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AN INSPIRATIONAL DECADE FOR IDG ESCAPING THE RED QUEEN EFFECT idG in the Middle east award winninG proGraMMes range of clients.. on time and on budget. In Lewis Carroll’s “Through the Looking Glass” The Red Queen says to Alice “It takes all the running you can do to stay in the same place”. 2001 Our partnering agreement with the rOyal military academy SandhurSt beginS a Ma jor leadership developMent proGraMMe a Milestone year for sport and for idG IDG is a leadership and management performance consultancy. Our mission is to create sustainable and measurable change in individual and organisational behaviour. on time and to budget • Respect for all our stakeholders.. including our clients. In 2011 we will continue to live our values: • Selfless commitment to deliver excellence to our clients and make a real and measurable difference • Discipline to design. whereas to move ahead they have to run even harder. develop and deliver what we promise. This year we delivered programmes across the globe. Cutting prices will achieve only a very short term competitive benefit before your competitors match you. from ambitious Emirati women to retail managers in The Netherlands. thanks to our own high performing team of great staff. our clients and our participants. We hope that 2011 will be as interesting and compelling as our previous ten years. Evolutionary biologists have used this scene to illustrate the competing arms race among competitive species. In a commercial context. working in five continents. Product excellence will require investment but the competitive advantage will be longer – think IPAD. However the greatest competitive advantage is gained by recruiting. giving them the courage to move outside their comfort zone. our staff and our suppliers • Integrity in all our commercial affairs • Courage to challenge the status quo • Loyalty to. Our programmes delivered what we promised. developing and retaining the best talent – requiring ambitious investment but yielding the longest and deepest advantage over competitors. We helped our participants to challenge themselves and the status quo. we met extraordinary people achieving extraordinary things. Each year we learn and grow. in order to survive organisations have to run very hard. and development of. We delivered business simulations to a 2 3 . both as a business and as individuals. Cutting costs lasts slightly longer. raisinG the ManaGeMent perforMance bar inspirational finance is born world wide learninG investinG in talent 2010 and beyOnd .the future Of leaderShip. our clients and staff. Our digital survey platform evidenced the changes participants made to themselves and to their organisations.

which combine our commercial and professional experience with over 200 years of leadership experience from the British Army.. we have delivered leadership development programmes at the Academy. Since 2001. ESAB 4 5 . The programme developed and delivered by IDG at the Royal Military Academy Sandhurst (RMAS) achieved this and much more. through its philosophy of ‘Mission Command’.” – Steve Kelsey Global Head of Learning and Development. followership and partnership. where authentic leadership values count above all else. experiential leadership activity or text book. many people assume that operations are conducted in ways that leave little room for subordinate decision making.IDG AND SANDHURST We continue to enjoy our privileged and exclusive partnering agreement with the Royal Military Academy Sandhurst. Feedback from all our programmes demonstrates that “the Sandhurst experience” has a direct and positive impact back at the work place. helping them to re-shape their leadership toolbox. For many of our delegates the programme has proven to be a profound experience. to be able to drive our business forward faster.young officers are encouraged to act in a manner appropriate to the situation in which they find themselves. interpersonal behaviour and strategic thinking skills. ‘Selection and maintenance of the aim’ is fundamental to mission command . can capture the atmosphere created here. we are able to explore in detail the concept of mission command and how it transfers into the commercial world. At IDG. No leadership model. An outstanding place to consider leadership.” This sums up what people take away from time spent at Sandhurst. more effectively and sustainably. “In 2011 we were looking for a programme that would enable our senior leaders to move beyond what they thought was possible. provided that their actions are consistent with objectives set higher in the command chain. “the impact of being at Sandhurst with IDG forced me to raise my game. Often the external perception is that the Military style is purely didactic.. empowers its leaders at all levels to make fast and effective decisions within a broad strategic framework. As one of our delegates said. But this perception is wrong. The modern British Army.

