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L o AL
Held at
Septeluber 10- 15, 1940
O'-.}rlCEi'.D ! J,ND CCW\1ITTEES
.ApPOIlITI..1El 'I 5
M. E. C. M. Press, Wembo Nyama, Congo BeIge
3, 4
19 - 21
52 - 54
54 56
57. 58
"".... "H. <U\'<"" MEETING
", 4
19 - 21
21 -25
25 - 51
52 - 54
57. 58
C. M. Press, Wembo Nyama, Congo Beige
Chai rman
Bbhop J 11n M. Springer
1. U. Ttnvnsl y, Sh ng' l.Joa 1, C. " -. C lappel
Assistan t Secretaries
E B. Stilz, An nL Lam'a Win fl'ey
FieLd Committee.
H. P. Anker, H. T. Wh > ler, J. J . Da\ is, \ Vm. De Ruiter, C.
. Chapp .!l, Dorot hy "'es, a' lerinc P rl1aru, lfyr tl e Zi afoo ('.
Anni e Laura Winn'ey, Edith M arti n, N a ndjol() Mcse, Ki n bd u
Ch des, Lup' nu ugust, Luhata Danyele, Krunbi A isa.
Bui i ll r Vommiitee:
H. T Wheele ', vV. De Ruiter, H. P. nker , H. C. Ayres, DoroL1
ees, Cat eri ne Parh am, Rut h )' Tool e, Myrtle Zicaf Ose.
Langua e C mmittee:
C. P. M. Sheffey, '. S. Hu lett, H. P. Anker, E. B. Stilz, Edi th
Ma!." lin Consulting Asherna, Lupanu, Pallt1y', Shuyalw.
Committee on Conference Relations:
T H. " . Wb _ . el', l'i . bulu Ch:lrles, D Ruiter, A. J . Reid, Nga
ndjd o MI):'\e, Lunum i Andrp, . J . uhaUl D
B ard of Ministerial W. J Rui ter, H. P. A E
H. L yell. Edi t h Mart i ., K
I 1l " ll lt l Cha. Ng-anrlj nl Mose.
Committee on Ev an. elism: ' . W. C!wpnell , l\Jr... E. . St ilz, Mrs.
.f. .J. Davis, Annie L UT Ngelesa J ak ba, :'hungu Joani ,
Mulencla UD}angung Puuiu, H. T. Whl:eier, Edith Hartin.
Committee on J<; u.:ation:
H. P. A ll er , T. De RuiL'r, I. U. Tnwn<;) e:v', E. H. L vell, 1\1 vIt le
Zit: [ 0 0 , t' , \.n. 1 nae Whil e, Ms. H. 'T. ,,\ hec! ur, Dor" .v Ll
sul u Geor gt .. , Ka:'H ngl) Amandus, LUTnnu Au.,; us I , ._ :1 yaka At Ct
Medica.l Committee:
W. S. Hu hIett, C. . lVI. 81 e[. t :. , Ruth . 'Took, l{athr.\ II Eye"
DOf, l J' n', ' A)rn. tr n g', M . M
Committee on Woma n's Wo 'k:
Mr . H. P. Ank:>:', Mrs. W. De Hui "r, CathenllP P .. .-hal1\ My !
t Ie Zicafoose, No::-en.:.: Robken, Mr. S. Hughl ,tt-. I Jtshumba
M t a, E rnlllgll lVlari a.
Conference Board of Stewards:
H. T. Wheeler, Mrs. W. S. Hughlett, Luhata Danyele, Kimbulu
Charles, Mule cia F rancois. N"'elesa J akoba.
Confer ence Committee of Investigations:
H. P. Anker, H. T. Wheeler, J . J. Davis, W. De Ruiter, C. W.
Chappell, Ngele a Jnl oba, M lenda FranGoi , Luhata Da nyele, Ln
m bclilu Nik0ia::; .
Legal Representative: E. . Stili.
Assistant 1 Xepres niative: r. W. S. Hughlett.
Councillor s for C. . C:
E. H. Lovell, Dr)l'ot hy R es.
Altel'mltes - W. S. Hughlett, Cttherine Parham.
Un' on Mis ion House Trustee:
E. H. I ..ovell.
Sunday chool Representnii ve for Congo Protesta nt Council:
Mrs. H. T. WheE' ler.
Corresprmdent for Congo Mi sion News:
1\ rs. C. P. M. Sheffey .
Correl'pondent fOl' South Africa Advocate:
Kathryn Eye_
Corresponde nt for L'g angile en Afrique:
Annie La ra Winfrey.
Tuesday, Septemb r 10, 1940
The sixth sessi.on of Ihe Mission M eling of the fOl'mer i.thad
ist E iscopal C mgo ".ll 'sion met in the Henry CLty Morrison
Melrlol'ial ChuH h t Ming on 'ftil sday, <' ptember 1ll, 1940,
A M., Bi hop Jl1hn Mel endr H- '- pri.lger presidi ng;.
The devoti onal ('r:od v: as opened wif1 the singing af t:w hymn
Holy, H oly, R ly in OLt...:la, folluwed by praYr'I' led by C. VV. Chap
P( 11. For the !';cl'Ipture Acts 2: 1-1; 37--12 was re:ld. W,ll . De
intel'pr pwu the g<' of the i s11 0 P, which wa s on t he fi I'st
I'enteca t. 1'1: . emphas i ' W rlS on the POW? ], (If the 1 oly Spirit to re
move ft'-Ul, \::11 \',)', an i sed -seeking, and tu bnng a new under
standi ng of the
clergy. Prayer
Roll Call
H. P. Ankel'
explained that
accord in g to
is con ti t l ted
The seer tal'Y
following n
II P. Ank"l'
Mrs. H F.
E. B. t ilz
Mrs. E. B. S
J. J. Davis
Mr s . . J. J . D
I i l blllll Chari]o Mose
Shuku J osefu
Lumbelilu Niko]
Lupanu AugusL
Wetshi Ukunda
Lunumbi Andl'e
MulelJ da Francl
The fol
Georges, Usu
tative for Congo Protestant Council:
Mission News:
,\ftica 1\1 issionary Advocate:
W. S. Hughlett, Luhata Danyele, Kimbulu
" Ngelesa J akoba.
of Investigations:
er, J. J . Davis, W. De Ruiter, C. \V.
Mulenda Fr an<;ois, Luhata Danyele, Ln-
Dr. W. S. IIughlett.
C l therine Parham.
E'vangUe en Afrique:
1MY, MOl{
stand ing- of the Scriptures in the li ves of laymen as well as the
clergy. Prayer was led by Lupanu August.
Roll Call
H. P. Anker interpreted for t he business session. The Bishop
aceoTding t o the decisiOIl of the last (;en ral 'onf r enee this body
expiai.n8d t h't we we ' e continuing- as a Mission Meeti ng b t that
is constituted as a provision al a nnual conference.
The secrelal'Y of the last Missi on Meeting called the roll of the
foll owi ng names:
H. P. Anker W. De Ruit r
Mrs. E. H . Lovell
Mrs. H. P. Anker ML . 'vV. De Ruiter Dorothy Rees
E, 13. Stil z Annie Parkpr (re;; lgned) Annimae White
Mr s. E. B. Stilz Mary E. Moore R uth O'Tool e
Tuc, day, September 10,
I he Mi s:,;ion M,: et ing' of the for mer Mfthod
Adssion m' t in HenrI' ClJ.,v Morrison
' n,'>':1 on 'fur Sept el1l b r 10, 19
10, at 9:00
ndrfl: Spri,1ger prt! iding,
I '; as opened wif l the si ngiug 0f hymn
, b'la, followed by prUY.!f led by C. W. Chap
Acts 2: 11: : 7-12 was re:ld. W m. De Rw t',T
oj' he Disilm), \\hieh wa, (HI t he fir's t
T::i W;-I!-, on t he P O"Vt' l ' (,f the Hol y ,'Spirit tl) rl.'
setf-il eCt;!king, anc! to Lll'ln g a new under-
J. J. [ avis " <J. H. Ma w
Ml's. ,J. J. Davis ;;; lVIrs. J . H. Maw Edith Mart in
to! Mary Flora Foreman H. T. Wheeler Catherine P arham
C. P. M. Sheffey Mrs. H. T. W I1.f>eler Lorena Kelly
Mrs. C. P. M, She ffey!;; A. J. Reid
C. "YN. Chappell
to! W. B. Lewis ;:! Mrs. A. J. Reid orene Rn ken
!:; Mrs. W. B. L, wis W. S. Hughlett
1. U.
H. C. f "lres MI. '. W S. HughLtt Mt'8.I. U. T \':nsJe '
Dora J . Armstrong- E. H, Lovell. Kathl' vn Eye
I:; Furlough
Annie Laura 'Vill frey
The foll owing names of the native preach e rs w ere call ed:
Killlbu ill ,Jakoha Di kulLl TomHs
Nga ndj olo 1\'108e Wets hi Ukunda Andl'c Ndjati Aug'ust
Shulm JO::l efu Ahuka P,lUlu l' Pi err e
Lumbelilu Nikolas Ta J(oi JCjani Ng,l't!l,iemePl a J.
Lupanu Augus t Loko ll a Michel Llngengo lVIateu
V/ etshi Ukuncl a August Um'Okoko Ma rcus I.ptshu Amlt' e
Lunumbi Andt'e Shutsha I ien'p Lukacli Pierre
Muie tJda Franc(:is Pie)'[' c (rJ\f- Kinyamba Pa lil ll
Lumulll ba J't;rome l1lit,ec1 t o sCud,1 I Ll
Okende PanIn
Luhata Danyele RhodeHia) Wemba l'ungu Ama nduG
Umumbu Andre
'I h e foll owing names of the lay delegates were called:
T'Ulamba 1 rose, Mukandu Danyele. Ukind'olenga Paulu, Lusulu
Georges. Usundju Paciil a, Mata, E!1llngn Mal'iya, Shungu
Joc<ni 'Vel'l l y.
The Bishop explained the action of the General Conference r!?
arding the status of this Con ference, stating that the official
t. itle would be Central Cong-o Provisional Annual -,on ference, but
on t he field the title would be Methodist Mission of Central Congo.
The follovving secretaries were elected : I. U. Townsley f r the
mi nutes in English, with Annie Laura Winfrey as aS3i s tant : and
Shungu Joani Wesley for the minutes in Otetela. It was s uggt' steri
that Mr. Stilz assist with the Otetela minutes.
C. W . Chappell was elected sta istician.
The Bis h,)p spoke ofthe need and function of a Conference 11'eas
m er, and H. T. Wheeler was elected to that office.
The time of meetings was set at 8:30-11:45 A. M.
The first f ou r rows were as the bar of t he Confer"
enee. The Bishol shted that t1l(' 3e qualifi ed to vote '1/ere: Nath-e
in fUll connection, h uciegates, and mi ssionaries.
He ports
Discipli nary Question No. 1 was l"<.;ad and the foll owing reports
w 1'e f.,ri ven hy District S perintendell ts: Ming'a - H. T. V{heeler
(See eport No.1); T nda - J. J. Davis (8,' e Report No. ;l);Wembo
Nya ma - C. TV. Cha ppell (See Report 1 T , i. 3).
1.rJ.e Buildin;; Committee report was given by W. De Ruiter
(Sec Hepor t 5)
The foll owing na tive pastor s gave r eports rcgar dina their
Lunumbi Al1dr e - l\liu:Q
Ngandj;)10 Mose - L,.,Ij 1
Luhat Danyele - Tu d:l
IGmbulu Charles - \V mbo -_ a
The report of t
1e wt.)lk of all t.. Girls' Homca ,'".as presen-te,l 0
t he s.!cr e Lur y ' Se!> Report 6) .
The Printin
Report as given y E. B. Stilz ( .... ee eport 7).
