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From the President of the Board
This years BANI Builders Parade is upon us. I hope to see a lot of you out and about taking in all the wonderful variety of projects by this years’ builders and remodelers and their very talented subcontractors and suppliers. Hopefully, the great, but not so hot weather continues for a few more weeks to bring out the people in record numbers. There still isn’t a better time to be building. The parade committee has put on the final touches to what should be a great parade. Be sure to thank all of the committee members; Cory Hall, Jack Musson, Dan Study, Terry Hughes, Mark Knisley, Chris Evans and Jan Garman as you see them around the show in the coming weeks. I would again, like to personally thank all of those who have had a role in this year’s Builder’s Parade for all of their efforts. For those of you that may have missed some recent news. The state has delayed the enforcement of the residential fall protection until October 1st and the new state IRC building codes have also been postponed indefinitely. But, look for a new energy code sometime soon! Have a great month and I will look forward to seeing all of you at the September Meeting. Jeff Wilson, President of the Board

Fred Kreigh, Vice President K & F Construction Beth Cartwright, Treasurer Angola Lumber Dan Study, Past President Chapel Homes Dennis Spidel Dennis Spidel Custom Homes Jeff Deahl Four Seasons Design & Remodel Inc. Kevin Sibery Insurance & Financial Services Carl Cox J O Mory Mark Knisley

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Who has the best Chili? Find out at October’s Membership Meeting!


September 13 September 13 Board Meeting @ 5:00 Membership Meeting @ 6:00

IN Legislative News IOSHA to fully enforce fall protection guidelines on
Since 1985, the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) has required residential construction workers who are working six feet or more above a lower level to be protected by conventional fall protection, i.e. guardrail systems, safety net systems, or personal fall arrest systems. The use of alternative methods (i.e. slide guards, safety monitoring systems, and warning line systems) is allowed, but as of September 16 the employer has the burden to demonstrate conventional methods are infeasible or create a greater hazard before using alternative methods. Further, if using alternative methods, a site Members learn about the new fall protection guidelines at a seminar hosted by the Indiana Builders Association recently. MBAH Insurance Risk & Loss Management Specialist Chad Dumbris presented the seminar. specific fall protection plan must be written in accordance with OSHA’s fall protection regulation (29 CFR Part 1926, Subpart M). The interim guidelines were scheduled to sunset on June 16, but in early June OSHA announced a three month phase-in period from June 16 to September 15 to give residential construction companies additional time to comply. Indiana Department of Labor Deputy Commissioner-IOSHA Jeffry Carter issued a memo stating IOSHA will commence full enforcement of the directive on October 1. Carter’s memo further states that during the interim period until that date, construction employers need to be in compliance with the original fall protection guidelines. No citation will be issued for fall protection if the employers are practicing one of the following safety methods: 1. Using conventional fall protection; 2. Having a well-developed and working fall protection plan; and 3. Are in full compliance with the previously existing fall protection guidelines. Please work with workplace safety consultants or INSafe to ensure your fall protection plans are effective and in compliance. As part of IBA’s Alliance with the Indiana Department of Labor, IBA members receive priority in scheduling a FREE INSafe Safety and Health Consultation. If interested, please complete the online consultation request form at insafeconsultation.htm. No fines or penalties will be levied for any safety or health hazards identified during the consultation and your request for consultation will not initiate an IOSHA inspection. Additional information on fall protection is available at: protection;; and www. o s h a . g o v / d o c / r e s i d e n t i a l _ fall_protection.html.

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September 13th membership meeting at 6:00 pm

6 The Higher Standard May

Changes to The Indiana Energy Code including:

• • •

The Utility rebate programs A word about the DOE's Builders challenge EPA's Energy Star new homes program

Indiana code changes In a few months, Indiana will have a new, mandatory energy code for building new residential work, both single or multifamily. Builders can choose between 2 paths to compliance: “performance” or “prescriptive” The more flexible performance path looks to be about $1000 less per house, but even this path will increase your costs by $1000 to $2000 per house, depending on your subs and how you build now. Details to follow In a nutshell: the new Indiana code mandates what used to be included in the voluntary Energy Star Version 2 HERS 85 house. Thus, every job will need review by a 3ed-party rating organization

The EPA Energy Star program EPA's Energy Star program, to stay ahead of the state's energy codes, “upped the ante” for the new version 3: more construction work, and more paper work. Starting April 1 (for jobs permitted after April 1) as a sort of “trial run” (version 2.5) and for real (Version 3) on Jan1, 2012, it is guesstimated (by EPA) to add several thousand dollars to the builder's costs. Debate continues within the industry as to the cost/ benefit Version 3 will bring the home buyer. Builders meeting the new Energy Star standards will receive utility rebates as before.

The new Utility Rebate programs Because of their concern over the mounting costs, NIPSCO, Vectren, and Citizens Gas have each created their own voluntary Silver and Gold rebate programs, separate from the new Energy Star V3.

The SILVER Level is based on achieving a HERS score between 71 and 85. (When the new Indiana Energy Code goes into effect about the end of 2011, all homes must meet this standard, so the Silver level rebate will likely be discontinued.

The Gold level is based on HERS score of 70 or better. Both programs are contingent on using appropriate gas (or in some cases electric) equipment. See the Utility's rebate application and/or web site for conditions and details.

The Builders Challenge from US Dept of Energy Builders complying with the provisions of a utility’s' Gold Level (hers 70) can also with little effort and no additional expense achieve the Department of Energy's Builders Challenge. This gives you access to advertising and a nifty energy usage chart (WE ARE TALKING SALES TOOL HERE!) that compares your house with the competition. Visit the DOE Builders Challenge website to sign up – its free. For more information and help Contact: Bob Graham 317 908 5163 or

Bob Graham will be speaking at the BANI September Meeting, this is really great information, PLAN TO ATTEND!

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