determinism, the determinism spoken by non-creating speech, there is no God, all that exists came about as a result of a mystery and things are the way they are and can never change: no growth, no spiritual life; no hope of change other than perpetual warfare as one party gains the old seats and property of a former class of adversaries and all struggle over idealized perpetually limited resources with free will. Plainly non-creating determinism and the lie of free will begin and end as the very fatalism they claim to oppose. Both determinisms actually exist in total reality. One is the truth of Jesus Christ and the other is a lie. Understanding that lies exist in reality is part of understanding the difference between the two determinisms. While non-creating determinism is a lie, just as free will is a lie, both of them as lies exist and have consequences: lies effect reality. 2. The differences between them Comparing of morality of each: concepts of fairness and justice in God's predestination versus non-creating determinism.

When you are deceived you have free will, yet live in an environment of scarce resources, your sense of fairness and justice revolve around personal survival: Getting Your Share. Given that you are deceived people have free will, the other people are mistakenly seen as being powerful to effect their own security and that you must effect your own as a defense against not having enough before they get it all and while you have good health. If you don't think you have gotten your share or whatever resource you desire in any given situation, you do not look at God and wait: you automatically accuse someone else, even if they are anonymous, of having stolen what was rightfully yours. Having enough of anything is not a relationship between you and God, because you deny God and God's character by claiming to have free will and thus are being forced into a hard, non-creating determinism that results in your resentment of your family, neighbors and anonymous persons someone else, anyone else, portrays as 'takers'. Doing whatever is necessary to sustain both your ideology and get what is supposedly yours by the means of your ideology becomes the slogan “Whatever it Takes.” and is your only sense of what justice can be. If you don't do it to someone else first, if they are in your ideology, they will do it to you and if they are not, you see them as stupid persons unaware they need the idealized scarce resource before it is all gone. You are fatalistic combined with desperate in the fatalism while you make fun of those not in your ideology of free will or noncreating determinism and call Calvinism “fatalism” as if you were none of those things. All the while you plan day and night how to 'get yours' with no thought whatsoever for new creation through you, only stealing from the new creation God has performed through others. The deceit of Determinism based on non-creation forces a mixing of non-creating , human speech based determinism and free will and that combination always destroys men. The Hindus who ran to Islam, as running from one religious system that mixes non-creating determinism with the lie of human free will did so because they were deceived there was such a thing as a ‘spiritual caste’ at all and it turns out they were of the lowest caste ( with all the baggage that carries with it to a whole society ) accordint to the experts that are said to be priests in Hinduism. They ran because Islam was portrayed to be an equalizer between men as making “all men equal”. Yet they have already found that Islam carries with it its own caste system. The Arab immigrants are viewed amongst themselves ( as being ‘purer Islamics’ and for the most part left Arab lands because they were themselves seen as a lower caste within their home country or in comparison with other tribes. Those former Hindus or non-Brahmins in general of certain occupations are seen as ‘less pure’ and in some instances have been excluded from mosques. Many Islamics and Hindus argue over why ( note_id=76825106105)this is so, not THAT( it is so as kufu.

“In another book “Waslus Sabab Fi Faslin Nasb”, written by him in support of Mufti Muhammad Shafi Usmani’s book “Nihayat al-Arab fi-Ghayat alNasb”, he contemptuously referred to the weaver caste as Julahas, condemning them for calling themselves Ansaris (“Helpers”) instead. He argued that this was forbidden as it was akin to changing ones’ nasb or descent by wrongly claiming to be descendants of the Ansars of Medina who had helped the Prophet when he had migrated there from Mecca. To back his claim he invoked a tradition attributed to the Prophet, according to which the Prophet reportedly declared that a person who claims to be the son of anyone other than his father will not enter heaven.” Essentially, both the Hindus and the Islamics have a caste system and the above quote by an Islamic writer supports both: to say you are something other than what you are –as defined by Islamics or Hindu caste systems — is to supposedly deny yourself heaven. Once they say you are a certain caste, you have to remain that way your entire life and pass that on to your children because it is supposedly determined by God. BUT: according to both Hinduism, Islam and Arminians, Calvary Chapel, Liberty University, Southern Baptists, Methodists, Lutherans, Romanists and Eastern Orthodox, you have free will and can’t get out of it, so its all up to you. Get that? It’s supposedly NOT up to you to get in or out of a particular religion that assigns your role in society, but it is up to you whatever you do within those bounds and within your supposedly assigned, yet permanent ( as in no new creation ) station in life. Note the careful mixing of free will and determinism by all non-Christians with the same result no matter the religious system invoked to excuse it. That is the classic cult mentality: to mix determinism and free will and end up saying “you are only responsible for what God has not pre-determined about you” or “God’s pre-determination depends on you” and yet to keep you a slave nonetheless to others by a false representation of election and predestination, but to pretend to be “like Calvinism”. It is understandable on a certain fallen human level: a few demonically inspired Arabs made up Islam, have now deceived a lot more Arabs, and see everyone else as renting ideology from them. So they have a landlord mentality the way certain families in America have about the abortion movement and occult movements in general. The socalled Islamic holy sites outside of Arab lands are easily seen as attempts to get a independent franchise on the spiritual tourism business, which usually can be turned into political capital once a critical mass of the population has been enslaved by the new ideology-as-business-model. Islam comes in as a kind of communism-as-savior for everyman but has the usual results of a non-christian society: a cut throat dog eat dog way of life wherein certain families seek to place others beneath them with religious tools as Satan does it through them all. Islam and Hinduism and even Arminianism ( false Christianity premised on human free will ) is a sexy beast to a poor man and his wife looking for a way out of derision from the upper class, er, caste. But in the end, it is only the same lie wearing different clothes and it is forbidden to look at the details from within the religion. One could go so far as to