The Bi", hc ;:;pt 1k e on the n w itilat1un Methodis t Ch reh
in i'egru:d tu tlll.! lay leaders and t h ir i mpor tant plac i the work
of t e Kingdom.
The e , onnel 0 the nO"llin ting committee ,... os a n ounced:
'W, t' Ru iter ,aLl' f'rin'
T. Wh ',1.,1' An nip Laur W1 Lr 'y
J . Davis D( rothy Rees
C W. happ! 1 Myr U!:! Z' f 003e Kim bulu Charles
The m Olin:; se"' s ion wa. adjourned wi h pray r led by Kimbu-
Iu .... b.arles, to
The C nf.
Come, Thou
1 I by E. H.
verses of' Lhc
ndjolo Mose
Aftl:r Lhe
ing prayer.
Mt::dical Work,
I n t he t' vcn '
ice, a t which
The morning
Ott-t d a t he
E B. : ilz
10: W -3(). The::

str <,;;ing the
ShUKU Jo!'lp.fu
Disciplu ary
0. , In, 12, 13,
I I aUS\\,l r L I
1"( commenrled
ence otecl t Il
e action of the General Confe 'en ce r$:'
on ference, sta ting that the official
nl! Provisional Annual Conference, but
be Methodist Mission of Centra l Congo.
were elected: 1. U. Townsley for the
Annie Laura Winfrey as assistant: and
t he minutes in Otetela. It W :3 suggPfl te.d
the tetela minlltes.
ted sLatistici a n.
eed and function of a Conft: eence Treas
was ejected to that office.
set at 8:30-11:45 A. M.
zna ted as t he bar of the ennfei.
hat tfil' l;e qllali fll'd to vote wer : Nath 'e
, l:.y d and
1 was and the fOllnwin r epolts
Itende llts: Minge - H.. T. Wheeler
- J. J. (Si 'e Report TO. 2) ; olbo
I (, ee Report NJ. 3).
report wa given by W. De uiter
pastOl's gave reports reg r ding their
of aU tl.c< Girls' omC' .i was presrntc,i to
{i} .
given by C. . Stilz (.... ee Reporl 7).
nev of th." Methodi" t G J.Td
their ir1"port::mt place in the work
. 19 committee W' s an ounced'
Lunumbi Andre
Ngandjolo J\rl'lf': e
JrLlc Zicafoosl:' Kimbull.l Charles
adjourneu with led by Ki mbu
Iu to me t agaiil at 2: 30 P. M.
The C nferenc reconvened at:1.:10 P. 1\L and join Ii in singing
Come, Thou Fount of Ever!! Blessing, after which pray r was
led by E. H. L vell. Th.e Bishop sp kc rief y on the penin
Vel'ses of the fi rst Psa1 m. with W. e Ruiter interpreting. Nga
ndj olo Mose thl'n led i n prayer.
Thp rninutt.:s i tl nol Otelela , f the morning session were
read and :orr(;'ct'- d. The re ort of the nominatillg was
r 'ad by C. ' .,happell. Se Rep rt. Tilt re ort was appl'!)ved L'IS
l'i'ud with tbe a oHion of E:dith Martin's name to the Evang'listil'
Com'lIi ttel.! . It was deci ell to haw: a or: resolutions,
Ai er the annOIIDC('ments were made, Dr. Sheffey led in t he dos
in prayer. The CommittC't-S un Con ferenee Rf'latioli:, Evangelism,
Mt.dical Work. and Woman'" Work mot aL 4: 00 dc1ock.
In the ,vening a t 7' :10 e Conference met [or a preaehing serv
ice, a t which time Ngal1djulu M se the message.
Wednesday, eptem er 11, 1941)
Deve ionlS
The morni ng () sh'
\\a '1' nt:u t 8;.30 A. M. by sing;ng in
Otetela hyml ls, I Gave My Life For Thee a nd Talle My L if,.
E B. S lIz l l ' u 111 pmyer. T! (' ScriV{ ure Il'SS 11 \\';tS rend frr,n Ac t s
10: The Bishup brought a 11 cssage frol11 t he" verse con
Petr l' a nd III) \ \ God \'.- orked in him L111'ough lhe H uly Spirit,
t h reed (vI eon,plete Sl! endel' in em'!' inrli\ idua1 lives.
Shuku .jr)SHru I I in praypr.
The I inuLes I\' read it. E!1glish and irl Ot"Lt:!a and ',nru ap
proved with corrcetlnns.
Discipbna "'Y
The follo..... ing qu(:':;Lioll'-, from the Discipline w( r e l'ead: 3. ll, 7 8,
3, 10,12, 13,2;-), 27, and Tfley wcre allanswel'cd, ".'Jone. "
I II answi. I to tion 4 t he on Conference Relations
recommended that. Lels).u Anore be eli: Ilntinued, and t he Confer
ence voted to ) ac('cpt t ll ir recommendation.
Regal ding Questiun J1 on adm's 'iu n on trial the Bishop explain
(' d that hel'etofllr t his meet: ng as the District Con
ference and the Quarterly Conler nee in recommendm,:;' those t o
be a mittcd on ri al. It \ as de id' that in the future this be done
according to the Discipl ine.
Question 32 was called. Invi tations for toe next Annual Confer
e 'er e extc. ded f r l\ ID Tunda, LoJja, and Wembo NyaI a, Tn
nda was chosen.
W. De Ruiter r ad the r eport of the Lodja District as written by
A. J . cid. (See Report No. .1 ) .
The repor t of the education I 'york in the first and 11 -
gree sch ols, including the n ral sch;)ols, was eud by t he secre
tm-y of t he OtE-tela fdi n t ;S, Shun gil Joani (S e Report No.8).
H. P. Anker t'ea the J"ep or t of t he Bible and Norm al Schools,
(See Report No.9).
The r port of the> Meclcaf Work of the Conference was read by
C. P. M. Sheffey, (Sec Report No. 10) .
e member:"} of the Boar d of Minis terial T aining and of the
Committ e on Resolutions were annOUlH'ptl Jy tne Bi::; hop, and
perml ssi. n was asked to E. H. Lovell f rom the cQlllmittee
on CllnlCl'enCe RdatiOl1s to the Board of Mi:lis tcri:l. Training. A.
J. R.?icl was named on the Committee on Conferenc._, Rt,Jations.
RepOl' ts
The sC'cretary of the Ccmmiltecon EI'angelism J cad I.heir l eport.
Hem 4 W;18 djscussed, and it was agreed tha t Ng nojoJo Mase re
sd e in the Lodja District nnd that his eva flgel i tic sc.b.edul' bt!
worked out in collabomtion with !istrict Sup erintendent of the
Lodja Dlc, tr ict. UncleI' i lem 6 it ,vas df i(led that Ihe last Sunday
. t1 Octo er ilnd the wel' following be set as the chy of pl' yet' and
t li e week of witness. A Her a dhwussi n of the indi vidual items,
it v s voted to (h' r. r the V()j..e on th 'cpOl't to a la ter sess"m, (See
Report o. 1 I ) .
Anoounc ml!nts
! 1l 11 0 e1 nCI:>ID 'nls w,_re made regardin,.r Ll W i:ot1lmi LLees were
to mtl,- t in ti ll' Uf ! tJl noon, a d ti le pl'eac1dlY services in the eVt:'Ii
W . e Rui ter lea I II pr:1Ypl' a nd tl l Cor, fl.!t'enct! was
.. t 11 : -13 i
In the evening
i n the lives
Chr istians.
a nd Lusulu
D e voi i n s
ing hymns.
r ought a m
a nce of God and
souls all of w
li u mbi And!'
l\l inutes
The minut r 111
H, T. W heeler
allowed eae
ence members
Field C mmi
The fiJ'.,;t baHo
m i ttee.
t' eetings
The Bu;bo ) tol '
bringing gred i
furlough. HE' al
ences in A I' ,'ica,
;:tnnounced t hat
It was aslH!'
OUI" pray ers.
'lbe secr 'talY
- TI C _ to the Sout l-)
C...rn, Dr . I usso
J1 on adrni l1iun OJ h'ial the Bishop cxplain
<ll1nual meei iug acted as the District Con
Con[ reI c in r ecommell di ng- t hose to
Rf' port
to 1
t WB2 deci te that in t he fut r e this be done
In i tations for the next An nual Confer
funda, Lodja, and 'vVe 1bo Nyama. 'l'u
llP repol't of the Lodja District as writ te n by
due tional ',\"ork in the f ir", L and seconct cle
the ],ural sch,' Is, was rea r! by Lh secre
ut s, Shul1gn Joani (See Repor t No.8).
porl of l,he BiLle 1 ormal Schools.
ieal Work of the Conference was read by
No. 1(1 ) ,
Bo:;p'd of MimsterIal Training and of the
'mere by tile Bis hop, a nd
to t ransfer E. H. Lovell f1' In the committee
e Board of !'vIi 'I idteri:d Tr aini' ng. A.
the Committee 0 onfel'
(' (' 111 i l tee on Evangelism J aG lheir repor t.
and W 8 agl'\;ed that .Kg n' :oJo Mose I'e
an'.-l t hat his ev 'lgeli t ic se edul e bp
with the Dbtrict Supt:ri n tend'nt of the
it WilS (('ri'led that I he last Sunday
Iter a set as t he day of pl'ayel' il nd
Jj"wu,,:ion of the indivi dual il ms,
Wle n t he repor t Lo a laler:5e ion. (<=' ee
wude l't'e-arJing d l:: ;;onn i LLees t l li' L wer e
I, ,.nd (lie preachb g service,:; i l the ev fl
pray'.!/, and Lbe Conlplcn..e wa ' adjour n:' d
In the evening service at 7: 30, Ml'S. J. M. Sprmger brought a n
inspiring message from Ma tthcv,r 20: 20-2-1 about prayer ::lnd fa ith
i n the lives of James and J ohn and as experien ced by Af ri can
Chris tia ns. Special ma sic was played by the m iilsionarv orches tra
and Lusulu Georges sang as a 1'; 010 Are Ye Able. ,
Thursday, Sept mber 12, 1940
D votions
. Amazing Grace a nd Trust and Obey wr- re sung as the op n
: g hymns. Pra' er was led by Mrs. W. De Rui e1'. The Bishop
f ought a message from Isaia h 58: 11 cone, rning the continual gui
ance of Goel and t he sa ti::: factiv and strengt He brings Lo our
souls, all of which resul ts in fruitful live;:. Prayer led bv Lu
nu mbi Andre. '
'fhe mi nutes in Enfdish and Otetela '" ere re rl 1 ,1<1 adopted an
T. W heeler th at a r eCESS from 10: 20 to 10:;:\0
all owed each day. It was announced that a icture of t he CJofer
ence members would bl'! t aken on F riday at 8: 30 A. M.
Field Con mHtec
The 1'l.r st ba ilot cas t t o elect fl ve nt-ionals 0 11 the, ielc1 (' '''nt
mi ttce.
The BL hop tul:i the Confer n'e ho t 11' [Hul rct' Plv.d a telpg'r. 111
brin ging fro m t h mirsion;.rics ret" rning t t l Amerrc on
fur lough. He a lso hra g bt grect' ng-s f rom ot her annual cOntl'l'
ences ;n Afnca, \\iJich he had "isite.'l thi s year . H. T. Wheeler
anno need that a n invit ation waR ed from the So;) th l'i1
Congo C l 11 fel erlce t any who t o vi sit t heir Confere .ce whl ' 11
was t o be hdd at K nen ' .
It was as e' I t hat we r,. il wmbf.: f Bishop Moore ,wei his w(lr k In
our I r yers,
The secI' tary was ins tructed to from Lhi" (PI
to Southel'il COl l g Confe rence, an t o B' shop Moor e, Dr .