the initial success of the Experienced Managers Programme in Lloyds Banking Group led to the widening of its footprint across the organisation.2005 2009   2010 Financial World Innovation Award On 1st December 2010 the Experienced Managers’ Programme designed and delivered by IDG and implemented by Lloyds Banking Group. but for its practical application. over 800 participants will have been through this programme. and the senior management support it has. designed and delivered by IDG and implemented by Lloyds Banking Group. the global range of the programme means that the positive effects have been felt on an international scale. We believe that the duration of our residential programmes is a crucial element. “EMP is a first-class example of a sustained and useful initiative. delegates work in four teams to deliver ROI on quick-win projects that they choose themselves. 2008   Best Contribution in Financial IT to Reducing the Carbon Footprint.Judge. The FUSION Programme seeks to put new skills into practice by means of team-based pay-back projects. The FUSION programme has provided a comprehensive and sustainable solution to a serious skills issue within the IT department. collaboration. This is real action learning. customer satisfaction. The programme is designed to take people from different parts of the business and facilitate effective teamwork through increased levels of trust. Following its launch in 2003. Participants need to engage with each other and with our philosophy of leadership. Good management engagement and adept execution makes this a stand-out management programme which helps reduce the cultural barriers seen in major companies. and the alumni community which has been created by networking the ‘Fusioneers’”. The judges accurately summed up the benefits of the programme as follows: “It does not just train people. peer support. was judged ‘Most Innovative Training Programme’.   2005 ifs/Deloitte Financial Innovation Awards Winner . The sheer scale of the programme. Our programmes are experiential and tailored to provide a unique learning experience with proven results measured using our digital survey platform. winning awards not for its theoretical brilliance. as well as achieving some impressive results” Marc DonFrancesco . The first twenty-one groups have delivered payback of over £20m. followership and partnership to make a real difference back in the workplace – this can only be achieved with modular interventions over a period of time. Hallmark of innovation Hallmark of Innovation Award In 2005 we won our first major award. The award for Best Contribution in Financial IT to Reducing the Carbon Footprint for 2008 was won by the HSBC FUSION Programme at the Banking Technology Awards. The Experienced Managers’ Programme. The project has demonstrated many benefits – retention. By the end of 2011. sales. reduction in costs. Each programme involves over thirty middle and senior managers undertaking five. This award recognises the successful introduction of a training initiative which makes improvements to the business in areas such as managerial performance.AWARD WINNING PROGRAMMES Why do our leadership programmes win awards? The innovative and tailored design of our programmes ensure successful outcomes. three day residential modules over twelve months. Staff Development Programme of the Year The HSBC FUSION Programme won the award for Staff Development Programme of the Year at the 2009 IT Training Awards. an extension of its delivery for a further seven years and a significant return on investment. it actually induces change throughout the operation. For this reason the first residential module is run at the Royal Military Academy Sandhurst with the aim of building trust and inclusion fast. team leadership and customer service. 6 7 . In addition. won the Financial World Innovation Award for Innovation in Staff Development. were both remarkable. Each team must decide on a project that will offer tangible business benefits to the organisation whilst also providing a financial return on investment.

The content and format of IDG programmes varies widely but all are designed to achieve sustainable and measurable change in individual and organisational behaviour. The modules covered: • Motivating and leading effectively. are trustworthy. with much of the success down to the very experiential nature of the programme combined with powerful content. and for the entire organisation? Once again the question should be asked: “How well do I collaborate across the organisation?” On the next page we have provided two examples of successful programmes that we have delivered during 2011. enthusiastic and energetic. The facilitator’s approach allows the participants time for reflection. manufacturing and R&D personnel coming together to form cross functional project teams within a new matrix culture. IDG designed a four module development programme (comprising ten days spent over eight months) to enable the management group to raise their performance and play their part in fast tracking the firm’s growth. Detica “IDG continues to provide an excellent programme for people moving into early leadership roles and this has had a lasting impact both on the individuals and the business. In considering leadership. cheaper and better. These teams work together. while under time and resource pressure. communications. specifically in meetings and briefings. point out problems and offer solutions. we ask the question: “Why would anyone want to follow you?” 8 9 . Action Learning Teams At the core of each programme is the division of delegates into cross-functional Action Learning Teams. collaboration. pharmaceutical. Key measurables include: • Individual behavioural change using bespoke 360° feedback reports • Workshop effectiveness through Kirkpatrick evaluation data • Programme ROI on specific payback projects. They can be helped to develop their key skills and to modify behaviours that may previously have prevented them from achieving their goals. show initiative. through a combination of well-designed and facilitated programmes they can be helped to understand. decision making and leadership skills. Since then we have developed a proven track record in creating large scale programmes in construction. effective followers. our special relationship with Sandhurst enables us to weave into our programmes some of the operationally pragmatic leadership. and another twelve months after its conclusion. 