say that within the false religions, it is immoral to see the truth of what the religions are actually doing to its own adherents. The caste system has been legally outlawed in India but still remains very much a societal norm. The same problem exists in Pakistan among the Muslims. The links provided only scratch the surface of what has been and is being written about this by those involved while many in the West seem to be so stupefied by the smell of any new religion that comes along and the PR about itself it puts out through its agents in the popular press and as its own media campaigns. The New Age movement and contemplative movement is simply Hinduism or Buddhism renamed: both result in a caste system. Tantra sex is a very plain way men and women are snared: supposedly you’ve got free will, but there is a pre-determined ritual of sex you must perform that includes killing your children you can keep doing the rituals; a sex caste of stupid persons according to their own lies of free will / those who cannot hear God and whom God hated in truth. The only immorality in that lie of free will is to escape it. Beware of those who want to be in Calvinist churches, yet always seem to love Armininianism and are fascinated by the possibility of free will and yet love to defend or at least debate over what they have been taught to call determinism. They love the benefits of truth and yet literally imagine out loud about what the lie would like be if it were true and defend it as if it were the same as truth. Arminianism is just a pre-cursor to the worse forms of mixing determinism and free will. Proverbs 1:29-33 Because they hated knowledge, and did not choose the fear of Jehovah; they would none of my counsel, they despised all my reproof: therefore shall they eat of the fruit of their way, and be filled with their own devices. For the turning away of the simple shall slay them, and the prosperity of the foolish shall cause them to perish. But whoso hearkeneth unto me shall dwell safely, and shall be at rest from fear of evil. The power of “deterministic based “ non-creating religion rests solely on a presumption of partial free will to drive guilt and forgiveness paradigms even as what they really accomplish is to make sin and forgiveness irrelevant to those deceived by them when they have been through a few cycles of rule breaking followed by a forgiveness paradigm and are constantly told that is all that is possible as an endless cycle itself. It should be well understood that it is the presumption of free will coupled with the failure to use that free will correctly within the rules of the cult that drives the need for a forgiveness paradigm and brings in the cash for those who say they have dedicated their lives to God so that they could tell others how to be forgiven and yet stay the same creature they already are in the same speech they already have and in addition you supposedly cannot escape having a supposed free will and thus cannot escape the whole cycle. The whole of the doctrines are arguments and policies intended to seem to be a calendar that marks natural events as you live through time in the ideology/spirit. In fact it is a machine of spirits as spiritual technology that runs off non-creating speech and its output is death. Areas of philosophy and the non-religious environment of ideas are really not so independent; like a car engine which is made up of many smaller machines

working in concert, all connected by a serpentine belt of non-creating speech and the fuel is blood. One machine is the lie of free will, another is what the free will is supposedly applied to; another is a converter of effects from emotional to emotional positive, etc. If there is no presumption of free will and you understand that God creates from within you because you know the difference between God as Creating Word and noncreating speech and that all your life is focused on a per-determined end in Christ in grace, you know things happen to you that you don't and can't control. You know some will be good and some will be bad. Your sense of justice and fairness is then compassionate on others because you know the same is true of them. Part of that justice is that you automatically escape false religion because all of false religion is based on at least partial free will to develop some reward system from their god. You automatically escape the caste systems as well. You also escape the vanity of the attempt to stabilize a particular definition of love in order to know it has been done by the free will in order to secure benefits of it. Instead you know God is love and lives in you and He provides you with what you need as part of His character. Plainly the attempt to stabilize a false definition of determinism; to lock it into a free will based mindset as secular therapy and exclude it from God's creating predeterminiation of your life is proselytizing by other means than direct advertising for false religions and is done to serendipitously make those false religions seem logical. It is also done to set up another false doctrine: spiritual uniformitarianism. 3. Spiritual Uniformitarianism and False Determinism Real Christians need to understand several things in order to be able to fight the spiritual enemies of our enemies in order to set our enemies free and make them brethren. 1. The spiritual attacks we endure today are not the same spiritual attacks as those experienced by the Old Testament patriarchs. Sin is still sin and men are still Fallen and are still totally depraved (totally unable to know God and “accept” salvation prior to new birth in Jesus Christ by an act of unmerited grace of God no matter the matrix of spirits in which such goals are posed..) and endure spiritual attacks as a meta, but the particular attacks endured both by men and new creatures in Jesus Christ are not the same because some old enemies God destroyed. The wisdom that was the power behind Satan’s former attack style in the Old Testament has been destroyed by God. God Said He would do that. Isaiah 29:13-16 Wherefore the Lord said, Forasmuch as this people draw near me with their mouth, and with their lips do honour me, but have removed their heart far from me, and their fear toward me is taught by the precept of men. Therefore, behold, I will proceed to do a marvellous work among this people, even a marvellous work and a wonder: for the wisdom of their wise men shall perish, and the understanding of their prudent men shall be hid. Woe unto them that seek deep to

