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DeliPlayer 2.03a changes since version 2.

02: --------------------------- added (native) player for the NSF and NESA formats - Client: fixed a crash when loading corrupt .m3u files - Core: fixed rare erratic stopping after playing a song in sequential playing m ode - Core: added .cue (cue sheets) to the list of known extensions - DDMF: added more security checks to detect corrupt modules - FastTracker2: fixed an effect bug - FastTracker2: improved handling of corrupted instrument headers - MED: fixed a bug in the sample information extraction - Mixer: fixed boostlevel intitialization - MP3: corrupt VBR headers are now detected and ignored - MonkeysAudio: added a workaround for a MAC 3.97 bug - FrequencyScope: added the 'scientific' mode (use the FrequencyScope_Scientific 1 colorscheme!) - FrequencyScope+Sonogram: frequency analysis is now much more accurate - FrequencyScope+Sonogram: speedup of the frequency analysis - FrequencyScope+Sonogram: added options for min/max pressure and max frequency to display - SNES: fixed a rare crash on certain corrupt files - Sonogram: speedup of the 'time stretching' mode - Sonogram: fixed border trashing (cosmetical) - Sonogram: added optional 'clear view when full' feature - Sonogram: added 'same axis' submode for stereo display - Sonogram: added the 'scroll left/right' modes - Sonogram: increased granularity of the 'lines per second' configuration settin g - Vorbis: the 'COMMENT' field is now extracted and displayed - Vorbis: fixed problem with 'restart one' changes since version 2.01: --------------------------- improved playing of very short songs/samples (<5 seconds) - fixed seamless playing mode - fixed several minor internal issues - fixed LZX file extraction - Conv68k: improved compatibility of Amiga emulation - Core: 'max songend scan time' was set to 0 when the value was greater than 327 67, fixed - DigiBooserPro: fixed "E" command handling - FastTracker: increased compatibility of volume column and portamento commands - ImpulseTracker: fixed a bug in pitch slide command - MED: more information on the song and instruments is extracted - Mixer: disabled no-click for streaming players - Mixer: added no-click mode which works on looped samples only - MonkeysAudio: fixed song initialization issue - MPEGAudio: fixed decoding of MPEG 2.5 files - MPEGAudio: improved duration calculation - MPEGAudio: improved the handling of variable bitrate files - MPEGAudio: added support for the VBRI header - MPEGAudio: CBR and VBR files are now distinguished in the format name ('MPEGA' for CBR, 'MPEGA (VBR)' for VBR files) - Oktalyzer: improved compatibility of the volume command - Play68k: improved compatibility of Amiga emulation

- RichardJospeh: added shared sample set support - ScreamTracker: improved compatibility of the pattern loop command and the tone portamento command - Sonogram and FrequencyScope: improved the quality of the analysis - TFMX: added shared sample set support - Tracker: improved compatibility of vibrato and tremolo effects - UltraTracker: improved compatibility changes since version 2.00: --------------------------Spartan layout: corrected bubble help text ImpulseTracker: improved handling of disabled channels ScreamTracker: improved compatibility of pitch slides Mixer: now supports two different mix qualities for multi-channel modules and non-multi channel modules - Mixer: now supports individual stereo join settings for non-multi channel modules (e.g.: ProTracker), multi channel modules (e.g.: ImpulseStracker) and streaming files (e.g.: mp3,OGG) - Playlist: fixed awkward songend behavior when playing single files with an empty playlist open - Playlist: fixed a crash when adding multiple files with the 'Add Files' menu option with a certain configuration