90% of delegates from the most recent iteration believed that the training would help them in their future career. utilises the talent and experience of project managers and channels it into improving self-awareness. IDG had the opportunity to launch a programme to improve the performance of these cross functional teams and develop team leaders who could lead a variety of projects at short notice. cross-boundary team-working. IDG constantly measures the effectiveness of our programmes on both individuals and organisations.particularly the maintenance of morale through high degrees of commitment. “We are seeing the programme’s impact through the skills and developing confidence of our leadership group in motivating their teams to meet our rapid growth challenges. self sacrifice and mutual trust. Delegates were also offered one-to-one coaching both during and after the programme. IDG won its first contract to develop and deliver a major leadership programme for a High Street bank. professional services. A large division of a global pharmaceutical company developed an integrated approach to product development which saw commercial. Leadership Whilst not all of our programmes are held there. The challenge was how to equip this management band with the knowledge. At least one third of the participants have so far taken on a more senior role in the firm. Effective followership IDG is in the vanguard of the management development sector’s growing interest in ‘effective followership’. and will surround themselves with. value and utilise their talents and hard-won experiences. Most people spend significantly more time in followership roles than leadership roles and research estimates that followers contribute 90% to the success of any organisational outcome. now in its fourth year. for example. with the same facilitator. both for our team.” – Michelle Traynor Learning and Development Manager. having demonstrated greater maturity and confidence as a result of the programme. and that team projects have led to significant improvements in the effectiveness of project management. for the duration of the programme. skills and confidence to enable them to step up to broader responsibilities. However. Most importantly. Last year we ran the programme in one of our core growth markets with great results and will be exporting it to further international markets this year. and developing excellent team-working skills • Understanding the commercial impact of decisions through a business simulation • Increasing the firm’s footprint in the marketplace by building and maintaining strong client relationships • Managing for great performance – setting targets and encouraging growth and development in others.” – Richard Coles Senior Project Manager. followership and team-working lessons that the Army has honed over centuries. Participant feedback demonstrates the success of this programme. delivering excellence or making a difference. How can we raise the performance bar. workplace application and feedback. They tell leaders what they need to know – not what they want to hear. Global Strategic Projects at GlaxoSmithKline Consumer Healthcare. Each participant received one 360° feedback report during the programme. technology and the financial services sector.INSPIRATIONAL LEADERSHIP In 2002. The highly successful programme. Its success is evident in their desire for further development and our senior executives’ enthusiasm for the programme continuing. Successful leaders will be. Our approach at IDG is based on extensive experience and a firm belief that people cannot be ‘taught’ to be leaders nor to work as a team. They are positive. Our developmental programmes focus on the relationship between leaders and their teams . Key elements of our programmes include: Measurable outputs Our development programmes are designed to unleash the leadership and followership potential that is too often buried and wasted in organisations. they are committed to something outside of themselves. Partnership and collaboration There is constant pressure to do everything quicker. They should always ask the question: “Why would anyone want me in their team?” Senior Executives from a professional services organisation recognised that the firm’s growth aspirations could only be met by delegating more responsibility to the managers below them. reliable and deliver on promises.

once they understand the impact such changes will have on their effectiveness. but the most powerful way of using coaching is to combine it with development to produce truly embedded behavioural change. At senior executive level. in order to embed learning and increase the best practice footprint. we have equipped them with the skills to motivate and support their coachees’ learning. to build on that insight. TEAM 1st 360 INDIVIDUALS 2nd 360 4 MODULES TEAM 1st 360 INDIVIDUALS Project Ideas ORGANISATION 2nd 360 RESULTS Our one-to-one coaching is often integrated with our leadership development programmes to build on and embed key learning points in a sustainable way. Our client. leaders and managers in large and medium sized organisations in both the private and public sectors. From extensive experience. They invited us to design. develop and deliver a global programme for key managers leading large teams. as well as psychometric testing. “We know that integrating coaching with our global management development programme ensures we embed and sustain real improvements in our business and people management capabilities. Programme participants have benefited greatly from this exceptional support and the client has received a significant return on its investment. IDG regularly undertakes coaching interventions with executives. we identified an internal cadre of senior managers to act as coaches for programme participants. recognises that competitive advantage lies in realising the energy and talent of its people. enabling insights to be discovered and future actions to be more considered. HSBC 5 MODULES TEAM 1st 360 INDIVIDUALS PreWork BUSINESS Project Ideas ORGANISATION 2nd 360 RESULTS 10 11 . a leading global bank. credible and well-qualified in a range of coaching methods and approaches. focusing exclusively on their coaching capability. By creating a parallel stream of development for this group. Our team has worked in a variety of substantial businesses prior to specialising in coaching and therefore come with a high degree of commercial rigour and personal credibility.OUR APPROACH 3 MODULES INSPIRATIONAL COACHING RESULTS We believe that today’s business people need to be able to stand back and reflect. – Fiona McGrory HTS Global Banking and Markets. Our coaching process helps individuals to identify what works well in given situations. we offer facilitation and coaching as an integral part of our work with senior intact teams responsible for leading major business units or an entire enterprise. we have seen individuals adapt their style and acquire new ways of thinking and acting. supported by excellent project management and technology capability has contributed immensely to this success”. Our online tracker system supports this process and enables them to measure the effectiveness of the coaching. Simultaneously they wanted to raise people management capability and introduce an organisation-wide coaching culture. We have been providing coaching for middle and senior managers since IDG’s inception. approaches and reactions to fit different situations and challenges. Working closely with the client. A client working in a complex and rapidly changing environment required exactly that of us during 2010. whilst also addressing any areas for development in a positive and constructive manner. The quality of IDG design and delivery. Coaching can really help individuals to create their own toolkit of styles. Our coaches are experienced.