hide their counsel from the LORD, and their works are in the dark, and they say, Who seeth us? and who knoweth us? Surely your turning of things upside down shall be esteemed as the potter’s clay: for shall the work say of him that made it, He made me not? or shall the thing framed say of him that framed it, He had no understanding? In the cross of Christ is proven that He fulfilled that promise: 1Corinthians 1:19-20 For it is written, I will destroy the wisdom of the wise, and will bring to nothing the understanding of the prudent. Where is the wise? where is the scribe? where is the disputer of this world? hath not God made foolish the wisdom of this world? The outlook of spiritual uniformitarianism is essentially that nothing has changed since Adam on the spiritual playing field/landscape: that we supposedly are enduring the same attacks as those of the Patriarchs because the same spiritual beings and forces are still arrayed against us. Anti-Christ and Satan are very definitely still extant as enemies. But many within them have been destroyed and they have been forced to change tactics to accomplish the same ends. In that blindness of uniformitarianism is a denial that God has destroyed the very wisdom by which Satan attacked brethren in former times ( even though God directly Says He already destroyed it) and a denial that God used those very brethren to defeat Satan and to destroy that wisdom ( even though He is said in the New Testament to have done exactly that). Hebrews 11:32-34 And what shall I more say? for the time would fail me to tell of Gedeon, and of Barak, and of Samson, and of Jephthae; of David also, and Samuel, and of the prophets: Who through faith subdued kingdoms, wrought righteousness, obtained promises, stopped the mouths of lions, Quenched the violence of fire, escaped the edge of the sword, out of weakness were made strong, waxed valiant in fight, turned to flight the armies of the aliens. It immediately follows from such a false understanding of spiritual history as spiritual uniformitarianism actually is that if the Patriarchal brethren could not permanently defeat their spiritual foes and deliver many from those attacks as God did it through them, then it is presumptuous and even sinful to think and pray to be used by God to do so now. It's supposedly determined that they stay the same forever and never are defeated: false determinism is always in favor of false religion. Not only so, but it leads to the false confidence in free will based systems of defense against those old foes in that the free will based system appears to succeed in mere defense ( rather than destruction of the spiritual enemies) only because those enemies are no longer extant and/or no longer able to attack in the former manner. Nobody is getting hurt that way because those enemies no longer exist, not because they do exist and the free will/non-creating speech based system is effective against them. Yet the free will based systems are constantly claiming credit for exactly such defense in noncreating speech and get away with such lies to some extent merely because the spiritual

takes place as an invisible war with visible effects and the mere invisibility of the demonic is the wiggle room for the pretense. Islam, as Hinduism and Buddhism as free willed/non-creating speech based systems, pretend to defend an idealized non-fallen man as possessor of free will against spiritual enemies that are falsely idealized to seek to limit or take away the free will. It is a subtle defense of the lie of free will in the guise of defending men from spiritual attack. Their pretended defense of souls is purely ( supposedly ) accomplished by the wisdom handed down by the emotional wisdom of a bisexual pedophile ( Mohammed ) and other sexual deviants ( the Kama Sutra is set forth as an essential ‘holy’ book of sexual pleasure when it is in fact simply codified perversion and sin masquerading as a path to spiritual enlightenment while Buddhism teaches essential immorality as amorality ). They are vain in that they seek to defend and protect what isn’t there ( free will ) and thus it seems to succeed to the simple because nothing is taken. In short, all false religions sets up as holy behavior what is in reality evil and attacks against the soul and spirit of men in addition to bringing the wrath of God –and the pretense of spiritual uniformitarianism is simply an underpinning of their overall lies and plays well to the false determinism they claim is part of the religion.

Obviously, the attempt to portray a spiritual uniformitarian scheme to all of history is a straightforward attempt to validate a false determinism. The false history makes the false determinism seem valid because it supposedly worked to manufacture all of history and has power to do and so has suppsoedly produced the uniformitarianism.
They claim antiquity purely to further the pretense of a uniformitarian landscape. But because the spiritual landscape has indeed changed and there are ruins of temples of former powerful religions all over the world, the very antiquity they lay claim to proves they are liars because the sole purpose of such claims is to pretend the spiritual landscape has always been the same. Uniformitarianism within non-creating speech ( human speech, the speech that cannot create anything and depends on lack of creation both to have a static universe to study and a supposed will-neutral tool to study it with ) demands lack of creation as a perpetual environment and pretends that such already exists. You cannot even have a shared language at all without some of what is called standardization. But in standardizing something to be shared, you have a false generalization going on: you need to generalize on more static things than actually exists to appear intelligent on many things in order to appear to be a share-er to others to obtain standardized behavior in return. You need synonyms. Your need to standardize and to have a non-changing language is the uniformitarianism and is far more than is necessary, even within noncreating speech. You are serving a spirit for the sake of serving it rather than the pretended stark utilitarian usefulness which it was manufactured to be. The knowledge

has deceived you because that spirit has been deceived which you serve if you cannot hear Jesus Christ. While non-creating language does change over time, ( only because of the simultaneous presence of God as Word / Creating Speech / Jesus Christ in the same environment at the same time..) it never is truth and never creates. A no more plain demonstration could be made of being deceived that new spiritual secrets in non-creating speech can result in ‘re-birth’ within a uniformitarian outlook is seen in the mayan mask in the service of a now defunct religion whose temple ruins are stretched over much of South America.

