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Mrs. Larson (wlars@csdmail.

Edmodo Code: gqf6m5
Be Ready! Be Responsible! Be Respectful! It Starts with YOU!

Be Ready!
Please bring the following things with you to class: A 3-Ring Binder for Textbook or CDyour notes ROM Completed daily Laptop (charged practice & ready to go!) Writing utensil (preferably pencil)

Attendance and Tardies:

Be here and be on time, OK? Its really not that hard and this school is not that big. If you are absent, you are responsible for finding out what you missed on the day of your absence by checking (Side note: Excessive tardiness will
result in a Level 1 study hall placement. Thats no fun for anyone.)

Grading Procedures:
In this class, there are three ways that you will earn your semester grade:

Score Meaning 0 Student has not done the required practice problems. 1 Student has little or no knowledge of the topic and cannot complete a problem independently or- student has not completed the majority of the assignment. (Assignment will be returned to student until they demonstrate knowledge of the topic and can work independently.) 2 Student completed the problems, but made conceptual errors. 3 Student is proficient in the topic but makes serious computational errors. 3.5 Student has demonstrated basic competency with non-serious computational errors. 4 Student has demonstrated comprehensive knowledge of the topic and can apply it to novel situations.

1. Summative Assessment (70%) This grade will

be composed mostly of tests and quizzes. If you are not satisfied with your assessment grade, you will be allowed to take a reassessment during your 8th hour study hall. For this to happen, you must first prepare for the reassessment and then submit a Google form documenting what youve done. This form can be found on Edmodo. come largely from your daily practice. Your assignments will be collected each day and periodically assessed on the following 4-point scale:

2. Formative Assessment (20%): This grade will

Since our class discussions depend on you

practicing each night, any assignment turned in late will result in reduced credit. 3. SEMESTER FINAL (10%): The semester final will be cumulative. **Per the student handbook: Any student who refuses to complete work or opts to not complete work will receive a zero. Any student putting forth a legitimate effort but actual earned percentage is less than 50% will have the assignment or graded task recorded as a 50%. The actual grade earned will be noted in Powerschool.

Make-Up Work:

Excused Absence(s):

If you are excused on the day of a test, you will be expected to schedule a time with me to take the test during your study hall. Any daily assignments that were collected on the day of your absence must still be turned in upon your return. Unexcused Absence(s): The highest score that may be earned for any daily assignments, quizzes or tests that were due on the day of the unexcused absence will be a 50%. Tests and quizzes must be made up during your study hall.

Dont do it! Cmon nowyoure better than that! If you cheat, your assessments will reflect your lack of effort. Students caught cheating will receive 0 points for that particular assignment or test. If caught cheating a second time, the student may be dropped from the class and an F will be given for the semester grade. See me for helpdont take the easy way out! (Allowing your paper to be copied also constitutes cheating!)

Grading Scale:
100 - 94% A 69 - 67% 93 - 90% A66 - 64% 63 - 60% 59 & below F

89 - 87% D+ 86 - 84% D 83 - 80% D-

B+ B B-

79 - 77% 76 - 74% 73 - 70%

C+ C C-

1) 2) 3) 4) 5) 6) 7) 8)

The Language of Algebra Real Numbers Solving Linear Equations Graphing Relations and Functions Analyzing Linear Equations Solving Linear Inequalities Solving Systems of Linear Equations and Inequalities Polynomials

9) 10) 11) 12)

Factoring Quadratic Functions Radical Expressions and Triangles Rational Expressions and Equations

Visit: for useful quizzes, practice problems, and an online textbook! Username and password for online textbook (not required for online tests/quizzes and other materials): Username: alg105 Password: bep8emek

My schedule:
Semester 1:
Period 1 Algebra II Algebra II Period 2 Algebra I Period 3 Algebra I Algebra I Period 4 Calculus Algebra I Period 5 Algebra II Algebra II Period 6 Algebra II Calculus Period 7 PREP Algebra II Period 8 Study Hall/Math Resource Study Hall/Math Resource

Semester 2:
Period 1 Period 2 PREP Period 3 Period 4 Period 5 Period 6 Period 7 Period 8