The Power Of Acting As If “A Chance Encounter Leads To A Mind Blowing Insight About Unleashing Our Personal Power: From

Two Strangers On A Cruise Ship”
By Allen Says I was gone! I wasn’t anywhere around to hear my wife, Wendy, yelling my name. "Allen…. ALLEN, come help me." It took a punch in my arm to awaken me from my Jamaican Dream of sunny beaches and hot weather. Who could blame me? New Orleans was unusually nippy that day with wind shears that were so cold it felt like ice was cutting through my face. I awoke from my dream to see my wife’s purse upside down with "stuff" spilled for five yards in every direction. My wife is one of those that has 2,687 "little things" in her purse at any given time and it seemed all of it was on the floor. I began to help her collect this monstrous pile of "stuff" and two incredibly nice people just joined in to help me. This was our first run in with Mark and Terri. They happened to be going on the same ship we were about to board headed for Jamaica, The Cayman Islands and Cozumel. These were two of the nicest people I think I had ever met. Not only nice, they both seemed to have a spark and a power about them that was out of the ordinary yet, somehow, I seemed to recognize. I assumed I had run into a couple of high level executives who just happened to be very nice. I was wrong as I was to later find out. With so many people on board we didn’t see Mark and Terri until late the next evening when they happened upon us as we were watching a crazy band trying to sing Reggae songs. We invited them to sit and have a drink with us

and thanked them again for helping us the day before. At some point during the evening a waitress came up behind me and said, "Mr. Says, you left your card on the bar" and handed me my ship card (I forget what they called it, but you could buy anything with it on the ship). All of a sudden Mark perks up, "Says?". Your first name is Allen and your last name is Says? "Not Allen Says from the Internet, right?"… You mean Warriors?, I asked. "Yes. You’ve got to be kidding me. I’m a Warrior member. Have been ever since I bought the book that changed my entire life, Money & Power, the interview you did with Bryan Kumar." We were both stunned by the chances of this occurring. Me even more so because I hate it when this happens. But that’s another story we’ll deal with some other time. He continued, "The day I read that book everything changed for Terri and I. Since then we’ve created three health books and a membership site that allows us to work from home and take vacations, like this one, whenever we want to. I don’t want to make you uncomfortable, but the truth is it’s all because of that book." "When I stood up from that book, I completely unchained myself. Nothing stops me from doing whatever it is I want to do. All the roadblocks that used to hold me back are gone and I’ve been creating one success after the other." "The section where you talk about being irresistible did it. I began to practice thinking, feeling, walking and talking like I would if I already had everything I wanted. The key breakthrough for me was how you made it clear that this had nothing to do with "affirming" anything or even having belief or faith. That’s where I had always failed before, trying to live some self created illusion, trying to "affirm" something I knew didn’t exist." "After reading that and the Tycoon book, which I almost didn’t buy because of

the title, it was all set for us. I started that very night and never looked back" (Yet another person that hated the title of my Tycoon book. I’m never going to live that one down it seems;) After talking for a while longer we parted ways to turn in for the night. But something kept eating at me. Something Mark had said clicked on a light bulb and I began to realize that something I had already written about was incredibly more powerful than it first had seemed. And I seemed to have a new way to explain it because of our talk. I almost missed our vacation from furiously taking notes, taking notes about one incredibly simple concept that, when understood, can change your life in an instant. This one simple method went far deeper and had far greater implications that I had ever imagined. The old success method of "Acting As If", almost had it right. This idea, this concept, was like taking the "Acting As If" method and making it a guaranteed, foolproof success strategy that simply could not fail if put into action with absolute sincerity. That vast majority of people who have tried the "Acting As If" method did it with the idea that they where "Affirming" something. Somewhere along the line the Acting As If method got mixed up with Affirmations. For most people, affirmations are a hopeless exercise doomed to fail. With this method below, we do not insult Logic at all. We are not trying to affirm something we know doesn’t exist. Let me give you the most simple explanation I can about this method right now… The only thing that holds any of us back from achieving massive success are the blocks we have set up in our own minds and bodies. For whatever reasons, these blocks are there, otherwise nothing could stop us from unleashing the fullest powers and abilities we are capable of. If we consciously remove these blocks, literally remove what allows them to

remain in place, we automatically unleash all the power and ability that has always been there, but that has always been in chains. Here’s the one simple question that holds the key to unleashing everything that is possible for you: "How would you Act and Feel if you already had everything you wanted?" IMPORTANT: Here’s the critical factor: Notice I did not say anything about "affirming" anything. Trying to "affirm" you have a million dollars when you know you do not is trying to live a self created delusion and can ONLY end in pain and frustration. This is the key difference… I said, "How Would You Act And Feel "IF" You Already Had What You Wanted" Notice that you are not Affirming anything that’s untrue. You are not affirming anything at all. You are simply Modeling the state of mind and body you would have IF you had what you want. The simple act of modeling the state of mind and body that you would have if you already had what you want effectively removes all blocks from your system. If you truly get into that state of mind and body the blocks cannot remain in place. Period. I cannot stress this enough…you are not "affirming" anything. No type of affirmations, faith or belief whatsoever. The very second you fall into thinking that you are "affirming" something that you know is not true, you lose. You are not trying to say something exists when you know good and well that it doesn’t. Not only does that not work, it has led many a person to incredible frustration and anger, much worse off than when they started. If you will model how you would feel and act if you had everything you wanted, you will find such incredible things happening in your life that you will not be able to contain the excitement.

