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Versatile Hospitality Executive & Culinary Professional specializing in diversified hospitality and culinary management, corporate operational expansion with foodservice, production and specialty retail expertise. Achievement is garnering a reputation and consistent track record of strong leadership and dynamic innovative through solving complex issues while producing exceptional results. Uniquely qualified in senior-level hospitality operations management as well as culinary, restaurant, specialty retail, franchising, wholesale, distribution and artisan manufacturing disciplines.

Results driven professional with a comprehensive background in culinary arts, operations management, budgeting and finance, strategic planning, risk management, marketing and promotion, business development, needs assessment/procurement contract negotiation. Dynamic and decisive leader with demonstrated initiative, expertise, creativity and success. Expertise in business forecasting, sales plan analysis, expense management, cost analysis and financial reporting. Adept at program development-implementation, facility/restaurant design, retail/restaurant opening, budgets, performance evaluation, staffing, administration, quality assurance, regulatory compliance, and promotional marketing. Known for exceeding established goals and objectives. Quick study with an ability to rapidly achieve organizational integration, easily assimilate job requirements and aggressively employment of new ideas, concepts, methods and technologies. Effective in high stress and fast-paced environments requiring the ability to handle senior level responsibilities. Excellent communication, interpersonal, intuitive, analytical, organizational, problem solving, and leadership skills. Thrive in both independent and collaborative work environments. Energetic and self-motivated team player/builder. Highly skilled in client relations, analyzing financial information, resolving discrepancies and capturing target margins/profits. Successful in developing and executing corporate policies and procedures. Skilled in operational organization/streamlining, staff development, motivation, supervision, and attracting/retaining high quality, cohesive teams. PROFESSIONAL HISTORY
Revolution Foods- 09/09 04/11 Regional Director of Operations A national company and high volume natural foods producer with a mission of providing charter & private school serving 70,000 meals per day featuring nutritional and wholesome prepared foods. Specifically tailored menus and nutritionally driven programs are created to ensure that students are properly nourished. Managed 75 client accounts and internal sales team to provide prepared foods and educational services through federally funded NSLP and USDA audited programs. My employment agreement and position was based on the opening and launch of east coast expansion of this California based organization. From the design of a new central production facility to planning, training, menu development, systems, recruitment and hiring of the management team and performance metrics of natural foods processes for Revolution Foods on the eastern seaboard. Additionally, I worked with the corporate design team on enhancements of new production facilities, R&D of new menus, product testing and building and managing

budgets. My role was focused on expansion in the Washington DC/Metro/NY/NJ areas with plans to expand into additional markets during expansion phase. I also acted in the leadership role of menu engineering, forecasting and culinary management for east coast and national operations. I managed the sales team and client relations aspects of the business as well while the organization recruited and hired its permanent management team. This position was eliminated when staffing was completed. Key performance indicators include the following. Increased annual sales from $3.2M to $7.5M within 18 months of joining the organization Improved Margins from 45% to 52% within 6-months Collaborated in design and managed buildout of new 25,000 square-foot production facility to support growth from 4,500 meals-per-day to 13,000 meals per day within 18 months Improved Labor performance from 17% of sales to 14% in same 18-month period Recruited, hired and retained staff from base of 40 employees to 125 within 18-months. Worked directly with automation manufacturer to design and install a fully automated meal assembly line for contract foodservice for school systems. Ran localized R&D & vendor outsourcing project to expand menus in mid-Atlantic region.

Le Pain Quotidien- Sr. Executive Director of U.S. Operations06/08 -2/09 The primary focus of this role was in building capacity and supply in outsourcing and production operations. I Led development in supply of franchising and product development team for International organic fast casual bakery concept. Primary leadership and management of all bakeries and commissaries supplying retail units with scratch products and proprietary supplies. Budget creation and management, menu development, culinary operations and transportation logistics/ interface with 43 retail units in contemporary retail Bakery/Caf concept. Contract management of national production operations in New York, Washington D.C. & Los Angeles, California. Creation of Artisan breads, pastry, signature commissary kitchen and International private label distribution for national retail concept. Creation of operations systems, production protocol, development of efficiency driven production metrics and management procedures. Interface of distribution and transportation systems for internal fulfillment to 45 retail stores within U.S. operations base. Ran multi-million dollar business and managed International product supply chain warehousing operation. *Company hired me as a hybrid consultant/employee with the possibility of long-term employment. This position/project was eliminated due to a change in direction regarding internal production and outsourcing source strategy.
*Consultant for Ayrshire Farms, Restaurant & Specialty Retail from 3/08 to 6/08

The Addison Restaurant Group- 12/06 3/08 Vice President of Operations Hired as a contract consultant/employee for specific purpose of reorganization and expansion of restaurant group. Restructured management, operations systems, for the operations of restaurants and catering facilities. Provided leadership and expertise in expansion of companys operational base. Acquired restaurants, primary leadership of design team to build-out new catering and special events facility, new themed restaurant concepts and renovation of current units. Development of all operations systems, financial documentation tools, training programs and sales initiatives. Opened two new restaurants and designed a third within 15 month time period. Reduced consolidated food costs by 3% over 15-months. Reduced consolidated beverage costs by 4% over 15-months. Re-tooled entire management structure to generate efficiency and improved guest service Implemented new control systems in every facet of operations for efficiency and improves performance. Implemented service training programs to convert servers into sales staff. Recruited, interviewed, hired and trained new core team members to support company growth. Nouveau Enterprises & Food Arts Consulting LLC / Owner & Principal 04/04 09/06

Owner and operator of a Hospitality Consulting company, registered in the state of Virginia. A start-up company that provided full Management, Training, Financial & Culinary service analysis for gourmet markets and restaurant groups as well as individual operators. I successfully ran the company at a profit for three years while searching for the optimal employer/team and opportunity to return to corporate operations and growth. Clients; SIR CORP of Canada, La Pasta Inc., Toto/Mama Vida & Great American Restaurants of `````` Washington D.C., Alicitas Food Company, Ayrshire Farm & Retail Group, Hanover Brewing Co.

