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We exist to help our customers get the full benefit of communications

services in their daily lives.

The key to achieving this vision is a mindset where every one of us works
• Making it easy to buy and use our services.
• Delivering on our promises.
• Being respectful of differences.
• Inspiring people to find new ways.

Motivation at Telenor is based on a factor

High Performance Culture
Telenor describe the working context of employees by
• Guidelines (procedures)
• Targets (deliverables) to be completed within standard Quality& time.

So every employee is fully aware of the vision and values which are contributing towards
the core goal of Telenor. In this way considering their guidelines and targets, they are
required to execute with High performance. That high performance gives rise to high
performance culture.

Now Telenor has to maintain this high performance culture which is maintained through

In the terminology of the Telenor, the motivation is based of 4 factors, and by taking
these factors into consideration, they are providing the employees with choices,
opportunities, and options which works as Motivation for them.



For employees to act appropriately there is employee motivation which is a natural

growth from and employee empowerment. The employees hired in Telenor are
empowered enough that they can make decisions of the given project or responsibility.
If an employee is regularly able to contribute thoughts, ideas, and suggestions to
problems at hand or regular work activities, that is a feeling of accomplishment which
goes a long way. It makes an employee feel as though he or she is important and, hence,
their motivation is elevated.
Empowerments lead the employees to become responsible for their actions, because
when they are delegated with the empowerment, they are accountable for their dealings.

If the decision taken is correct, then no higher level employee can influence the decision
taken. So employees work with their devotion because they are satisfied. Example.


Telenor Pakistan offers the employees with good salary packages and incentives in return
of the performance the employees are providing. The employees are awarded with high
quality income in relation with the high quality performance. The compensation and
benefits are the motivating tools for some of the employees at telenor that enhance the
efficiency and working ability of the employee.

Instance, if the employee is having the urge to get better salary he have to work better
from the others, cause it’s the rat race. So being productive for the company, benefits the
employee themselves.

Environment Factor – Physical setup

Employees in the Telenor are provided with good setup for the working. This can be a
motivating driver, the hired personnel feel honored when they are provided with the
better work place.

There are no cabins in the big halls. The employees are seated on the tables, quite open to
every other employee in the hall. The set up is extremely open in order to increase
interaction between employees and reduce the factor of group formation. The employees
at Telenor work in such environment, the competition increases and being motivated each
employee tries to input his fullest effort to gain the ground.


In an organization, the culture always plays a vital role for the person to show high

The culture at the Telenor is TOP DOWN, the top employees establishes the tone for the
organization. The top level employees take good care while performing any task or
action, because it will have to be followed by the subordinates. Things are properly
informed; there is no means for getting misinformation. When the employees the highly
ranked employee setting an example, then they follow it without contradictions.

The employees are provided with recreational activities, by sending to hilly areas to be
getting fresh and also perform certain work tasks which are to be completed in normal
routine. They get motivated and work well by having recreational activities.
The employees are provided with complete resources that if they move from one place,
they move as an office, they are provided with laptops, in telenor building the facility of
Internet is available, and otherwise, they connect to their telenor service through mobile
phones. So when the recruitment manager has to move to different areas of Pakistan, he
travels as if he is having his office along. (with laptop, connection, and required
documents). So when employee realizes the importance of the resources he is being
provided with, he/she get motivated to work for organization which is considering the
needs of employees.


In less then 3 years, Telenor has grown at faster rate and having 15 million users all over
Pakistan. This is the caused due to human resources in Telenor. The growth of employees
is a key factor for the employees and organization as well. When the employees are
contributing enough and exerting maximum effort then their growth is must, they devise
the growth in 2 terms

• Including Additional Responsibilities: a way before promotion, when employee

makes himself such prominent by his competencies, he is being given some
additional responsibilities to observe the behavior over new duties. Then the
employee is being promoted after certain period of time, it can be 3 months.

• Promotions: the employees are upgraded when their performance meets the
standards or beyond, this is a motivating driver. The employee is awarded for the
level of productivity contributing towards the organizational vision and values.