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Call for Performance Works

Inaugural off the EDGE/Public Rialto Center for the Arts + gloATL January 23-29, 2012

Extended Deadline for submissions October 1, 2011, 11:59 P.M. est. PLEASE POST OR FORWARD
The inaugural off the EDGE, to take place in January 2012, is currently seeking proposals from Atlanta area artists and organizations working in the field of performance for off the EDGE/Public, curator Paul Boshears. EDGE/Public is an initiative of off the EDGE that focuses on 3D work created within the Atlanta community, shaped to incubate and foster invention, conversation and innovation, with free-to-the-public works. Edge/PUBLIC artists will premiere their work for 2 nights, January 27-28th, amidst the unique, urban landscape of city fountains, intersections, grassy fields, and empty storefronts in and around Woodruff Park. From January 23-29, 2012, off the EDGE will introduce Atlanta audiences to an annual gathering of innovators in contemporary dance and movement-based practices with a single curatorial thread: The moving of things permits the formation of identities. off the EDGE is a 7-day artistic feast, with contemporary dance as the catalyst, supported by a grant from The Charles Loridans Foundation, produced by the Rialto Center for the Arts, curator Lauri Stallings/gloATL. EDGE will illuminate where the art form's potential lies, featuring breakthroughs in performance as well as peer-based learning sessions with the next generation of activators and catalysts.

Edge/PUBLIC is seeking proposals from: Professional performance creators from across the Metro Atlanta-area at any stage in their career who demonstrate a clear artistic mandate; Performance creators engaging in a new project or entering the next distinct phase of an ongoing development project; Performing groups/artists from diverse communities whose work is engaged in dialogue with the contemporary; Artists committed to the development of contemporary, inventive and creative performancebased work. Eligibility: Any artist, artist team, creative collaborative may submit projects. Individual applicants or at least one team member must be 18 years of age. We encourage performance proposals from emerging creators as well as established artists engaging in new collaborations or entering into new artistic territory. Artists Honorarium : Commissions between $500-$1,500 will be allocated to artists/organizations in support of their work. Process/rehearsal space will be available for those artists in need of creative space, at no cost.

Subm ission Form at: All documentation must be received digitally. A complete proposal will include the following: A project description: describe your project and how EDGE/Public and the artist will benefit from the development of this work. (Please limit to two pages.) An artistic mission statement: how your project contributes to contemporary performance practice as well as what you want to accomplish with this project and with your work in general. (Please limit to one page.) Site description: Each of the PUBLIC artists/organizations will be paired with a specific location in/around Atlantas Woodruff Park for EdgePUBLIC, according to the curators vision for a marriage of artist and space. The Woodruff Park area is a vast, textural landscape that includes water fountains, urban intersections, a large grassy surface, surrounded by several empty storefronts. If your entry is being proposed with a specific area of the Park already in mind, please share these thoughts with us, in two paragraphs or less. *** The curator may wish to meet with some artists during the selection process. Artists will be contacted directly.

Submit online to: in the subject line, please specify EDGE/PERFORMANCE, or

EDGE/HYBRID. Facebook us at: Off the EDGE Event website: Curatorial Statem ent: off the EDGE is being assembled in the spirit of apprehending, activating, and appreciating the statement, the moving of things permits the formation of identities, and the works selected for EDGE/Public will also be engaged with this statement. The concept of the Public came into being with the advent of the widespread circulation of texts; this is why we call newspapers and journals publicationsthey are the means by which the Public is made. But this circulation, this movement, troubles assumptions about identity. Of what use are identities if they are not fixed? What kind of leadership "flip-flops," or pivots? What kind of truth moves? If nothing else, movement-based artistic practices teach us that our habitual actions, the small rituals of everyday life, are world-building exercises and it is fluidity in movement that truly serves as the floor upon which we perform our sense of freedom. I look forward to meeting with the artists of EDGE/Public and learning with them how movement, a quality that is only meaningful in relation to the objects around it, not only informs who we have been, but who we are becoming. Paul Boshears