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GUESS WHO: MOP of the month MONOPOLY: Have we got a deal for you MONKEYS IN A BARREL: Activity for when your monkeys are climbing the walls of your barrel! LIFE: Following His Lead UNO: One Pot Meal & How to get the kids involved DONT BREAK THE ICE: How to De-Stress CANDY LAND: Kids Eat Free I SPY: A Celebration MEMORY: Make lasting memories through family outings


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bold loving sensible

September 2011

Welcome to !

Guess Who:
G u e s s wh o i s wh e r e I d l i k e t o f e a t u r e a d i ff e r e n t m o m e v e r y m o n t h . I t wi l l i n c l u d e a p h o t o o f t h e m wh e n t h e y we r e y o u n g e r a n d s o m e i n teresting facts about them. Please let me know if any of y o u wo u l d l i k e t o v o l u n t e e r !


to our first meeting of the

2011-2012 year! We are very excited about getting to know all of you on a deeper level and seeing what God has in store for us through His Word. Look for a lot of changes from years past: we hope you will find them to be positive and encouraging. If you have any questions or concerns, feel free to flag down one of the Steering Team members or talk to your Care Team Leader.

Tonights Agenda
Food & Clean-up: Steering Registration Welcome MomSense Skit Back to School Devotional with Kristi Zonnefeld Scrabble Tile Craft


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September 15 Meeting Begins @ 6:30pm Bethel Christian Reformed Church 410 S. West St Waupun, WI 53963

Monkeys in a Barrel:
APPL E PI E PL AY DOUG H: Dough recipe: 1 cup flour 1/2 cup salt 1 tbsp oil 1 tbsp cream of tarter 1 cup water apple pie seasoning Red food coloring


Jamie Fikkert

Dominique Van Hill

Kari Westover


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Stir the ingredients well and then cook over medium heat, stirring constantly, until the dough forms a ball. Put the dough on the counter and fill your pan with water to soak. Now go back to your dough and you will knead it out until it is smooth and feels "right". Store it in a plastic bag that is zipped closed. When ready to use throw it in a basket with rolling pins, fall themed cookie cutters, small pit tins, empty spice containers and an apple stem (small twig). You can also hide small seeds inside and have your kids count them as they find them.

Life: My Septic Heart


All you do is yell at the kids. Those are not encouraging words to hear from your husband. Like nails piercing the deepest part of my being, his words challenged my fitness as a mother. I became defensive immediately. Inside I was yelling back all the excuses I could muster up for why I had to yell. Then I heard the small whispering voice of the Holy Spirit convicting me. I realized my husband was right. Why did I yell? The excuses I offered seemed justified. After all, I had Jesus in my heart. Why wasnt His love flowing from me? I begin to pray and soon came to understand that the yelling was just a symptom of a deeply-rooted problem: a septic heart. My heart and my mouth are closely related. If I want to stop yelling at my kids and start expressing Gods love to them, it is vitally important I begin filling my heart with the things of God. The word septic as defined in Websters Dictionary means: to make rotten, of, relating to, or having the nature of sepsis. The word sepsis means: the presence of disease-causing organisms or their toxins in the blood or tissues. My heart was unclean. The anger was a disease-causing toxin in my blood and tissues, which was a side effect of unresolved issues in my heart issues I had been carrying with me for years. If you are like me, you are having a tough time taming your tongue or controlling your temper. You realize that you heart is being or has been poisoned by the toxins of: anger, resentment, unmet expectations, unforgiveness, bitterness, or


make that my desire.
dreams that have not been fulfilled. I have discovered four simple truths that helped me begin to detoxify my heart. The toxins are not completely gone but I take the antioxidant of His Word daily to combat their effects. Try it! And you dont need a spoon full of sugar to help this medicine go down. Renew your Heart every morning (Isaiah 50:4-5) We have a whole day of living to do and we need to set our mind on Him and receive His guidance. If were satisfied in Him each morning, we wont be as tempted to seek satisfaction from things of this world through out the day. My prayer for today: Lord, you are slow to anger. Make that make my desire. Help me submit totally to your control so I can be a reflection of your love to my family and those who cross my path. I want to surrender the things in my heart that are not of you. I realize it is impossible for me to allow your love to flow from me with a heart that harbors past hurts and sin. I want to make a new start today in our relationship.


(One pot meal):


8 cups diced potatoes 1/3 cup onion, chopped 3 knorr bouillon cubes 6 cups water 1 10 3/4 ounce can Cream of Chicken soup 8 oz. pkg cream cheese 1/2 llb. bacon, cookied and crumbled Dried parsley or sliced green onions for garnish (optional)

Cooking With Kids:

Directions: 1. 2. 3. 4.

