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Connecting Ministry Partners with the Mission
Volume I, Issue 14 Lifelines Ministry of Cru lot of prayers regarding our relationship and lead us toward marriage. Justin is not on staff with Cru and therefore I am leaving my position with Lifelines to work in ministry to my husband and eventually our family. My last day of work was August 15th. I am sad to go but I am excited for my new role as wife. I hope you can share in my excitement as well. As far as your involvement in this ministry goes, I am so very grateful for the investments that you have made throughout the years to impact the campus and the world for Christ. You have been a blessing to me in ways that I cannot describe. Thank you. If you are currently donating on a monthly basis you can continue August 2011 to give through September to help cover my severance pay as well as leftover expenses from my summer tuition. If you would like to continue to contribute to the movement on campus there are a few staff members at UVA with Lifelines that I know are in need of support as well as a couple working in West Michigan that I can connect you with. Please let me know if you are interested. Again, thank you for your faithfulness and generosity over the years, I hope that you have been blessed by this ministry as well. Though we will not be connected through Cru much longer please don’t hesitate to keep in touch, I will still have my blog and my updated information is below. GOD BLESS!

The End is Just the Beginning
It has been a long, hard, wonderful journey since I first starting working with Campus Crusade for Christ in 2007. My job has challenged me in my faith in a number of ways as I have trusted the Lord to provide for my income and to provide students to disciple. I have learned to trust God in witnessing and to rely on the Holy Spirit for conversations and conversions. I have been taught relationship skills that have benefitted not only how I share my faith but also my personal relationships with family and friends. I have been blessed with the opportunity to see God change peoples lives first hand. I could go on forever in the ways that God has used the past four years for His glory and for my edification. However, my time with Cru has come to an end. A couple weeks ago I married an amazing man named Justin Freeman. This may be surprising as I did not mention this relationship through my newsletters or blog, I didn’t think it was appropriate at the time. It is somewhat of a long story but our courtship started in March and over the summer God answered a

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