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The company has commenced production from 1st oct. 1998 (vidyadasmi) with magnificent opening ceremony. The plant was inaugurated by chief minister of Gujarat. Shri keshubhai Patel in presence of eminent ministers & state men. The company has started with the production of 20,000 wall clocks & 10,000 time pieces per day. The company production was started with work force of most of them were female employees from nearest villages. Thus it has created an employment opportunities for rural women.


Industries are classified according to their size of unit.

Those are three types of the industries. 1. Small scale industries. 2. Medium scale industries. 3. Large scale industries. Firm that invests within 3 crores is called small scale industries. The firm which invest capital from 3 crores to 5 crores is called a medium scale industries while the firm which invest above 5 crores is a large scale industries. SAMAY ELECTRONICS PVT. LTD. is a large scale industries because it invest above 5 crores RS/ in fixed assets.


There are many type of the organization in our country. The main among them are the proprietorship, partnership, public ltd. company etc.

SAMAY is pvt. Ltd. company there is board of directors who manage whole company.

Location is the main feature. It plays an important role in success and failure of a business or company. There are many factors, which affects the development of company. SAMAY ELECTRONICS PVT. LTD. is situated at Rajkot district in Morbi town on Rajkot Morbi highway. There are different advantages of location. Availability of raw materials Transport facility easily available Local labors available There are two different sources of power supply a. G.E.B. b. They are their own generators. The area covered by SAMAY ELECTRONICS PVT. LTD. crores. 40

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Production refers to the volume, value or quantity of goods & services production in a given period by a worker, plant firm or economy. It is the sum total of the result achieved by the various factors used together. Therefore in other words, it could be said that production is the process of transforming raw materials or purchased components in to finished products for sale. Production is a process by which goods & services in production the products comprise a very important part if the organization. It is in respects to the products that an industry/business can come in to the market & establish itself.


The organization structure plays an important role in the production process. It affects the whole company if there is any defect so the organizational structure effects. The production process it increase on decrease the profit of the company so it should be very accurate. At SEPL there is one supervision looking after 15 workers. The following is the organizational chart of the company. MANAGING DIRECTOR (Mr. DILIP PATEL) PRODUCTION MANAGER ASSISTANT MANAGER CHIEF ENGINEER TECHNICAL HEAD SUPERVISORS ( 1 SUPERVISOR FOR EVERY 15 WORKERS) WORKER


Raw materials are the basic requirement for any of the manufacturing firm. These RMs are then converted in to finished goods by some processing. The raw materials required by SEPL & places from where they get them are given below. Most of the row materials are available in India & only few essential materials are bought from outside.
The basic raw materials required are white & black

movement base & pvc plastics powder which are brought from Rajasthan & Maharashtra
Another requirement is of plastic granules which are

purchased from foreign companies like L.G. & Dupont. Color chemicals brought from Taiwan & local market
Transistor & capacitor are brought from Taiwan & Japan. Glass is brought from hariyana, ankleshwar & Bihar. I.C. & Crystal are imposed from Japan & Taiwan. The speaker is also imported from Japan & Taiwan.

Battery supplied with wall clocks & time pieces is purchased from novino-baroda.
Copper wire is imported from Malaysia & packing box &

crystal precision components are brought from Rajkot Morbi & ahemadabad.


SEPL is a manufacturing unit company manufacturing different type of electronics clock & time pieces. The brand name of both items is SAMAY industry have not all parts of the product but such parts and machinery are practice from outside of country. PRODUCTION PROCESS: 1) DESIGNING: Designing is the first step of to prepare the product. Based on information technicians prepare design. For new model. 2) DYE MAKING: This is the next step in production process. After the design of the new models to be launched is prepared by the designing department the dyes are prepared for all the designs. For this purpose, some process is made on HCSC material & the required shape is given to the metal & thus the dye is prepared. 3) MOLDING: Molding means conversion of RM in to some specific shape or MOULD. First o all the dye fitted in to various size of the mould. Then this mould is fitted in the Cincinnati Milacron machine. Different components such as gear, bobbin, needle & cabinet are manufactured in this machine. After the molding process, the unnecessary plastic is removed & this plastic is recycled & use again.

After the frame is obtaining it is taken for cleaning. This is done because during molding some dust particles remain on the frame Applying air pressure with the help of the compressor does cleaning of the frame. The female employees do the cleaning process.

