ABOUT US (COMPANY PROFILE): Dharmanandan TechnoProjects Pvt. Limited (DTPPL) is founded by the finest and widely experienced Technocrats. Company is having state of the art manufacturing facility backed by immense technical supports from their technical founders. DTPPL is a leading Turnkey project solution provider for the vast and diversified products like Mineral water / Packaged drinking water plant, Cement Plant, Cable Plant, Plywood, Iodized Salt, Tyre and Tube plant, Steel Plant, Waste tyre recycling plant (Pyrolysis Plant), Food processing Plants etc. We are also providing complete ISI consultancy for any products for which ISI license is required. OUR VISION: DTPPL strongly believes in ethical business practices. Progress must be achieved in harmony with the environment. A commitment to community welfare and environmental protection are an integral part of our long term vision. DTPPL shall be professionally managed Indian company, committed to total customer satisfaction. DTPPL’s work force shall be innovative, entrepreneurial and empowered team constantly creating value and attaining global benchmarks. DTPPL shall foster a culture of caring, trust and continuous learning while meeting expectations of employees and society. GREEN BUSINESS IDEA FROM DTPPL: DTPPL is constantly thriving on efforts to develop environment friendly technology which will be helpful to society and human beings in long term sustainability. DTPPL has come up with GREEN CONCEPT of BEST OUT OF WASTE technology which is unique in its kind. We are offering PYROLYSIS PLANT with state of the art new generation technology for recycling of waste tyres, rubbers and plastics in an eco friendly manner.

REG. OFFICE: 2nd Floor, Galaxy Point, Near Old Sarthana Jakat Naka, Varachha Road, Surat -395006, Gujarat, India. Ph no: 0261 2578830 (M):9099065245, website:www.dtppl.com E-mail: dtppl.projects@gmail.com


Varachha Road. most of which still ends up in landfill or at worst it is incinerated. Worldwide almost 20% of the waste stream is Waste Tyre and Waste Plastic. LIMITED WHAT IS PYROLYSIS OF WASTE TYRES? Pyrolysis is established technology that cooks material in the absence of oxygen. REG. The value of plastics going to landfill is showing a marginal reduction despite extensive community awareness and education programs Once a substance or object has become waste. DTPPL provides the only commercial ‘waste’ tyre process that in reality removes worn tyres from the ‘waste’ chain. Emissions from the process are therefore controlled and completely environmentally friendly. Gujarat. The pyrolysis reaction will produce carbon black. gas and furnace oil as by-products of the recycling process. it will remain waste until it has been fully recovered and no longer poses a potential threat to the environment or to human health.projects@gmail. represents potentially 5 million barrels of recoverable diesel fuel.com E-mail: dtppl. The pyrolysis method for recycling of used tyres is an innovative technique that uses a special mechanism to heat the used tires in a closed vessel to melt down the tires into the materials that they were made of. This is a terrible waste of a valuable resource containing a high level of latent energy. This achievement will have significant environmental and profitability impact. Galaxy Point. this practice has become less and less desirable due to opposition from Government and environmentally conscious community groups. OFFICE: 2nd Floor.DHARMANANDAN TECHNOPROJECTS PVT. CURRENT SCENARIO OF WASTE TYRES IN INDIA: A BIG PROBLEM There are around One billion tyres (100 crore nos of tyres) which are thrown away every year in India.dtppl. In recent year. This is projected to rise by 15 per cent a year.com 2 . causing it to break down. Some 300 millions (30 crores) of them are recycled or are used as fuel and the rest are sent to landfill. website:www. steel wires. Near Old Sarthana Jakat Naka. Ph no: 0261 2578830 (M):9099065245. India. Surat -395006.

