TABLE OF CONTENTS: Page Foreword and Definitions Registration for School Bus Service Areas covered and Rules for Pick-up and Drop-off Points Safety Standards Parents' Duties and Responsibilities The Bus Company Supervisor (BCS) Rules applying to the Bus Crew Daily Procedures Proper Conduct and Disciplinary Measures Emergency Procedures and Communication Emergency Telephone Numbers 1 2 3 3 4 4 5 6 7 9 10 .

This manual does not cover any other private or public bus service used by the students. Please read the School Bus Handbook carefully before registering your child/children for the SCHOOL BUS SERVICE. Definitions of Terms used in this Manual: FOUNDATION : Refers to the European Foundation. whereby the CONTRACTOR shall a) pick-up the STUDENT from a prearranged destination and transport the STUDENT to the SCHOOL. in accordance with the standards set by the FOUNDATION under the Agreement on Rules for School Bus Service. Educational SCHOOL : Refers to either École Française de Manille (EFM) or Deutsche Schule Manila (DSM) or European International Baccalaureate School (EIBS) or all three schools together. It also contains the responsibilities of the CONTRACTOR and the PARENTS under the Contract for School Bus Service. (Foundation). depending on the context. Inc (“Foundation”). SCHOOL BUS SERVICE . being concerned with the safety and efficiency of school bus services availed of by the students of École Française de Manille (EFM) or Deutsche Schule Manila (DSM) or European International Baccalaureate School (EIBS). or to the premises on which these establishments are situated. Inc. : The transport service rendered by the CONTRACTOR.-1- FOREWORD AND DEFINITIONS The European Educational Foundation. personnel and legal capacity to provide safe and efficient school bus services to the Schools’ students. has agreed to promote the school bus services of a Contractor. This manual seeks to outline the conduct of the SCHOOL BUS SERVICE of the CONTRACTOR. as regulated by the Contract for School Bus Service between CONTRACTOR and the PARENTS. who has represented that it possesses sufficient facilities. and b) shall bring the STUDENT from the SCHOOL back to the pre-arranged destination.

or “BCS” REGISTRATION FOR SCHOOL BUS SERVICE PARENTS who wish to avail of SCHOOL BUS SERVICE for STUDENTS will be required to each execute a Contract for School Bus Services with the CONTRACTOR. PARENTS will also be required to enter into an Agency Agreement with the FOUNDATION. In order for the Bus Company Supervisor to represent common interests of the PARENTS vis-à-vis the CONTRACTOR. : Bus Driver and Bus Attendant(s) STUDENT PARENT BUS CREW RULES / REGULATIONS : Any provision/stipulation included in this Handbook. Therefore. the participation of your children/wards in the SCHOOL BUS SERVICE requires that they have the necessary maturity and discipline to follow the rules contained in this manual. Co-ordination and supervision of this service is carried out by a Bus Company Supervisor (BCS) (see section Definition of terms “BCS”). the "Agreement on Rules for School Bus Services". Please note that the SCHOOL BUS SERVICE is ultimately provided by a transport company.-2- CONTRACTOR : The bus transportation company providing the SCHOOL BUS SERVICE : A student of the SCHOOL duly registered for SCHOOL BUS SERVICE : A parent or guardian of a STUDENT who has executed the Contract for School Bus Service with the CONTRACTOR. “Contract for School Bus Service” or any other standard or stipulation concerning SCHOOL BUS SERVICE as agreed upon by the CONTRACTOR/Bus company and the PARENTS BUS COMPANY SUPERVISOR (BCS) : Employee of the bus company/Contractor In-charge of the bus coordination with the school and of the supervision regarding drivers and lady bus attendants. Should you feel that your child/ward requires supervision beyond the procedures described here we advise you to make your own arrangements for . It is assumed that by signing the aforementioned agreement PARENTS have committed themselves and their children/wards to comply with the provisions of this Handbook.