There is no one neat package that can be received and unwrapped. it’s about creating long-term change and an enhanced capability that is placed deep in the organisational DNA. combined with a comprehensive understanding of and commitment to your organisation’s ethos and identity. We commit to designing and developing the appropriate solutions with you. These tools and techniques operate only at the surface level and so cannot and do not create the self-sustaining capability and capacity that is needed for long term progress. Without this. We believe our difference lies in the principles that underpin our work. We support executives in their efforts to develop confidence and identify the ORGANISATION DESIGN VISION & STRATEGY PEOPLE PROCESSES SERVICE DELIVERY • PERFORMANCE MANAGEMENT • COMMUNICATIONS & ENGAGEMENT (HOW TO) • COMPENSATION & BENEFITS • TALENT MANAGEMENT • RESOURCING 12 1-2-1 COACHING TEAM DYNAMICS 13 . measurable and worthwhile. Through working both bottom-up and top-down. not for you. local matters. This in turn enables you to prioritise activities in a way that is coherent. It is not about replacing your workforce or creating dependency. Whether we are working on smaller-scale. We therefore invest heavily at this level. all of whom have previously held senior positions in business. one of the biggest challenges lies in aligning the capacity. we aim to: approach best suited to working collaboratively and leading effectively in ambiguous and complex situations. Such things may appear to exist. WHY? WHAT IS HAPPENING? HOW DOES IT NEED TO CHANGE? DOES IT HAVE THE CAPABILITY TO DO SO? INSPIRATIONAL CONSULTING 2011 has seen the launch of Inspirational Consulting (IC). revealing the ready-made solution. Whatever challenge or objective you or your organisation might face there is no single answer that will really make a difference. both individually and in the team dynamic. ambition and motivations of the senior leaders who individually and collectively play such a significant part in taking the organisation forward. an organisational consulting practice designed to build upon IDG’s current focus on leadership development. or supporting and guiding you through major transformation. In doing this. even the best efforts are at constant risk of compromise. As experienced executive coaches. For many businesses. our approach ensures that these principles remain at the heart of everything we do. allowing the collective aspiration to be met and vision and strategy delivered. the cOnSulting prOceSS (INCLUDING RESEARCH & DIAGNOSTICS) END-CUSTOMER RELATIONSHIPS PROGRAMME MANAGEMENT LEADERSHIP DEVELOPMENT COMPETENCY MODELLING • Surface your deeply-held understanding of what needs to change • Provide robust and appropriate challenge to long-held beliefs • Ensure the important issues are not avoided. Our advice will deliver a positive impact on the organisation’s performance and collective confidence. The value that comes from bringing in an external perspective is created through facilitating dialogue between senior stakeholders with the aim of reaching a consistent and shared view of what needs to be achieved. connected and manageable. who work with clients to create focus and clarity around the challenges and potential initiatives facing their organisations. thereby enabling you to determine the level and type of support that is needed to move ahead. Vital for your success is the retention and development of human capital at all levels.WHAT DOES THE ORGANISATION NEED TO ACHIEVE? WHAT IS ITS CURRENT CONDITION? IF THERE IS PAIN. but are never more than a quick-fix. we support leaders to make this transition in a way that is meaningful and purposeful for both them and their organisation. This takes the group’s operating footprint into an adjacent space where we support our client organisations in understanding and recognising the capability that already exists but may not be fully optimised. Inspirational Consulting is comprised of experienced consultants. Our work does not pre-determine solutions or outcomes but ensures that whatever is reached is real.

