Adi Shakti comes only after the 3 Maha Shaktis have come. These are words spoken by Shri Mataji that should be taken as indication as to where Shri Adi Shakti, Shri Mataji’s Mahamaya Swaroopa be laid to rest. Maharashtra is the location of the seats of the 3 Maha Shaktis. Shri Mataji never, ever indicated that the Himalayas was to be Her Mahasamadhi. Shri Mataji instead designed and built a home for Herself - it's layout is perfect, it's surroundings are perfect, it is auspiciously located on the planet, within the solar system, within the universe, and She gave instructions as to how it should be set up. There is ONE PLACE ONLY where Shri Mataji's Mahasamadhi be located - in Her bedroom at "PRATHISTHAN", PUNE. WHO is this ‘person’ whose ‘dream’ Sir CP is taking as directive and absolute word of Shri Mataji? I request all yogis who are close to Sir CP and to those who are attending to him, to advise him properly and wisely because it appears Sir CP is again taking matters into his own hands without fully knowing the protocols Sahaja Yogis HAVE to observe in regards to Shri Mataji. PLEASE GET IT RIGHT SAHAJA YOGIS - WE do not have any more chances to squander. Sincerely, Greta, September 16, 2011

{Received on Friday 16 September 2011} Dear ALL Members & City Coordinators & All Other Sahaja Yogies. JAI SHRI MATA JI, A letter dated 14 Sep 2011 received from Sir CP ( Pujya Pappa Ji) is attached. This letter pertains to Shifting of H.H. SHRI MATA JI's MAHASMADHI to HIMALAYAS. With Regards & Best Wishes. Yours Brig( Retd)). A L Sandhal State Coordinator (Haryana)


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