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2011 EALE CONFERENCE HAMBURG THURSDAY 22 Panel A Panel B Panel C Panel D Panel E Panel F September Room 137 Room

27 Room 28 Room 130 Room 29 Room 30 9.00 Registration 10.00 10.00 Welcome 10.30 Prof. Eli Salzberger, University of Haifa, President of EALE Prof. Dr. Rosemarie Mielke, Vice President of the University of Hamburg 10.30 Keynote Lecture by Prof. Dr. Josef Drexl, LL.M. (Berkeley), Director, Max Planck Institute for Intellectual Property and Competition Law, Munich 11.30 "The concept of trade-relatedness of intellectual property rights in times of post-TRIPS bilateralism" 11.30 13.00 Parallel Law Enforcement Sessions 1 Chair: Georg von Wangenheim Marcello Basili, Filippo Belloc, Simona Benedettini and Antonio Nicita, "Do penalty points deter traffic offenses? Theory and evidence" International Law 1 Chair: Hans Bernd Schfer Florian Buck, "The political contest for Basel III" Tort Law 1 Corporate Law 1 Methodology 1 Public Law 1 Chair: Per-Olof Bjuggren Arye Hillman and Niklas Potrafke, "Voting in the absence of ethical restraint"

Chair: Francesco Parisi Chair: Andrew Griffiths Chair: Eli Salzberger Sergio Muro, "Cognitive errors and control based strict liability" Maria Isabel Sez Lacave and Dmaso Riao, "Voting and litigating: Corporate governance and the shareholder meeting" Robert Cooter and Jody Kraus, "The measure of law and economics"

Discussant: Gerd Mllheuer

Discussant: Christoph Kimmerle

Discussant: Peter Kulasza

Discussant: rica Gorga Discussant: Dieter Schmidtchen

Discussant: Katarzyna Metelska-Szaniawska

Tim Friehe, Shmuel Leshem and Avraham Tabbach, "Preventive versus non-preventive optimal law enforcement"

Stefan Voigt, "The Urs Schweizer, economics of informal "Vicarious liability and international law the intensity principle" making An empirical assessment"

Henry Hansmann and Mariana Pargendler, "Voting restrictions in 19th century corporations: Investor protection or consumer protection? "

Matthias Siems, "Measuring the immeasurable: How to turn law into numbers"

Niclas Berggren and Christian Bjrnskov, "Does religion promote property rights and the rule of law?"

Discussant: Antonio Nicita Sebastian Peyer and Kai Hschelrath, "Public and private enforcement of competition law: An integrated approach "

Discussant: Seo-Young Discussant: Bruno Cho Deffains Jan Schmitz and Johannes Schwarze, "Does Reputation affect the Election of Non-Permanent Members to the United Nations Security Council? An Empirical Analysis"

Discussant: Marc van Essen Roland Kirstein and Sidi Kon, "Corporate raiders, incumbent blockholders, and voting caps: A powerindex analysis of the old VW law "

Discussant: Wolfgang Weigel

Discussant: Jerg Gutmann

Discussant: Sencer Ecer Discussant: Stephan Tontrup 13.00 14.30 14.30 16.00 Lunch

Discussant: Mariana Pargendler

Parallel Property Law Sessions 2 Chair: Antonio Nicita

International Law 2

Tort Law 2

Corporate Law 2

Litigation 1

Public Law 2

Chair: Dieter Schmidtchen Yun-chien Chang, Bruno Deffains, "Tenancy in `antiBertrand Crettez and commons? A Olivier Musy, "Legal theoretical and harmonization with empirical analysis of co- endogenous ownership" preferences "

Chair: Fernando Gomez Pomar Mireia ArtigotGolobardes, "Avoiding waste in European product regulation: The nexus of ex ante safety and ex post liability "

Chair: Patrick Leyens Reiner Braun, Horst Eidenmller, Andreas Engert and Lars Hornuf, "Does charter competition foster entrepreneurship? A difference-indifference approach to European company law reforms "

Chair: Gerd Mlheuer Chair: Fabio Padovano Malcolm Stewart, Paul Jacob Nussim, Fenn and Neil Rickman, "Revisiting the double "Third party funding of dividend hypothesis" commercial disputes: A framework for comparative analysis"