Cram, Dr. Wasso , Miss l'.lkKinnon, Mr. Swce , Bishop Cannon.
and Mr. Rc heaver. It wag vot2d to send gre tings from the I a
Llonal member of thE' Conference to t hp peonle in Ameri a thank
ing t.hem for their support. The Orr' lela ecrct::J.ry wns asked to
e d these in t he forID of a lett l' to Lhe WORLD OUTLOOK. (See
section under Repor ts).
Th Conferpnce adjour ed at 10: 20 for a , hor t interm>!:!ion and
recon enf'rl at 10: O. Footsteps r Jesus was sung and 'er was
led by Mr . J. J. Davis.
Fjeld Committ e
The resn) t of the firs t ballot on Lhe Field Commi Ltt'e mem er
was announe 1. Ngandjolo I O;';C. Kimbulu Charles, an(l Lupnnu
Angust were elecr d. Slllce 0 other r ceived ,uffir:if:nl votes to b
elected the secoud. ballot wa.' ca't.
Uisciplinary QuestIOn
In the repor t of he Committee on C(lnferencl' Questi on
1;- a, "Who have compl eted thf'il' stud: es in t Il(' f irst yea"'?" WitS
answerpd, "Nun "
In answer to Qu sti ll 15 b, Who have I,' mpl Led thei, ' studies
of the the fol luwing w r '
LUDlHllbi Andre Lumumba Jerome
hata D nYl.'le NgandemelL:u Jo:mi
It voter to )l ass t hp. e into t hro studies of ,:hp tfl il'd year.
In answer to 1;' r, "Who hav otn]lle lell t l'eil' Ji<! s
of the third year?" t h I' d iowing n HIll"S were pre: n ted end i I \1 as
voted to pass them iJ to U ' .. !' t u,]'S of th .. f "urt'l y.".!':
Ki m Lulu CharlEs J r g-andjo!o Mc"e
Shuku ,Josefll LW'Rtl l1 AuguRt,
Question HI d, "\Vho have omp1eted their studies LI the f lIrth
"ear'?" W S an!-;we ' ed, "None."
( U'1t H.)J) 16 ;" "Who ha \' e teen c n
i 'll!-::' in lhe:r of Ule
1':1 t. year?" W i ' S read, The fol low ing names IHl.!!LI1 'L>d and
Umana AndlfS
'In Diumi Pie!'!':
Eierll bo
Kinyamba Paul l
Uruumhu . I,d 'e
Ukjprli PrlUi u
LukacJi J<tlmr a
Lukandiu J ;l k(,lm
Lu .111 1;1 Dan,. el)
Oi nk i 'rre
'j" lam' m And..rc
Question 16 b, '
second year?" w
Takoi Joani
Lokonga Michel
Shaumba Pierre
Shutsha Piene
Questi::>n 16 c,
third year?" The
Lunumbi Andre
Lllhata D nyde
Lunlumba .T
Lumbelilu Nikoi
Question 16 d,
fourth year?" The
Kimbulu Charles
Shuku Josefu
Qilestion 17, Who
The name of Ngand
into full connection
Question 18,
have been elected
elected to Deacon's
Mulenda .
Lumbelilu NJ
\Vetshi Ukunda
Luhata Danyele
Question 20, .
have been elected
elected to
W. De Rnirer
This ended the r ep
Field Committee
Luhata Danyt!le
on the second
was no election.
. It waH voted to . end greeti ngs .r om the na
the .., nference to t he p ople in America t.hank
r au PTJort. Th . 0 te lela secretnf) was a ked to
of a letter 0 the WORLD OUTLOOK. (See
adjourned at 10: 20 for a short intel'mission and
'notsteps of Jesus was sung and pra Tel' W S
p first ballot on the Field CO. 1mitt e membC'l'
fjolo Mo:-e, Kunh lu ann Lup' nu
Since no 01 her J't'ceived s fikit- t v tes t be
hal at Wa.' cad.
he Commit ee on C.mference Rehti0ns Question
I leted thpir stud' es in t he f irst yeur?" WM
P ti (l o If> ), . 'WII( have C' mpleterl t heir
the f .ll (.wing un nF" wr-!" l're!';{ nt'i!d
Lumun,ba JerlJ me
Ng- ndenlemu Jo::mi
thp e into the studIes of .. h ) third
i jnn 1:: c "\Vho have r otnpl-::.ipd h st'l !i<.' s
t 1", 'llnwing namus weI'<: pre:::l:"nle:l and i I: \\ as
illto rlk of th... "urtil
Ngandjo! o
Lu'.an u Augu. t
h'lVe comp' t d tbeir of the fc'ur th
"Nl' ne."
Vhn h we bf'pn con in t li ei r :tndi( s of !he
. 'Ihe following names we ' T"'!SP.I lud d
Ukindi "Paul ll
Luk-,di .Jak ha
Luk:md.iu JlIkt.b l
Lllld\I !: I D:;U1\ I::' L
Ol o]'o PIPl re
'J tTlamua Anure
Question 16 b, "Who have
been continued in their studies of the
second year?" was read. The
following names were presented:
Takoi Joani
Wemba Kungu Amandus
Lokonga Michel
Ndjati August
Um'Okoko Marcus
Dikulu Tomas
Shaumba Pierre Fadiala Pierre
Shutsha Pierre Longengo Mateu
Questbn 16 c, Who have been continued in their studies of the
third year?" The following names were presented:
Lunumbi Andre Vletshi Ukunda Andre
Luhat a Wetshi Ukunda August
LUlllUmna .Terome Ngeles<i. Jakoba
Ngandememt: Jl)ani Mulenda Francois
Lumbelilu Nikolas Ahuka Paulu
Question 16 d, Who have been continued in their studies of the
fourth year'!" The following names were presented:
Kimbulu Charles Ng'andjolo Mose
Shllku Josef u Lupanu August
Qilestion 17, Who are admitted into full connection?
The name of Ngandemema Joani was presented alld he was admitted
into full connection.
Question 18, What Traveling Preaehers and what Local Preachers
have been elected Deacons? The following names were presented and
elected to Deacon's orders,
Mulenda Francois Ngelesa Jakoha
Lumbelilu Nikolas W etsb i Ukunda Andre
Wetshi Ukunda August Ahuka Pauln
Luhata Danyele Ngandemema Joani
Question 20, Wh'.l t Traveling Preachers and what Local Preachers
have been elected Elders? The foll owing names were presented and
elected to Eld21"s orders.
\V. De Rlli[er 1. U. Townsley
This ended the report of the Committee on Conference Relations .
Field Committee
Luhi1ta l). nyele was IOJected as a member of the Field Committee
on the secon ball.ot. The report of the third ballot showed that there
,vas no election.
Repor t
The Report of the E v ngelistic Committee was considered again.
H. T. Wheeler made a motion that an item regarding the observance
of New Year's Dayasa 8.y of Thanks iving with offerings be dded
to the report. and it was passed. It was voted to adopt t he report
except the item on polygamy, which was Lo be separately.
Field Committee
Mama Kumbi Ad isa w' s elected the final member of the Field
Corr,mittee on the fi fth ballot.
The committee meeting's ",ere announced and after E. . Stilz led
in prayer the morning session was adj ourned a t 1 1 :55.
At the evening preachi ng hour 7: ;}0 the message was brought by
Ngelesa Jakoba.
Fr i day, September 13, 1940
The Conference joined in singing Draw Me Nearer as the opening
bymn. Unyangunga Paulu led in prayp!' . H. P. Ankpl' hrought the
mess ge of the morning from Psalms 78: 41. showing how the Isra
eli tes t ll r ugh rlisobedience limited God and ho w we tu ay limit Him.
C. . 1. cl osed the devotions with pl'a.1 ' t'.
M' u tes
Minutes were l' e;!d in English and Ot ,tela and adC' pted as corr ected.
Pra yer for Missionari es
lV. s. H. P. Anker and LumLelilu Nikolas led the Conference in
pra. 'er fnr t he missiunaries who were sai ling that d y from Cape
Town for fUl' in mel'icfl.. The rnembp!'s in tlw party were: Dr.
and Mrs. W. B. Lewis, ni ily Lewis, Hev. and 1'rs. A. J. Reid, ev.
and Mrs. J. H. Maw, M iss Mar y F" r em "n, Miss Lorena Kell y, Misses
Ethel' nd Ella Rut h Stilz.
Centra l Conference
The Bisl-jop discuf- ed the Cen eral CClnference and a nnotl nced that
t!w Cl: ntl'al would rreet in June i!J41
at Elisabethville. Tbe ma tter of deie{l' utes VIas di scussed. . ,

The Confer nee adjourned at 0: 33 for a shorl Tees" s ' n:1 met again
Armstrong 1
D eleg tes to
A motion
to the Ceni;ral
t(;'rs; one la,v rl
one a nati onal
The fi rst
votes, ere bei
The repolt 0
giv nand H.
to elect t he at
The r port 0
r ine P rham W'
i og ministerial
The secreL
Dis ciplinary
Tile Bi hop
to pas,.; lhe
were cal l d, on
spoke cnneerm
those w se n4
De e gates to C
On the third
electpd as min
The secretarj
kob at; alternl
t er and E. H.
d elegates, an
they had rece'
ous ballots.
It was vote
ega es to the
e gate
01' I Ll'
At the eveni
on the call of
9' 10-14.
I' angelistic Com 1ittee was considered again.
motion that an item regarding the observa ce
D y of Thank giving with offerings be add d
passed. It was voted to adopt t he report
gamy, which was t o be consider ed separately.
the final membe.r of the Field
nRS were announced and after B. Stilz led
session 'as adjourned ae 11 :55.
ing hour 7: 3 f he message was brought by
Friday, September 13, 1940
in singing Draw Me Nearer as the opening
u led in prayl'>l'. H. P. AnkpJ" hrOl!ght the
f rom Psalms 7': 41 , showing how the Isra
limit ed God and ho'c" we today limit Him.
the d votions \rith pt'a,\ cr .
Fnglish and Otetela and aci('pted as corrected.
and Ltlmbelilu NikoJas led the Conference in
aries who were sai ling that day f rom Cape
mencq. Th . llJembers in the party were: DJ'.
, Billy Lewis, Hev. and l 'lrs. , . J. Reid, R ev.
i"" I b l.\' Foremc:n, Nliss Lorena Kell y, Misses
Central C(lmer ence a nd ann ounced that
) 'ual wOll id meet in J une, l !J.Jl,
[Ler of deiegt teL W' s di scus:;ed.
at 10.;3;) fOl' a s tlOrt recess < n 1ill t aga'n
at 10:5J. The hymn, There is a Fountain, was sung, and Dora Jane
Armstrong led in pra er.
Delegates to Central Confel'ence
A motion was made. seconded and passed Lo elect foul' delegates
to the Central Conf renee. Of the e two wou_d be mis, ion 1' y mi nis
ters ; one ay rlelp at!? ; a missionary in t he oman's Uer rtment; and
0 1. 8 a nati nal millistel'.
The fi rst balll)t was cast for the mini terial delegates. V hile t he
vot s were bei ng ou ntee! t.he ballot w s cast for the lay deleg' teo
The eport of the fh'st ballot ()n the ministerial deleg tes was
giv nand H. T. W heeler was elected, The second ballot W3.: cast
to elect the other two mi isterial
Th r port of the ballot on the lay dpleg te showed that Cathe
rine Parham was elected. On the second ballot fnI' the two remain
ing minis terial delegates there was no eleel1on.
The sec "etar y was instructed to cast a third ballot.
Dis ciplinary Question 2
The Bis h p rea t he names of all the missional' ies and it was vot
Qd to t heir characters. The names of all the nat ional preachers
were called, omittil g the name of Letshu Andre. Mr. D Ruiter
spoke concerning his case. It was voted to pass the character of
those whose names ,vere called.