It shifts the focus of prevention away from unsafe conditions to unsafe activities (i. This often includes discussing ‘the undiscussables’. lessons from the Military. TEAM 360° TOOL Our experience of high performing teams has allowed us to develop a powerful tool to measure the effectiveness of a critical team.INSPIRATIONAL TEAMS The High Performing Teams workshop based at the Royal Military Academy Sandhurst is a great example of the unique appeal of IDG. Sporting and Business Worlds are combined in an inspiring environment infused with the highest standards of leadership development. diagnostics and feedback. team members develop the key behaviours necessary for achieving their mission and objectives. Followership and Partnership is fundamental to the success of any incident and injury free environment. Thus giving valuable internal and external feedback on their performance. The workshop combines indoor and outdoor experiential learning. comparing this perception against how they view themselves. facilitated business discussions and interactive theory sessions. Our Team 360° Tool allows intact executive teams or project teams to gain a genuine insight into how the organisation views them. as the level of success is determined by how organisations ‘live’ their systems. Research indicates that 90% of the root causes of incidents are related to work behaviour while only 10% are related to work conditions. enabling them to look. Participants learn how to: • Develop self-awareness • Manage their impact and influence on key stakeholders • Understand the team’s purpose and objectives • Commit to supporting these with appropriate values and behaviours • Inspire. BEHAVIOURAL HEALTH AND SAFETY IDG has delivered large scale HSE development projects in The Middle East and in 2011 we will continue to provide our downstream implementation expertise in the Gulf and Central Asia. between long and short term aims and internal and external focus. On their own. Excellence in Leadership. because behaviour turns systems and procedures into reality. behaviours). and communication abilities. influence and motivate others • Encourage effective followership • Develop a sense of balance in their decision making process. Every morning everyone – “from the very top to the hourly paid worker” needs to wake up and ask themselves the three key questions and answer them honestly. Focusing on human behaviour to improve safety performance has been successfully implemented in many global oil and gas organisations through a variety of methods. for example. Participants gain enhanced leadership.e. management. in a systematic and continual focus on hazard recognition and mitigation. • Why would anyone want to be led by me? • Why would anyone want me in their team? • How well do I collaborate across the organisation and with third parties? 14 15 . we can provide a safe but robust environment in which these difficult conversations can take place. The aim of the programme is to enhance a team’s leadership. The High Performing Teams workshop benefits from a wide variety of approaches. Successful ‘management for safety’ starts with the involvement of everyone. Teams must understand what people have said about them and develop a set of rules and methodologies to address the issues. Promoting safe behaviour at work is a critical part of the management of a successful incident free environment. comprising presentations. from very top to hourly workers. act and feel like a high performing team. This awareness enables critical teams to act on the feedback. So this behaviour-based approach focuses primarily on the 90%. followership and partnership capabilities. good systems do not ensure zero harm.

hotel and hospitality. management consultancy and the insurance industry. Commercial Awareness for Retail Managers and Leaders in Europe. IF’s core commercial awareness programme is not the usual dry classroom based ‘Finance for Non-Financial Managers’. Feedback has been very positive and the programme has given delegates the confidence and resources to run their own entity. As partners in this learning programme. Retail has been a challenging sector for the past three years. it has been rolled out across Western Europe and is delivered in four languages by the Inspirational Finance team. “By using a Business Simulation. delegates can actually see the immediate impact of their actions on the operation’s financial health. Delegates are equipped with financial skills and are required to apply them in measuring the performance of their organisation and as a means of monitoring results. To date. It leaves people far more aware of the role that they play in securing long term financial stability and commercial success. team development. influencing and presentation skills Innovation for commercial success in our client’s business. identifying risks and responding appropriately. They wanted their team to understand that every decision made has a financial impact and a commercial consequence within the business. construction and property development. AS Watson. In addition to generic simulations which can be tailored to highlight key issues that particular businesses face. To tackle this challenge. 16 17 . IDG works with clients in all leadership competencies from strategic planning through to developing high performing teams. people management. utilities. our client wanted their leadership team and retail managers to balance a full commitment to organisational values (passion for customer service. manufacturing. Inspirational Finance (IF) has developed a suite of bespoke games for use in retail. It pulls far more levers than just financial acumen – it’s about strategic planning. Europe. team-working and commercial development as one. Our business simulations can be delivered as a stand-alone event or as a powerful blended learning experience that provides leadership. innovation) with a dedication to delivering constantly improving financial returns to their shareholders. smart decision making and building a high performing team. It is a learning programme with a true to life business simulation at its heart which engages delegates to run their own organisation to maximise commercial success. the oil and gas sector. The measurable outcomes of this two day learning programme are improvement in: • • • • Financial management skills Commercial behaviours Negotiation. our client co-designed business simulations that were customised to the trading environments of each of their brands.INSPIRATIONAL FINANCE All our business simulations highlight the key financial elements of any business. including: • Cash flow velocity • The purpose and construction of financial statements • The importance of strategic planning and execution • Forecasting and the requirement to manage costs. It is an excellent method to get people out of their comfort zone and to learn by acting and experiencing.” – Bob Pearce Group Learning and Development Director. competitor analysis.

