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Gay Kiss in Today's Society What is a kiss?

A kiss is basically the act of pressing one's lips against anoth er person's lips. It can also be pressing one's lips on the body parts of anothe r or of an object. Kissing has many cultural connotations. It depends on the cul ture and context. For example, we kiss others to express sentiments of our love, passion, affection, respect, greeting, friendship, and good luck, among other t hings. A kiss can also be part of a ritual, like during a wedding ceremony when the bride and groom kiss. We also see our national leaders kiss in greeting. How a kiss is perceived depends heavily on culture, relationship and context. One m ay kiss another on their lips, cheek, head or hand and each of these gestures ha ve different social significance. In Iran, men kiss other men and women kiss oth er women at social events. If they meet on the street, the more common greeting is a simple handshake. But in today's society, how often do we see men kissing in public? It is probabl y an everyday occurrence in European countries such as Italy and France. But you know what kind of kiss I am talking about. I am talking about a kiss between tw o men that is more than just a greeting. In the United States, teenage boys and girls make out in the hallways of their campuses. But there would be a different reaction toward teenage couples kissing in public in other places, especially i n some Asian countries. Imagine the outrage when these people witness two men ki ssing in public! In countries where gay marriage is legal such as Canada, Sweden and The Netherla nds, two men kissing publicly might not be a big deal at all. But in the United States and the rest of the world, a gay kiss may attract ridicule or worse, host ile reactions. Especially when there are still nations on this planet where they consider homosexuality a crime. And such a crime could be punishable by death. Despite all the hypocrisy, hatred and prejudice in the world, today's society is more tolerant of homosexuality. A kiss shared by two (or more) men is more visi ble in today's media, despite generating some violent reactions. Popstar Christi na Aguilera's video for her song "Beautiful" featured two men kissing in the par k. Unfortunately, the video was either banned in other countries or the gay kiss part was edited out. The movie Brokeback Mountain a beautiful, moving story abo ut two gay cowboys who fell in love became sensational when it was released. It featured several gay kiss scenes and non-graphic gay sex. The two cowboys were b rilliantly portrayed by Jake Gyllenhaal and the late Heath Ledger. It was highly acclaimed by critics and audiences alike. Sadly, homophobic people across the w orld petitioned to have it banned its showing in theaters. Just recently, hit TV series Glee, aired a kiss between gay characters Kurt Hummel and Blaine Anderso n. And a certain Victoria Jackson, a former Saturday Night Live comedienne went as far as saying it was "sickening" and made rants about Glee's gay agenda. The "conservative" and the uptight must have been mightily disappointed when the son g Beautiful went on to win Best Female Pop Vocal Performance and was also nomina ted for Song of the Year at the 2004 Grammy awards. It became an anthem not only for gay people but to everyone who feels downtrodden. Brokeback Mountain became one of the highest-grossing gay film of all time. It won many categories in dif ferent award-giving bodies. It also went on to be one of the strongest contender s in the 78th Academy Awards. Heath Ledger received an Oscar Best Actor nominati on and the movie was nominated for Best Picture. Glee became a super sensation a nd Chris Colfer the actor who plays Kurt Hummel's character went on to win Best Supporting Actor at the 2011 Golden Globe. Colfer is gay in real life. The LGBT community and their supporters are hoping for a better world. A more to lerant world where a simple thing as a gay kiss would be seen as a beautiful thi ng and not as an abomination. Check out this collection of gay kiss photos on Flickr: And while you're at it, follow me on Twitter:!/hornygaygreek

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