The steps listed above are completed. AREAS COVERED AND RULES FOR PICK-UP AND DROP-OFF POINTS At present.-3- additional supervision during transport or consider alternative transport solutions in accordance with your specific needs. Please complete these steps as early as possible before the start of every school year. The SCHOOL BUS SERVICE cannot be provided for a STUDENT unless: a. The number of stops per bus/route is limited to a maximum of three. the SCHOOL BUS SERVICE covers the following areas: Alabang. The bus fee is paid to the CONTRACTOR as stated in the Contract for School Bus Services.another area to and from which the CONTRACTOR offers a bus link. following the same procedure. the schools have required the CONTRACTOR to meet specific requirements for the buses. This agreement is available for your review upon request. San Lorenzo and Urdañeta. SAFETY STANDARDS In order to ensure the safety of passengers using the SCHOOL BUS SERVICE. in order to facilitate appropriate planning of routes and schedules. The coverage as well as the quantity and location of pick-up points can change in accordance with demand.and pick them up from . The RULES AND REGULATIONS are complied with. Forms for the above mentioned agreements can be obtained at the Bus Company Supervisor (BCS) office and the signed agreements should be routed through this office in order to assure their consideration in the scheduling and route planning for the SCHOOL BUS SERVICE. d.g. The CONTRACTOR offers a bus link to and from the student's area of residence (which depends on demand) or (in case their residence is not in one of the areas serviced) the PARENTS agree to bring STUDENTS to . minibus-service) pick-up and drop-off will be at locations to be determined by the Bus Company Supervisor in accordance with demand and the applicable regulations of the villages. Dasmariñas. b. . Magallanes. the equipment on board as well as the capabilities and duties of the BUS CREW. Forbes Park. Unless otherwise agreed (e. The aforementioned agreements have a validity of one year and must be renewed for subsequent school years. c.

A speaker shall be recognised as the representative of the PARENTS. . by passengers or transport company's staff) to the BCS for referral to the parents or the School Administrators for the proper disciplinary action. the CONTRACTOR and the PARENTS. Parents are responsible for updating information on the STUDENTS kept by the BCS. (see "Daily Guidelines" Nos. They help the bus attendants in ensuring orderly boarding and alighting at the designated bus stations in the morning and in the afternoon respectively.-4- Many provisions of this handbook also seek to assure safety during school bus transportation.) They report cases of lack of discipline as well as non-compliance with RULES and REGULATIONS (e. 6. PARENT's contact numbers. They ensure that those STUDENTS who are not authorised to proceed from the bus station to the residence on their own are picked up at the bus station upon arrival time in the afternoon.g.) THE BUS COMPANY SUPERVISOR The Bus Company supervisor acts as the liaison person between the SCHOOLS. Violations of RULES and REGULATIONS as . residential address. provided he/she has been elected (with simple majority) in an assembly where at least 50% of the PARENTS of the respective village participated. & 7. He receives comments and requests from PARENTS. We further suggest that these village groups appoint speakers to guarantee efficient communication with the Bus Company Supervisor (BCS) (see section: " Bus Company Supervisor"). you should immediately bring this to the attention of the bus attendant and/or the Bus Company Supervisor (BCS) PARENTS' DUTIES AND RESPONSIBILITIES The PARENTS are advised to organise themselves by villages in order to discuss and find consensus on issues of common interest. assigned bus stop in the respective village.Parents inform their children/wards of all Rules and REGULATIONS related to their conduct and make them conscious of the consequences of misbehaviour. Should you or your child observe any violation of these rules. such as route. grade. - - - (Note: Please consider that the Bus Company may refuse to transport a STUDENT if the transport fees under the Contract for School Bus Services remain unpaid. They ensure the presence of their children/wards at the bus station at the defined departure time in the morning.