How would you think? How would you act? How would you feel? How would you talk? How would you walk? How would you move? If You Already Had What You Want? When you get your answers in mind….do it. Think that way, talk that way, walk that way, move that way and feel that way. What you are actually doing is removing every block in your system that is blocking your true potential, your energy, your intelligence, your magnetism… Now, the question will surely be raised, "Why would we want to get into the state of mind and body of having a thing before we actually get it?" And that’s a good question. The answer to which reveals an amazing fact about us humans and the way we work… What you have, you get more of… If you have Confidence, this will cause things to happen that causes more Confidence. If you have fear, this will cause things to happen that causes even more fear. If you have confidence, your body and mind is more relaxed and open. This causes you to do and say the right things, make the right moves, which creates success, which in turn creates even more confidence. Same thing with fear. Fear causes you to tighten, to do stupid things, make the wrong moves, which leads to even more fear. It’s really very simple. What you have, you get more of. Here’s an old quote that sums it up: "To Him That Hath, Shall More Be Given. To Him That Hath Not, Even That Which He Seemeth To Have Shall Be Taken

Away" Sounds unfair at first glance doesn’t it? But it’s not. It’s simply the way we work by nature. And you can make it work to your advantage. People throughout history have noticed something very odd about us. When we get ourselves tensed up, needy and grasping after a thing, we never get it. When we let go of the grasping neediness it seems what we wanted comes to us in such quantities it’s as if it’s everywhere. Just like the boy chasing the girl. Let him be grasping and needy and she will ignore him as though he doesn’t exist. Let him let her be as though he could live with her or without her and she will run after him. We all know this to be true as we have seen it many times in our life. Whatever you get, create or attract in life either comes through you or it doesn’t come at all. And nothing can "come through" a tensed up, grasping, needy body and mind. Most people think what they get in life comes from "outside" of them. They never realize that what’s coming from the outside is coming only because of what’s going on "inside". Our habitual state of body and mind has "everything" to do with what we get, create and attract in life. Everything. From big promotions to that ideal man or woman we want. Your state of mind and body determines it all, at all times. Even when it doesn’t seem to be so. Follow the trail closely and you’ll see this to be fact. I can’t say all I would like to say about this here in this letter. Its applications go so far and the results are so powerful that I am creating a full book on this single concept. I’ve seen people who begin to use this idea completely turn their lives around in matter of days. An example is Joe, a friend of mine since high school. Joe is not what the ladies would call a "handsome man", and that’s putting it mildly. However, Joe grabbed onto this strategy because, in his own words, "I may not be the model type fellow that most Women are after and I can’t change

that, but nothing on earth can stop me from feeling and acting the way I would act and feel if I had the looks of a model"… The result? Joe got dates. One after the other. The year and a half before his marriage was the wildest time of his entire life. Yes, I said marriage. Something the 42 year old never thought was going to happen for him. Joe immediately came across as Confident and Worth something. His own unique style came out, which was always there, just burried under blocks he couldn’t get rid of. Joe is a totally different person today. He’s happily married to a Woman 8 years younger than him, with a child on the way and the best job he’s ever had in his life. His Confidence is actually blinding. Women that meet Joe seem oblivious to the fact that he is one truly ugly man. Confidence is a powerful force to be reckoned with. Confidence carries a quality about it that eventually gets under our skin. It is so powerful that even if the face of logic we can cave in and be overtaken by its sheer power. A group of Women were asked why we often see a beautiful Woman with a truly ugly man. Very few of the responses had to do with "kindness" or "money". The overwhelming majority of the Women polled responded that it was the power of his Confidence alone that made them find him attractive. It is a well known fact, and you probably know of a case of this yourself, when someone has a powerful self confidence, when they place great value on themselves regardless of what they may have or look like, others around them are at some point literally "forced" to view them in the same way. As having Value. As having great Worth. Logic tries to tell them this person is ugly or doesn’t have the ideal body or works as a janitor with very little money, and yet they are dumbfounded when they find themselves being taken over by the magnetic, convincing force of Confidence, even against all the logic they can muster. What have you got to lose?

Try it and see…try and prove me wrong. I can promise you that if you will actually try this as outlined here you will be shocked and thrilled beyond belief. If you don’t have any problems in life then this will be of no use to you. However, I don’t think I’ve ever met a person that didn’t have some type of problem. This will work on any situation, any hang-up, and any goal you can think of. And the amazing thing is we haven’t even began to cover what this strategy can really do. Humans have more power than most people know or are willing to believe. And this is the quickest and easiest route to that power I’ve ever seen in my life.
============= The two books Mark mentioned on our trip are Money & Power and This One with the horrible title I know the title is terrible but I was excited about what the book could do for people that used it and I got carried away. You’ll have to let me slide for that one.

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