Delegates to Cen.tral Conference
On the third ballot C. W. Chappell and Ngandjolo Mose were
elected as ministerial deleg'a tes to the Central Confe}"ence.
The secretary was instruct ed La cast ba llots electing Ngelesa Ja
koba as al tel'l1ate for the nat iunal mll1i Lerial delegate, W. De h.ui
tel' and E. H. L0 II as fo ' the missionar y mi nisterial
delegates, ,nd Kathryn Eye as lternat e fot' lay delegate, as
they h recei ved the np ,t highest n mb"'t f on the r Vl
ous ballots.
It We S V t ed () oi e the Field Commit tee autho 'i ty to el ct del
egates to th Cenlral Confere nce il case the l' gularly elect ed del
egqtes 01' alternaLe could no a tte d.
Announ ements
After the ann uncements ere made . J . Da led in pray r
and the mor ning session was adjournE>.d at 11: 50.

At the evening' service Dr . C. P. M. Sheffey brought a t-: S age
on the call of God, using as his Sc 'iptur" Luke 14:16-24 and Matthew
9 10- 14.
Saturday, Se ptember 14, 1940
Communion Service
The Conference Communion service opened with the singing of
the hymn, HolU, Hol?!, Holy. The Bishop spoke on God as Spirit,
Light, Power a nd Love and explained the m aning of the elements
of the Holy Communion as symbols of the body and blood of Christ.
J. J. Davis, C. W. Ch",ppell, Kimbulu Charles, Lunumbi Andre, and
Lumumba Jerome aS1'l i. t d in the administration of the sacrament. W.
De interpr ted for the service. Ruth O'Toole san", a solo as
the closing number of t he service.
Inter mis sion
The remaining bt:<: iness before t h Conference was resumed
after a short recess. The hymn, lVlu Jeslls I Love T h' e, was sung,
following which Mrs. H. P. Anker Jeri in prayer.
The minutes in English and Otetela WAre read ane! adopted after
corrections were made.
The report of the Social Evangelistic WOl'k in all the four dis
tricts was read by the secretary of the Otetela minutes (st:' e Report
No.12). The f ishep fpcke on the importar,ce of the work among the
The report ofthe Educational Committee was presented and
arJopteri by the ce (See Report No. l3).
The report of th e card of Minister ial Training was read and
adopted (See Report 1'.f o. ]4).
The report of the St atis tician was given. (See Repor t No. 15). It
was decided to list the nunlber of assis tant preachers sepamtely from
the r egular preachers and to list the numr er of congregations, number
of villages where l' gular servinces are held, and the total number
of vill ages reachpd as separate items in the r eport. I t WU!-:l also agreed
to omit the offer ings 0 the missionaries thr ough na ti ' 8 channels
wh n ,',,"porting the native offer ings. It was moved, seconcted, and
pat' sed that in t n future this report nut be read at Conference but
be il cI ucted in the ,Journal in Engli -'h and that a chart be made in
Otetela to be displayed at C Ilference.
Confe r ence Boar d 0 'te\ a r ds
The Cont'l' nce Board of Stewar ds as appoi nted by the Bishop
8 S follows :
H. T. \ ,'hE'd, l' Fe imbul u Charlt' s
Mrs. "V.
Question 22,
the Bi hop sta
Question 23,
Laking: (n) he
erst of
Question 24,
Iife..: and official
hargo s agnin
charactpTs of 1
QuesLion 20,
tiga ion?" was
H.P. Ank
H. r. Wbee
J. J. Davis
W. De l{ui
C. ' V. ella
Th repOl t of
W . e Ruit er (
The reporL of
(See Report 17)
ion. wing I'CCOI
n loLed in the Vil
The report of
H.eport 18) .
The reporL of
gi ven. (See REI
Discussion 0 .
cont inued. [t w
S. Hnghlett b
We hold fi
of God, and ilia
for its ul tim
We will
hi m elf fr m
We will
Saturday, September 14, 1940
Communion service op ned with the singing of
Hol'!} . The Bishop spoke on God as Spirit,
and explained the meaning of the elements
as symbols of the body and bi ood of Chris t.
ppell, Kirnbulu Charles, LUllumbi Andl' e. and
i,;ted in the admi nistration of the sacrament. W.
for the servi ce. Ruth O'Toole sang solo as
t he service.
Confer ence \ 'R" r esu med
Ile hym!t , JIIIU J esus I Loue Th"e, was sung,
H. P. Anker lerl in prayer.
.;lish and OteteJa WAre r ead and adopted after
Soci al Evangeli sti c 'iN ork in all the four dis
e secretary of the Otetela minutes (see Report
qcoke nn t hr importal,ce of the wol'k anwng the
Educational Committee was presented and
' l' C2 (See Report r . 1.3).
I;oard of Mi nist n al Training was read and
u. 14),
t isncian was given. (See ReDort No. 15). It
nunlber of Cl !;' sis tant preachers separately fr om
and to list the number of congregations, number
servinces are held, and the t otal number
.,ell I ate iteme, in the repor t. t was Iso agreed
,A the missionaries lhr ough native channels
ve offerings. It was mov d, seeonc1ed, and
Lhis report not be read at Conference but
nal i n English and that a chart be made in
at COll ference.
Ste, 'ards
'1 of was appoin ed by the Bishop
Kimbulu Charles
Mrs. W. S. Hughlett
Luhala Danyele
Disciplinary Questions
1'1ulen a Francois
Ngelesa Jakoba
Question 22, "Who are accepted Supply Pastors?" was r ad nd
the Bisho stated that their names would be found in Lh appoint
rll ro ls.
Question 23, "What a c.epted Sunply Pastors ow in arc
taking:(a) t hcConLrence Cuurse of So dy, and (b) t he Local Preach
ers' Course of '!" was answel'ed, "None."
Question 20!, " Ar Accepted upply Pastors blameless in L1l',i,
life and official administration?" wu. called a nd since there were no
charges agai nst any Supply Pac:;t ors, it was voted to pase t he
characters f all
QuesLion 26, "Who constit ut e the Conference Committee of inves
tigation?" was read. The followi ng were a , pointed by the Bishop:
H. P. Anker Ngelesa Jakuba
H. T. Wh eler M Ll lenda Francui s
J .J. Davis Luha ta Danyele
W. Dc Huiter Lumbelil u NikoJas
C. W. Chappell
The t"l'l ort f til t: Committee on Woman'. Work was read b Mrs.
W. De Ruiter (See Report No. 16) . .
The repor t of t he Medical Committ ee WH read by C. P. t. Sh ffey
(See Re ort 17). The l'E'por t was :ldopted with the addi ti n of the
f nowing reeo mendutIon. That t ile t of hygielW b PI'r)
lllll Led in the village
The report of the Langll g ' Committee was reud and ad pted (See
Report 18) .
The repo;-t urch S hool Correspondent to the C.P.C,
given, (See Rpport 19) .
Dlscu sion of the item onpol ygam ' i n t he EvulIgeJ' sticRepol't as
contll1ued. I t was vole th t t he f lIowing r sol ution read by W.
S. Hughlet t be s ub.'tiluted for Item 8:
We hl )ld fi rlnly that polygamy is cont e ry to the wi i] and word
of God , and that the hurch s houl d tand steadily against it st l'l \'
[or its ultimate ext inctiun i n the Church.
We will no t r eceive in tothe --, hurch any m 11 who ha. not clearerf
himself f rom polygal y.
We will not receive any woman who has entered a polygamous
m. I'l'iage after h ving uncIers ood the word o[ Goel unless t he evan
gelist and District SupaI intendent Fee clear ly that s hc was fo 'ce int o
it against her w'n and iR doing her utmos L to be freed trom il
We i'ecognize the gr eatly involved si tu tio of some women who
I aVE; b lieve ince en erjllg pulygamy, but God has w ndflrful ways
of l eI illgsuch women to a honorableanll right releas . W e will ot
receive them u til they h ave left pol ygamy, unles the evangelist
aml District upel'intendent :ire convinced 1.hat th 'y are unable. for
i he t i , Ie, to free t hem.'elve and eurnes tl Yl1raying Ilnd enclpa v
01 ing t o he and UI ttl t he> evang lis t an Distric
are sat Lfied wit h t l P dept h of thei r spir i tual experience.
lis. ionaries in Need
E. Fr. Lo\' 11 told of t he appeal of the -'. P. C. for h(! r, fur lhoil e rni
sion ries who are ut off from t heir uppor t due ttl lht resent war
Clin i i Liuns.
Disciplinary Questio
Number 4,' 'Who are receiveJ by transfel' from other Con t'el'ences?"
,,"as read and I3ishop announced a t Ii. T, "Wheeler was trans
ferr d from thp. West Virginia Conference and C. . Chappell from
t > Virglllia Conference, subject t o the consent of their respective
Bisl p ' .
It was voted that the tw "> ecr :ial'ie a nLl their as!'istant<; act as
edit(ll g of the minut l'\nd that the prir, led Jour nal lw l h official
I'ecord of the on ference.
Th ann uncen en were made rq.r ruing the l'emai" ing servict>s
f t e Co fer 'nee. The f:.i@hop was giv the nalh e name of Uwa
ndj i Kam a nd Springer, Kenemo
sniage Certifil'ateR
It was agreed to g' ive t'l arriag . ('ertil'll'ates e') r1fl n nin$r mnrriages
of Christiar;s \'\' ho had. Hlrricd i ll t he pa t withou t rec i ing certi fi
I. at.E: s . The Bi. hI P a ppoin ed t h four I i. tric t Superilltenilents as a
commit tee t o WDl 'k nu t i h e f Jrm of t he" E' certiiicates.
Tlh "I oming s "sion with p1'3y
r led by E.n . Love' .
H 1. nkel' for the Bishop a t aU t1) fC l:uSiine<,s seFsions of
t he ' onfercll ee.
At the evening el' vice. "Yet Ji Ui' unda An 'J'e brought Lh 'mes!;' ge.
The wor ship
God Will Take
in prayer f !lnwed
W . ti. HughleU reuu
!ian t:)ohl iers wa
an 81 propriat me
Charles was asl...ed
of deacCl s followed.
t h eldl!l's WE:re 01'11
mema Jon i, W. Du
lull con nectiolJ n th
wilh the Lellelj i c
The service of
3 : 30 wit h the hymn
in prayer and the
S1lg. The Bishop
salem 10 day,; of
dedicated. J. J.
cougregati n san,.;'
rearii ng of Lhe ri tual
with J . J. Da" is and
c tion, 'I 1e "omen
th pnlpi l t o be d 'di
de(/icatio . Ail r ,
BisholJ calleJ tIll' ..,
pete t he 1'8 1aimn:.. 1
It was vOLed to
l. heil' assisumt , II
u t s 01 t he as t 'es::; i
C. P. M. Shdfp.y
and It was do led
It decldp t o
i sh'at ()t' S.
H. T. Wheeler
requested nch p
leI'olen enseeclearlvtb l she wa f reeu into
i. ding her utmost t be freed from it.
greatly involyed si t-uation of some worne. who
lerill!! polygamy. but God has wOI,dprfu
o an honorabl anII right relena . We will not
they have left polygamy, unles t 1
tare convine d that th 'y are unul1le, for
Ill. Ive nd are earnest ly praying and eorJ .-a v
11/:t1l the evangelist and D'strict Superin lend"lnt
Ii pth of theil' spiri tual expeliencc.
t he appeal of t he C. P. C. for hdn fij I' Lh,He nd
off from theil' support due to th p 'caent war
received by transfel' fl'Omother Con fere-nces?"
anunun d that il. T. WhecleI' was trans
Virginia Conference and C. W. Chappell from
subject to the c neent of their r SlJLctive
'(aries n their as!"isllll1ts ac t a.
hat the prided jcUI tla] he f he official
w"rl' made l' :g rdlng thp remail.itlg. S rv1cf>S
hop was given the !l atHe llamAof Uwa
Spri Jer, M r!\1 .(en ma K ,!12.
ve (' etti fi\'at CB C'l!) fi nllilll! rringes
ill'ried in a.'t 'WithDUt receiving certHi
nted t h four Supel'i nLenuer: ts as a
L the fonn of tips{' ertiii('ates.
wa::; B(ljJJurned wtth prsv ,. led by E.B. Lovell.
for th . Bishop at II tl, sessions of
'c. \ J etsbi Drunda Ancil e brought the rr.eS8, gt.'.