Peel the paper skin from the onion Peel the potatoes Unwrap bouillon cubes Measure water Open can of soup Crumble Bacon Place everything into crockpot.

Combine potatoes, onions, water, bouillon, and chicken soup in the crock pot Cover and cook on low for 8-10 hours or until potatoes are tender Add cream cheese to crock pot and blend. Top with bacon and parsley or onions (optional)

Dont Break the Ice:

Take A Day Off! Establish a day each week or each month that you can look forward to - for projects, relaxation, whatever you want to do. This will refresh you so that you have something to give back to your family. By the way, No one is going to hand this to you. You have to ask by being proactive about your mental & physical health. Find a friend and give each other a day off. Say every other Tuesday you swap kids for the day. The mom with the day off gets to do whatever she wants - even if that is to go back home and go to sleep!!! If swapping with a friend for the day doesnt work, ask your

Candy Land:
SUNDAY: Dennys 4-10pm, Don Ramons-$1.99, Pedros -$2.49, Pizza Hut MONDAY: Applebees-.99, Dennys 4-10pm, Don Ramons-$1.99, Pizza Hut TUESDAY: Applebees-.99, Dennys-4-10pm, Fazolis-.99, Perkins 4-10p, Pizza Ranch, Pizza Hut, Ponderosa-.99, Red Robin Free Sunday with Kids Meal (Madison) WEDNESDAY: Applebees-.99, Dennys 4-10pm, Pizza Hut THURSDAY: Dennys-4-10pm, Pizza Hut FRIDAY & SATURDAY: Dennys-4-10pm, Pizza Hut

If you know of any upcoming events to feature in next months newsletter please let me know!
MOPS First Meeting: 15th Wisconsin Dells Wo-Zha-Wa Days: 16th-18th Annual Under the Sea Adventure @The Building For Kids :16th&17th Bring A Friend For Free @ Childrens Museum Fond du Lac: 17th Septemberfest Downtown Ripon: 17th Arts & Crafts @ Fays Fun & Learning: 17th Talk Like A Pirate Day @ Childrens Museum Fond du Lac: 18th Monday Morning PALS @ Fays Fun & Learning: 19th Talk Like A Pirate Day @ The Building For Kids Appleton: 20th Coffee Break@ Bethel CRC: 21st Little Lessons @ Educare Oshkosh: 21st American Girl Doll Event @ Michaels Madison: 24th Arts & Crafts @ Fayes Fun & Learning: 24th Warrens CranFest: 23rd-25th Autumn Art on the Marsh @ Horicon Marsh: 25th Monday Morning PALS @ Fayes Fun & Learning: 26th Little Lessons @ Educare Oshkosh: 28th Coffee Break @ Bethel CRC: 28th Audubon Days Mayville: 30th-Oct 1st Arts & Crafts @ Fayes Fun & Learning: Oct 1st Monday Morning PALS @ Fays Fun & Learning: 3rd



Please call first to confirm your location is offering this special to kids.

If you know of a restaurant offering discounts to children, please let me know.

I spy
BECKY LANGE.: Oct 3rd ANN NASVYTIS : Oct. 9th MICHELLE KAST. : Oct. 12th

Little Lessons @ Educare Oshkosh: 5th Coffee Break @ Bethel CRC: 5th Arts & Crafts @ Fayes Fun & Learning: 8th STEM Free Day @ The Building For Kids: 8th Monday Morning PALS @ Fayes Fun & Learning: 10th Little Lessons @ Educare Oshkosh: 12th Coffee Break @ Bethel CRC: 12th

Memory Cont.:
ONGOING EVENTS: T H I N G S T O D O : Badger Sports Park, Bay Beach Amusement Park,
Bay Beach Wildlife Sanctuary,Busy Barns Adventure Farm, Childrens Museum Fond du Lac, Circus World Museum, Dinosaur Discovery Museum, Fondy Sports Park, Funset Boulevard, Glacier Ridge Animal Farm,, Glacier Rock Farms, Little Amerrika, Henry Villas Zoo, Madison Childrens Museum, Monkey Joes, Olbrich Botanical Garden, The Building For Kids Appleton, The Little Farmer, Trienen Farm, Waldvogels , Wild Playzone

S T O R Y T I M E : Animart(Madison) Tues&Wed 10:30 Kids & Pets, Barnes and Nobles-Tues

& Thurs @ 10:30, Beaver Dam Community Library Mon @ 10:00, Educare (Oshkosh-Friday@ 6:45, Sat@ 10:30, Waupun Public Library-Wed @ 10:30

F A R M E R ' S M A R K E T : Fond du Lac Sat 7am-noon, Princeton Flea Market-Sat 6am

-4pm, Randolph@Jungs Garden Center Sat 8-12, Waupun Thurs 3pm-6pm