demons hiding and presented as if their being revealed resulted in new birth for the victim who saw and knew them as ‘spiritual secrets’

In truth, no matter how many new ideologies are embraced in non-creating speech, the soul and the spirit are still fallen, still without free will and still damned. The necessity for such new secrets? Because the old ones had been destroyed by God and exposed as frauds. Pieces of old broken religions were put together in the pretense one religion was ancient and ever-growing in the one non-creating speech. God plainly says He will destroy gods who are evil and He calls them gods to whom the Word of God came: Psalm 82:1-8 A Psalm of Asaph. God standeth in the congregation of the mighty; he judgeth among the gods. How long will ye judge unjustly, and accept the persons of the wicked? Selah. Defend the poor and fatherless: do justice to the afflicted and needy. Deliver the poor and needy: rid them out of the hand of the wicked. They know not, neither will they understand; they walk on in darkness: all the foundations of the earth are out of course. I have said, Ye are gods; and all of you

are children of the most High. But ye shall die like men, and fall like one of the princes. Arise, O God, judge the earth: for thou shalt inherit all nations. Jeremiah 10:11 Thus shall ye say unto them, The gods that have not made the heavens and the earth, even they shall perish from the earth, and from under these heavens. In addition to old gods being destroyed, new gods are created and incorporated into false religion: Deuteronomy 32:16,17 They provoked him to jealousy with strange gods, with abominations provoked they him to anger. They sacrificed unto devils, not to God; to gods whom they knew not, to new gods that came newly up, whom your fathers feared not. The new gods were a result of God creating more evil, creating more and perfecting His opposition with His Word even as he sent His Word as grace to the elect. Spiritual uniformitarianism is then a complete farce. It is plain that even the earthly landscape is littered with the remains of once mighty religions.

the ruins of false religious power are all over the world.

Even now, underwater cities and entire temple complexes ( are being found. The sensation of finding them is simply that a spiritual uniformitarian lie has been built in to false religion and no one wants to believe that vast cities and nations can be built on the premise of an ideology/cosmology/spiritual concept that is a lie, all the people are deceived and they are finally destroyed for that spiritual lie they called their civilization. It is therefore not presumptuous at all to see an end to Islam, Hinduism, Buddhism, Scientology, Mormonism, Roman Catholicism, Eastern Orthodox/Byzantines and all false religion. In fact, it is simply God’s standard practice to destroy false religion. To even pretend that false religions have some kind of sacrosanct protection about them simply because they call themselves spiritual intelligences, or because those deceived by

them are lyingly held forth to have free will and be very zealous for that false god with that ‘free’ will or that abhorrent political ideologies are not spiritual enemies simply because they call themselves political instead of religious are the dreams of Satan and anti-Christ. False gods come and go all the time, even as their false determinism and lie of free will is passed on as the next paradigm of false religion that has to change ever so slightly to still deceive. Only God in Jesus Christ stays the same and never changes. It is important to understand for the blessing on all in addition to the constant questions we have about what we are doing here and why. One of the things Satan tries to seduce us to do with his demons of our flesh is to pretend to fight against and defend against things that don’t exist and that has effects in our relationships. Isaiah 26:13,14 O Jehovah our God, other lords beside thee have had dominion over us: but by thee only will we make mention of thy name. They are dead, they shall not live; they are deceased, they shall not rise: therefore hast thou visited and destroyed them, and made all their memory to perish. 1 Corinthians 9:26 I therefore so run, not as uncertainly; so fight I, not as one that beateth the air: 4. False determinism, Calvinism and machines/robots As for the constant lie that God's predestination and election supposedly makes people robots so as to validate its supposed equality with non-creating determinism? Does the truth that human free will does not exist make human beings robots? No. God is in new creatures in Jesus Christ doing as He pleases in any given instant and completely disregards any ideal model of behavior. God causes demons to be in the reprobate and even not-yet-saved elect persons and at times even the flesh of new creatures in Jesus Christ and causes those demons to do His will for those persons and toward others in non-standardized ways while making them repeat history over an over in the long run. Does the truth that those who say men have free will are attempting to make those who hear them robots who repeatedly perform an ideal model of behavior actually give men free will? No. Plainly, the deception of human free will has the consequence that demons are instilled and do demonic acts; the will is not made free. The will is not free, is kept without freedom by the truth and cannot be made free by deception. No one is ever made free by a lie. Be sure your sin will find you out. The tragedy for those who teach free will is that not only do their lies-dressed-as-

