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Liquid Penetrant test procedure

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SEC-PJ045-ST-IFP-0008-1 02

02 01 Rev.

02.08.2004 20.06.2004 Issue Date






08.Method of Removing excess penetrant 6.2004 Sheet 1 of 4 Contents 1.045 Rev.T.Technique 3.Per-examination cleaning & Drying 4.Acceptance Standard 11. PJ.Attachment (Examination Report) .Procedure to be used 2.Quality Assurance System P.Post Cleaning 9. Procedure Project No.P.Personnel Qualification 10.Liquid Penetrant Application 5.Developer Application 7. Examination 8. 02 Date: 02.Evaluation of L.

rust oil.Method of Removing Excess Penetrant: Removing will be perform by special solvent and clean clothes. 3.Technique: Color contrast penetrant.P.1 (Edition 2001) Appendix 8 latest version 2.1 Article1 & 6 latest version ASME VIII Div.Al06C or equivalent.Quality Assurance System P. Also the surface must be dried by proper method such as heating or using clean clothes in case of moisture or wet surface. The proper solvent for degreasing is Magnaflux-SKC-S or equivalent. (Magnaflux.Evaluation of L. Reference standard: ASME V Div . All relevant indications shall be recorded and evaluated as per ASME sec.Procedure to be used for Examination of beveling of parts shop header welds. examination the remaining material to be removed by proper solvent or water and clean clothes.Liquid Penetrant Application Type of dye penetrant: Visible penetrant examination method.P.08. 8. Examination: Interpretation shall be done after 5 minutes of applying the developer and not over 15 minutes.) Application: By thoroughly and uniformly spraying on the part to be examined penetration time: The minimum penetration time shall be as recommended table T-672 in ASME sec. Article 6 or as qualified by demonstration for specific application Temperature of surface: 10-52°C 5. (MagnafluxSKC-S or equivalent.) Solvent shall not be spray directly to the weld. Procedure Project No. Attached form will be used for examination report. 02 Date: 02. 1 appendix 8.Post Cleaning: After evaluation of L. using solvent removable penetrant. 4.Per-Examination Cleaning & Drying: The surface to be examined shall be clean & free of grease. PJ.T. VIII Div. .2004 Sheet 1 of 4 Liquid Penetrant Examination Procedure 1.v . Repair shall preformed under supervision of inspector. flux spatter.045 Rev. 6.Developer Application: The developer shall be applied as soon as possible after PENETRANT removal. Type of developer: (Mangnaflux-SKD-S2 or equivalent) Application: by spraying 7. that might interfere with the penetration of liquid.

Personal Qualification: Liquid Penetrant examination will be performed and result will be evaluated by technicians qualified and certified as level II for dye PENETRANT method. or water and lean clothes. 02 Date: 02.Attachment For issuance of examination report.T. .2004 Sheet 1 of 4 9. 10. 11.08.1 appendix 8. Procedure Project No.Acceptance Standard: The acceptance standard for above mentioned method will be according to ASME VIII Div. Personnel shall be qualified in accordance to SNT-TC-1A of American society for Non-Destructive testing.045 Rev. PJ.Quality Assurance System P. or trained and examined personnel.

After Hydro. Test Others Others Judgment Inspector Signature Satisfactory Operator AAC Unsatisfactory CLIENT .Emulsifying Penetrates Solvent . 02 Date: 02. PJ. Procedure Plate Applicable Code & Procedure Material Surgace Preparation Type Penetrant Application Temperature Grinding Color Contrast Brushing C Water .exam A R After P.Washable Penetrates Removal Post .: Project No.Removable Penetrates Item No.045 Rev.T.08.W.2004 Sheet 1 of 4 Stage of Examination ASME V Prepared Edge As Welded Machining Fluorescent Spraying Penetrant Time Minutes Dry Developer Developing Wet Developer Recharged Yes No Fin . Joint No.H.Quality Assurance System P. Defect Type Dimension (mm) Evaluation A R Remove A R Project No.

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