After an initial interviewing and diagnostic process. In 2010 we have: • Trained young Bahraini managers to act as mentors and assessors • Designed and run a comprehensive four week programme in leadership. This five module leadership programme is highly pragmatic and business relevant. leadership and policy making. We are proud of our continued association with the Court of The Crown Prince in successfully training and assessing over 1000 young Bahrainis during the past eight years. The high level of participant engagement created a successful development programme and a thoroughly enjoyable experience. BAHRAIN Leadership assessment and development. Learning is two-way and continuous. The success of these programmes led to a request to deliver them in Spanish and German in 2011. UAE IDG has worked with a large property development and construction company. In 2010. We continued to work in Hong Kong and North America and are proud that.we delivered a two step leadership programme for emerging leaders in a global pharmaceutical business. USA During 2011. more effective team-working and improved commercial awareness. for the benefit of the organisation. IDG ran a leadership programme for a group of Qatari Female Military Police Officers. EUROPE Commercial leadership programmes. IDG is delivering the award winning FUSION. It immerses participants in an intensive development experience which constantly challenges them to raise the performance bar. We work hard to ensure that our programmes encourage participants to develop sustainable changes in their behaviour for the benefit of their respective organisations. develop self awareness. IDG designed a programme built around three core workshops – two delivered in Amman and one at the Royal Military Academy Sandhurst – on the themes of management. The participants spent a week focusing on how they could build high performance teams. The aim of the programme was to empower and enthuse existing Project Team Leaders to deliver better quality projects faster than the competition. An additional objective was to help them make rapid and informed decisions. operating in varied commercial environments. we were asked to run these programmes in France and the Netherlands. Delegates worked in teams throughout the nine month programme and were challenged to deliver a self-chosen project alongside their normal workload. to design and deliver a graduate development programme and two leadership development programmes for Emiratis. French and Dutch using IDG consultants fluent in the local business language. despite the current unrest. We genuinely understand regional and cultural diversity as you can see from the selection of overseas assignments we undertook in 2010. Jordan and Bahrain. as a result our consultants also develop a deeper understanding of the challenges that cultural differences bring to the workplace. manage global virtual teams and influence key stakeholders when lacking direct authority. In 2010. QATAR In October 2010. The participants were visiting the UK to focus on their VIP protocol and to use the opportunity to develop some leadership. both as individuals and within action learning teams. Delegates develop the ability to lead virtual and remote teams as well as those locally-based. Key managers from Brazil. and engender trust with their VIPs and put this into practice through the use of practical leadership tasks. IDG ran this programme in India for the first time. To make them accessible to all. INDIA A global pharmaceutical business engaged IDG to develop and run their Project Team Leader Training. our work in the Middle East has continued to grow. During the programme. Participant feedback was overwhelmingly positive and our experience of working in India has demonstrated to us that there is a real thirst and demand for development. This programme capitalises on and integrates our client’s culturally diverse talent. The Commercial Leadership Programme ensures that managers and leaders are equipped to make decisions that enhance the commercial performance of their entity in a measurable way. Mexico and the US work together over a series of modules to optimise both their individual and team performance. We take pride in the fact that we have experience of helping companies and participants from many different cultures. The reputation of this programme has stimulated wide interest across the Kingdom in both the public and private sector in the value of tailor-made leadership and management development. particularly in The United Arab Emirates. Quatar. The UK programme was such a success that it built momentum throughout the business and demand developed internationally. Dutch and Spanish. These included promoting effective leadership styles in the Civil Service and embedding corporate social responsibility initiatives in the Kingdom. followership and partnership skills. HONG KONG During 2011. at our client’s HQ in Delhi. O Ind AP Fu ult luc ma Eti tor po JORDAN During 2010. build confidence. India was a new challenge for 2010 . The performance improvement is sustained by integrating coaching support from an internal cadre of specially trained US senior managers. participants undertake projects that deliver measurable return on investment for the business. In 2011 we expect to continue our development in this direction. 18 19 . followership and partnership skills. they were presented in English.OVERSEAS We have been fortunate to continue our track record of delivering programmes globally. The three programmes were designed to utilise the talent and enthusiasm of new graduates and middle managers by developing leadership. team-working and communication for Bahrain’s most talented Grade 11 students • Run assessment days to measure the performance of young participants and obtain objective assessment of their behaviour. IDG worked with the King Abdullah II Fund for Development to provide a pioneering development programme for senior civil servants. IDG continues to deliver a management development programme in New York for a global bank. We have built a multi-lingual team for our retail business simulation which is now delivered in French.

