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SET 4 4TH QUARTER ENGLISH Directions: Each question has four possible answers a, b, c and d.

d. Choose the best answer from the given choices. On your Answer Sheet, blacken the circle that corresponds to your answer.
1. It is every womans dream to walk down the aisle with her beloved.

a) walkway b) center 1) single 2) double a) slammed b) shut

c) in between d) island c) triple d) lucky c) closed d) opened

2. He is the sole survivor of the landslide in Pantukan, Compostela Valley.

3. I was so angry; I didnt realize I banged the door so hard.

4. The bus jerked before the tire exploded. a) shuddered c) murmured b) stopped d) smoked 5. During recess time, my classmates moved hastily to the door to get ahead of the

others to the canteen. a) slow b) fast a) beautiful b) gracious a) eat quickly b) eat slowly a) cheerful b) joyful

c) run d) walk c) well known d) actress c) drink slowly d) drink water c) sad d) sweet

6. Kris Aquino is so famous, it seems everyone knows her.

7. My brother was so hungry; he gulped his food in a second.

8. I like solemn song, especially whenever I remember my late mother.

9. When the bus stopped, everyone alighted.

a) stood b) moved a) befriends b) barks a) It b) They

c) stared d) shocked c) runs after d) bites c) She d) he

10. Bantay doesnt like strangers. He chases people he sees for the first time.

11. Children love to read fairy tales. ___ enjoy reading it.

12. This pencil belongs to James. This is _____. a) hers c) his b) its d) them
13. To have beautiful smiles, _____ your teeth after eating.

a) brushes b) brushed

c) brush d) brushing

14. The students _____ the experiment last Wednesday yet. a) perform c) performs b) performed d)performing 15. Big bus moves _____ than the jeep. a) faster c) fast b) fastest d) more faster 16. Green mangoes are _____. a) sour b) sweet c) ripe d) juicy

17. Janrico plays basketball the whole Sunday morning; sleeps in the afternoon and

watches television until late night. He _____. a) wakes up early c) fails to do his homework b) get the highest score in the quiz d) arrives early in school

18. Rijane Mae takes a bath every morning. She eats the right foods, exercises

regularly and sleeps eight hours a day. She is _____. a) healthy c) pale b) sickly d) ugly 19. James asked that he be bathed; asked for his feeding bottle and went to his bed. He _____. a) watches television c) plays with his toys b) reads his book d) sleeps soundly
20. Everybody was busy. Mother cooked her favorite viand. Ate made her favorite

salad. Kuya prepared his favorite lechon manok. Father bought coke. I stayed in my place. After a while, everybody was ready for _____. a) dinner c) snacks b) outing d) breakfast Read the following announcement and be able to answer the questions that follow. Lost: Contents: 1 brown leather bag 500.00 (5 x 100.00) Company ID in the name of Juan dela Cruz, Jr. and others If found please return to this address: Juan dela Cruz, Jr. Tahimik Avenue, Matina, Davao City or contact this cell no. 09098082040 21. What was lost? a) a brown leather wallet b) a black leather bag
22. Who is Juan dela Cruz, Jr.?

c) a brown leather bag d) a brown plastic bag c) the owner of the company ID d) the police officer c) 50.00 d) 1.00 c) Davao City

a) the owner of the bag b) the owner of the wallet

23. How much money was in the bag?

a) 500.00 b) 100.00 a) Tahimik Avenue

24. What is the address of Juan dela Cruz, Jr.?

b) 09098082040

d) Tahimk, Avenue, Davao City

Identify what kind of sentences are the following. Choose from the choices below: a) declarative c) exclamatory b) interrogative d) imperative
25. Today is the beginning of rainy days.

26. What day is today? 27. What a stunning performance! 28. The rule must be obeyed. No one is exempted. 29. Augusta, my friend, has curly black hair. What is the adjective in the sentence? a) friend c) black b) hair d) Augusta 30. Please open the door_____ What is the correct punctuation mark on the blank? a) . c) ! b) ? d) 31. She said, To love is to sacrifice. What is the missing punctuation mark? a) ! c) b) ? d) . 32. Splendid_____ What must be the punctuation mark in this sentence. c) ! c) a) . d) ?
33. My younger brother loves swimming so, he brought _____ swimming attire.

b) her c) his a) a noun b) a verb a) an adverb b) an adjective

c) him d) he c) an adjective d) an adverb c) a noun d) a verb

34. Travelling is what I like. The word travelling is _____.

35. He travels very often to Manila. The word travel is _____.

36. Rio sings beautifully. The word beautifully is ____.

a) an adjective b) an adverb a) an adjective b) an adverb

38. My left _____ hurts.

c) a noun d) a pronoun c) a pronoun d) a noun

37. I looked everywhere but I did not find you. The word everywhere is _____

a) foots b) foot

c) feet d) feets

39. The _____ are playing in the gym. a) children c) childrens b) childs d) childs
40. Our teacher is _____ the classroom with the children.

a) on b) in a) go b) goes

c) under d) over c) went d) want

41. Sheila _____ to church last Wednesday.

42. Which of the following two words rhyme? a) 43. Superman can move mountains. He is very _____. a) powerful c) powered b) powerless d) more powerful 44. But my bestfriend said Spiderman is _____ than Superman. a) more powerful c) powerful b) most powerful d) powered 45. My brother enjoys looking at the airplane in flight. Which word is a compound word? a) enjoys c) airplane b) looking d) flight

46. For me, English is _____ than Mathematics. a) easy c) easier b) easiest d) most easiest 47. But for Shannon both subjects are _____. c) easier c) easiest d) easy d) most easiest
48. Sarah Geronimo sings like a bird. What figure of speech is used in the sentence?

a) metaphor b) simile

c) personification d) alliteration

49. Because Sarah Geronimo sings like a bird, she sings so _____. a) cool c) good b) sweetly d) nicely
50. He loves his son so much. His son is the apple of his eyes. What figure of speech

is used in the sentence? a) alliteration b) simile

c) metaphor d) personification