How to Create Presentations using Prezi

Author: Yee Jiong Hwa Version: 10-Sep-2011

Course aims
• Prezi is a web-based presentation applicationand storytelling tool that uses a single canvas instead of traditional slides. Text, images, video and other presentation objects are placed on the infinite canvas and grouped together in frames. The canvas allows users to create non-linear presentations, where they can zoom in and out of a visual map. A path through different objects and frames can be defined, representing the order of the information to be presented. The presentation can be developed in a browser window, and then downloaded so that an internet connection is not needed when showing the presentation.

Course goals
• By the end of this course, participants should be able to use Prezi to: • Create nice presentations • See all screens from • Create a project based on what they have learned

Course Content • • • • • Getting started – How can I get prezi? The Prezi environment – Navigation Create. Edit and Insert files Build a Presentation Share and Manage .

How can I get Prezi? • • Products – [public] : Set up a free Prezi account and edit ONLINE – [enjoy] : better access control and more storage space – [pro] : Prezi Desktop (Mac / Windows) .



Sign In to Create online Prezi Click to create. .

Entering Title and Description .

Spinning Zebra A brief tutorial. . Try completing it.

Click on the centre of Zebra and press “Del” .A blank canvas Click on the centre of this text and a Zebra will appear.


Toggling between Edit & Show mode “Edit” mode “Show” mode spacebar .

.Change to Edit and Show mode display Show has been relocated here.


Bubble menu Bubble menu is the set of blue bubbles in the top left corner of the Prezi editing canvas. List of keyboard shortcuts for the Bubble Menu Space: toggle between show and edit I: insert menu S: Shapes menu F: Frames menu P: Path menu . It contains most of the tools you need to create a prezi.

Parent Menus : Larger Circle .


a Zebra will appear.. Print as “multi-page PDF”. Virtual meeting online.000 feet view” When object is selected. . Determines zoom level. “30. Fullscreen. Appears only in SHOW mode.Controls Exits Prezi canvas. “Undo” & “Redo” respectively. Prev and Next respectively.


Single-click to Zoom Out. Acts the same as “+” and “-”. Click+Drag away from center for “+” Click-Drag to centre for “-” Single-click For “Edit” Click+Drag in clockwise or anti-clockwise to rotate object. .Zebra components Single-click to Zoom In.

Right-click a Zebra will display a menu for command selection Note: Elements can be placed on top of one another using these 4 commands. These 4 are standard editing commands. .


e. i. circle. Four types of frames. rectangle and hidden Groups objects to facilitate moving and scaling. . .Use of Frames and Types Frames provide “big” picture.brackets.

Sample Frames Circle frame Rectangle frame Hidden frame Bracket frame .

Moving/scaling/rotating the frame will move/scale/rotate its contents together. scale or rotate it separately.Move/scale/rotate frames 1. Double-clicking on the frame will show the four control points. . 3. 2. Hold Alt while dragging or clicking on a frame to move. drag the object out of the frame at any time. Change the size of the frame by dragging the control points. 4. To remove an object from a frame.

Hold “ALT” and click on circular frame. The whole ‘group’ may be moved.Move/scale/rotate frames Simple click on frame. . rotated now. Notice the “orange” zebra. It can be moved separately now. scaled. Notice the blue Zebra.

Selecting multiple elements without using frame • Click and Drag from upper let corner to lower left corner • Release the mouse • Elements enclosed should be grouped and a Zebra should appear • Press “Del” key to delete all selected elements .


Three typefaces provided. Click “Ok” to close text box. Hit “Return” key to move to next line. Click anywhere on canvas and start entering 2 lines of text.Text entry Text alignment and bulleting functions. .


Insert Images .

Insert Files .

Insert YouTube .

Insert Shapes .


12 Supported Drawings .


Built-in pre-defined themes.Colors / Fonts and Theme Wizard Provides colors and theme controls over the Prezi. .

.tayloredmktg.Theme Wizard : Manual Mode Or use a RGB Color Chart. Or use built-in themes.


In between free nodes may be dragged to objects to form a liner path. Removes all path defined. .Working with Path Use this to allow display to determine placement of path node. A wrong path node may be dragged out and released on empty canvas.

Editing Paths • To remove – Click+Drag a Numbered Path node out of the element it is pointing to • To insert a Path – Click+Drag an Un-numbered Free Path node to the element you wish to insert .


Online Prezi .

View Together .

Edit Together : Viewing .

Edit Together: Editing .

Download .

Saves a Copy in ZIP format

Unzip into FLASH file and run on standalone PC or Mac. (provided there is no link to resources on internet)


Taking a Prezi offline

Click this.

Taking a Prezi offline .

Taking a Prezi offline .

.Taking a Prezi offline Right-click file.

It cannot be edited. Note: Offline Prezi is always in Show mode. .Taking a Prezi offline Double-click to run the Prezi.


youtube.Video on “Prezifying” Powerpoint slides .

• Select local file (PDF). • Use Insert File on Bubble Menu to import PDF. • Organise imported PDFs using frames. • Add titles (text objects) to collections of frames. . • Add paths.Prezifying a PowerPoint file • Export an existing copy of PowerPoint file into multi-page PDF.


where every path step will be one document page. The exported PDF will also include an overview page of your whole prezi. • When you click Print. .Create handouts: print your online prezi • Use the “Print” option in the middle of the editor screen (only in EDIT mode) to create handouts for your audience. your prezi will be converted to a PDF document.

I think 3-4 at a time co-editing is bearable. My bubble menu disappears in online Prezi? – Ans: Exit (but save) the work. Only bracket. The bubble menu should appear. . At the “Your Prezi”.A. “Bring to Front” and “Bring Forward” allows for element placement. How to arrange the positions of elements with reference to one another? – Ans: Right-click on Zebra of an element. Can hidden frames be used for grouping? – No. edit the Prezi again. Do I need internet acccess when I have Youtube elements in my Prezi? – Ans: Yes.Q • • • • • • • How many elements can a free Prezi account canvas hold? – Ans: Limited by overall storage space of 100MB per free Prezi account. The contents can only stream in when internet acccess is available. circle. How many concurrent editors is supported? – Ans: Editing can support up to 10. and rectangular frames can group objects. The “Send to Back”. Youtube insertion is merely a link. “Send Backward”. How to delete multiple elements? – Ans: Hold Shift key and click at top left corner and drag to bottom right corner.F.

com .Trademarks • Prezi logo and name is a registered trademark of Prezi.

Do verify at http://prezi.Disclaimer • Upgrades are frequent in Prezi and screen and function layouts may change .


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