Some useful insights to choose someone to represent you in your search for buyin g or selling a home Malibu Real

estate, Real Estate MarketHow long have you been working in the Mali bu real estate market or luxury real estate market as a real estate agent? Is it selling real estate your full-time job? Years as a Malibu real estate agent or a luxury real estate agent do not equate to level of success and in the changing world years of experience is not as cruc ial as it used to be. Furthermore, being a good real estate agent, selling homes for sale or representing real estate buyers is not contingent upon age as many young professionals have taken this business by storm and have some of the most advanced and aggressive (in a good way) businesses out there. Most important aspect of choosing a Malibu real estate or luxury real estate age nt is commitment level. If the real estate agent is only trying to make money wh ile simultaneously raising two kids, forget it. If the agent is constantly imple menting new innovative tools and constantly seeking new education or development to further their skills, you should listen. What are your credentials? Many credentials are easy to obtain and only require sitting in a classroom styl e room with a simple quiz at the end that is nearly impossible to fail. Of times , many of the credentials are merely just for show and a fancy abbreviation on t heir business card. Use the credentials a segway to learn more about the agent's particular niches or specialties. For example if the Malibu Real estate or luxury real estate agent claims they ha ve a shortsale credential ask them if they have actually closed a shortsale tran saction. "Proof is in the pudding" as they say. How many homes did you sell in the last year? How many homes did you find for bu yers? This is an multi-faceted question because again numbers to not equate to whether or not you should choose the real estate agent. Instead of focusing on the numb ers perhaps try to obtain some testimonials or references for some stories that would be indicative of your real estate agent's character. In other words, even though the Realtor might closed a bunch of deals, were the buyers or sellers hap py with the transactions or are they secretly plotting a plan against them becau se of the black mold that the real estate agent did not disclose!? How many days did it take you to sell the average home? This is a complex question that has various answers. For example sometimes, list ing agents will purposely overprice a listing to satiate an overly aggressive se ller fully aware that a property will not sell at the initial asking price and w ill need a subsequent price reduction. A better question could be as follow up - How many buyers and sellers have you w orked with have continued to work with you throughout the entire home buying or selling process? This will give you a subtle measure of client satisfaction and the agent's ability to work with people. How close to the initial asking prices of the homes you sold were the final sale prices? Use this question to gather information about the market and gauge how knowledge able your prospective Malibu real estate agent is.

Do your due diligence to learn about what is going on in your neighborhood. The more you learn the more you will be able to bring to the table with a better und erstanding of the market conditions. It could also help you mold your expectatio ns of the length of time and price it could take to sell your home. When I'm selling my home, what types of marketing approaches will you use? The real estate world is changing very quickly and very very few real estate age nts are keeping up to date with it. Real estate is a profession and the Malibu r eal estate market is one that requires constant innovation and marketing develop ment to be successful. Social media alone is a revolution that is changing the w orld of real estate but, it is just a piece of the pie. Networking, internet mar keting, print media, caravans and open houses are all different methods that can sell you home. You might want to reconsider using your agent if it is apparent they have a significant deficiency in any of the major areas. For example, If yo ur prospective agent does even have a website it might be time to reevaluate the ir ability to effectively represent you. Will you represent me exclusively, or will you represent both the buyer and the seller in the transaction? Dual representation in California is legal and is sometimes a great way to make ends meet by taking a sometimes unnecessary component to a transaction (the buye r's agent). Don't be afraid of dual agency but at the same time a buyers represe ntative can be a great way to gain a knowledgeable voice who you know for certai n is representing just you. Can you help me find service providers to get a mortgage, make repairs on my hom e, and other things I need done? Try to work with someone who the agent has worked with. Relationships and reputa tion are huge in real estate and even if you cousin is a mortgage broker back ea st or your buddy is a plumber unless you can get substantial discounts. Usually it is better to work with a people who the agent knows and trusts. It can save y ou thousands. How will you keep me informed about listings or sale of my home? Some people tell the agent 'just sell my home' and others say 'I want a phone ca ll every time there is a showing!'. Make sure that your communication is on the same page right out of the gate. Set your standards and expectations early and i f they differ make put it all out on the table early to avoid confusion from the get-go. What is the real estate agent's personality? Does the real estate agent make you feel calm? Do they appear lazy? Are they clu eless of the market? Do they seem nice? There are many clues and cues that inter view questions will not answer. When you interview the agent you want to ask yourself, can I endure a relationsh ip with this person for as long as it takes to either buy or sell my house. Most listing agreements are 6 months and most buyers take time to buy a home so you want to make sure that you get along with them from a personality level as well. Don't forget they might become your neighbor! Contact Russell at to learn more about his practic es as a real estate agent from Montecito to Malibu.

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