Discussant: Wolfgang Weigel

Discussant: Stefan Voigt

Discussant: Kai Hschelrath

Discussant: Andrew Griffiths

Discussant: Carole Billiet

Discussant: Cristina Giorgiantonio

Daniel Gller and Michael Hewer, "Economic analysis of taking rules: The bilateral case"

Stefan Voigt, "The interplay between national and international law - Its economic effects drawing on four new indicators"

Jef De Mot, Jonathan Klick and Michael Faure, "Appellate caseload and the switch to comparative negligence"

rica Gorga, "Is `good faith a subjective or objective standard? A critique of Delawares recent case law"

Vincy Fon, "Bayesian influence on the choices of forum and law"

Valentina DimitrovaGrajzl, Peter Grajzl and Joseph Guse, "Trust, corruption and demand for regulation: Evidence from postsocialist countries"

Discussant: Yun-chien Chang Kristoffel Grechenig and Martin Kolmar, "The state's enforcement monopoly and the private protection of property"

Discussant: George Discussant: Sebastian Barker Peyer Laarni Escresa and Lucio Picci, "Institutional heterogeneity and domestic sanctions to cross-border acts: The case of foreign bribery" Discussant: Elif Erdemoglu

Discussant: Matthias Siems Minor Myers, "The fundamental tension between director elections and shareholder power"

Discussant: Killian McCarthy

Discussant: Bjornskov Andreas Koenig, "German Constitutional History: A ConstitutionalEconomics Perspective"

16.00 16.30 16.30 18.00

Discussant: Maria Alessandra Rossi Coffee Break

Discussant: Alessio Paccess

Discussant: Joseb Gudiashvili

Parallel Intellectual Property 1 International Law 3 Sessions 3 Chair: George Barker Chair: Stefan Voigt Eberhard Feess and Marc Scheufen, "Academic copyright in the publishing game: A contest perspective" Jos Guilherme Caiado, "Can L&E help us understand international controversies over products classification?"

Tort Law 3 Chair: Robert Cooter Benjamin Shmueli, " Suddenly I'm not half the man I used to be`: Instrumental theories, corrective justice and exposure to risk without bodily harm"

Bankruptcy Law 1

Litigation 2

Public Law 3 Chair: Christian Bjornskov Niclas Berggren, SvenOlov Daunfeldt and Jrgen Hellstrm, "Social trust and Central Bank independence"

Chair: Stephen Lubben Chair: Matteo Rizzolli Rgis Blazy, Bertrand Chopard, Eric Langlais and Ydriss Ziane, "Personal bankruptcy law, fresh starts, and judicial practice" George Barker, "An Economic model of collective redress, relevant to joinder proceedings, group litigation and class actions"

Discussant: Francesco Discussant: Florian Mezzanotte Buck Andrew Griffiths, "The contribution of branding to improving standards of corporate social responsibility" Jan Peter Sasse and Stephan Wittig, "The impact of BITs: An event study approach"

Discussant: Magdalena Discussant: Sven-Olof Thni Daunfeldt Alexander Stremitzer, "Restoring causation through proportional liability - How more lenient sanctions lead to higher compliance" Henri Fraisse and Anne Muller, "Household debt restructuring: Evidence from French bankrupt households"

Discussant: Jef De Mot Discussant: Joseph Guse Daniel Chen and David Abrams, "A market for justice: The effect of third party litigation funding on legal outcomes" Francesco Lagona, Antonello Maruotti and Fabio Padovano, "The opposite cycles of laws and decrees"

Discussant: Georg von Wangenheim Francesco Mezzanotte, "The interrelation between intellectual property licenses and the doctrine of numerus clausus"

Discussant: Jose Caiado Discussant: Tim Friehe Discussant: Rgis Blazy Discussant: Neil Rickman Seo-Young Cho, Axel Oren Gazal-Ayal and Dreher and Eric Ronen Perry, "Small Neumayer, "The claims settlement spread of anticonferences" trafficking policies Evidence from a new index" Discussant: Daniel Chen

Discussant: Stefan Voigt Lotte Ovaere, "The choice of environmental regulatory enforcement by lobby groups"

Discussant: Jing-Yuan Discussant: Niklas Chiou Potrafke 18.30 Roundtable on the sovereign debt crisis in the European Union 20.30 Chair: Prof. Dr. Thomas Eger, University of Hamburg, School of Law FRIDAY 23 Panel A Panel B Panel C September Room 137 Room 27 Room 28 9.00 Parallel Intellectual Property 2 Law and Development Tort Law 4 10.30 Sessions 4 Chair: Henry Smith Chair: Anne van Aaken Chair: Laszlo Goerke