28 “FU mo to rel co – 360° feedback We have our own leadership. you can’t manage it” clients allows us to tailor pre and post programme 360° leadership.5% in their development needs by 41. to meet changing organisational and business requirements. to meet beyond normal “business as usual activities”? changing organisational and business requirements. financial payback benefits to the organisation.92 4. to better emphasise their feedback followership and partnership At IDG we are passionate about collecting evidence of We have our own IDG: measuring measure capabilities ensures ownfeedback surveys which successthis in 15 different internal competency frameworks. 225° and tailored surveys. to meet changing questionnaire. from one of ourcollaboratively. thus ensuring that development and its measurement is joined up with internal performance management and talent development processes. followership and partnership behaviours • Practically apply their learning • Stretch the entire team to think and act more Thisstrategically. project which they select and scope using the following criteria: Will your project: Return on Investment 10 9 8 7 £millions Trainer e ectiveness Together with our client. These frameworks map behavioural change and record the use of new skills. This graph shows actual results from one of our ongoing development programmes with a major client.54 4.98 4. programmes from a behavioural. It summarises improvements fromdifference to the business. than 250 workshops and 4500 responses spanning over some years. we distil the key messages perspective. which allows capabilities to be measured before and after development interventions. positive difference to the business.29 4. for summarises 360° feedback survey report which we developed measurable. commercially. we use a variety of online surveys to support our programmes. thus ensuring questionnaire. management and talentthis particular survey to evaluate the We developed development processes. we distil out the key messages from the feedback reports and amend the content of the programme as necessary. through the in a commercial one of the 55 for 500 managers application of a in every single quick-win action learning team payback questionnaire items.29 4.54 360° feedback with Consulting behavioural change for five hundred managers from We offer our clients’ programme participants the opportunity to The diagram below is an example of an aggregated pre-and post-programme commercial banking skills and behaviours onprogramme a It evaluating a making focusatheir newly enhanced environment. reductionand a reduction in their development needs by 41. It summarises improvements in every single one of the 55 questionnaire items. These projects focus delegates’ newly enhanced capabilities towards making a measurable.IDG brochure 08 success 8/5/09 12:02 Page 18 IF YOU CAN’T MEASURE IT. commercially. you can’t manage it” using an online evaluation questionnaire. Participants are divided into action learning teams and tasked with designing and delivering a project capable of satisfying the following criteria: • Deliver measurable. We collect participant feedback after every workshop using an online evaluation We also work with our clients to tailor pre-and post-programme 360° feedback The diagram internal is an example of alive.24 3. diagram shows actual results creatively and ongoing development programmes with a major client. from the feedback reports and amend the content We collect participant feedback after every workshop using an online evaluation of the programme as necessary. positive every single banking environment. Below is an aggregated report showing a summary of average At IDG we are passionate about collecting evidence of scores taken from 3581 participants. 20 21 .5% and a reduction in their development needs by 41. We collect participant feedback after every workshop “If you can’t measure it.1%.24 4. improvements six month one of the 55 questionnaire items. cost bene t Before 16% 67% 17% 6 5 4 3 2 1 0 2005 2006 2007 2008 2009 2010 Together with our client. financial payback benefits to the organisation above and Before 67% 16% 17% • reports and amend the content of the programme as necessary. We also work with our clients to tailor pre-and post-programme 360° feedback to bring their own internal competency frameworks alive. IDG: measuring success PROGRAMME ASSESSMENT As discussed. The diagram below is an example of an aggregated pre-and post-programme 360° feedback survey report which we developed for evaluating a programme for 500 managers from a commercial banking environment.investmenttofrom our relating over improvement.03 4.25 4. The At IDG. on investment generated by our programmes. 