SIXTH DAY, Sunday, September 15, 19 0
The wor hip servi ce opened at :30 with the . ingin f t he hymns,
God Will Take Care of You and To the H. T. W heeler d
in prayer f oll ow"d by .he Lore '8 Prayer . Aft r a song a quar tet,
W. S. Hughlett re d the lwelfLh chapter of Romans. Onward Ch1'lS
tian Soldiers wal announced as t he next song. T he Bishop bl'lll1ght
an appropriate le.,sage using Exodus 14 :15 as t ext. K!mb:llu
Churles was asked t lead in prayer an the serVIce for or rna IOn
of neHcr- Ds foll owed. After t he hymn, M re Loue to Thee, was. unp'.
thG eld(!l's were rdained. Then follow ' d service when Ng'ancJe
merna Joani, W. De Ruiter and I. U. Townsley ere admi t t ed into
f'ul connt:ct ion t r the Conference. The congre a t ion wa
\\ it.h the l ene. detion.
The serviee of dedication of Morrison Memorial Church began nt
3 : BO wit h the hymn Come Thou i-tlmighty King. W. S. l:Iughlett led
in prayer and t.h e congregation sang 0 For a Thousand 'Tongues to
Sing. The Bishop t'eache on t he buildi ng of the temple at Jent
salem in the of Ezra, and compared it wi th t ile "burch bei 19
dedicated. .J. J. Davis jllLerpreten. t the clo" of the mes ag the
congregation sang Holy. Holy, Hoi I. W. DI Ruiter in ter rete 1 t. e
reading of t he itual {' or i he cieri ication ser\ i e. The E'tewards, Lo..{ether
wit h J. J. Davis and H. T. 'W' I .1.::1', pl'esentecl the church fot dedi
c dull. The yomen of the Ming Mis ionury Society t he n lr ser , L(' 11
th 111ilpit to e d,'dica ted, and n. T Wh leI' lee! ' n i h pray r of
de.lication. Af tPf, All Hail the Power of Jesus' Name was sling the
0) calleJ the !'I'oetary to t h o plaLform and proceecl"d to co _
p t e t he r cmaini ll
' iJu:,itJ e::; s of t lL c,)ni'<:l' e1 'e.
I t was vOLe: l ) have a Comndttee Cn lJoseri of t he secl'etl'll'il'.' ,
t hpir 8RSist nts, H P. Anker, a n' Kimuulu Charles to dit the min
utes of til . 1 st sessions of Cmft'l" ce t.nd ). aD t hem.
C. P. M. Sheffe,v read th report of the Committee on Resoliltions
a nd It was aciop le \\iLh a standin velce. (See Repoi't Nt). 20).
I t w' s cl ecid('d to send a le tter of g-reetings to St ate Admi I
. tra tor .
H. T. Wheele r announced t hat the! Con [erenee oard of Ste wards
requested each pastor to make a defini te e ['fur t to raise funds f or t he
Conference treasury, to start a sup l' nn late fund.
A ruotion was made Lo adj ourn Conference after Lhe read ing- () f
the app intments.
This sprviee of song, praise, 30\1 t sti mon was a greaL blessi ng
to t he entire congreg-ation. Many participated in shOl't prayer" qUli
tations from the Bible, a nd testimonies. Special music wa f urnished
y a quartet compt'"\sed of missionar.ies. After a f ew words from the
Bishop, the service wa closed.
(Bishop) J ohn M. STinger, President
Inman U. Secretary
fl. , - ' ... II "I!
,. . ,
This is to cerLify that on September fifteenth.
# ruT eteen hllndretl forty, in the l\'loTJ ison Mem rial e hUl'eh
J.1 at J.\.1inga. Lubef'U. Belgian Congo, I rdained Deacons: Mu- ..
iendaFr::mcois, vVe tshi Ukunda Andr-. Lubata
., , Lllmbclilu Nicolas, Wetshi Ukunda Al:gust, Ngell:sa Ja- t."IIJ
. kahn, Ahul a PaullJ, ma Joan!.
'r. And that at the sanle tim and plnce, assisled by Elder;:, .. '
Iordained El,Jers: William De Ruil el, Inman U. Town ley. 'iJ

1. What are the
the s tatus of
See Reports 1-4.
2. Are al the
3. What Preachers
6. Who have
7. Who ar t>
9. W 10 H e retire ?
10, Who are granted
11. Who are admitted
12. Who are readmitt
13, Who a re reteived
14. Who are
15. Who naye com
(a) Of t Ie fir t
(b) OBhe seC,ClnOi
to tart a superannuate undo
e to adjourn Conference after the readi ng f
prai. e, and t est imony was a great blessing
at ion. Many participateu in s hort prayer , q U(}
. and testimonie . Specia l music was f ur lj' shed
of missionaries. After a few words from t he
(Bishop) John M. Spri nger. President
Inman U. y, Secr etary
"# n If;' ...."
fy t hat on Sundny, Septem ber fi fteenth,
forty. in the l\1onisnn Memori a! 'huTch -'
Belgian ConglJ, r ordained Deacons: Mu
\, etshi Andre. LLlhat" Danyelc.
a , Wetslll Ukunda A ugust, Ngelesa Ja-
, JOl:ln i. 1JI
!\sm time anrl I)\;lce, assist ed by '11>'
\ 'illiam De Rui :tl l', Inman U. Towns ley. -#

1. Wha t a r e the repor t s of t he District Superintendents as to
the s t a tus of the work wi thin their Districts?
Se Reports 1-4.
2. Ar e aU t he Preachers blameless in their life and offieial ad
Yes .
3. What Preachers have died d uring the year?
4. Who are di scontinued?
Letshu Andre.
5. Who are loca ted?
6. Who have withdrawn or been expelled?
7. Who a rf' transferred to other Conferences?
S. Who are supernumerary?
9. Who ?re retired?
10. Who a r e granted Sabba tical I,eave?
11. Who are a dm itted on Tdni'?
Non '.
12. Who are r eadmitted?
13, Who are received from other Churches as Trayeli ng Preach
14. Who are r ecei ved by b 'an
f"r from other Conferences ?
15. W ho have t o ph-ted their stud.' es
(a ) Of tht! first ypar?
(b) Of the second year?
L'..lnumbi Andre Lumumba Jerome
Luhata Danyele Ngandemema Joani
(c) f the t hifd year?
Kimb lu Char les
Shuku Josefu
(d) Ofthe fourth y ear?
16. Who have b een continued
(a) In t heir studi es of t he fi r t year?
Ngandjolo 1\1.o>3e
Lupanu August
Umana Andre Umumbu
Ta iumi Pierre Lukadi Jakob
Luhata Andre Lukandju J akoba
Elembo Pierre Lundula D!Olnyele
Kinyamba Pauln Otokn Pierre
Ukindl Paulu T' U1amba Ancl r
(b) In t heir studies of the econd year?
Ta o' J oani
Lokonga Mi chel
Um'Okoko Marcu:
Wemba Kungu Amandus
Sh:llllnba Pierre
Sbutsha Pier re
(c) In their studi es of t he t hi rd year?
djati All gus t
Dikuhl Toma::;
Farli ala Pierre
Longengo Mat u
Lunumbi Andre 'Vetshi Ukunda Andr e
Lull ' t.a Danyele W(' t.s hi Ukunda August
LumumhaJlrom Ng'elesa Jakob
Ngandemema J oani M'1ll'mb Fl' ncois
Lumbelilu Ni kolas Ahuka Paulu
(d) In t heir s t lelies of the fou1't year?
Kimbulu Cha les Ngandjolo J\!lo, ie
Shuku Lup'Jnu August
1'7. Who a re admitted i nto full connection?
NgandemL' m:1 J oani. W. e Ruiter, L U. Townsley
18. What Tr aveling Preachers .i what Local 1 reachers have
been elected Deacons?
'I'ancois .Lllcnba
Lumhdilu Nik01as WeLshi Ukun 1 Andre
Wetshi llkunria Ahl1 !<a P ula
DallY "Ie [ ga ndeme rna Joani
23. What a('cepted Supply Past ors now in charge ar taking
(a) r e Confer-encl' Course of Stu y?
(b) Th Local Preachers J Cour e 0 : tudy?
24. Are the Accepted
official a li nistr
25. What Preachers comin
dations r om the Disir'
lave had their Orders
Elder s?
26. Who constitute the Co
IT. P. Anker r D
H. T. Vhe lE-r C. W . C
J . T. Da\'is Ng' l
27. Who is e lected Confer
28. W h t is the report of
No r ep')rt.
29. W ba t is t he report of
See r pports.
30. What are t e report
Boards of the Confere
31. What ale the objectil'e
Y'ar as tatf'd by th
ppointed by him?
32 Where shall the lIext
TUTvj a.
33. Wbere m'e t he Pi'cac
Uepr esentative Super 1
Conference EvangelIst
Supel'int endcn
Dist rict Woman' s Wor
Direct or of E du(;'lt ion
Social and ublic
Lodj a Cir cuit a nd Fundj
Esonga Djinga
Katako Kombe Circuit
K itaml,aJa
Ngal ldjolo Mose
Lupanu August
Lukadi .Takoba
Lukandju J akoba
Lundula Dnnyele
Ot oko Pierre
T' Ul am All ure
econd year?
V emba Kungu Amandus
Ndjati A!lgust
third year?
Dikulu Toma"
Fadi la Pierre
Longeng Matcu
Wetshi Ukunda Andre
WeL hi Ukunda August
T"elesa .Tak b
lVI 'lI.. nda Francois
Ahuka Pauln
or t 1e fourth year"?
TieS Ng-andjo]o
Luplnu August
i nto filll connection?
W. De Ruit er, I. U. Townsle.y
and what L call'reachel"S have
... J.{elesa .Takobn
- Tetshi Ukund Andre
Ahuka P ul
\j gand merna Jouni
IlPt, Pastors now in charge ate taking
Course of 'tu:ly?
, Coul'se of ?
24. Are th Accepted Supply Pastors bl a meless in the:i r life and
official a inis tration?
25. What P reachers coming flo other Churches with recommen
dati ns rom the District COllfel' ence or Quarterly Conference
have had lerr Orders reoo""nized as Local Deacons or Local
26. Who constitute the Conference Committee of Investigation?
H. _ . nker W. De ui ter Mubnda Francoi
H. T. Wh eler C. VV. Chappell Luhat a Danyele
J. J. Davi' N. eIes(t Jakoba Lumbeli u Nikolas
27. Who is eJected Conference La Leader,
28. What is t h e r eport of t h Confe ence ,?
No l'q Y)rt.
29. What is the r epor t of the Stati iician'?
See l'rports.
30, Wh at are t he reports, recommendati ons, and plans of t he
Boal'ds of the Conference?
31. What ar t h 0 of this Conference t'the coroin
year as tat "'d by the Hi". op in charge or a ('ommittee
appoinLd hy him?
32 Wher sha I the hen sessi o of tl1e Confer nee be held?
33. Where are t he Preachers statione Lhis year?
Hepl'esen Lativc SuperinLendent
Conference E rmgells!
