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eekes & Thomas’s founding partners bring many ingredients to the table including investment banking, quality assurance, marketing, business management, and yes, catering too, and that interesting mix has resulted in continental food that, uncharacteristically, doesn’t cost much. For about a couple of years, their outlets were restricted to the Jayanagar/JP Nagar area, but now they have expanded to seven locations across Bangalore, the Koramangala outlet having been added just a couple of months back. What adds to the uniqueness of this venture is a set of philosophies that seem intrinsic to it – using biodegradable or reusable packaging, striving to include the community as well as traditional/village economy in the business, and building partnerships with NGOs.

59, 5th Block, Jyoti Nivas College Road, Koramangala, Bangalore – 560034 Ph: 8095985000

Veekes & Thomas

Food Owner(s) Chef Alcohol Price range Parking Wheelchair access Service Sound level
this section, and though the crumb fried texture worked, the filling, that was supposed to be made of a mix of Indian and Italian herbs really didn’t deliver. finer version. The Spaghetti Meat Ball Pasta had meat balls made of chicken mince that was too hard and spaghetti that was a bit too crispy. The Portuguese Chicken was supposed to be a spicy and tangy rendition of the original recipe, so we did make allowances for that, but it turned out to be over-spiced and the mushrooms were conspicuous by their limited presence. The Stuffed Chicken crossed the road from tender to hard and spoiled the spinach and mushroom filling. There were quite a few items unavailable, including the Honey Glazed Lamb that I wanted to try. None of the drinks were available, but since it was a Friday night, we were able to make do with water and high spirits.

Indianised European cuisine Ajay Thomas, Prajwal Hegde, Vasu Krishnamurthy Ajay Thomas is the Executive Chef No. `450-550 for two. Street Parking. Parking nearby and walking might be a good idea. No.

Appetiser: There’s no dearth of op-

From top: Green Chilli Spinach, Grilled Basa Fish, Mushroom Gostini and Stuffed Rice Balls

tions; you have crostinis, bruschettas, and croquettes, among others. The Sautéed Mushroom soup with its creamy consistency worked well with a dash of pepper. The Basil & Tomato wasn’t bad either, a thin tangy version. At Rs 35 each, and served piping hot in glasses, this could help you depart from the bytwo norm. The Jalapeno Poppers was the best of the veg starters, crispy on the outside with a gooey spicy cheese filling. But the Mushroom Crostini with finely chopped, pan smeared mushrooms on a toasted baguette had enough of olive oil and cheddar flavour to make it a preferred item too. The Tomato and Black Olive Bruschetta turned out to be a bland offering. We didn’t find any flavour in it and it didn’t find any favour with us. Among the non-veg starters, the Stuffed Rice Balls was most appreciated for its texture and the mildly spicy chicken and cheese filling. The Salami and Bell Pepper Mousse just about passed muster as the tapenade had the flavour right, but missed the consistency. The Chicken Crouquets was the most disappointing dish in

Entree: The Pepper

and Garlic Risotto got the burnt garlic flavour just right, and wasn’t stingy on the cheese, giving it a smooth, but thick and creamy finish that was complemented well by the sesame garnishing. The Grilled Basa Fish with Lemon Butter Sauce was the pick of the non-veg main course dishes and the juicy boneless fish with its mildly sour sauce went very well with the herb rice. The Green Chilli Spinach Pasta was a reasonably good dish with a creamy sauce and blanched spinach, but its spicy billing wasn’t really justified as it was the olives which proved the dominant flavour. The Cajun Grilled Basa Fish in itself was an excellent dish, with the fillet and the paprika and Cajun rub working well together, but it was let down by the herb rice which should’ve been a

Friendly and helpful. You have to speak loudly to be heard, but the excellent music compensates easily. Ambience Obviously a house in its earlier avatar, you’re likely to fall in love with it. Hours Daily 12 noon – 3.30 pm, 7 pm – 10.30 pm Home delivery Yes Reservations Walk in, and hope to get a seat




Afters: The menu does have a collec-

tion of desserts listed including chocolate brownies, tiramisu, mango cheese cake and so on. But we were first told that only the Mango Cheese Cake was available and even before we could digest that, we were told that we had lost that option too.

an awesome ambience, especially if you are fond of music, that would sum up the experience. The pricing of the dishes and the portion sizes ensure that you can try many dishes and feel that you’ve had a hearty meal. However, the non-availability of dishes weakens the Veekes & Thomas offering a tad.

In all: Value for money fare in quite

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It would have been easy to just get frustrated or take pity on myself but I had made up my mind that come what may, I would not let the disease bring me down. What was worse for me was that I was away from my sister and dear grandparents and my close friends. This made me feel quite lonely. Unfortunately, I hardly received any kind of psychological counselling, which I feel is so important in the treatment of cancer patients. In the US, counselling is so much part of the recovery process but sadly here, it is rarely offered. I also recommend that hospitals should provide patients the opportunity to interact with others like them, so that it gives them hope that they are not alone in their struggle. In my case, my biggest motivating factor was that I wanted to be independent and get back to normal life. My biggest priority was my studies and future. To stay away from frustration, I would keep browsing on my laptop and read

books, I even did some online courses during my treatment. I would keep surfing the net and interact with my friends through social networking sites. This also helped me talk about the disease and spread awareness about it. Later, I connected with people on Facebook who, like me, had been diagnosed with Ewing’s syndrome. This helped in the recovery process. I vowed to take better care of my health and joined a gym to strengthen my muscles. I also started doing yoga. Positive attitude is the only way you can beat a disease like cancer and it is essential to keep your mind occupied with constructive things. What helped me was a singleminded focus on getting better and moving on. Now my treatment is done but I keep going for follow-ups and meanwhile, I have started doing a computer programming course in Bangalore. – As told to Sahana Charan

EATING A DIET rich in flaxseeds can help cut the risk of dying from breast cancer later in life by 40 per cent, a new study has claimed. Researchers at the German Cancer Research Centre in Heidelberg found that foods including seeds, vegetables and wheat contain special plant compounds, called phytoestrogens, which kill off cancer cells and prevent secondary tumours by stopping the growth of new blood vessels. Among the most important phytoestrogens are the lignans which are found abundantly in flaxseeds, the researchers said. Once in the body, they said, these phytoestrogens attach to female sex hormone oestrogen and are thought to help protect against cancer. For their study, the researchers analysed blood samples of over 1,000 women diagnosed with premenopausal breast cancer over a three year period. They found that women with higher levels of enterolactone in their blood had their mortality rate dramatically reduced by two fifths compared to women with the lowest levels of the same substance. The results also showed that high levels of enterolactone


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also protected against the spread of cancer and secondary tumours. The researchers claimed phytoestrogens helped curtail cancer both because of its hormonal properties, as well as by killing off cancer cells and preventing the growth of new blood vessels. According to the researchers, the study also gave a clue as to why Asian women are less frequently affected by breast cancer. Their soy-rich diet contains large amounts of another type of phytoestrogens called isoflavones.