In case the violation committed warrants suspension from SCHOOL BUS SERVICE as a disciplinary measure. and other procedures.and in absence of other constraints . Among them is the prohibition for the BUS CREW to smoke. due to weather situation. he will recommend the same to the CONTRACTOR.-5- well disciplinary problems related to the transport are communicated to the BCS who will report these incidents to the SCHOOL for appropriate action. listen to radio or engage in conversation other than for . RULES APPLYING TO THE BUS CREW The BUS CREW is responsible for the safety and welfare of all their passengers. before submitting them to the BCS (see section "Parents' Duties and Responsibilities"). He assists the bus attendant to find solutions for STUDENTS not picked up by an authorised guardian at their village bus stop and helps PARENTS whose children/wards have not arrived as scheduled by acting as communication hub in these cases. accident. He oversees the arrival and departure of all buses at the school premises and assists STUDENTS who are lost. Rules and guidelines applying to the BUS CREW are set up by the CONTRACTOR. We recommend that PARENTS organise themselves (ideally by villages) in order to find a consensus on suggestions. in accordance with the provisions of the Agreement on Rules for School Bus Service and the Contract for School Bus Service. These lists are vital for keeping track of the presence of passengers on each bus and will also help the BUS CREW to verify a passenger's entitlement to SCHOOL BUS SERVICE. He also activates the telephone chains in case PARENTS and/or the Schools need to be informed about delays in the arrival of a bus (e. Beyond this.the BCS will decide based on the number of PARENTS who support a particular request.g. address.) Beyond the enforcement of established RULES and REGULATIONS. etc. The BCS also compiles for every route a lists of standard passengers including each passenger's name. he makes recommendations for improvement of any matter related to SCHOOL BUS SERVICE to the CONTRACTOR and to the SCHOOL Administrators/ Headmasters. grade. The Bus Company Supervisor makes recommendations to the CONTRACTOR regarding routing. particularly on those that seek modification of established routines. or who have missed the school bus. He ensures that the CONTRACTOR performs within the terms of the Agreement on Rules for School Bus Service and he supervises the compliance of the CONTRACTOR with agreed upon standards and procedures. the BCS will accept suggestions and requests from PARENTS and he will strive to accommodate them while keeping the interests and rights of other PARENTS and of the FOUNDATION in mind. and are to be strictly enforced. tardy. In case of conflicting interests . contact numbers of PARENTS and he ensures that all of the lists are on board each of the buses at all times.

The Bus Company Supervisor will recommend that appropriate measures be taken.-6- the purpose of exchanging information relevant to the task. 3. This list is of utmost importance in order to keep track of passengers in cases of emergency evacuation of an immobilised bus or if a passenger is not accounted for by the SCHOOL or the Parents. The bus attendant will observe that no STUDENTS below the age of 10 will be seated in the first or in the last row of the large buses. The rear exits may not be used except in an emergency. DAILY PROCEDURES 1. however. contact the BCS. 5. If a bus does not show up 10 minutes after the scheduled departure time. Besides other duties described in detail in the Agreement on Rules for School Bus Service. Buses will leave the designated pick-up points on schedule and will not wait for late passengers. All exits on the large and medium buses are controlled and operated from the driver’s position. It is the responsibility of the PARENTS to advise their children/wards accordingly. which would be in conflict with existing RULES and REGULATIONS.g. please inform the BCS for the respective modification of standard passenger records. If you notice or hear from your child that safety regulations are being ignored by the BUS CREW. A list of regular passengers is provided by the BCS for each route. STUDENTS boarding a bus to which they are not regularly assigned are required to identify themselves to the bus attendant for verification of entitlement to the SCHOOL BUS SERVICE and proper recording of their presence on the bus. In case of change of permanent address. The bus attendant marks the actual attendance of regular passengers and adds the names of additional passengers. while on board. in order to facilitate the recording of presence on the bus. the bus attendant is responsible for completing the list of passengers as and when these board the bus. to visit classmates). (Different rules may apply to the minibuses/vans. Each bus carries a list of standard passengers. 2. STUDENTS are. please turn in a report to the Bus Company Supervisor’s Office promptly. 4. Passengers are to enter and leave the bus from the front exit. allowed to use different routes (subject to availability of seats) if they are authorised by their PARENTS accordingly (e. PARENTS and STUDENTS are advised not to give orders or make requests to the BUS CREW.) . It is strictly prohibited to board the bus along the route. Bus attendants are not required to verify such authorisation.