India. LIMITED POTENTIAL IMPACTS AT EACH STAGE OF THE LIFE CYCLE OF A TYRE OR OTHER RUBBER PRODUCT ON ENVIRONMENT LIFE STAGE Raw Material PROCESS INCLUDED • • • • • • Natural Rubber production Synthetic Rubber production Steel and fabric production Production of various other additives incorporated in tyres Transportation Production of the Basic components (sheet extrusions etc) from which the products are made Building of the tyre or other rubber product Vulcanizing and Finishing Use of the product for design application IMPACTS • • • • • • • Resource depletion Agriculture (for natural rubber) Energy use Greenhouse and Other emissions Solid and Liquid waste Energy use Greenhouse and Other emissions Solid and Liquid waste Manufacture • • • Use • Disposal • • • Disposal to Land Uncontrolled stockpiling Disposal in land filling • • • • • • • • Transportation • • • • Transportation of Raw materials Transportation of new tyres Transportation of used tyres to disposal or retreading Transportation of waste tyres Tyres have significant impact on the operation energy of vehicles resulting in energy use and emissions.DHARMANANDAN TECHNOPROJECTS PVT.com 3 . Varachha Road. dust from wear and tear Leachate to receiving environment Fires Free flow of landfill gas and leached compounds Mosquitoes and other vermin Visual Impact Erosion Energy use. OFFICE: 2nd Floor. Surat -395006. Ph no: 0261 2578830 (M):9099065245. Gujarat. website:www. Near Old Sarthana Jakat Naka. Greenhouse and Other Emissions Noise REG.com E-mail: dtppl.projects@gmail.dtppl. Galaxy Point.

OFFICE: 2nd Floor. Plastic and Rubbers. website:www.DHARMANANDAN TECHNOPROJECTS PVT.13% Refined Fuel Oil Carbon Black 30% – 35% Activated Carbon 2025% Steel wires 11% . END PRODUCTS PRODUCED BY PYROLYSIS PROCESS: Pyrolysis of scrap tyres can produce economically viable products (carbon black. 00. Gujarat.com 4 . Near Old Sarthana Jakat Naka.45% Virgin Carbon Black Same yields and quality as the product obtained from petroleum Scrap Tyres Pyrolysis Gas 10% . The greatest savings of all will come from recycling the carbon black.com E-mail: dtppl. oil and steel.15% REG. Carbon black manufacturer requires the burning of around 1. Galaxy Point. India. Ph no: 0261 2578830 (M):9099065245. oil. LIMITED WHAT DTPPL OFFERS? DTPPL offers green route of Pyrolysis to re-cycle waste Tyres. Reclaiming the valuable materials used to manufacture. Surat -395006. Scrap Tyres Primary products Secondary Value added products Pyrolysis Oil 40% .4 tons of oil for 1 ton of carbon black. DTPPL’s Tyre pyrolysis plant offers the opportunity to process millions of tyres each year in an economical and genuine environmentally friendly manner without production of waste materials This process will put to an end to some of the uneconomical and extravagant uses of tyres currently in vogue when they reach the end of their useful life. gas and steel) in an environmentally sound manner. 000 tons of CO2 per year.dtppl. Varachha Road.projects@gmail. Indian waste tyres would save the needless consumption of a further 6 million barrels of oil and avoid creating around 7.

It can be GREEN alternative to the carbon black produced from petroleum Industry. Carbon black can be further processed to produce high value product. India. LIMITED WASTE PLASTIC PYROLYSIS OUPUT: Waste Plastics Primary products Secondary Value added products PE Pyrolysis Oil 30-70% Depends on Raw material Refined Fuel Oil Same yields and quality as the product obtained from petroleum PP PVC Sorted Dried waste Plastic Pyrolysis Gas 10% PE Fuel Stick 10 -20% CARBON BLACK (Out put 30-35%): Carbon black has applications in a wide variety of rubber and plastic applications. Gujarat. Conveyor Belt Carrier Belt Hose and door mat Electrical cable insulation Black Nylon Bag Automotive Industries Tyre Industry Rubber Industry Plastic Industry REG. Varachha Road. Near Old Sarthana Jakat Naka. Ph no: 0261 2578830 (M):9099065245. Galaxy Point. OFFICE: 2nd Floor.dtppl. Surat -395006.com 5 .DHARMANANDAN TECHNOPROJECTS PVT.projects@gmail.com E-mail: dtppl. website:www. It is being used as a raw material in many industries as listed below.

