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In the Name of Allah, Most Merciful Most Benevolent Assignment: Human Resource Development


Determinants of Human Behaviour

TO Respected Sir: From: Jubran Khalid Amir Abbas


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Contents to be Covered:-

Introduction to Human Behaviour External Determinants Internal Determinants Conclusion

Introduction to Human Behaviour:Before introducing the human behaviour, there are certain questions in the mind of every common individual in the society regarding to the human behaviour. Let review them:-

Why People are anxious?

Why People are disappointed?

What make an individual a psycho?

Why people are always in anger?

Why People are worry about their Future? Why people are not satisfied with their present?

Why people compel to commit suicide?

Now well try to find out the factor which cause of this type of behaviour of the people.

What is human behaviour?

Human Behavior psychologically is a very complex topic, no matter how you try to discuss it or even attempt an explanation of how and why we function the way we do!

According to a few well-known psychologists: Human behaviour (B) is a reaction of a human being (P) to a meaningful situation (S). So, we can say B= f (P, S).

Comprehensively we can say The capacity of mental, physical, emotional, and social activities which a human perform in specific environment/ circumstances. Human Behaviour can be categorized in stages: prenatal, infancy, childhood, Adolescence and adulthood.

Behaviour VS Attitude: An attitude as internal belief or thought plus emotion, behaviour is external expression of it. Attitude is how you feel about yourself, your goals, your ambitions. To me, attitude is the emotional journey. I believe we control our own lives through our mindset, and our thoughts. Behaviour is the other side of the coin. Attitude is the quality that exists within the individual but behaviour is the outward expression.

What is Determinant?
A factor that decisively affect the nature or outcome of something. External Determinants: These can be explained in the following points: Social Factors Economic Factors Political Factors Ethical Factors Cultural Factors

Social Determinants: Social issues are matters that can be explained only by factors outside an individual's control and immediate social environment which affect many individuals in a society. We can categorize the social determinants in the chart.. Caste System Inequality Recommendation / Bribery Curse of Dowry Illiteracy

Miss Use of Technology Abusive language Sanitation Drug Habits

Economic Determinants: Factors concerned with the influence of a person's income and other economic resources on individual behaviour. We can categorize in the following way.

Low salary Basic Needs are expensively available Unemployment Tax Reforms Difficult to manage the expenditures

Ethical Factors: Ethical issues are those dealing with morality, right and wrong, as defined by the society we live in. In simple words, Ethical Factors Influencing Choice of Methods.

Adulteration Hording Lack of Tolerance and patience Dishonesty Misuse of Media Hypocrisy Lust for Sexuality

Political Factors: There are often political factors involved in why some countries remain poor, and many of those are: Bad Government/ Governance Corruption Lawlessness Insecurity Black Marketing Injustice Miss use of Powers.

Cultural Factors: These factors have very strong impact on the life and behaviour of individual in a society. Some are explained here: Dead Rites and Rituals of the society Dowry curse Ostentation/ pomp and show Attraction for Foreign Culture

Internal Factor of Human Behaviour: There are some forces or factors, which relate to the internal state of mind of an individual, affecting his/ her behaviour toward output.

The circumstances, objects, or conditions by which one is surrounded subconsciously. Some commonly observed factors are explained here:-

Ego Revenge Selfishness Greediness Anger/ Jealousy Poor Believe in Allah Inferiority Complex Sense of Horror Self Respect

Mostly Answered..: Sick of the GOVT Unemployment Inflation Victim of Depression due to Surrounding Religious Activities Abusive Use of Technology Educational System

Having gone through the above mentioned several factors of the anxious, ill and depressed behaviour of an individual in the society, we can conclude the solution of these diseases if:1. Being a Muslim, Firm Believe in Allah.. 2. Organize the Islamic Principles 3. Courts should be addressed 4. Censor Board should ban the illegal movies in Islamic country. 5. Both Religious and School education system should improve.. 6. Welfare Societies: hold programmes which improve the thinking way of people Positive Attitude. 7. People should care about Human Rights. 8. Know your Culture and go by it Above all, Allah the Al-Mighty Himself decided in Holy Qur'an: God never changed the situation of a Nation until unless they themselves A philosopher also said: Those who want to change the system, first change themselves. Our salvation from each and every tension, worry, depression and disappointment lie in Firm believe in Allah and Practising the Life of Our Holy Prophet Muhammad (SAAW). Islam is the complete code of life..