PROPER CONDUCT AND DISCIPLINARY MEASURES STUDENTS are expected to conduct in a mature and responsible manner while riding the bus to and from school. who will check the feasibility of the suggested restrictions and decide from case to case if it can be implemented. according to schedule. items found on the bus or in the parking lot shall be turned in to the School's Lost and Found Office by the BUS CREW. certain RULES and REGULATIONS.) Should a STUDENT alert the bus attendant that no authorised person has arrived to pick the STUDENT up. 8. if no authorised guardian has arrived at the drop-off point. or a passenger to the . upon arrival at the respective drop-off points. 7. Passengers must see to it that nothing is left on the bus. It is the responsibility of each STUDENT to inform the bus attendant immediately. etc. The BCS contacts the PARENTS of the STUDENT and requests them to immediately proceed to the bus stop. The STUDENT remains on the bus until a host family picks him up. If the STUDENT does not alert the bus attendant in this respect. the assigned teachers will accompany these STUDENTS to their respective bus. Bus attendants cannot be familiar with all PARENTS and their domestic employees. However.-7- 6. all STUDENTS will be picked up by authorised persons. Please ensure that your children/wards recognise authorised persons. the bus attendant shall alert the Bus Company Supervisor. students' check list. Should he be unable to reach the PARENTS. The BUS CREW is provided with a bus folder. The school is not liable for any item left on the bus. such as bus routes. Should you have specific reasons for requiring stricter supervision of your child's/ward's reception at the drop-off point. which defines the criteria to be met by STUDENTS. while the bus continues its route to other stops (if any). For the trip home. 9. The buses will unload passengers at the SCHOOL parking area and will leave from the same place. which includes all busrelated information. Misbehaviour on a school bus or at the bus stop will be reported by the BUS CREW. he shall contact other families in the same village (among those participating in the SCHOOL BUS SERVICE) in order to find a family who is prepared to temporarily host the STUDENT until the PARENTS have been localised. On the way home. you may request for a special procedure with the BCS. Upon arrival at the school in the morning Pre-school and Kindergarten STUDENTS will be accompanied by the bus attendant to the designated Meeting Point. (See second paragraph of "REGISTRATION FOR SCHOOL BUS SERVICE" above. Please advise your children/wards accordingly. the bus attendant can assume that the STUDENT has either met an authorised person or has the PARENTS' consent to proceed to the residence on its own.

clean and well-regulated bus. It is the responsibility of the PARENTS to ensure that a person accompanies their child/ward to and from the bus. Keep windows closed at all times. 2.g. . In order to meet these conditions. Singing is not allowed. hands. 7. This includes standing up and/or changing seats. To make sure there is enough room for everyone. Most students want to ride a safe. The permitted number of passengers of the buses may not be exceeded and priority will be given to passengers regularly assigned to the respective route/bus. keep personal possessions such as books and bags on your lap and out of aisles and seats. arms or any other part of your body out of the windows. Your BUS CREW is responsible for you and therefore must devote his attention to your safety. Persons not registered for regular participation in the SCHOOL BUS SERVICE will have to identify themselves with a Eurocampus-ID or a special permit issued by the SCHOOL and will be charged a fee by the CONTRACTOR for each individual ride. Do not ask the driver to deviate from his scheduled bus routes and/or stops. 8. Do not invite unauthorised persons to ride on the School Bus.-8- Bus Company Supervisor and will result in the recommendation of the proper disciplinary action. the RULES and REGULATIONS must be observed. The BUS CREW will not get off the bus to walk or cross the street with a STUDENT. and BUS CREW must be obeyed. Only the Bus Company Supervisor can authorise any changes after proper authorization from the school. Here is how you can help: 1. 10. For your safety and the safety of others. On board the bus. 4. Doors must be kept closed at all times during the ride! 9. whenever possible to avoid delay caused by manual recording of names of passengers not assigned to the bus they board. Be present at bus pick-up points 10 minutes before scheduled departure time. 3. 6. Avoid unnecessary noise and distractions that might divert the driver’s attention. personal audio equipment may only be used with headphones. Never stick head. 11. wait until the bus comes to a complete stop before leaving your seat. Ride your assigned bus. Sit only on proper seats. If circumstances require it (e. All instructions from the Bus Company Supervisor. Behaviour on the bus should be identical to manners and courtesy practised within the classroom. 5. failure of air-condition) the BUS CREW may give the permission to open windows.