India. Hence steel wires are having good commercial value. The waste stream is subjected to temperature in the range of 300°c to 450°c under anaerobic (i.com E-mail: dtppl. Galaxy Point. The non compressible gas is fed to the heating system as a fuel thus entire reactor is ‘Energy self sufficient’. Water is being used as cooling media.projects@gmail. These steel wires are pressed and can be sold for recycling or to scrap dealers. GAS (Out Put 10 – 13%) Gas produced by pyrolysis is a mixture of hydro carbon gases. Ph no: 0261 2578830 (M):9099065245.com 6 . There is huge demand for recyclable steel.DHARMANANDAN TECHNOPROJECTS PVT. TECHNICAL PROCESS ROUTE OF OUR PYROLYSIS PLANT: Our Pyrolysis plant is having technologically most advanced reactor system Waste tyres are shredded and possibly combined with other plastic waste streams and fed in to the pyrolyzer. It can replace diesel in many industrial applications. This water is recirculated again for cooling. LIMITED FUEL OIL (Out Put 40 -45%) Oil produced by pyrolysis is having high aromatic content can be used as a fuel in many industries. Then the steel wire and carbon black are removed. It has very high calorific value of more than 10. This process causes rubber to break down and the organic component of the oil is converted in to a mixture of organic chemicals and incompressible gases. Surat -395006. They have sufficient calorific value that they can be used in pyrolysis reactor’s heating system as a fuel.dtppl. Entire process is batch process and can be operated continuously REG.e. The vaporized gases will then pass through the heat exchanger and the oil gets condensed in liquid form. Near Old Sarthana Jakat Naka. OFFICE: 2nd Floor. Gujarat. website:www. Varachha Road. oxygen free) conditions. STEEL WIRES (Out put 11 -15%) Steel wires are detached after completion of entire pyrolysis process.000 cal/gm.

com 7 .dtppl. Near Old Sarthana Jakat Naka. website:www. Galaxy Point. Gas Collection. India.DHARMANANDAN TECHNOPROJECTS PVT. waste plastics) easily available Lower reaction temperature of 350 to 475 degree C (variable depending on raw material type) Zero emission process: no harm to environment Lesser reaction time and more energy savings Optimum conversation of polymer waste into hydrocarbon liquid with negligible wax content Plant is 'Energy self sufficient' PYROLYSIS RECYCLING MACHINE COMPONENTS: Pyrolysis reactor and inner tubes Gas chimney Gas tank Condenser Cooling tower Smoke pipe Oil pipe Oil tank Blower Draft fan Motor Power controller. Ph no: 0261 2578830 (M):9099065245. LIMITED BENEFITS FROM DTPPL’s ADVANCED PYROLYSIS TECHNOLOGY: Recover energy and value from waste in the form of fuel and charcoal Reduces plastic and tyre land pollution Eco-friendly recycling of plastic and tyres Commercially viable process End product oil is used as substitute to LDO/Furnace oil Perfect solution for Polymer waste management Raw material (waste tyres. Varachha Road.com E-mail: dtppl. Gujarat. Vacuum Tank REG.projects@gmail. Surat -395006. OFFICE: 2nd Floor.

Ph no: 0261 2578830 (M):9099065245.com 8 .projects@gmail. Oil About 15 HP for 5 MT Water cooling Cyclic External annual gear drive Direct With foundation Intermittent operation 2200x6000 (5 M.com E-mail: dtppl. Near Old Sarthana Jakat Naka.35% 11% . Wood. Varachha Road. India. Gas.DHARMANANDAN TECHNOPROJECTS PVT.4 RPM Coal.T.45% 30% .15% 10% .dtppl.) About 8100kg About 30 MT REG. Gujarat.13% Atmospheric pressure 0. website:www. Plastic Horizontal Rotation About 5-6 tons 40 % . Galaxy Point. Scrap Rubbers. OFFICE: 2nd Floor. LIMITED TECHNICAL SPECIFICATIONS OF THE PLANT: Equipment Equipment Model Material Structure Capacity for one batch Oil yield Carbon Black Steel wire Gas Work pressure Main engine rotation speed Fuels choice Power Cooling method Cooling water consumption (T/H) Type of drive Heating method Type of installation Operating Mode Reactor dimension (MM) (Diameter*Length) Reactor Weight Total weight Specification BS 007 Waste tyres. Surat -395006.

