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Gerely Rico

All living things have energies within. That is perhaps one of the basics in science. I have been thinking since I was young, what if these energies were mastered and may be used as tools to simplify things. Energies which we can convert into some special powers like we watch on televisions or those we see on comics. I'm sure this world would be fun as we explore the wonders of that unusual world but nevertheless, I believe that even before we fully realize our potential, we would have been dead by that time for I know, that would be an arena of competition. A world where in the strong shall live and the weak shall perish. As I grow up, I realized that non-living things to have also energies like wind, fire, water, planets, sun and many more. I came to realize that maybe in our mind, we also have this kind of energy not capable of being recognized by our five (5) basic senses but perhaps can be felt not by touching it but by its presence or existence, we know that there is something there even if we dont see it. I accepted the term magic and spells which are two rare phenomenon that can easily enter our human world and not those superficial beliefs on super powers possessed by elite persons. Magic, sometimes known as sorcery, is a conceptual system that asserts human ability to control the natural world (including events, objects, people, and physical phenomena) through mystical, paranormal or supernatural means. The best-known type of magical practice is the spell, a ritualistic formula intended to bring about a specific effect. Spells are often spoken or written or physically constructed using a particular set of ingredients. With this in mind, I am saying that when I speak of magic, it is not the tricks shown by a clown or juggler but those of wizards. Spells on the other hand pertains to those incantations or writings which require materials for it to work. I will not dwell on the history of magic because I don't care who or what brought about magic in our world. What I just wanted was to

try some simple ones which they say has less karma which is another term I don't want to inject in this paper but for purposes of definition, let's just put it in this simple phrase, "what goes around, comes around." To be honest, I just don't want to try those complicated spells for I know there's something in return which I am not ready to give. So off we go.

First and foremost, we all know of the movie Harry Potter which is based on the book Harry Potter by J. K. Rowling. I can't think of any book or movie that can best describe the spells and magic that I wanted to share my readers. Harry Potter, being a recent reference both in movie and in book-form would be a literature worth mentioning. Harry Potter is a heptalogy of fantasy novels written by British author J. K. Rowling. The books chronicle the adventures of the eponymous adolescent wizard Harry Potter, together with Ron Weasley and Hermione Granger, his best friends from the Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. The central story arc concerns Harry's struggle against the evil wizard Lord Voldemort, who killed Harry's parents in his quest to conquer the Wizarding world, after which he seeks to subjugate the Muggle(human) world to his rule. Spells in Harry Potter occur in the wizarding world of the series of books. Magic spells are used by many of the characters to achieve useful effects without the benefit of modern technology. The main depiction of a "spell" in the Harry Potter books consists of a gesture made with the character's wand, combined with a spoken or mental incantation. In the books and their associated film series, the names of the majority of these spells or the incantations used to effect them are derived from the Classical languages, particularly Latin. These names are not grammatically correct in any language; most spoken phrases resemble Latin words of appropriate meaning but are not proper Latin themselves. In Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince, the concept of casting spells nonverbally is introduced. Earlier, every spell cast by the principal characters had been accompanied by the appropriate voiced incantation, although advanced adult practitioners of magic had cast nonverbal spells in previous books. I cannot further discuss on this topic because I am presuming

that readers already got what I wanted to show them. Just a tip, Harry Potter is best read than watched.

Spells are those which require tools or materials in order to be made. Magic on the other hand is something which is broader than spells. This includes the different kinds of magic like black, white, gray, (white-turned black) etc. To brief you with the different types of magic, let's start with black. Black magic is those that pertains to evil curses and hexes like in the novel Harry Potter. These are those which inflicts sickness, pain, sufferings and even death to its target. While this sounds simple, it is a lot easier said than done. White magic on the other hand is with regard to those which seeks good luck, fortune, charm, etc. These are the ones we wanted to try. These are those which have no drawbacks or ill-effects. Afterall, we just wanted to try it out as to enjoy its limited power and not to mess with it. Gray magic is white-turned black. To explain this in my best way, let's say you do a spell to obtain money, but then a week later your mother dies and leaves you some money. What started out to be white magic was actually gray magic which then turned to black magic. You see gray magic is magic that can turn white or black. So this is something not worth trying. We won't be talking of magic and stuffs more. I'll show you know some spells and magic that I have personally tried.

This is the only spell that I tried and worked. All other spells I know didn't get my attention and so I disregard them already. The beauty of this is that it requires no tools or materials. It only asks for your concentration and willingness to do it. I stopped doing this already for almost three to four years already because I know it is an intervention to a divine will. It can destroy nature's way of feeding crops and helping farmers. This is a spell on how to stop the rain. I suggest you say this chanting words right before the rain pours or even if it has already showered, make sure that it is not a storm or rain, just raindrops. "Gods of power, Gods of might, I bid you now, stop this plight,

Stop the rain, we need no more, Let it fall, nevermore." Believe it or not, I have tried this spell seriously for 45 times 'til I stopped. My reason for stopping was I came back on believing to God, which is not a relevant issue on this paper. As a sign of my sorry for my disbelief, I promised not to interfere with this kind of intervening with nature. Success Rate : 36/45 Thats 80% success rate. To simplify it, in 5 tries, I would normally be able to stop the rain four times of that five which makes it a relatively good spell with no drawbacks. You better try it too and see for yourself.

I haven't tested some of the spells here. Its like the popular saying, caveat emptor or buyer beware. Try it for yourself. Who knows you can discover a spell that fits you. A. KISSING SPELL

Take a red color lipstick and draw a lip print on a piece of white paper , then take a red candle and burn the paper while chanting : kiss me when we meet , Kiss me {mention persons Full name } Greet me with your lips , and say you missed me . But most of all kiss me . Dont forget to visualize the person you want to kiss you , and conjure love . B. WITCHES HAND SHAKE

Extend your right index finger and lightly touch the wrist of the person exactly where the pulse is felt. By touching the pulse it throws the acquaintance completely off his balance for just an instant , but in that instant plant an initial thought, ( example : I am the one you want for the job ) C. LUCK SPELL Just say this words when the moon is full: "Lady of luck come out of your hiden course

bless your light upon me as the light of the moon shines above and in the light of luck will be blessed i, when the moon is next to be full." D. TO MAKE SOMEONE FORGET A SECRET

You will need: a black candle; a sheet pf paper with the words: MY SECRET written in pencil on side, and your actual secret on the other; and eraser (if there is already one on your pencil--fine.) What to do: Light the black candle, say the following words while erasing the letter M: As I erase one letter away You'll forget my secret (the person's name) today, And when the last letter is erased and burned My secret to you--shall never return! Snuff out the candle. Every night earse the next letter. When the letter T is erased, use the flame of the candle to burn the paper, and say: So mote it be!

I really wanted to put up a good paper with this but because of time constraint and the upcoming midterms, I lost chance to make the most out of this. I don't believe in karma. Some people who do good deeds receive miseries in life. Those who do bad things are the ones who live in luxury. Its all based on luck. If you were born rich, you are lucky. You can be rich through hardwork. We just have to play our roles. Afterall, life is just a matter of choice and chance.