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Company Profile

A one-stop consultancy, One+2 offers a host of services to the individual clients needs and wants.

Media and Editorial Relations The core of our business is to foster strong and lasting relationships with the free press, forming the foundation of your communications activities.

Marketing Service In order to find and entice customers, every communications program must strengthen a companys marketing activities.

Public Relations Recognition is of utmost importance, and relations are more effective than advertisements. As trained publicists, well ensure that the people who should know you do. Product Launches We handle a wide range of consumer events, product launches, parties, ensuring that your products are launched with infinite talk-of-the-town activities, creating a buzz that will remain ingrained in the minds of your audience. Branding With the services listed, we develop comprehensive branding strategies to place and to keep your brand at the top of your customers minds. Working closely with you, we will develop your brands key messages that will become the centre of all of your communications activities, internal and external.

The Birth of One+2 Typical marketing and public relations firms offer you press launches, social media, and if youre lucky, sales promotions as part of publicity. Here at One+2, a couple put their heads together to offer out-of-the-box marketing and public relations solutions specially crafted for every client. With unconventional and, most importantly, cost-effective methods of application, SMEs can be assured of quality without compromise complemented by a touch of blessing. Why One+2 Complicated though it may seem, the rationale behind the name is simple. Ms Joselyn Tan, Marketing & PR Communications Director of One+2, says, One represents our belief and +2 indicates the relationship between us and our clients. As it says in Eccl 4:9, Two are better than One. We hope that through our holistic approach we can help our clients develop a recognised brand name. Create a long-lasting and progressively supportive two-way relationship with the media with One+2s innovative methods and approaches today! Think One+2. Think Out of the Box. Holding firm to that motto, Louis and Joselyn, the Marketing and Business Directors of the company, say, Our services encompass Branding, Public Relations & Communications, Marketing, Advertising and Events. To be creative means to think out of box and thats our motto. In a nutshell well help you to step out of the box! So who are we Using her passion for assisting companies, coupled with 15 years of experience in the marketing industry communications, public relations, event management and business development, Joselyn decided to follow her dream of setting up her own business. She says, My experience gave me valuable insight into various business cultures and settings. I have always wanted to establish business at home and dreamt of talking to people in Starbucks or Coffee Bean while sipping my favourite cup of Earl Grey or English Breakfast Tea. She taken the time off from routine desk jobs to realize her dreams and to be there to watch her three sons aged 7, 11 and 13 grow into fine young men. The spirited lady says, I am committed and thoroughly believe in actualization through the power of teamwork and being successful in everything that I put effort in. Citing one of her lifes sources of joy to be the feeling of seeing a campaign comes to life from paper to form, she is a determined woman! Radiating the strength and vitality of motivated businessman, Louis and Joselyn, bearing a deep-set passion in what they do, hold firm to the belief that they can always do better, and take that step toward continual improvement, We are here to help you; from thinking, visualizing, believing to actualizing. Our Team: Joselyn Tan | Marketing & PR Communications 9385 3234 Louis Tang | Business Development 8133 5455

Joselyn Tan, Marketing & PR Communications Director After spending 15 years in the beauty and wellness industry, Joselyn had both ambition and credentials ingredients for a success formula. The proud mother of boys aged 7, 11, and 13, she decided to dedicate herself to her family and God by working from home. A trained and qualified aesthetician and trainer, Joselyn is passionate about the industry and has helped develop multiple brands. Her last employment was at Jean Yip Group as the Marketing & Public Relations Manager, a post that required her to manage new branches, engaging the media, organising events, handle advertising and even writing a column in Lianhe Wan Bao. Amongst other posts, she has also managed the prestigious CK TANGS Beauty Hall. She has experience organising press launches, luncheons, spa parties, events for corporate companies and associations and conducting talks. During this period, she has garnered extensive knowledge in marketing communications, public relations, event management and business development. It has also given her valuable insight into various business cultures and settings, complementing her consultation in helping individuals and corporate companies. Her portfolio includes: developing and creating joint promotions and tying-in marketing events. Identifying strategic partners that go in-line with the companys branding, liaising with partners on the execution of the joint promotions or tie-in and developing a target media list and media liaison on editorial coverage. Louis Tang, Business Development Chief Operating Officer New businesses are borne of innovation and passion, and whats lacking (and usually leads to the downfall) is the lack of business acumen. This is where Louis steps in. Proficient in sales and event management, he has aided MNCs like Aggreko Pte Ltd and the Ferro Aluminium Pte Ltd in their journey to success. He is keen to help SMEs on the same track and believes that all that is missing is the extra push in the right direction, thus willingly applying for government grants and schemes as part of his advisory. Having spent 8 years in the marine sector with a background in Electrical Engineering and Marine Engineering, his colourful experiences and extensive network of contacts have aided greatly in developing concepts and more importantly, implementing them. Numerous companies have blossomed under his hands, with some even moving on to expansion.