5.85 Lacks Rs. Surat -395006.5 Lacks Rs. 3. 1 Technical. 39 lacks Rs.4 Lacks Rs. 0.2 Lacks AMOUNT Rs. OFFICE: 2nd Floor. 2. 4 Workers CAPITAL INVESTMENT: PARTICULARS Land and Building Pyrolysis Plant Price Oil Storage Tank. Near Old Sarthana Jakat Naka. 7. 2. 5. website:www. 1.2 Lacks Rs.projects@gmail.15 Lacks Rs.10 Lacks Rs.35 Lacks Rs. 11. 100 litres per day 15 Hp 2 Managers. 2 1 4 MONTHLY SALARY Rs. LIMITED FINANCIAL ASPECTS OF THE PROJECT: Land Requirement Construction shade Water requirement Power Requirement Manpower requirement 1500 square meters 600 square meters Approx. Gujarat.DHARMANANDAN TECHNOPROJECTS PVT.dtppl. Galaxy Point.5 Lacks Rs. Crusher Foundation TOTAL (A) INTEREST AND DEPRICIATION: PARTICULARS Interest on Capital Investment @ 15% per annum (Excluding Land and Building) Depreciation on machineries@15% per annum TOTAL (B) EMPLOYMENT COST: PARTICULARS Managers Technical Workers TOTAL (C ) NOS.85 Lacks INVESTMENT As per Location Rs. India.05 Lacks ANNUAL SALARY Rs.70 Lacks REG. Ph no: 0261 2578830 (M):9099065245.com E-mail: dtppl. Varachha Road. 0. 1.com 9 .6 Lacks Rs. 0.

com E-mail: dtppl.10 Lacks QTY 1500 tons /Year -------225 tons woods /year PRICE Rs.5000/ton TOT. Galaxy Point.B) Rs.000 --TOTAL INCOME Rs. 11.6 Lacks --Rs.25.12. 36. 10 Lacks Rs.com 10 .75 lacks Rs. Gujarat. 208.70 Lacks Net Profit (Gross profit – Int & deprc.95 Lacks REG. 145. 62.7. website:www.dtppl. 21.45 Lacks PROFITABILITY: PARTICULARS Production cost (D) Income (E) Gross Profit ( E – D) Interest and Depreciation (B) AMOUNT Rs. India.25 lacks Rs.50. AMOUNT Rs. Surat -395006.2 lacks Rs. 7. 12 Lacks Rs. Near Old Sarthana Jakat Naka.10 Lacks Rs. Ph no: 0261 2578830 (M):9099065245.000 Rs. 11. Expenses TOTAL (D) REVENUE (INCOME)GENERATION : Volume of waste tyre processed per year: 1500 tons PRODUCT Carbon Black Furnace Oil Steel wire Gas TOTAL (E) % OUTPUT 35 40 12 13 OUTPUT (TONS) 525 600 180 195 PRICE / TON Rs. 105 lacks Rs.000 Rs. LIMITED PRODUCTION COST (BASED ON 5 TONS/DAY & 300 WORKING DAYS/YEAR): PARTICULARS Waste tyres (5tonsX300 days) Employment cost (C) Fuel for initial firing Electricity + Water Misc. Varachha Road. OFFICE: 2nd Floor.65 Lacks Rs.projects@gmail. 145.DHARMANANDAN TECHNOPROJECTS PVT. 150 Lacks Rs.45 Lacks Rs.7000 /ton -------Rs. 208.

Near Old Sarthana Jakat Naka. Varachha Road. boarding and local conveyance during entire installation period. lodging. (M) +91 9099065245 E.com E-mail: dtppl. Gujarat. Galaxy Point. Customer has to pay to & fro air fare of two engineers. Surat -395006. Gujarat.projects@gmail. Above Hotel Amiras.com REG. Varachha Road. Phone no.dtppl. India. 0261 2578830. LIMITED TERMS & CONDITIONS: Price mentioned in Reports: Ex-works Payment: 50% Advance along with confirmed Purchase order and Rest before shipment against proforma Transportation: Extra as actual Local Taxes: Extra as actual Insurance: On customer’s account Delivery: Within 30 to 45 days after receipt of purchase order and payment Errection & Commisioning: On customer’s scope.DHARMANANDAN TECHNOPROJECTS PVT. Installation Time: 15 days Validity: 30 days CONTACT US: DHARMANANDAN TECHNOPROJECTS PVT.com 11 . India.mail: dtppl.projects@gmail. Galaxy Point. 2nd Floor. website:www. Ph no: 0261 2578830 (M):9099065245. Surat – 395006. LTD. OFFICE: 2nd Floor. Near Old Sarthana Jakat Naka.

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