5) FOILING: After the frame is cleaned, it is taken to foiling section. On the foiling machine different colored foils such as golden, silver, black etc. are pressed on the borders of the frame in order to decorate it. The numbers in the wall-clock are also foiled here. The foil used by SAMAY is usually purchased form Taiwan & a few state of India. 6) GLASS CUTTING: In this stage first of all the glasses are cleaned with clean water. Then these glasses are cut according to the shape of the mould. The cutting is done completely on computerized machines. These glasses are then transferred to the assembling department. 7) PRINTING: In this section the decoration on the glass is done. Also the specification on the IC is printed here. 8) QUALITY: After the gear & other such minute parts are manufactured in the Cincinnati machine, they are taken to the quality control department. Here all the components are placed on the quality control machine & are checked thoroughly. If there is any defeat in any of the component, it is taken to the recycling machine & is converted back in to plastic granules & is used again. 9) ASSEMBLING: In this process all the different part, which was mould as well as imported are used & prepare complete product in assembling. Now complete product comes out. 10) CHECKING: After the clock is assembled it is kept under a check for a few days. If any problem is found in the working of the clock then the trained technicians cure it. In this manner the quality of the clock is maintained. 10) PACKING: -

After the checking process is over, all the faultless products are taken for packing of the product is done according to the quality & piece of the products. Products are packed in to different sized boxes. 11) LABLING: -

After the packing of the products is done the labels are put on the packs there are certain things which are assume on the label and it is regarding the type of wall-clock, model number, date of manufacture & price.


Every company has out put of some amount of scrap & waste. So the company have to manage the scrap & the waste products are not affecting the environment on they are not creating pollution. In SAMAY the scrap & waste management is done property the scrap & waste which is coming out from the out put is refused is sent to the municipal Lorries. Thus the company manager the scrap & waste benign in view all the necessary factors.

Store management is second important component of physical distribution. In SAMAY when the product is ready it is sate in store room finally delivery at product to the channel and estimate stock storage also helps balance demand and supply and stabilize the price.

In order to produce a finished goods from the available RMs & machineries are required. Hand made production can be done, but in todays competitive world quick & large production is required which is possibility only with the help of advanced machineries. At SEPL the plant is required with modern sophisticated & world famous machineries & modern computerized testing instruments & all machineries are foreign collaborated. The name of various machines at SEPL & their uses are given below: 1. SHAPER MACHINE: The machine is used to give shape to HCSC metal only square of various shapes of various sizes can be given through this machine. 2. GRINDING MACHINE: This machine helps in mirror grinding of HCSC metal. Due to this the metal surface becomes absolutely plain. There are two type of grinding machine as surface grinder & tool-grinder. 3. MILLING MACHINE: In this machine, the square shaped metal is given various shapes. Usually holes of different sizes are drilled through this machine. In milling machine all the shape of the dies are given by the experience workers. There are four milling machine there. It is three from Taiwan & one from the Jamnagar. 4. ELECTRIC DEPTH CUTTING MACHINE: This machine helps in the preparation of the dye. In this machine, copper material is put on the HCSC metal & then the temperature is increases so that the dye of the require shaped can be obtained.

CINCINNATI MILACRON MACHINE: This is the latest machine & is fully computerized various component of the clock gear, bobbin & cabinet are manufacture in this machine. Single machines are very important & costly & all of them are from Taiwan & in SEPL have 35 pieces of that machine. 5. FOILING MACHINE: This machine is used to foil the mould in order to decorate it & also to print no. on it. This machine is very important for decorate the clocks & time pieces because by decorating the product we can attract the customer & we provide the need of the customer. 6. LATHE MACHINE: This machine is imported from Nikon, Japan. This machine helps in maintaining the quality of the products by helping in eliminating even a little bit of defect in the various components. 7. LATHE MACHINE: Lathe machines are used to work side work as to make an ode of the EDM machine, pins of the dies of the cabinet or the press roller of the foiling machine so in SEPL lathe machines are used only small work purpose. 8. PRINTING MACHINE: There are two types of the printing machines as manual & automatic. All the machinery is from the Taiwan. Printing machines are used to print the glass in the different colors & different shape.

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Personnel management is planning, organizing, directing, staffing and controlling of the procurement development, compensation, integration, maintenance and separation of human resources to the end. Those individual organization and social objectives are accomplished. Personnel management is concerned with the human relationship in business organization. Human efforts are mass available by encouraging, training by providing necessary incentives to worker to develop the business unit. No. of employees working: -1500 (95 % female) Mind your men & men will mind everything


In order to solve the personnel problem efficiently and in a responsible manner. It has become necessary establish a separate personnel department in the organization, which shall be responsible for performing all the personnel function like efficiently, establishing sound and effective personnel policies, practices and programmer and unbiased decision in the interest of labor and of organization. Organization of personnel department in SAMAY can be seen through the following chart PERSONNEL MANAGER DIRECTOR DEPARTMENT MANAGER SUPERVISOR WORKERS


SAMAY QUARTZ providing the employment to around 1500 employees 95% of which are female employees. This has provided that the great working capacity of women. The above figure of employees is according to the year 2005, during the year 1998-99 the no. of employees were about 500 among that also 90% are female employees.