Discussant: Jan Schmitz

Panel D Room 130 Bankruptcy Law 2 Chair: Bruno Deffains

Panel E Room 29 Criminal Law 1 Chair: Erling Eide

Panel F Room 30 Public Law 4 Chair: Neil Rickman

Jing-Yuan Chiou, "In the shadow of giants"

Robert Cooter and Aaron Edlin, "Law and growth economics: A framework for research"

Tim Friehe, Florian Baumann and Inga Hillesheim, "Status and liability: A first pass"

Stephanie Ben-Ishai and Stephen Lubben, "Involuntary creditors and corporate bankruptcy"

Daniel Chen and John Horton, "Deterrent effect of the death penalty? Evidence from British Commutations"

Giuseppe Di Vita, "The factors determining the duration of illegal disputes: An empirical analysis with micro data"

Discussant: Marc Scheufen Massimo DAntoni and Maria Alessandra Rossi, "Appropriability and incentives with complementary innovations"

Discussant: Roland Kirstein Robert Cooter and Hans Bernd Schfer, "How the many can overcome the few? Conditions of reforms in developing countries"

Discussant: Fernando Gomez Benjamin Shmueli, "Instrumental theories vs corrective justice: A new approach to balancing the goals of contemporary law"

Discussant: Rgis Blazy Discussant: Libor Duek Rgis Blazy and Nirjhar Matthias Dauner and Nigam, "Building legal Jerg Gutmann, "The indexes to explain determinants of death recovery rates: An penalty abolition" analysis of the French and UK bankruptcy codes"

Discussant: Lotte Ovaere Marta Espasa and Alejandro EstellerMor, "Is inefficiency under control in the justice administration?"

Discussant: Frank Mller-Langer

Discussant: Klaus Heine Discussant: Andreas Koenig Piero Pasotti and Sean Fitzpatrick, "Controlling corruption in judiciaries: A contractual solution"

Discussant: Lars Hornuf Discussant:Daniel Chen Michael Hewer, Libor Duek and "Information and Fusako Tsuchimoto, priority rules" "Responses to more severe punishment in the courtroom: Evidences from TruthIn-Sentencing Laws"

Discussant: Alois Stutzer Lorenz Blume and Stefan Voigt, "The economic effects of Constitutional budget institutions"

Discussant: Niels Petersen 10.30 11.00 11.00 12.30 Coffee Break

Discussant: Per-Olof Bjuggren

Discussant: Matteo Rizzolli

Discussant: Niklas Potrafke

Parallel Antitrust 1 Sessions 5 Chair: Eberhard Feess

EU Law 1 Chair: Klaus Heine

Tort Law 5 Chair: Urs Schweizer

Banking and Finance 1 Criminal Law 2 Chair: Alessio Paccess Chair: Florian Jeberger Libor Duek, "Timing of punishment and crime: Evidence from a criminal procedure reform"

Public Law 5 Chair: Katarzyna Metelska-Szaniawska Christian Bjrnskov and Niklas Potrafke , "The size and scope of government"

Sencer Ecer, "Optimal merger policy with policy-variant nonprice strategies and deterred mergers"

Francesco Decarolis, Cristina Giorgiantonio and Valentina Giovanniello, "The awarding of public works in Italy: An analysis of the mechanisms for the selection of contractors" Discussant: Jacob Nussim Christoph Kimmerle, "The political economy of the treaty of Lisbon"

Mireia ArtigotGolobardes, Fernando Gomez, Juan Jose Ganuza and Jose Penalva, "Product liability between contract and tort: Taking the contractual view seriously"

Per-Olof Bjuggren and Johan Eklund, "The cost of insecure property rights: R2 revisited"

Discussant: Georg Clemens Niels Petersen, "Antitrust law and the promotion of democracy and economic growth"

Discussant: Antonio Nicita Michael Faure and Jing Liu, "Models of compensation for ecological damage"

Discussant: Piero Pasotti Rgis Blazy, Jocely Martel and Nirjhar Nigam, "The choice between informal and formal restructuring: The case of French banks facing distressed SMEs" Discussant: Tasoula Tseliou