Lodja District
District Woman's Work
DU'e:::t r of E line') tion
... ocini and P ublic Heal Lh \!ork
Lodj n Circuit and F undj' Umba
Rsong Djinga
KalukLll a s pplicd by
Katako Kombe Circuit & Lutundula
Dora J aue 1 strong
Dikulu Tllma
Disashi Danye li
Lokonga Michel
' m ana Andre
Lodja t ation
Station Chairman
Girls' Home
Lodja Zone
Penge Diowo
supplie 1 by
supplied by
upplied by
supplied by
Shut sha shiki Ngondo
Shutsha Y Ngundl.l
supplied by
Mrs. W. De Ruiter
Mrs. 1. U. Townsley
Asaka Pierre
Djamba Isaka
Mudimbi 1\10 e
Ta Putll Silasi
Um'Okoko MEl reus
Fadial a Piel'r
Otoko Pierre
Wetshi Ndj adi
Ole on a Paula
Lundula Danye1e
Umumhu Andre
Shungu Josefu supplied by
Minga Dist rict
DistL'ict Woman's Work
Kafu B.
Kitenge Ngandu
K mbekombe
suppli d by
Mrs. H. T. vVheeler
Yanga Michel
Luhata Andre
Munda:a Albert
Uki di P aulu
T koi Joani
Minga t a tion
Station Chairman W. S. llup:hlett
..hildren's \iVork in Mission Village Mrs. U. T. Wheelel'
' ir ls' Home Myrt l Z:cafoose
Hospital and La Colony W. S. ugl lett
Direl!tur of Ntu'ses Ruth O'Toole
I! dltstri.ll \-Vork H.T. WHEELER
L nj!Ll age and General Work M. LOVELL. 'Irs. M. Lovell
Language T"'achers of New Missionm:ies W. S. Hughlett, Edith
Nur sery
SL: hools:
\Voman' s and Regional
oman' s w r l< in Mission Vi ll a_"e
.M r tin
H. '[. Wheeler
Ed it h Martin
MY1' Ue Zicafoosc
Mn. W. S. H gillett
'l kit'Ukllndn
Ona Kasong
Sh tc;ha
11l..i ta Ndekn
t.:p(!rin en

di ( lek.
'l'lll1rja 'La h) t
up' 'rintpn,lent
Li.( tiel N ,1Il1a
Dju u
E'.,am, ngus.
l' ol{!l Lomatni
Ngand mem
OL t ...
Uk li
kandjaluka (
Ukitn Diongo
Ukitana Cirru
Vili Circuit
!\Iyrlle Zicafoo 'e
Mr ' W. S, HU"" hlett
Ukit.nna Circuit
Viii Circuit
supplied by
Peudi Joani
Mrs. W. De Ruiter
Mrs 1. U. Townsley
supplied by Asaka Plerr
suppli e y
Djamba Isaka
supplied by Mudi mbi Mose
StlP lied by Ta Futu Silasi
Um' Okoko M llS
Fa ial a Pierre
'olldo OtokQ Pien e
Olek nva Pa llu
supplied by
Urnumbu A 1 re
RUP111ied by Shungu Josefu
J\<1inga Distl'ict
s W rk Mrs. H. T. Wheeler
Yanga Michel
Luhata Andre
supplied by Munda..! a Alb
Ukindi P ulu
Takoi oani
W. S. Hug-hlett
Mi sian Villag Mrs. H. ' Wh elel'
Colony W . ... . Hughl et t
Ruth O'Toole
rat Work M. 1. ELL, Mrs. M. Lovell
of New Missionar1es V. S. Hughlett, Edi th
M' l' tin
Mrs. H. 'I. Wbeeler
&lith Marti n
tukun lji
Ukitn Diumi Pierre
Ona Kas ngo
Shut ha
K Paulu
Ukit', Nc1eka
UnV? Eh\'a
Toucla t
Disll'i't V rnan'<: Work
Mr:. .1. J. Davis

supplierl by
Lodj J\Lchel
by Y llndlf Antoine
Nrljadi Olektt
upplied by 19U .J oani
Pent.> ('linga
blimbo Pi, rre
'r'm 1 ...: al '111
hairmanl. ,J. DAVIS
Pa. tor LUHA'f ... D NYELE
Girls' Home Catherine Parham
Directol'0 ' Nurne , Do pital, Lei ler Colony lar.r E.
1n(I1..1 trial Work H.C AYHES
Nuu;elY Cnt11erine Parham
)018, 'talion, I egj ll m 1 Dorotbv Rei "
mill vV mba
Wl!ll1bo , sma Uistrict
. np 'l'intenilcut
C. '''. H. PPELL
Di . !rid , om Il'S
Annimaf! Vv hi t
Djulu by lH,,'it! !l n P It u
Nrljati AUg"U!'t
.Kok,) LOllU>mi I.llkadi Jukoi.1l
LOlli! mbe
Luk :-> Plj i u .1akoba
Pudiemn lfu
Lon!!cng'o MRten
Otepa supp ied ll,\'
Luhala Joani

UI 'll l kcli Sllnplipd by
NJjovu Po.ulu .
I tluku up llied hy
Ukit'01enga Alphons'
S hnlsha Pi rre
UIuta Diongo 'Ipplieu by
Abuluki ,Jerl'm '
Wemb' Ulua supplied
Wembo Ny: na
Wembo Nyama Station
Sta tion Chair an
Pastor Lambut h Memori al Chur h a d
Hospital Chapels
Dean of len and Boys in Normal and
Day Schools
De<n of Women
Gir ls' HornE'
Hospital, Mary Long
Su peri ntendent
Director of ursps
InnustriaI and uilili ng Wr)rk
Printing and Pu licatl')us
Scho 18
Tri ni ty Bibl e S hool
Direct r
Nor mal School
Teach .1'
Reginnal S -hool :: , Super i sor
Sli.\ lion Schools
T'U umba Filipa
Unyangunga PauIu
Mrs. H. P. A ]rer
Nort' e Robken
C. P. M . Sheffey
K ath _n Eye
E. B. S til7.
Mrs. C. P. 1>1. Sheffey
E. B. Stilz
1rs. E. n. Stilz
Norene Robke ll
Anni! lIae White
Anr ie Lmn'a \Villf'rev
Annie Lalll'a W infr ey
Di r ector E. H. LOVELL
Assistanl Direct r Mrs. E. H. Lovell
Woman' s School M,.". H. P. Anker
Woman's Wor
in Mis::iion Village NIr ... E. B. Stilz
Special Appointments
B'li ldin", Super visOl' H. T. i'iillEELER
C(\iTe pondent for Congo Mi 'sion News Mn:. C. P. M. Sheffey
Correspond", L f()r L' Evangile en frique Annip, Laura W infrey
COl'l'E!SPO dtwt fOi' Sout h African. dvoc:: te Ka' hr yn gye
C uncillors for C. P.C. Eo H. Lovell, Doruthy Rees
Alternates vV. S. llughl(' tt, Catherine Parhalll
Director of l'ranspol"t H. '1'. WHEELER
Legal Repre entat ' vc E. B. Stilz
Assis ' ant
l'easurer ot' Mi SSIOn (until
Recommended t o take
Conference Evangelist
Fundj 'Umb::l Quar t rly
Left without appoi ntm ' nt to
e1' on Fur Im Igh
;apitals indi cate onf rence
Super intendent' s
The passing of this y ',u'
inceptiun and one nearer
alone knows. \Ve have heurd
We have seen sad( ened f
Men" singi ng. Som ho
8nce nnd troll ble h,LVe beco
Our eV(iJ ' gelisLs t eamed-up
outvillages. Their in t('I'P st a
to their own as well as to the
responsibility i:, and will al
native chul"ch.
In our natlve vllI here ,I
with the sniri tual l'lilmg wh
Our D istri(' t Revival here t h
largely to this spiritual dee
was d,me I.y on ' tl a ti v<) lead
anot her, pa-l'dons begged, \ 1
confe;:,sing each tu the oth r
or per haps b ' a palm, wl"r
fact, church members who
the " fatted hen" and made
rfhese gr atifying reslll tJ , I
of this year 's effort, but I'
h s spent many long years
blossom into visible beauty.
Treasur r of Mi ssion (un 'J March 31, 1941)
Rec(lmm nded to take over April 1. 1941
Conference Evangelis t (Memb in
Quarterl Conference)
Left without appoi ntment to ttl' nd school
MJR3i onarjp' s on l1 r !ollgh
indi ate Conference Memberg.
V. S. Hughle tt
Sl1a mLa Pierr ,
W. B. Lewis
Irs. W. B. Lewis
A. J . REI
Mrs. A. J, Rei d
J . H. Maw
. H. Ma IV
Mar Flor a F orem,w
Lor ena Kell y
suppli d by
I U t:illiVl al Church and
Boys in Normal and
ion Village
Specia l Appointme
Migsiorl ws
il e en Afl'j ue
Afri n Adv(1 c;1t
T'Usu mba Filipo
Unya ngunga Paul u
1\1rs. H P. Anker
Norene Robken
C. P. M. Sheffey
Ka t hl'Y Eye
E. B. Stit z
Mrs. C. P. M. S heffey
E. B. Stilz
Mrs. E. B. S tilz
NOTe n Robkeil
Annilllae White
Ann ie Ln llra \Vinfrey
Annie Laul':.t. Winfr ey
Mrs E. H. Lovell
Mr,' . H. P. Anker
IV1r.'. E. B. Stilz
C. P. M. Sheffey
A nrue Laura vVmfrev
Y Lhryn Eye ..
K T:I. Lovell, Dorothy Ree
V. S. Ilu Catherine Parhalll
E. B. Stilz
Superintendent's Repor t for Minga District-19ti O
The passing of this year brings ns one poi nt farther from our
inceptiun and one nearer 0 - goal. J ust what has been done God
alone knows. We have heCl rcl "RlIstl ings in the Mulberry Trees ".
We have seen saddened faces l'ight n, and have heard " Twice-3nrn
Men" singing. Some "" ho have been a cons ant scurce of annoy
ance and trouble ha ve become livin J.! inspiration.
Our eva n J' elists team.:dup and held many fruitful revivals in 0111'
out-villages. Thei r intel'Ps L antI effort contrihuted very noticeahl.v
to their own as well a ' to the s pir it ual grow[.h of t r. e church. Di rected
responsibility is und will ahv<JYs be a prime factor in establi hing t he
native church.
In our nativ(> vill here ;It 'linga, \ ' t' have been mutlj pleased
witil the spiritual cli:mge which is very evident in the livl' s of many.
O U!' Dis trict Re\ ival here the first par t of June contl'i uted very
largely to this spiritual deepening and growth. Most all the preaching
was dime Ly our lIative leader..: . C' u fes sions, not public, but OTle to
anot er, parduns begg'ed, \\Tongs made right, husbands and wives
confessil1g each to th other and the'1 kneelIng togeth l' a th ' ltar,
or p r haps b y a palm, were outst:11l li ng features of the revi val. In
fact, chur ch members \\ ho had been a t outs for many mon th:;, killed
the "faUed hen" an d made gJad.