Time is money so the SAMAY believes in the very punctual and discipline in time keeping system. As SAMAY is clock manufacturing company (time measure) they are very alert in time keeping system. The working hour 1. 2. 3. 07:30 am to 12:30 pm FIRST SHIT 12:00 pm to 12:30 pm LUNCH TIME 12:30 pm to 06:30 pm SECOND SHIT

These shifts are common for both workers and officers. Here major of the workers is female and from villages area. After prayer, all the worker go to his or her department in each department first of all worker is taken by supervisor.


In the training employee gets skilled, knowledge and ability. By training the employee becomes more effective and competitive. Therefore training is potential and vital necessary in the organization. When the new workers perform their work the experienced and qualified workers give them instruction and keep eye constantly on the performance of new worker, SAMAY has a team to provide guidance and training. After the training is over if the management is satisfied with this work, they become him permanent.


Wages is the remuneration paid for the service of labour in production. Wage usually refers to the hourly rate paid to such groups as production & maintenance employees. On the other hand salary normally refers to the weekly or monthly rate paid to clerical, administrative & professional employees. The wages structure is determined on the basis of the skills & abilities of an employee. The fundamental bases of wages payment are: 1) 2) payment by time worked payment for output

SEPL prefers time wage system. If provide daily wages to the worker & monthly it official employees. If pays the wages according to the minimum wages act. Starting from Rs. 60 & rising up to Rs. 150 per day. The wages salaries are given on the 1st of every month. It also gives bonus to the workers on festivals such as diwali, along with the wages. In Samay the wages are paid according to the nature of work assigned to the workers. All the workers have to perform different types of the work some work like glass cutting furnishing due to which the shape of glass in changed etc. are very risky and involves the possibility of the frequent injury, so working in such department is rewarded accordingly.


PROMOTION: A promotion is an upward advancement of an employee in an organization to another job, which commands better pay status & higher opportunities, responsibility, & authoritys better work environment & facilities & higher rank. In SAMAY there is no such special policy for promotion. But here a special gradation method is adopted, according to which the efficient workers can get higher grade & accordingly their pay scale is increased. APPRASIAL: Performance appraisal is a systematic evaluation of personnel by their supervisor or other who are familiar with their work performance. Performance appraisal helps in many important decisions, which directly affect the individual & the organization efficiency. It ensures that the right person is placed on that right job. At SEPL the performance appraisal is done on monthly basis by the supervisor. The supervisor keeps a watch on the workers under them & then prepares a note on every worker under their supervision. Then the supervisors give grades to the workers without any personal bias on than these goals are accumulated at the end of the year. On the basis of such performance appraisal an increased in the pay as well as the promotion prospects are decided. Usually an increment of Rs. 100 is made in the salaries of the employees. Thus, because of this the employees are motivated to work better for the organization.


Records of employees are the record of up to date information about the present employees of the organization. It is a reliable source for the management to get information about employees at the time of decision making regarding promotion, increment in wages, transfer, retirement, etc. this information are kept in the computers. The basic information about personnel are: 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. Name Fathers name Age Educational qualification Date of appointment Information about family

Operating information: 1. wages in the beginning 2. increment in wages 3. transfer/promotion 4. departments name 5. leave records 6. performance appraisal record 7. training & development 8. behavior, belongingness, willingness at work 9. regularity & sincerity 10.remark

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Market is place where the transaction of buying and selling takes place. In this place producers sell their product and consumers purchase the purchase the products and satisfy their needs and wants. Market is very narrow term compared to marketing. In marketing all the activities i.e. form getting the idea and making product available to consumer is covers. SEPL working throughout world in India they are having 135 wholesale and 20,000 retail dealers through market share in India around is 45%.


In SAMAY ELECTRONICS PVT. LTD. marketing department is there and all marketing functions are handled by marketing department. MARKETING MANAGER DIRECTOR DISTRUBUTION CUSTOMERS SAMAY has opened its own sales department in market for sales. In the metropolitan cities like Hyderabad, Bombay, Calcutta and Delhi the product of Samay is sold by dealers. They all are centralized under marketing department and also marketing department contents to know the market position. The product of Samay is sold all over in India only through dealers.