theology not work to do what they wish their words to perform ( give men free will by giving them 'the idea' of free will ) but that the repeated behaviors that teachers of free will ( occultists ) seek to instill ( aka 'mind control' ) never succeed in the way they desire: even those deceived they have free will, that live in a bubble of deception and are the victims of occultists in the midst of not having free will cannot control themselves and neither can the demons control themselves or those they possess except in the ways God specifically commands. In the 'idea' of free will, there is plain mechanical behavior as the desired norm --not in Calvinism: not in God's creating determinism. To have free will presumes no new creation and a static environment in which to act. Not only so, but the political 'ideas' that are founded on human free will all must have as a constant backdrop the perpetual existence of perpetually limited resources as part of the environment of the idea of human free will and must have a uniformitarian environment as a whole that has the single uniform quality of everything being will-neutral and remaining will-neutral at all times. God can be an 'idea' in such a place, but never actually there. Minus the necessity of human free will within its own logic ( supposedly, according to the 'idea' of human free will, you 'need' free will in order to compete against other idealized free willed beings for limited resources as a fundamental, inescapable quality of human existence and in order to get all those things you 'need' in total reality ( salvation of soul, etc.. ) the whole 'idea' of free will falls apart even as an emotional goal. It is not part of reality other than to be a lie. In that lie of human free will, robotic behavior is the desired norm ( that is never achieved .. and that failure to do the robotic norm is the cause of guilt within the lie of free will ( in free will 'theology' you ought to be a robot and yet must feel guilt for failing and must ask the priest for forgiveness 'from God' if you fail to do the robotic behavior the demons dictate via priest and pastors ) : a standardizing of all behavior so that everyone feels the same emotion on que; a standardizing of all things in the supposed presence of a total lack of new creation. You can't have standardized behavior in the presence on-going new creation; an environment that is constantly changing. The idealized lack of new creation ( the denial of Jesus Christ as Creating Word of God and His active presence in us and in His making new things in the same environment in which we live right now and making them in order for them to be unambiguously known by us and to effect us ) as an ideal is absolutely necessary for the lie of human free will. A robotic behavior is no good when conditions change and everyone knows that conditions constantly change; a stasis of spiritual environment and physical environment is absolutely necessary for standardized "free willed" behavior. But in Calvinism, because God Himself is actually in us, God repeatedly keeps us in Him and in righteousness by the blood of Jesus Christ and by His actions through us in anticipation of His new creation; in the midst of constant change, God keeps us in Him forever in grace and not at all by standardized robotic behavior. God's behavior through us has the same effect as grace and righteousness, but is never the same thing. By contrast, a non-standard behavior pattern is death to a free willed religionist and a cause

of constant guilt; to simulate the same effect of being born again / Calvinism and to twist it as a lie, free willers must deny that any new creation / new conditions are coming about right now ( and are coming about in order to be known and to effect all ) in order to keep the lie of free will logically sound within itself and to keep their victims doing repeated, religionistic behaviors. Thus free willers are seen constantly to deny reality in a host of issues and to continually in-fight as a kind of Theater of Details ( over what the robot ought ideally to look like theologically if ever seen in situ. It is literally a theater of the absurd to construct a theological robotic yeti. The whole game of Satan is to simulate what God does as if Satan had done it and as if God were real, --but conveniently absent so that the will could be said to be free. If the individual is deceived the will is free, then Satan can hide in the supposed free will actions of the individual rather than being fully exposed as present in them right now. Satan always claims that his speech is the equivalent of God's. In the Romanist doctrine that "God has to speak to men in human language" , Satan is easily seen and it is also seen why he must say that; Satan needs all to be deceived there is no such thing as God as Word that is distinct from non-creating speech. While denying that robotic / standardized norms exist within it, free willed / false religion cannot live without the pretense of robotic behavior as religious norm and as ideal. That it/demons have gotten away with accusing Calvinism of preaching 'the idea' of being a robot is literally a bizarre hoax perpetuated by mere tone of the accusation here and there. Free willed religionists and all those who are bound in the lie of human free will above all else want to be told exactly what to do in order to forestall accusation at lack of meeting standards/robotic behaviors. "Standards! Standards! Standards! / Rules! Rules! Rules!" is their everyday cry in the guise of calling that "equality". Minus a standardization, they feel constant guilt as a threat, and yet have actual constant guilt anyway in that they cannot do what they are told are righteous norms. The whole "Calvinism makes us robots!" ploy is nothing but Satan accusing the righteous of doing what he wishes he could do and which he constantly seeks to instill in his victims. Calvinism's failure to perform Satan's goals is not a negative, but is presented as such by tone of voice through free willers of every stripe. The questions they ask perfectly portray their envy ( which is envy of something that does not exist ) of Calvinist in that they are deceived Calvinists are saying we have actually attained to a perfect ideal model of behavior they have sought and failed to perform. They always ask "So you never sin?" ( i.e. in free willer thought process that is : "you are saying you have obtained robot-hood and thus are completely guilt free at all times because you do the ideal model of behavior perfectly?!) ( and that is even with sin falsely defined as a mere 'act' .) They are deceived we are claiming to perform the legalism they strive to perfect in themselves and others --that we have 'become' robots. There are many, in fact most, who seek to apologize for Calvinism within Satan's emotional response set and as if non-creating speech were the only speech in total reality. That one error drives at least 99 per cent of all Calvinistic apologetics.