These gratifying t'esult", however, not aitogeth r the har ves t
of this yeal ' ef orc, but rather the bursri ng forth of the fwd Which
has spent many long ycars of preparation fOl' the day when it could
blossom into visible beauty. Perfection is a long' way off but thank
COli wu are headed thai \ 'ay_
In out-dlln&,' work hav' been ')llcollragcd 'I
well a dis
c urug d_ n1P. villages hay been real and ha\-e
rough! forth a gootlh' ha'v L Other YiI lages have hf'gging
for pr ach hu l'ecl"ui:' h. \'e bcen elltirely t(!o few to 51! -,p Ythem,
In our Bible Traitling _ehu,i] nt \V mho Nyarna., we have balt as
many Y(lUnl! nH'n as we have preach l' in th field. Y\c h nve ere
on t11e 'tation a in pl'eparat
ry Iraining for Bihlt School,
larg '1" than the group ;h'eady It i . our hope, prayer and belief
b 1945 Minga District (. n be supplied \ it.h prcachE'l"s of the
( ul' Chill' -h Schools h. ve b"en heltp d \ 'Hh pi,. ures :lnd
h, SI1Il matel'ial . than heretofore. EnrtlllrntJlt ha\'c' incrt! I Id and
Ie tel' SUP'> 'ision giv,'n. OUl'Stntil'n Chul'ch S 'ho I 1 \" b 'en v l'y
)lO , I Ul' co-lahor fS on the st" il)ll have dune tb. 1110 t. d t 1 work
have'doDe it wen.
The WClman' ". Mi'siorary Soci ly has n:, t r gularly with ull
attenclanct:' 1)(' fifty p '1' ceni ur betler. t 111' w!tl' l, has not be n
olttirely 10 th( m.i "'mary in cha, ge, yet repOI'ts
that tho'e are tremendc U!> possiiJillti '. mr,ng the I)f the
vil1<Jg.,_ 'fh\:' lIAtive If'/llkr ha:e; don' w II and shows possibiliti '. ()f
bt'cominf)' a J...:a] I mkr 01 thE' II tun'. I n a rl'(' ,nt medin;:: the _ oejety
unanim uf!lya I'cd that thl ',\T \ 'oul! Ii -I' to ru' ( U'- chll1'ch
, ilh )ld
it an! chairs au' of their Mi:,. ionary So ;"ty'.- "Savings
'(' 111 t I, n our lIlIt-vilhg(' Misl'Iilll1ary Suciety j' IlrogTe. '
lOr. hi. n m ' d'.;! that we hMl hop 'rl. :Up,-'I 'lsi ,:1 I hi l,e Il
]1' .;, Ible h (:all. rJ r ,\I TIl 1 I,' 01 il J' , abw:rs a \d La_ k ) p"ping- 118
lithe alh, '\V"l'ejoi' hn ':('\'. 1', r lwt :-;'Im ..f l11 :i1'l! i,'I':", l: I)t'clally
'I 1.{'I"f.' \':t' hal" pn eller, who nre l ed. h1 \ gil!' .: alwad bea\1
t ifully. \VcjnS!fil t aLl'u'h ')xI,tor(ll'('Vl..1l li"lmust had' l
MisAiorarySt,c'{L,.lti. a!w:i.\"lJ'l that .. h l : ....1' e , piriLual ly
mirJ(l d aT", wilt> t, ke Lhl' 111 I, in! ",' st in '1.; _, ':ietic::.
III "ur llud-yr:a !! '''(It nlllnb"l' n Lh!., si U,' Is ... 'r", lpu
ttl ell -I f .Mony t f h.. "e I ad r. "the IlT tlre (lI,n'ell d .. ,1ja ,Jd 'lr,d
J' -d til'il' liv(,s to tile M:..wt"l',
\lu'rin..... th/.' it brok () II aml' ll!?:"l l ,ho., lillY _S I I"r '(' weI' , ' 011 " of th I}' c nlt.:ssi)O.:: of] uldu.l,'ina that
cl-orl. il bo' :'; con ph ined that th wlllLC p"tlple W\!I' sing ..met:''''''
I .. II (ike lh II) OP(' ,' t P their l!I.'31' I:, ant! nF(:s::; Wh"I Il: -r the' \\, nt
eo t or n t.
Al till' Sh iOLI F'tviv:l1 nl\,(' in<Y H pi C' WIlS Hrr,n(!'rl ' 11 the sid
j', r, 11 len I'!' W , " could alte!d. MUD! 0.1 tlllr I \ hu ble j
on canes and crutches, for
of the services. We believe
ed and led t o C1U"i st.
Weare proud of the
Morrison Memnr ial ." has
Bis hop Springf!r at this
simpIe construction, well
digenous Church can use
OUI' apPl"eciation t o all \Vh
of wor-shin. Especiall y, do
Tison, wh'o from their ge
our comr a E' S in black, ha
In closing om report,
our Industrial and
repairing the Leper Col
s heds and doing m any
mba, fixed our ca l'S and m
And so, we come to
with the meager results btl
and hope and go forward
The work ofthe di strict
mi!,:"c io:1ari es al"d abr.ut f
During the Confer ence
has pushed out in differe
t o twe nty-five or th;l'ly
regular work.
W e have al so en':
the North country of
kilometer s to the nort h of
chiefs of t he whole tt' ibe.
far. He has as good a
and he is one of the most
has shown genuine inter<
and has promi sed to help
large domain. He has m
open up an out-vill age d
to me tha t we have one uf
I have seen anywhere.
w y.
ve have bt!en 'lICOUtu. <,iI no;; , .'ell 3' dis
have beel l a real inFpirali n am have
harv t. ( Lher ,"iIlages have h 11 h gging
h \' > IJ en nUrel t(IO few l) them.
ch.)f1) at Wrmho Nyal ". we hL. e h.alf ill
hav preaclPl's in the field. Wc btl"e here
n prel'arat .ry rail1int?' fnr the Bible SdH)C .1
',h'eat!,' dlt:'re. It lS 1m' hope, p, ayer anti hellef
strict l'an be sl1pplit:!d with pre:u'lwn; of the
IinhtUl' l' vivnl hrok ' 11 lIJnnng l t 'e
, II of lh Ir of hidden in that
th t he whit" p,_ pic W\;!I't' using orcery
til 'lI' heart and c()r; l(' ,.; wiwlhc!' the'.. ,,'unt
, al ',".:' 'tJn H pi ,(' > Wit , lU'I'! ' llg 'r! pn lhe "id.'
fit tf> d. M;.Jny of th< In \ hI knoi ,"011' III lJble I
011 and crutches, for the mile and a hal f to be present at many
of the services. We believe tha t many of them were spiritually bless
ed and led to Chr ist.
We are proud of the fact that oll r new c,lUl'ch, "The Henry Clay
Morrison Memnrial." has been completed a. nd will be dedicated by
Bishop Springer at this confel't!nce session. '1 he church is of
simple construction, well built and a model which the future In
digenous Church can use as a practical model. We wish to express
OLlr appreciation to all who helped make possible this lovely temple
(If wOj:ship. Especiall y, do we wish to thank Dr. and Mrs, H. C. Mor
rison, who from their genewus hearts of love for the Master and
om' comrades in black, have made the major contribution.
In closing our report, we remember the very efficient service of
our Industrial and Transport worker. Besides finishing the church ,
repairing the Leper Colony Church, buiLiing a work shop, brick
s heds and doing many other tasks, hauled our transport from Lusa
mbo, fixed our cars and made it possible for us to keep going.
And so, we come to the end of the year. We are not satisfied
with the meager results but by the grace of G.:>d we renew our faith
and hope and go forward in his name.
Henry T. vVlweler
The work ofthe district has been can-ied on with a staff of eight
mis"io!1aries arod alJGu t forly-five native workers.
During the Conference year 19;19-1940 the EvangeliRtic Depar tme nt
has pushed out in different direc tions and has carri ed ttle Good News
to t we nty-five or thirty beyond. the ones where we have
reQ"ular work.
We have also b:,:en encouraged over the fine prospect we have in
the North country of Tunda District. 'vVe have gone about two hundred
kilomet prs 1:0 the north of Tutlda and fuund one of the :nost promising"
chiefs of the whole tribe. He is the richest chief that I have fnulld so
far. He has as good a house to live in 8 S I do: several head of cattle;
and he is one of the most congenial men I have found in the trib -" He
has shown genuine in our work by building a new church,
and has prom:sed to help in getting" churches built throughout his
large domain. He has made an earnest request for the mi ssion to
open up an out-village dispensary somewhere in his section. It seems
t.o me that we have one ufthe finest opport.unities in this section that
I have seen anywhere.
I was told by one of the State officials that Chief Lufungula has
under him about ten thousand inhabitants.
Our Church School work has not been so encouraging, but we have
tried to get each preacher to have one. Sorr.e have made a good
showing, and we hope with the new teachers for the Regional
Schools, we shall be able to improve in our Church School work.
There has been some work done with the women of the Station
and on the district. also some sewing classes for the girls of the out
villages as well as the small girls of our station village. We feel that
the work among the women and girls should be emphasized through
out the district.
There have been only twenty-five or thirty baptized during the
year, but scores of others waiting for baptism. W e are trying to
convince all of the import:mce of knowing Christ before receiving
baptism. There has been a slight increase in the Native offerings.
We covpt the prayers of Christian people everywhere for the
success of the work of God in this section.
Respectf lIy submitted,
J..J. Davis
Evangelistic Report Of Wembo Nyama District
J uly 1939- June 30, 1940
The condition of the work on the Wembo Nyama Dis
trict is encoul' &gi ng. The past ors have r es pond",d well to clla Ilenges
and a ppeals to labor more ent husiastically in maklOg Christ r eal
in the lives of these people. The Superintenden t if wel l plea ed with
the work of the pasl (\} 's during the year. Most of them have bt-' en
enthusiastic witnesses for our Savior.
Considerable effo t has heen made to put the challenge of Christ
before the people of the District. A week :>f special services
was held in our five Regional Centers for this The
of these young lives was most encoul'aging. Many consecrated thtir
liVeS for service in the ministry anj many more took their stand
to bE:.' true followe s of .Jesus Christ. The Directress of t he Regional
Schools cooperated to the highest degree in all of these efforts and
llltribu ted much to the efiectivpness of them. During- the first week
in FebrL1ary every congregat.i on on the District was g'iven an oppor
tunity t o contribute toward the support of the boarding students in
these Regional Centers. The response was most encouraging' and the
food and money contributed will almcst support this phase of the
work for tlw en tire yenr.
Above t wenty-five Church buildings have been et'ected on the
District during
every village
tion of the village
Much emphasis
witnessing for C
b een encouraging
others to Christ
thl'illi ng stories.
One of the most
has bp-en a nfyt".. ,>"
Only in a few case
for God's help on
prayers h a vt! gone
ing with God to
their lives. Fi
to break with pol
Another item t
toward' 'group"
villages every
three men had no i
told his Christian
for them t o talk
Christ. This was d
The closing coni
y ear we have h({d
Congo. While the
10!'=ses we feel that
have been won in
h as too long stood
work so recently a
better ()rgani zed a
in any preceding:
I am in hearty
centers where our
first degree school
yet I doubt the wi
money being plaCE

the State officials that Chief Lufungula h'
h b' ciS
ousand m
a Itants.
has not been so encouraging, but we have
. to have one. Some have made a good
wIt.h the teachers for the Regional
to Improve m our Church School work
work done with the women of the
some sewing classes for the girls of the out
I girls of our s tation vmage. We feel that
and girls should be emphasized through-
twenty-five or thirty baptized during the
. waiting for baptism. We are crying to
. 0t Christ before receiving
a slIght mcrease m the Native offerings.
of Christian people everywhere for the
in this section.
Respectf lIy submitted,
J. J. Davis
of Wembo .Nvama District
1939 - June 30, 1940
of thp. work on the Wembo l\:yama Dis
pastors hay respondEd well to challenges
enthu iastically in making Christ real
Th . 'uperintendent i. : w:! !l pleased with
Ul'ing- t lw yea!'. Most of t hem have bt' en
our Savior.
heen made to put the chal lenge of Christ
tL Dis trict. A week ::If special services
nal Centers for this pm80se. The
most encouraging. Many eonsecratecl thtir
inist.ry an':! many more took their stand
Christ. The Directress of the Regional
highest degree in all of these efforts and
f' ctivpness of them. During the first week
ion on the Di strict \vas an oppol'
the support of the boarding studen ts in
e response was encouraging' and the
will almust support this phase of the
buildings have been erected on tha
Dis:t:ict. during the year. At present there is a Church building in
:Illage.where we have a pastor oran assistant with the excep
tlon of the vtllages of three assistants.
