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After the Evanescing...

Reflections of 9/11
keenly unaware of impending doom, sinister hearts rising from vile shadows consumed by their mission of hate and death, carefully orchestrated missiles of iniquity aimed at freedoms heartbeat, jet fuel incinerating innocence, tearing down Libertys sapphire heavens one anonymously tuesday morning, snowless snow blanketing first responders and survivors, alike. and so we watched, helpless in our horror*, history streaming on TV screens or in skies above as molasses-laden seconds dripped by, burning images of american icons under attack in this nations collective memory; soon joining other dark dayspearl harbor, jfks assassination, and the space shuttle Challengers fiery fate, nightmares, forever shared. then, an ominous hushdrowned by madly blaring sirens announcing once striking crystal castles reduced to broken shards and twisted steel, cloistered walls of power breached, and airplane remains scatteredscattered; yet, emerging from the gruesome wreckage which remained rose the undaunted spirit within, everyday people turned heroes staunchly defending our countrys honor, and our God-given rights. and so we mournedgrieving together and in our own ways, celebrating lives lost much too early, all doing our best to diminish their absence and our pain with curb-side shrines and solemn memorials, candle-light vigils and crowd sing-a-longs, thoughtful prayer breakfasts and loud, marching bands, searching for answers to mend broken hearts, small seeds of Hope slowly beginning to heal an anguished nation.

pain reaches across All ethnicities, red, white, and blue the only colors that mattered in the passing days, weeks, and months as empty dinner chairs left families desperately seeking closure; sadly, time does not heal all wounds, it is a nice lie we like to believetime is merely a bandage, coupled with an ointment of forgetting that leads to an angry scar soon covered with long sleeves. and so we livedwearing brave faces as a tsunami of Change swept over us; eating freedom fries, we watched star spangled news about homeland security and the patriot act, intently aware of daily terror alert colorsthough not quite sure what they meant, often clothed in upbeat t-shirt slogans reminiscent of the alamo, proudly splashed across bumpers and briefcases.

progress does not always imply progress, sometimes keeping things never soughtlong lines at airport checkpoints, cynical stares at strangers, tomorrows caution stealing our yesterdays, even with the dark demon slain; yet, dawn brings new focus, new reasons to dreamstill living our lives to Honor theirs, while never forgetting what it means to be united, never forgetting what it means to be free. --KH Ricker 7/2011

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