Short Summary: The robotic behavior desired by free willers in order to be perpetually righteous in a spiritual uniformitarian landscape is not even possible in anyone; it is a political and religious goal held out to be a guilt engine as if it were possible and had been proven historically to exist in others AND as if Calvinism were the evil twin trying to do the same thing for its own 'group' and goals. We're not twins at all. Arminianism / Free Willism / Eastern Orthodoxism / Roman Catholicism and all false religion is the alien of the truth of Jesus Christ. The alien of something is not simply "the opposite of whatever it says". The lack of differing behaviors and differing results of ancient civilizations is plain evidence there is no free will; the same behaviors for exactly the same reasons keep occurring over and over through history --if men had free will, we should see at least differing behaviors with differing results. Yet each person in that history could not be a robot in the sense that free willers both desire and accuse Calvinism of having achieved. The lie of human free will is in constant search of the 'method' to produce a uber stick figure man that can 'be real'. It will always fail --and take advantage of its failure to instill guilt in the deceived. It's success as a system of control is its actual failure plus the deception that it 'ought' to succeed in the individual and that God has said so. Understand that clearly: free will religion as a whole depends on the failure of its adherents to succeed to be robots and do the legalism at all times and to need the religious system to get over feelings of guilt for having failed; minus the failure and the guilt, there is no need for the entire system. 5. Trying to present free will as a commodity that can be traded within the supposed determinism that forces its existence Western free will based religions basically portray free will as real and something, that while you can't get out of having it, ( the false determinism part of the lie ) certain amounts can be taken from you or given to you by others. The theory that free will is real and you can do that with free will is the basis of socialism; it drives what is portrayed as war planning ( you take certain amounts of free will away from the enemy and thus when he gets to a magic minimum level of free will he gives up..) and is the basis of liberalism. It is also the basis of free willed religion as a whole: those in free willed religion are deceived free will is real, you can't get out it, but you also can't ever perfect its use. While they make fun of Calvinism and say Calvinism makes everyone out to be a robot, it is the reality that no one can be a robot that is essentially the problem for the believer in free will: a robot would do the legalism perfectly and thus ultimately succeed as a saint in those religions and no longer need any means of forgiveness. So what most are really crying over is the fact they are not forced to be a saint --that they cannot be a robot that does ( insert particular set of ideal behaviors ) the legalism/rules of their brand name of religion perfectly at all times. The power base of the priest then rests in the guilt instilled

for failure to be a robot and yet a firm belief in free will that cannot be escaped; the priest seems to provide a forgiveness paradigm. The whole success of the free willed religion ( success as in getting lots of people to be in your religion, not success before God as actual righteousness ) is based on the failure of anyone to get out of believing they have free will and the simultaneous belief that free will can be perfected in the future to do whatever present legalism they have been given. It is their best honesty and seems to be validated from every corner of reality once they are in that bubble/non-creating speech. They were born into that bubble and everyone they know for the most part, and even those who are otherwise physical enemies, and would be dishonest about other things if they could (within the deception of free will) are in it as well. The Eastern take is, on a certain level the more honest approach within the same deception: free will is supposedly real, you are guilty because you can't do the required behaviors ( can't be a robot ) , --but-- you can get out of both the guilt and the notion of free will that keeps driving it by getting out of being you --by getting out of self. In the end, the desire to be 'one with the universe' is the desire to not be guilty within the confines of the lie of human free will. It is an honesty that you cannot get out of believing in free will if you want to, but that you must somehow succeed anyway to get out of guilt. The Eastern religions simply seek to make getting out of the guilt impossible in Jesus Christ and seek a way to make the blood of Christ, death and resurrection, new birth and the distinction between Jesus Christ as Word of God and human speech nonsensical while seeming to provide exactly the same benefits without a supposed marketplace wherein idealized units of free will can be traded in deterministic meta doctrines. If a group of people see 'free' will as a real thing, and they think it is a commodity, ( or they want other people to think that as part of religious behavior to control them and control other people through them ) then you would expect to see what has come to be known as a civil right's movement from those people as distinct from those whose religious aspirations are working to get out of believing in free will at all. So you see the concept of 'taking freedom from one set of persons and giving it to another people as new freedom' coming from the West in particular and as political goals in combination with best-honesty-of-the-people-religion. In addition, you would see those concepts expand to include all of life-inside-free-will: they have already grown from mere 'rights needed to live in health' to 'rights needed to live in pride/'dignity' with attempts at centralized control of those movements. You don't see that in the East except where it has been imported from the West. Both systems rely on the deception of free will AND the failure to perform legalism within the deception AND the basic understanding that you cannot get Out of believing in free will as your same self. ( The Western take on new Self is a false Christ you give permission to change you after you have physically died..) You can't do a lie successfully ..because it is a lie, it says one thing about reality, those in the lie seek to do what they are told as they are told and it doesn't work. But those in the lie cannot voluntarily get out of the lie --they don't have free will. Both systems depend on that failure to keep going as religious systems and as metas from which all other issues of life are defined in relation ( money, relationships, population, limited resources, scarcity as