Respect the property of others. The school may assign a task to the STUDENT. 14. 17.-912. the CONTRACTOR's office and with other buses. shouting or making obscene gestures either inside or outside of the bus. Practice courtesy to fellow passengers. Typhoon . 16. BUS CREW and to citizens of your host country. Failure to comply with the RULES and REGULATIONS will be referred by the Bus Company Supervisor to the parents for disciplinary action. destruction or defacing of personal or bus property. Help maintain a clean and sanitary bus by not consuming food or drinks aboard the bus. Such disciplinary action may include: a. will be required to pay for damages and will be subject to disciplinary action. harm or injury. Actions which are deemed very serious and/or which jeopardise the safety and wellbeing of other passengers may lead to immediate temporary suspension without regard to 1st through 3rd offence rules listed above. danger. Obey the BUS CREW at all times. In case of an emergency.) 1. Written reprimand to the STUDENT with notification his/her PARENTS. Never throw anything in the bus or out of the window. EMERGENCY PROCEDURES AND COMMUNICATION (The buses are equipped with a two-way radio system that allows the communication with the BCS. A STUDENT responsible for any damage. Refrain from fighting or creating disturbances. injuring another person or acting in such a manner as to expose others to risk. 15. remain quietly seated in the bus unless otherwise instructed by the BUS CREW. Repetition of an act which already lead to temporary suspension of the same offender. and from using threats or intimidation against any person on or outside the bus. may lead to permanent suspension from SCHOOL BUS SERVICE. 1st offence A warning will be given by the SCHOOL to the STUDENT both verbally and in writing and his/her PARENTS will be notified. This includes refraining from swearing. 2nd offence 3rd offence b. 13. The SCHOOL may suspend the student temporarily from SCHOOL BUS SERVICE. spitting.

the BUS CREW with the assistance of any other adult or mature person available on board will mobilise any help and take whatever measures are required. the BUS CREW and/or BCS will arrange for an ambulance (preferably from Comcare or Philippine Sweepstakes or Lifeline) to transfer the injured person to Makati Medical Center.. the CONTRACTOR and the BCS. If alerted accordingly before classes start in the morning. BUS CREW informs BCS. the BCS will again initiate the telephone chain to inform PARENTS of the estimated arrival time in the respective residential area. PARENTS of STUDENTS from other villages who happen to be on the affected bus will be informed directly by the BCS . In absence of other instructions from PARENTS or any physician who happens to be at the accident site. the BUS CREW informs both. who contacts PARENTS of seriously injured passengers.). the BCS will be notified and he will inform all buses that may already be en route to the villages. who can assign elder passengers to look after sub-groups of passengers.g. which the BUS CREW will decide. the SCHOOL initiates a telephone chain to inform all PARENTS.10 - The school has an established procedure. Accidents involving Injuries and other Medical Emergencies In case of medical emergency. Vehicle Breakdown Should a bus become immobilised en route (e. BUS CREW and any other individual on site trained in First Aid procedures administer First Aid to injured passengers. If the breakdown occurs en route to the SCHOOL. (The BCS may share/delegate these tasks with/to SCHOOL personnel if available. EMERGENCY TELEPHONE NUMBERS . no such second notification shall be given to PARENTS. unless safety requirements warrant evacuation of the bus. which he keeps available for such occasions. In any case. From there. the BCS informs the two headmasters/administrators. all passengers remain together and strictly follow all orders from the BUS CREW. accident without injuries etc. as soon as the replacement vehicle has arrived. If a breakdown occurs on the way to the residential villages (after school) the BCS informs the first person in the telephone chain of the respective village.) 3. 2. (In case of vehicle breakdown on the way to school.) Until the arrival of the replacement vehicle. If a breakdown incident occurs on the way home in the afternoon. In addition. Utmost discipline is required from all passengers in order to support the BUS CREW in keeping control of the situation. The CONTRACTOR has the obligation to immediately send a replacement vehicle. the information is further spread according to telephone chain procedures. due to technical failure. who may require emergency medical attention. all passengers remain on board the bus. under which the Headmaster is alerted of Typhoon Signal Levels that warrant suspension of classes.

9911 / 815.99 .3329 (632) (632) 776.3319 / (632) (632) (632) 815.275.924.74 Bus Company Supervisor (School Bus Office ..1061 French School (EFM) Administrator 0917.86 47 Makati Medical Center 44 Lifeline Ambulance 533.3979 Comcare Ambulance / First Aid 776.36 French School (EFM) Secretary/Headmaster: 824.57.Eurocampus) (632) 776.6958 AB&W (632) 677 86 58 German School (DSM) Secretary/Headmaster 823.11 - Bus Company Supervisor (Mobile Phone) 0919.19. 4934 German School (DSM) Administrator 0917 902.

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