Discussant: Jerg Gutmann Oren Gazal-Ayal and Avishalom Tor, "The innocence effect in plea bargaining"

Discussant: Fabio Padovano Yun-chien Chang and Henry Smith, "An economic analysis of civil versus common law property"

Discussant: Thomas Berghaus

Discussant: Tania Biletskaya

Discussant: Mireia Artigot-Golobrades

Discussant: Florian Baumann

Discussant: Hans Bernd Schfer

Daniel Chen, "Markets Alois Stutzer and and morality" Thomas Braendle, "Incompatibility rules and the selection of public servants into national parliaments"

Discussant: Anne van Aaken

Discussant: Giuseppe Di Vita

12.30 14.00 14.00 15.30


Parallel Antitrust 2 Sessions 6 Chair: Justus Haucap Jrgen-Peter Kretschmer, "How to deal with resale price maintenance: What can we learn from empirical results?"

EU Law 2 Chair: Florian Faust

Tort Law 6

Banking and Finance 2 Criminal Law 3 Chair: Sergio Muro

Chair: Alexander Stremitzer Mariusz Jerzy Golecki, Sofia Amaral-Garcia, "The European law "Civil and from grundnorm administrative towards the Cathedral: litigation: Does it make Economic theory of a difference? The case remedies and the state of medical malpractice liability for judicial in Spain, 2006-2009". wrongs in the EU Law"

Chair: Oren Gazal Ayal Peter-Jan Engelen and Emanuela Carbonara Florian Baumann and Marc van Essen, and Laarni Escresa, "To Tim Friehe, "Emotions "Vulnerability to the fine or to jail? in litigation contests" financial crisis: The Considering the role of roles of firm- and the individual time country-level constraint" governance mechanisms in Europe"

Behavioral Law and Economics Chair: Avishalom Tor

Discussant: Giovanni Ramello Hila Nevo and Yariv Ilan, "How relevant is the relevant market?"

Discussant: Agnes Strau Lars Hornuf and Stefan Voigt, "Preliminary references Analyzing the determinants that made the ECJ the powerful court that it is" Discussant: Mariusz Golecki

Discussant: Erling Eide Discussant: Minor Myers Sofia Amaral-Garcia Klaus Heine and and Veronica Grembi, Michael Faure, "Managing insurance "Insurance for financial for medical crisis?" malpractice: Evidences from Italian regions"

Discussant: Libor Duek Killian McCarthy and Peter van Santen, "Modeling the money launderer: A microtheoretical foundation"

Discussant: Matteo Rizzolli Matteo Rizzolli and Antonio Nicita, "In dubio pro reo: A behavioural theory"

Discussant: Roberto Pardolesi

Discussant: Friedrich Heinemann Andrea Leiter, Magdalena Thni and Zvi Wiener, "Duo cum faciunt idem, non est idem: Evidence from Austrian pain and suffering verdicts"

Discussant: Stephen Lubben Alessio Pacces, "Liquidity crisis in the perspective of uncertainty: Law and economics implications"

Discussant: Ingo Fiedler Sharon Oded, "Corporate Monitors: Facilitating an efficient targeted monitoring policy"

Discussant: Jan Trzaskowski Jan Trzaskowski, "Behavioural economics, neuroscience, and the Unfair Commercial Practices Directive"

Discussant: Sofia Amaral-Garcia 15.30 16.00 16.00 17.30 Coffee Break

Discussant: Stephanie Discussant: Maria Ben-Ishai Isabel Sez Lacave

Discussant: Sergio Muro

Parallel Antitrust 3 Sessions 7 Chair: Roberto Pardolesi Giovanni Ramello and Aide Mazurkeviciute, "Setting of fines for cartels in ICN jurisdictions"

Court Behavior

Contract Law

Environmental Law 1

Methodology 2

Experimental Law and Economics

Chair: Roland Kirstein Shai Dothan, "Judicial Tactics in National Courts: A case study of the Israeli Supreme Court"

Chair: Tim Friehe Daniel Gller, "Expectation damages and bilateral cooperative investments"

Chair: Alfred Endres Carole Billiet and Thomas Blondiau, "Enforcing environmental regulations using the criminal or the administrative track: theory and empirics" Discussant: Donatella Porrini Alfred Endres and Bianca Rundshagen, "Incentives to diffuse advanced abatement technology under the formation of international environmental agreements"