control factor in general..) in an overall false determinism that is supposedly the part god was responsible for and maintains. --------Among other things, we seem to have arrived at what, to someone in the lie of human free will ( esp. as part of free willed based religious leadership ) is --the necessity-- of hating and seeking to ignore Calvinism AND the claims of some Buddhist that Calvinism is 'a little like Buddhism' and the necessity of the Buddhist claims that Jesus Christ was essentially a Buddhist. Hinduism's caste system and Buddhism's ascension is done away as well with non-metaphorical new birth and getting out of the old self in this flesh (it does away with the concept of coming back over many lifetimes as gradual higher order creatures and/or social standing in society...) Both systems of free will are done away in the new birth in Jesus Christ in this flesh: both the lie of free will is escaped (which cannot be done by any but God's grace getting you Out as a change of being) and the legalism and the resulting guilt is blown away. The fact there even exists 'another take' on a supposed fundamental condition of free will for creatures seems to be its own independent verification that men really do have free will. Even those who have a propensity to be your physical enemies have the same outlook on life as you as their secret best honesty. I.E. In the guise of two distinct, alien systems of thought, there is really only one, and one control of one total environment that has sections in it that are there to seem to validate the lie of free will and the resulting control over men as a result. That points to single control over both East and West versions of free will religion and establishes, to some degree, that 'a' conspiracy exists with men that the vast majority of men who believe in free will are not a part of, that the leadership of various religions may or may not be a part of, that all might sense as a periphery thing, but could never see as real because they cannot get Out of a belief in free will. If you believe you have free will, look around at the sheer effort to 'remind' you of it going on in all the tongues of men. Why would someone need to remind you of something that is integral to your being? But beware: you can perhaps say "I'll just stop believing in free will on my own!" --but you cannot. At best, without Christ in truth, you will end up in the type of determinism that is dependent on the same physical reality of a speech that cannot create anything and that is essential fatalism ( what is going on right now in America and the world ), in which those of the conspiracy have long been within. That life can only be one of political fatalism ( socialism, based on perpetual limited resources because of the idealized lack of new creation ), social fatalism ( caste systems, unions, ) and scientific fatalism ( you've got the 'evil gene', the 'toilet cleaner's gene', 'the born to be a rich person gene', 'the priest gene', as part an overall Game Theory to control you and everyone else. Or as in the Druidic movie, Lord of the Rings, you will not get out of "one ring to rule them all, one ring to bind them, one ring the darkness bind them." but move on to a different abode in the same lie.

6. Consequences in Personal Relationships: a total ignorance of the war on the soul ( the result of an effort to maintain an idealization of reality to represent reality as a zone of total free will ) and the blame of the attacks of Satan against the soul and family directed against each other as if Satan did not exist and God as Word did not exist; a loss of the Word of God results in a loss of all the truth that God knows about you and all human beings and total reality; --the wolf attacks the family and response of the family is to turn on each other for supposedly provoking the wolf. ‘Family planning’ decimates the family while abortion, self-sterilization both knowingly and unknowingly ( the result of being lied to that tubal ligations in women have good health benefits or that reversing a tubal ligation will be as good as never having had one or that birth control and abortion pills have no side effects in addition to eventual sterilization..) are practiced purely to keep up a pretense that free will can be saved and stockpiled for use in a future idealized to be the perfect environment for that very free willed individual. Political Consequences: the fracturing of society into false areas of blameworthiness ( someone or group is supposedly continuously using their free will in ‘incorrect ways’ and supposedly causing all the evil in the world as a result of that group identity) and the simultaneous ignorance of recognizing attacks by real enemies ( actual enemies attack in subtle ways but the attack must be defined as only something that could exist within a paradigm of free will and thus most attacks are simply defined away on the premise that “no one would use their free will that way” and /or the blame for the attack is placed on one’s own family, neighbors and nation ; 1. political fatalism ( lack of new creation results in the fatalism of ”things are the way they are and cannot change.” Lack of new resources are idealized both to keep the foundation of the free will ideology intact as well as to manipulate prices in a culture of merchants) Economic fatalism: merchants run society simply to bless mercantilism and men are deceived economic rules are supposedly artifacts of nature like the sea or the earth and cannot be manipulated or re-defined. Protectionism of a definition of money that specifically defines money in such a way as to make it the ruling measure of freedom and by extension, free will. More transactions and speed of transaction is prized by all caught within that paradigm. The result is spending with no savings and a desperate attempt to spend money as fast as others and in the amounts one hears others have spent merely to feel as powerful as others are idealized to be because they have supposedly proved they have a lot of free will and supposedly demonstrate it with the idealized measure of it: money. The result is vast overproduction and waste to satisfy a system of consumerism ( wanting to spend as fast and as much as others simply for its own sake without regard for need ) that drains natural resources and labor reserves.