Sutton Place Gourmet/Baldaccis of New York- 10/95 4/04 Vice President, Restaurant & Foodservice (Culinary) Operations Responsible for the operations of restaurants, retail kitchens, gourmet markets and catering operations. Responsible for production and distribution of three USDA facilities, transportation and warehousing. Provided leadership and expertise in expansion of companys operational sales base from $59M to $159M within a 10-year period. Acquired restaurants, primary leadership of design team to build-out new retail stores, production facilities and held leadership role in new store opening. Development of all operations systems, financial documentation tools, training programs and sales initiatives. Operations Management of foodservice units in 14-stores - general managers and chefs. Operations Management of Corporate/Central & Off-Premise Catering Division with $10M in annual sales and up to four full time sales associates & Director of Catering Operations. Operations Director/GM of our three-star restaurant featuring Regional American cuisine. Operations Manager of R&D, culinary training and systems development for culinary facilities. Managed new store openings, acquisition store operations in all foodservice departments. Management of four USDA production facilities, generating $40 million in retail products. Managed food production for a $14M Internet and catalogue based website; Increased retail (14-stores) foodservice margins from 65% to 73% over an eight year period. Reduced production expenses by $1.5M per year over a three-year period. Increasing production volume by one hundred percent with 35% incremental expenses. Responsible for an employee base of up to 350 with operations in four states. Responsible for retail/production kitchen operations in 14 retail stores. Instrumental in growing the companys sales base from $56 million to $121 million over 9 years. Provided culinary directives & seasonal menus regarding in-store food presentation. Headed operations presentations with Venture Capital groups in defining business models. Speaker at NASFT, conferences as well as various television and radio programs. Guest appearances on Fox 5 Morning News, Channel 8 News, Food TV Network (Find That Food), and maintained regular guest spots on morning radio features including Mix 107.3, JAZZ WJZY to promote Sutton Place Gourmet's specials, feature menus and holiday offerings. Managed a team of up to 8 direct reports, including Director of Bakery Operations, Director of Transportation, Corporate Executive Chef, Research and Development Chef, USDA Operations Manager, General Manager of Restaurants, Director of Food Safety and Sanitation, Executive Chef of Blue Point Grill. 4/91 10/95

Capital Restaurant Concepts- Executive Chef / Corporate Executive Chef

Assisted in increasing sales base from $29 million to $39 million over a five year period. Instrumental in developing new restaurant concepts (Georgia Brown, J. Pauls, Paolos, River Club, Georgetown Seafood Grill, Old Glory..) in store design and menu development. Increases back-of-house labor operations efficiency by 6% over five years. Increased consolidated profit percentage by 5% over five-year period. Responsible for culinary R&D, concept/kitchen design and new concept/store openings. Recruited and trained Chefs, kitchen training programs and financial tracking tools. Worked with senior committee in planning concept and sales growth strategies.
1/89 - 3/91

Ice House Caf & Restaurant- Corporate Executive Chef

Produced foods centrally and ran kitchen operations for two restaurants generating fourmillion dollars in annual sales. Increase gross margins by 11 percent while reducing labor by $20K per year. Increased sales by 20 percent over a two-year period. Recognized as a top-500 Restaurant News Association concept for two consecutive years. Created new menus (American Regional) and received impressive local reviews and in the Washington Post Magazine.

CSX/Greenbrier Hotel, White Sulphur Springs W.VA- 1988 CSX/Carambola Resort, St. Croix, Virgin Islands 1987-1989 Chef de Cuisine / Executive Sous Chef

Worked with Chefs Hartmut Handke and Tom Stoner (management contract) for CSX to run kitchen operations in five-stars, five-diamond resorts. Management of food-service operations for four dining rooms and room service. Managed the fine dining facility at the Greenbrier while training CIA externs in trimester skills enhancement (rotations) periods. Trained chefs, externs and service staff members to coordinate dining-service operations. Instrumental in creating menu at Carambola resort, winning the S.E. Conference of the Chaine Rotisserie organization. Worked with culinary group of the Culinary Olympics in R&D trial sessions.

EDUCATIONAL BACKGROUND Northern Virginia Community College, Studies for B.A. in Business Admin. Jeb Stuart High School, Graduate Continuing Education Rutgers University, Continued Education Certification Class in Food Science, HACCP Culinary Institute at Greystone Continuing Education Seminar; Mediterranean Cuisine National Board of Realtors/Moseley University Certification & Licensed Realtor Virginia *Certification in Loan Origination BF Saul Bank & Mortgage Company *United Congress of Colleges, Online Studies in Business Administration- non-accredited Professional Skills Fluent in Microsoft Word, Excel, Photo Editor, Power Point, Adobe, Label View 5.2, Recipe Writer, Windows 95/98/NT/XP Organizations (past or present) Member of the American Culinary Federation, Washington D.C. Member of the Research Chefs Association, National Member Member of the James Beard Foundation, New York, New York Member of Interests Music, weight-training, competitive sports, foreign currency trading, real estate investment, photography, theater, charitable organizations, teaching, benefits for children. *Personal and Professional references available upon request. Associate Network & Referrals: