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Info Sap Boat Sanity a popular Belief of artificial truths Thy Kingdom cannot come always here Can only take back from the Satanic using immaculate brain as God intended Satanic Pope says the Humanic can have back when hell freezes or flood over coming soon Yea says war mongers our faith brought us through it Truth Intervention Thy Kingdom there at the onset overriding brain Gods immaculate gift to humankind snubbing Him with circular logic through Neanderthal to high tech Nincompoopinal Lost Civilization misnomers over and over again We beseech thee Lord show us the way!!! Tomorrow Tomorrow SAM - Sorrow Ass Morrow No time for Truth today Satanic obligations demanding We bow our heads to the next life for understanding today depend on the PRICK inciting FIBIB
Political Religious Intellectual Charlatan Kleptocracy Fickle Inherent Bias Ignorant Bliss Bless you Lord Satanic what ever would we do with truth not learned of the thing. We do not subscribe to support corporation conglomerates like the Excedrin persons

Perpetual war the product of Satanic infiltrators into political religious systems have PRICK inciting FIBIB motor mouths flowing with nature inevitably blowing us to Kingdom come

Eccentrics immune to their PRICK inciting FIBIB devise an Excedrin free plan White lie Pretensies for great Pretenders Pretend you know the Truth of who and what is Satanic and they will go away Just say in Satanic face you know IT and they will cower in disgrace MOMO Motive Obvious Modus Operandi Imperialism 1. Belief in Empire Building The policy of extending the rule or influence of a country over other countries or colonies 2. Domination by Empire The political, military, or economic domination of one country over another 3. Takeover and Domination The extension of power or authority over others in the interests of domination
Traditional Neutering DJ VUs procon Diversionary Elusive Justice Articulated Valid Understanding Satanic aka GREEDSCROLL Gratuitous Righteous Entrepreneur Elusivity Discretionary Satanic Connotation Rule of Law Lucidity Integral role in the SSS Satanic Sucker Sandwich aka Satanic Sucker School Roll the humanic to Kingdom come

GREDSCROLL Golden Rule Equality Democratic Spirit Constitution Rule of Law Logistics Yep just by IT in Satanic face will have them believe you have switched on the immaculate brain The genius of this plan not having to disturb your FIBIB getting richer by the moment accelerating ignorant bliss Ha Ha Ha Ha Choose a job you love and never have to work a day in your life We will do the GIG - grunt and gritty because we chose the job we love song and dance our way to heaven If it tastes like shit report it to IT and we will apply the condiments to make it edible

Go green with envy Recycle Recycle beyond the depths of surface invention Truths divine intervention Surfaces underground shit to be appropriately disposed deposed from throne Seated in proper place Humanic frustrated with the laborious task of self eating shit Go Automation joining the Industrial Revolution

Old technology conversion to Humanic purpose Gives new meaning to everyone appreciates a good shit

Has no way of deciphering deliberate or ignorant shit so stand clear of IT The magnificence of this wondrous beauty is the Satanic will have no interest investing in IT monopolizing the market as they traditionally do for wealth to advance their luxurious lifestyles on the backs of the Human workers that seemingly willing cooperate and support like ants busy bees not busy bodies or would have known their elected representatives were Satanic not the prerequisites to eradicate Satanic eh? Who Knew? Ha Ha Ha We with IT Odd eccentric applying simplicity to the equation the stuff simple truths made of IT is free A Satanic free for all that Satanic will not touch the stuff!!!! The Satanic do not know shit when they see IT yet when they do will know IT Extra Extra Get your Hot Shit red Hots!!! Prime Shit RIB Roasted Intellectual Beast free today and tomorrow as long as they last

A fine blend of arrogant high bred tang and mellowed passive ignorant kraft dinner fed served to our liking that all will get used to IT highly suspecting more flavorful to street Humanic



Power of Mind Mind over Matter Presence of Mind And the fans go mad the only sane thing to do When conscience if not Satanic would be rather peeved on the knowing Capitalist Imperialist Eat People shitting them out as if going out of style until ME-Mother Earth has had enough of the shits Another Lost Civilization misnomer bites the dust Nothing had like quality of life forever stolen never had difficult to prove The key to this Train of thought What civilization what quality of life what thought? GREEDSCROLL vs GREEDSCROLL SSS Satanic Sucker School For millenniums IS Intellectual Satanic attempted to paint the picture of what it is to be fully human Debates, civil unrest, wars heading to the last world war of this determined Lost Civilization session

Hint Need be 1 to know 1 Ha Ha Ha Thats all folks

Everyone needs a kawat et? Heed IT dont seek it IT will come to you!!! Dont get simpler or better than that CDFJI Constitution Democracy Force Justice International The power of IT never dims One by one the lights turn on of dimwits until no more begging praying imploring the Satanic dont just stand there do something Satanic not with standing every moment of the DAY-Dark Abyss Yoke Reforming PRICK inciting FIBIB Speak well of self infinite reiterations financed by the Humanic fueling the fire they desire to put out Of course routine we are the Human Racing Plans of Mice and Men . of course Women too where the hell do you think Mice come from?

How do you get to the top later Mickey got the runs www.CDFJI.Info So many words to trigger the Immaculate Brain deduced from it yet cant put together Go figure!!!! EENY MEENY Minus SMO Satanic Mafia Obviosa no more when mind put to IT God damn the Butcherman!!! Gee willikers Who Knew Alfie The Gods must be Mad!!! I know I am mad as hell for I am eccentric for Gods sake Open Mind to Heart Know there is no New Key often mistaken for Nooky

With key in slot ajar with mind and hearts desire will not open heart in right place believe holding the only key wiggle around thrust and back-off at many levels attempting to toggle on on and on the squeak gets the oil, alas by lubricating no place for heart and mind to breath no heart no never mind try again later. Round and Round the Political Religious spin oh ya the world too with or without me, but not ME Mother Earth Mother to all Incest the family game perhaps explaining the insanity Oh well what the hell Old MacDonald had a farm EIEIO A fuck fuck here a fuck fuck there in chorus Heck fucking the world beyond ones limitations Working together a Humanic Achievement The beauty of it not needing to take the long arduous path of turning the mind on Truth will get you killed anyway

You Knew? Well aint I the dumb fuck!!!

SSPS Sic Sici Pig Self Sense in common Satanic insatiable capitalist imperialist Personal interest groups Scum earths life forms Drop the SS BS PS On realizing the debts incurred by the Satanic theirs should be enough to make even the Anti-Christ believe in God