Chair: Wolfgang Weigel Chair: Emanuela Carbonara Peter Cserne, Erling Eide, "A test of "Consequence-based the base rate neglect arguments in legal among law students" reasoning: A jurisprudential preface to law and economics"

Discussant: Justus Haucap Tasoula Tseliou, "Competition and regulation in the banking sector: Strive for an optimal equilibrium"

Discussant: Veronica Grembi Nora El-Bialy, "Measuring judicial performance in Egypt"

Discussant: Henrik Lando Henrik Lando, "A law and economics perspective on court intervention in contracts when circumstances have changed"

Discussant: Eli Salzberger Friedrich Heinemann, "Economics - A science without conscience?"

Discussant: Avishalom Tor Frank Mller-Langer and Patrick Andreoli Versbach, "The absence of `order effects in dynamic tournaments: Evidence from a real-life randomized experiment"

Discussant: JrgenPeter Kretschmer

Discussant: Alejandro Esteller-Mor

Discussant: Urs Schweizer

Discussant: Michael Faure

Discussant: Peter Cserne

Discussant: Kristoffel Grechenig

Laarni Escresa and Nuno Garoupa, "Judicial politics in unstable democracies: The case of the Philippine Supreme Court, An Empirical Analysis 1986-2010"

Antonio Nicita and Simone Sepe, "Contract design under asset specificity uncertainty"

Donatella Porrini and Reimund Schwarze, "Defining insurance models efficiency within climate change economic policies"

Dieter Schmidtchen, Ben Depoorter and "On the internalization Stephan Tontrup, of external costs: "Contract Entitlement" Replacing the Polluter Pays Principle with the Cheapest Cost Avoider Principle"

Discussant: Shai Dothan 17.45 18.45

Discussant: Alexander Discussant: Christian Stremitzer Almer

Discussant: Robert Cooter

Discussant: Johannes Schwarze

Keynote Lecture by Prof. Andrew T. Guzman, Ph.D., University of California Berkeley School of Law "What do international organizations do?"

20.00 Conference Dinner Saturday 24 Panel A September Room 137 9.00 Parallel Antitrust 4 10.30 Sessions 8 Chair: Giovanni Ramello Stephan Bonsiepen and Justus Haucap, "Horizontal divestitures and R&D incentives in asymmetric duopoly"

Panel B Room 27 EU Law 3 Chair: Stefan Oeter Tania Biletskaya, "The role of the European Union's Partnership and Cooperation Agreements (PCAs) in the reform process of the Commonwealth of Independent States"

Panel C Room 28 Labor Law Chair: Henrik Lando Michael Neugart and Laszlo Goerke, "Distribution and welfare effects of dismissal dispute resolution systems"

Panel D Room 130 Environmental Law 2 Chair: Michael Faure Christian Almer and Ralph Winkler, "Emissions targets and domestic actions: Dead end or last resort?"

Discussant: Hila Nevo

Discussant: Franziska Weber Georg Clemens, Juan Jose Ganuza and "Platform cooperation Fernando Gomez, vs. platform "Optimal standards for competition European consumer Production and law: Maximum investment strategies harmonization, with mass minimum Customization" harmonization, and coexistence of standards"

Discussant: Giulio Pedrini Giulio Pedrini, "Law and economics of training: A taxonomy of the main legal and institutional tools addressing suboptimal investments in human capital development"

Discussant: Stefan Weishaar Stefan Weishaar, "Does auctioning emission rights avoid state aid? Empirical evidence from Germany"

Discussant: Alessandro Discussant: Eberhard Diego Scopelliti Feess Alessandro Diego Scopelliti, "A defensive leveraging theory for interoperability decisions: An application to the Microsoft Europe case" Franziska Weber, "European integration assessed in the light of the rules vs. standards debate"

Discussant: Michael Neugart

Discussant: Christian Almer Edwin Woerdman and Andries Nentjes, "The EU emissions trading hybrid: Inefficiencies in the revised rules after 2013"

Discussant: Ilan Yariv 10.30 11.00 11.00 12.00 12.00 13.00 Coffee Break

Discussant: Daragh McGreal

Discussant: Thomas Blondiau

EALE General Assembly


Note: The time allocated for each presentation is 20 minutes followed by a 5-minute discussion by an assigned discussant and a 5-minute open discussion.