Market segmentation is the grouping of customers according to such characteristics as income age, education, geographical location or area. SAMAY has segmented the market on the geographical basis i.e. it has divided the market in to different geographical units such as nations regions, states, cities, etc. Bases of geographical segmentation are: 1. Rural 2. Urban SAMAY has segmented the market according to urban & rural area. Its main concentration is on rural market as 60% to the population of India is rural. Its main consists of villages of India.


Marketing research is concerned with the scientific collection analysis & interpretation of facts relating to the market of goods & services. There are mainly three methods of marketing research as follow: 1. observation method 2. experimental method 3. survey method SEPL prefers survey method, where they want to launch a new model; they conduct a market survey to know the tastes & preferences of the consumers & also to kind out which design is currently popular in the market. The co. also monthly report from the entire authorized sales department regarding the sales of the models. So by this, the company gets in idea about which models. So by this, the company gets in idea about which model to be produced more & which model produced less.


Product means finished goods, which are for sale. Therefore product is compete finished goods. SAMAY is producing following products. Clocks Time pieces Telephones Calculators Home applications

Product planning is based on two factors 1- market environment 2management policy. Both affect the companys suppliers, customers competitors, public physical, technology political, legal and social cultural forces keeping in mind all these aspects of the marketing environment and policy etc. the management takes the important decisions.

According to economists, pricing is the exchange value of a product

At SEPL the prices are fixed on the basis of cost plus method & going rate method, under cost plus method, cost of the product is considered & under going rate method the prices & demand of the competitors products are considered. One of the most important attributes of the pricing policy of the SAMAY is the stability of price. The price of wall-clocks & time pieces are quit stable in nature & do not keep changing frequently. Components of the price of SAMAY wall clocks. 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 5% Advertisement expenses 5% Administrative expenses 30 % sales tax & Conroy 40% to 45% cost of product, raw material 15% to 20% profit margin


All those activities done by the co. that helps to increase the sale of the company can be called sales promotion activities. These are two types of sales promotion. 1. At consumer level 2. At dealer level SAMAY does not prefer sales promotion at consumer level. They believe that their prices are so low & the quality is so good that the consumers do not need any extra incentives to purchase their products. SAMAY entertains sales promotion a dealer level. They offer gifts, discounts.


Channel of distribution are considered to be the most important element among all the elements of marketing mix. The main function of this element is to find out appropriate ways through goods are to be made available to the markets. Channel of distribution may be defined as the means through which thing move from the producers or manufactures to the ultimate consumer of industrial users. Distribution channels create time & place utilities. SAMAYS channel of distribution: COMPANY DISTRIBUTION DEALERS CUSTOMERS

SAMAY has widely speared distribution channel in India consisting of 135 authorized sales depots & services centers over 26,000 dealers. The no. o authorized sales depots & service centers in various states are as under. Maharashtra & Goa North zone Uttar Pradesh Assam & north east Gujarat West Bengal Madhya Pradesh Andhra Pradesh Gujarat West Bengal Madhya Pradesh Andhra Pradesh Kerala Tamil nadu Bihar Karnataka Orrisa Mode of transport SEPL distribution its products all over the India through roadways, as it is a cheap & easily available means transport. In case of distribution of product to other countries. SAMAY prefers waterways as a mode of transport.


SAMAY is well known name not only in India market but in the global market precision in implementation of the factory infrastructure, plant & machinery & setting up of marketing network. Its aim was to combine with the top class professional competency & practical ability to take on any situation on its stride. The manufacture watches for the year 2000 was 30,000 quartz clocks per second, which they have achieved successfully & in year 2001 they reached their target up to 40,000 quartz clocks per second. By now, the coverage of SEPL has crossed the level 30% of its total production spread over more than 60 countries. Its scintillating performance can be gauged from the fact that if exported clocks/time pieces in ten 40 feet high cube containers in a single day.

Now a day we would found the competition every where. In clocks, there is also competition. SAMAY has many competitors like Ajanta, Orpat, Titan & more company.


The demand of the companys products is very much in India as well as in foreign countries. There fore it exports its products in many foreign countries. SAMAY exports its products in more than 60 countries like Singapore, Australia, Iran, south Africa, Russia, Zimbabwe etc. SAMAY export 30% of its total production. Now a day SAMAY is the largest clock manufacture and the people of foreign countries are more attracted toward its products. Companys sales in different years are as follows: a. b. c. d. e. f. g. 1999-2000.28 crores (approx) 2000-2001.48 crores (approx) 2001-2002.50 crores(approx) 2002-2003.60 crores(approx) 2003-2004.70 crores(approx) 2004-2005.100 crores (approx) 2005-2006.....125 crores(approx)

SAMAY sales its product in all over India. It has segmented market on the basis of geography because there are many producers in India who are producing well clocks with music and Samay produces. Companys market is at national level as well as international level e.g. Bombay, Delhi, Calcutta, Australia, U.A.E., Bangladesh, Russia etc.

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Finance is the blood of business. Every organization requires finance for setting up industries, it is running and working for the day

to day activities, for its expansion, development, for achieving its objective when objectives can be achieved successfully it gives the perfect pictures of better functioning of an organization therefore it is said that finance department is the mirror of an company. The department also makes forecasting of finance required in future and also decides finance which will be required for future expansions, decides fix and working capital to be kept in future. According to henry ford money is an arm or either use in or lose it Loan : Banker: state bank of Saurashtra

Finance is the part & parcel of business. It is base for starting any business activities, but finance is scare resource. So management

of finance becomes essential. A part from this financial decision have got vital importance in any firm. So it also proves it essential to setup management system. For sound management efficient organization is precondition where all the financial are performed in scientific & systematic way.


Financial planning is a pre-requisite for the smooth functioning of finance department and for the purpose of growth and expansion of

business activities. The financial plan represents blue print of what a firm purposes to do in the future. There are two types of financial plans: 1. long term financial planning 2. short term financial planning The term long term financial planning is formulated for the expansion of business for starting new unit. For developing new products, for modernization of the unit & for the purpose of sales of fixed rate. The short term financial planning is formulated for the smooth functioning of the day to day business operations. For the payment of miscellaneous expenditure like salary, wage etc. expanses or looses, also for meeting unexpected expanses or looses.

SAMAY ELECTRONIC PVT. LTD. had 35 crores as initial capital and now it has about 70 crores total investment and companys

turnover is 60 crores (approx) right now, company has borrowed the money through loan from state bank of Saurashtra and they also paid interest on the loan. Capitalization means the total amount raised where as capital structure-regrets and show that how much amount is collected through which securities i.e. debt funds/equity funds.

Capital structure represents the mix of different sources of longterm funds in the total capitalization of the company. Capital structure is the permant financing of the company represented primary by the long tern debt and shareholders fund but it excludes the short term credits. A firm should try to maintain on optimum capital structure which maximum the value of a companys share in the market.


Credit sale has become common today because of increasing competition it serves as teal for increasing sales of the company. SAMAY sells its products to authorized dealers & also provides them facility of credit in some circumstances which makes entry of receivable management comes in to existence. In case of SAMAY the concern gets timely debtors and the firm is good and management of receivable is proper.

Cash management deals with managing the cash flows of the organization most of the business organization determine the level of cash which is to be kept in the business. But so far as SAMAY is concerned it doesnt determine the level of management.


This company is earning profit. Now companys total turnover is 60 crores (approx) and the net profit of the company is 5.24 crores (approx). The reason behind it is that they are produces of quality and standard goods and they have monopoly over market.


STRENGTHS 1. complete product range of wall clocks & table clocks

2. A highly sophisticated plant. 3. A new electronics product range will be manufactured

in nearest future. WEAKNESS 1. The general recession in the industry had affected the performance of the companys opportunities. 2. global marketing 3. diversification & expansion TREATS 1. Company is subject to competition from the other established companys in this segment, both domestic as well as overseas. 2. Adverse changes in government policies have an adverse effect on profitability of the company.


SAMAY ELECTRONICS has a bright future let us all hope & wish. It future product planning includes many electronics items, it new product SOGO TILES. A Sogo tile is the new product of the SAMAY ELECTRONICS PVT. LTD.


After going through the training at SAMAY ELECTRONICS PVT. LTD. I feel every promotional & organization activity is properly determined objectivities or goal. There is nothing to suggest to this type of large scale unit as the company has already designed all the activities to bring the companys product to favorable attention of customers. So, SAMAY ELECTRONICS PVT. LTD. has speaking future.


In conclusions, I would like to say that SAMAY ELECTRONICS PVT. LTD. is making a very good reputation. It is management is very good. The company has efficiency and smooth going personnel department. The employees are very good in nature. Relationship with the bank, debtors, creditors, officers & others. The overall performance of SAMAY ELECTRONICS PVT. LTD. is really good. At least, I am very glad to declare this report. This report is conduced with all the best wishes for the growth & prosperity of SAMAY in the coming years.


Books: Principle & practice management L.M. Prasad Modern Business Organization & Management S.A. Sarleker Visit on