8/5/09 12:02 Page 18 OUR SURVEY TOOLS RETURN ON INVESTMENT We suggest to clients that a method of achieving a tangible return on their development investment is by way of implementing quick-win payback projects. Your reaction to the training Your learning environment at work Measuring the impact of your training at work Trainer e ectiveness 4.1%. YOU measuring success CAN’T MANAGE IT. payback and return on investment from our 360° that on a before-and-after its measurement aligns evidence of programmes from a behavioural. organisational and financial return brochuresurveys are created after detailed consultation with clients IDG 08 success 8/5/09 12:02 Page 19 to ensure a tailored outcome. above and beyond normal business practise • Demonstrate exemplary leadership. We have a wide range of survey frameworks. to provide measurable evidence of new skills in action and behavioural change. new skills performance management and talent internal in action and behavioural change.1%. After 22% 68% 10% • enable you to role-model exemplary leadership. payback and return on 250 modules. Below is a real aggregated report showing a high level summary to bring their own below competency frameworks an aggregatedthat of average scores (out of a possible five) from our programmes based on more developmentpost-programme investment with internal performance pre-and and – measurement is joined up Quick-win projects its return on 360° feedback survey report. we are committed to evidencing the behavioural. followership and partnership 360° feedback surveys which measure capabilities in 15 different areas on a before-and-after basis. ccess We have developed our own survey platform and can deliver individual and team 360°. suited to their needs. In particular we use Kirkpatrick evaluation after each step of the multi modular approach. we distil out the key messages from the feedback deliver measurable. 16 This graph shows improvement of participants’ strengths by 37. organisational and financial areas development and basis.03 3. improvement. Statements are rated using a 1-5 scale. improvement. than 250 workshops Your reaction to the training Your learning environment at work Measuring the impact of your training at work 4. to provide measurablewith perspective. “If you can’t measure it. organisational and financial Together with our clients. development processes. followership and partnership behaviours and to practically apply your learning? After 68% 10% 22% • stretch ALL of you to think and act more strategically.5% and This graph shows an an improvement of participants’ strengths by a 37. creatively and collaboratively? Strength Adequacy Development Need Strength Adequacy Development Need This graph shows an improvement of participants’ strengths by 37. Below is a real aggregated report showing high organisational and business requirementsa andlevel summary to of average scores (out of a possible five) from our programmes based on more ensure continuousand 4500 responses spanning over some years.

keep it going. Aon. Mark paid tribute to everyone involved by saying: “People are the most important asset at many companies and it is a challenge for every training / HR professional to find different and innovative ways to develop the talent within their leadership teams. IDG’s partnership with the Royal Military Academy Sandhurst. gives us a strong affiliation with Help for Heroes. This culminated in a race to save their ‘Hero’ by navigating Sandhurst’s famous assault course. followership and partnership. Lloyds Banking Group. and the presence of ex-Military Officers in our consultant team.Fiona Shields Operations Director. Colonel Tim Checketts presented Mark Elliot.000 on behalf of the organisations who took part in the Challenge. It is mentally and physically challenging for those who take part . which delivers a fresh approach away from the standard leadership/team building courses. The challenge saw 12 teams of talented managers from oganisations such as RBS. and a great opportunity to raise money for a worthy cause”. Help for Heroes’ Head of External Operations with a cheque for over £30. To have raised such a huge sum.SANDHURST BUSINESS CHALLENGE In August 2010. The event was the first of its kind held at the Academy and saw the teams take part in both mental and physical challenges. the Chief of Staff. you are an inspiration. Thank you so very much. is something to be very proud of. SANDHURST BUSINESS CHALLENGE The main aim of the event was to raise money for the Help for Heroes Charity – each team raised at least £2. which supports our soldiers and officers after they have been wounded on operations. Sodexo and Thames Valley Police compete in a two day business challenge at the Royal Military Academy Sandhurst. IDG launched the Sandhurst Business Challenge. rafting across the lake and finishing the exhilirating two-day challenge by crossing the finish line in front of Old College. . Every single penny will help those men and women who have been injured in the service of our country . Sodexo Motivation Solutions is no different and it was very positive to hear about the Sandhurst Business Challenge. it tests every aspect of team working. I would like to thank everyone from the Inspirational Development Group and all of the participants who worked so very hard to run the first ‘Sandhurst Business Challenge’. The Sandhurst Business Challenge is ambitious and imaginative. This is what some of our participants thought: In addition to raising much needed funds. Royal Military Academy Sandhurst. the challenge itself very well organised and overall an incredible experience’ ‘I am no longer afraid to challenge decisions or make decisions that influence others and I will take these learnings with me. Sodexo Motivation Solutions ‘On behalf of Help For heroes. Overall my team and I thoroughly enjoyed the whole experience’ 22 23 . the participants took away thought-provoking lessons on leadership.real heroes.’ ‘The surroundings were inspiring.the result an exhausted but determined team rather than a group of individuals. In December.500 for this deserving cause.


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