A plain example would be North Korea: an ideology of overt free will as a complete political, spiritual and economic paradigm ( as opposed to the United States which at present has a majority paradigm of free will based ideology across the board but at least has some Calvinism as a restraint ) that cannot satisfy its own need for food stuffs ( the idealized free will cannot be motivated to do correct behavior because it does not exist; there is no free will addition to the reality that a lot of work simply doesn’t pay off in crops as crop failures occur beyond the control of even an idealized free will) . In order to hide the reality that its own free will ideology does not work even to produce basic sustenance and cannot sufficiently motivate the free will of millions of people to do what it calls ‘enough righteous behavior’ , part of the farmland ( according to some reports as much as twenty percent ) is turned into opium production to produce illegal heroin and combined with counterfeiting operations and the sale of nuclear technology ( given to it initially by the Russians ) , still there is insufficient funds to even buy enough food for all its people. They must then blame someone else’s free willed actions and be as belligerent as possible to barter by intimidation for enough food for another year as a form of begging. The land is being drained of its strength and not allowed to recover while the North Koreans desperately need to keep using it harshly to keep up pretences that some day in the future the ideal conditions will exist that will be the spiritual environment in which free will theology can flourish. Everything is destroyed in the search for an ideal place of expression of the idealized free will and the continued suppression of the distinction between the Word of God and non-creating speech. They greedily practice the unforgivable sin, not knowing that they do but supposedly needing to do it as a philosophical foundation for even the existence of an idealized free will. Scientific fatalism: an idealized total lack of new creation means you stay the way you were born. Racism and a culture of death. By its own definition, there can be no brotherhood in Christ, but only a brotherhood of the current flesh. In addition, subtle ways are then found to marginalize certain persons and families who are accused by free will zealots of not contributing to an idealized purse of public free will. ( the free will is idealized to exist and to be able to be given away and collected ) Genetics then becomes the path to tagging individuals and families with titles they supposed cannot avoid ( as the tag is applied to invisible things in the flesh that supposedly manifest themselves in behavioral patterns or non-‘desirable’ physical traits ) and those very victims must agree with the tag in order to keep saying anyone has free will, to include themselves. They would have to deny their own spiritual outlook and all the false gods of that entire non-creating speech in order to survive the threat. No matter how they look at it, they are ostracized and hated on the whims of others.

Military deception: victories are defined as taking threshold amounts of free will from the enemy and losses are defined as not succeeding in that endeavor or in losing ‘amounts of free will’ oneself Spiritual fatalism: lack of new creation necessitates a re-definition of heaven and the lake of fire in such a manner as to seem places of reward and punishment for correct and incorrect uses of the free will and to imply identical creatures end up in two different places based on what they did within a certain set of religious rules. Yet the idealized correct uses and the incorrect uses of the idealized free will are constantly changed in order to keep a guilt complex ever present in the mind of the adherent and to instill new demons in them in the guise of maturing in the faith and as a means of hiding from the adherent that the free will does not exist and so cannot be satisfied. While such false priests and actual sorcerers make fun of Calvinism, saying that ‘Calvinism would have us all robots’, the fact that no one can be a robot, and a righteous robot in particular is the source of their power. They have their adherents hoping to be righteous robots that have no need of forgiveness or the purification rituals that keep the priests in power. It is the deception that the adherents ought ideally to be able to be righteous robots and also the failure to do so that keeps the priests of the lie of human free will in power. The whole trap is to believe you could do right if you really wanted ( because you supposedly have ‘free’ will ) but that your failure can be forgiven by acknowledging in some manner the superior status of the priests to lead you back to start-over position spiritually within the presumption of free will ..which is actually the unforgivable sin as default piety. You are placed on a cycle of vain/proud to be hopeless: you are told you have free will and are personally powerful and so are made vain and proud ( which are sins) and then you are made hopeless by the failure to be a righteous robot who needs constant reestablishment with first principles of the particular brand name of free will theology in which you are caught and by seeing in comparison, others who claim not to need as much forgiveness as you. The whole cycle keeps you so busy that things like an unforgivable sin are not thought of and indeed, the threat of such a thing, falsely represented, leads to absolute subservience to the priests –who can define any behavior in any given instant as such an offence. Most often, that offence is leaving the name brand of free will theology for another or being actually born again in Jesus Christ, after you were already supposed to be born again and seeing through the whole lie. ------------------------------------Hebrews 12:8-13 But if ye are without chastening, of which all have been made partakers, then are ye bastards, and not sons. Moreover we have had the fathers of our flesh as chasteners, and we reverenced them ; shall we not much rather be in subjection to the Father of spirits, and live? For they indeed chastened for a few days, as seemed good to them; but he for profit, in order to the partaking of his holiness. But no chastening at the time seems to be matter of joy, but of grief; but afterwards yields the peaceful fruit of righteousness to those exercised by it. Wherefore lift up the hands that hang down, and the failing knees; and make

straight paths for your feet, that that which is lame be not turned aside; but that rather it may be healed. Those not familiar with the historic roots and results of the old paganism fall easy prey to partial free will/ partial determinism systems and end up in a caste system. By their fruit you will know them. Matthew 7:15-20 Beware of false prophets, which come to you in sheep's clothing, but inwardly they are ravening wolves. Ye shall know them by their fruits. Do men gather grapes of thorns, or figs of thistles? Even so every good tree bringeth forth good fruit; but a corrupt tree bringeth forth evil fruit. A good tree cannot bring forth evil fruit, neither can a corrupt tree bring forth good fruit. Every tree that bringeth not forth good fruit is hewn down, and cast into the fire. Wherefore by their fruits ye shall know them. In the Name of Jesus Christ, Amen