.Much. emphasis .has been placed during the year on prayer and
wltnessmg for Chnst. The response on the part of our Christians has
been encoura.ging in this field, ThAtestimonies of those who have led
others to ChrJst and of those who have been led to Him have been
thrilling stories.
One of the most encouraging features of the work during t he year
has a g-rowing conscience on the subject of polygam.v.
Only III a few cases m the hwe polyg3.mists willing to pray
for God's help on the problem of thiR great evil. Many agonizing
prayers h;'(vt! gone np to GJd hj polyg.3.mi ;ts during the year plead.
ing with God to give them strength to remove this great burden from
their lives. Fifteen or twenty polygamists have taken a definite stand
to break with polygamy.
Another item that is attracting our attention is the tendency
toward "group" movempnt in two of our smaller villages, In these
evel'y person in the village attends church. In one of them
three men had no interest for a while. On one Sunday the preacher
told his Christian people that if they were in earnest about this thi ng
for them to talk with the three men who were left and lead them to
Christ. This wa done and now the entire village is attending services.
Respectfully submitted.
C. W. Chappell, Superin tendent.
Lodj a District Annual Report,
September, 19;1S-July 15,1940
The closing confl't'ence year has been in many ways the best
\'f'al' we have h?d in our near ten years of ministry in the Belgian
Congo, While the year has not gone by without its
10:::s0s we feel that. definite advance has been made and VIC tones
have been won in the li fe of this people in realms where the church
has too stood defeated and helpless. This station and district
work so re;ently opened to the gospel has during the year become
better Nganized and more fil'mly e tablished in this center than
in any preceding year. . . .
I am in hearty accord with the general prmcl}Jle of our operatlllg
centers where our children may be taken through classes of the
first degree school without much missionary superVlslOn or expen.Re.
vet, I doubt the wisdom of the practice of a ?Teat of forelgn
b . g placed in anv one of those vlllages WIthout at least
money em .
some corresponding- effort being made by the village in brick
construction work. To cf)ntinue with our present policy places an
altogether foreign plant of white man's origi ll in a common native
envirun:ment and it becomes consequently the mission's obligation to
maintain it, This policy as well frustrates the meager efforts of
villages surrounding such centers in simple church construction
work, Thpy too feel that some assistance should be given them wlth
their church, wLereas our policy has a lways of:'en that villages want
ing our preachers must indicate their desire by constructing their
own building. Some adjustment should be made in policy,
While we have some second degree school students at Kandolo,
25 kilometres away, and others in our Wembo Nyama school, stili I
continue to feel that no adequate provision bas yet been made for
preachers and t achel's to meet the needs of the Ledja district.
Thollgh this dis trict has had only a five year begi nning, the mother
district l10W feels she can send no more of her preachers away from Seconl degree school students need closer missionary super
vit.;inl1, and I continue to advocate the recommendations passpd by
last conference, namely, that a second degree ;;ch(lol be established
on the Lo(lja station,
Fie years ago, as we were appointed to open this new di;;lrict I
\\ as instructed by our visitinJ;!: General Sec!' tary N,. shville
(who felt that s me change in IVlission policy sh0uld be made) to
pursue this new plan with snch changesas time and experiment with
thi:.; policy proved necessary for the propel'development of the work.
From the beginning- day:.; of my ministry here I have bepr, an ardent
advoc?t.e of carrying- t he gos pd into the villages of the district n1 ther
than so much cents.lizai..lon (If unwieldly throngs of youth and
workmen at the white mr-n' e stuticn. I continue to advocate this,
while recog' T1izing (I S well, the of stat ion secor;d
;; ehool work and a horne alld school for tr<.l ining giris. Tl1e establish
m l nt of these two sehcols OJ; the Lodja stati on will make some
for f uture native les ders for hi s district as is bei ng done
for each other d.istri. ct on t he mis , jon. This too will allow s ome place
fur the coor dination of our outvillage district center efforts and will
mOl' 2 firmly es [a blish the Church of Christ in tLlis needy commercial
While our chief interest ha"l b"' en the work of the ministry and the
pruda 11alion (Jf the gospel, we ha\'e c1lU'in)"f the
r IOntbs since the P:l::;t (becdll se much dlSCUSSlon t oO;(
place at that tlIlle Oil pressing' the building' program), given
urne t ime 1,1 , super vi itlll anu
proqram. ' 1 - temporary
ll lakmg and dr ying pl' I.L W""
eat. \7i rl e by 128 fcet. f.>r
a brick kiln'. ilh for
... ;:,tl'ucLures c')ulri h'lndl
norm ll cilpac;t.y (.f ) ( I I' S
TV e completeu a n w I t'ic1<
long and laid the r und Lilln
63 t e t di'11 ' ilsions wbich b
cnm the i",mvrial
pfli:'e a n 1 . undny Sehold d a8
:"aJ, for Gilt' 1,\ 11 hOIDl: nnd
Cotl'lcil home, Our 'v' Ol' k ll 1f'n
hrit'k . prucli('a:ly ail r v
t o t Il " :ri les for bu t! ing;; 1 he
/lard I" nd 'left, ' ClOd flit
ruRlle all the nec: SSi1l'Y doors'
f or the n W C OUll
fu,' n i l"lt"t: 1' UI' our home,
... J deppl) .1"1 lified
n a ue cl tring til: y:=ar b dll'
W ll i le I,;)w h IH: heen ,' vept
floodt i e of n)...I)dll !\I'_:' WI d
l 'Her wit hin our tri l 'f, Lt. ]"(
the \\ :.t... , LLe tnl l h, :i1 :a t.I ('
We tTI::tdc ,1 numb, r
througb Ll t' I ' -villnge:-.
f " lI nd many" ldt' n ", of t
til l ' '(J f l, lJl' pee pIe by
A nuniJq I{ wil ch d'
fmel fO" se ke n t ht it lucrativ ' ll'
(!:Imnu men have fn )d
;etuf PI: d them to UI"i l'
frOT 1 Uwi ' f; \.u le ta
most dillien. t L: U. t
the la:-t .' 'll ,' our pe()ple f
till . e entl.\' ill tl e lep dIS 0'
, lowd and 1{8VC s kid t('st
P"'l'han,,> hI' g1 t rulmp
ice be;'e ook place 111 !l vi l
ell" the necessity of st ation second degree
Illd school for tn ining girls. The establish
( (lls OIi the I.odja station will make snme
tive I aders for t his district EEl is being done
t he mis.<ion. his too will allcH'Ysome place
uur outvillage Istrir t center efforts and will
Cl,l1rch of Christ in t lis needy commercial
hHS b'! en the work of the ministnl and the
, we har e (luring' the nine intervenin'l'
( bCC1U[';8 discussion
ssing building pl'ogram), giV1l
t l. e I) f OUl' p\'()Jlle by HI" I llil t hty WJre LearinlI in t:H. ir
lives. A l1l1 1I ' )t'" ( ' i ' wile' ] [lO('L'J!, h:lve be(>n u Iy CnllVtl"teu
ntl for""kpl) tl! ('l' UC1'atlV' U!l C<iel!evti w c}a ft ._ nmnher (If 1)<)1)
men have ioun Chl":-;t, ha 'e gl en a p their fl.l rplus wi
rel nri 'd ch III to 1II honl es <. nd hl) e h: d t h it n8111("_ relllovf'll
from h 'Il' "tatc'ta 1" oks. W i tch Iafc . nd pnlyt";un, ' arf ' I. )
most d 'fficlL t bcathel l tIl(' chardl f : ce,; In h nd nel
lhe la't :in" our people for ake t u f(.lh.., Cll ri, L . '1 hO<lL' who \'0:. 'e
till reccntlv ill t1 e 0' heatl I' i.- m tood in the face oj' the
cn)wd L{ave :!.13d tt:St"110IlY to' ba til" po ver " I' htiSl .
P'}ThUDS tlw gn-atest t \\ e have seen :p uur Len rears so;;rv
ice here w ok pine . m a lOu m iles southwest of missio
ort being made by the viliage people in hrick
c'mtinue with our present pC1lic.l' places an
t of white an's origill in a common I,ative
consequently t11;3 mission's obligation to
as well frustrates the meager efforts of
such centers in si pJe church construction
at some assistance should be given them with
0':1' has always been that villages want
t lI: dlcate their desire by constructing their
should be made in policy.
some second degree Echool students at Kandolo
others in our Wembo Nyama school, still j
adequate provision has yd been made for
to nwet the needs of the Lodja district.
had only a fi\re year beginning. the mother
send no more her preachers awav from
hool students need cluser missionary' super
to advocate the recommendations passpcl by
that a second degree SChllol be established
were appointed to open this new disLrict I
visiting: Ge neral Secretary N".shville
ge in Mission policy shC'uld be made) to
e,uch cha.ngesas time and e :ppriment with
fur the propel'development of the work.
. -ti of my mi ni,; try here I h ave bepr; an ardent
e gospel into the vi llages of the ,Jistrict :athel'
iZ'LIC. of unwieldly throne-s of you th and
f n'!, stati cn. I continue to advocate this.
u.m: sliperviekn Sluetio;] w rk en I hl ' sLnion building'
rto...,rarn. I temporary b1111( In -J '; housmg the ,:rirIs' hOll.C alld l'ick
111aking and In..!' ,' [UI :!. C<J1Slr lctecl, The largest L,18
f eet , \\ b
.-t2 (>e It)!l.r tJl dryi urit:k::i. Another large Ole \Va
al)I Ick kll n\\ lth Clpacltyfor bUJ '11 g :;ome40,I}OO hric:'-g a t unc time.
Tbe!'ie 3 C u1c; Imelt making for this at ahout
nOTmal capa.clt.'. of (0) Ill' 8 brick bjrer: continuerl labo .
vVe clll11plett:rl U DC:'.\" brick CHrpente shop ;t.. feet wlciE.' bv i.7 [I'C-' t
IOD,!! und laid lht. foundatl..Jl) d' d1 new C')Ull"il h .11 f f et III
fi=] tl ( di ' nCIJ slon. vhich tnok -14.000 IlTlc :; , We have pradi sU\,
til D'I Y, 1e ft<. l'i Churl.!1 ;1: ' feet ty 70 feet i n size. wilh
offl(ealld :_und-y Scbol'! d. s,") r oom" In .I'e "t!<lr_ W: uilt a lick
.f.-":lt" lye for (JIlt" m\ home and complt 'Ted 11l c' h 'g' 11Il last...:. I .1< r
Council hOlr1('. Our v'Orktr ,f.!ll h w m de \\';rh and m 'I ds HI)! 310
one s rcll: 1ic'all y a il of whIch h' been i 1 .kl lns nn.l cal' ;Jed
L t il" sjtes for huil iug'''. Th: have a w'l 10,235 feet of
hard ;.n j Sf rt II ooc1 1umbt'T i1lr ("lln!'tTudion work. The cal' ,entel\ ha'v
made a the nec<'ssal'Y li non; and ,, 'i udow frames for Lhe chut'ch
t! Vfn teen f(lr tit n w C(lullcil h<me nd liI,we rnade as we ll
fUl" ll ltlll'(' I tlr llUT bOllI;' ,
District Church Wor
\\"e 'o:!d llet rly gmtifietl r'.ncl g,'e8f Iy , l the llc'J:('rr"l<"
mack dut ill.2: ti le y<>ar b.. U ti c! li ell and pleachers pf t he distl.. ict.
Wh ile a few ha l Ie: be. n s hom theix spiritual mooring's by the
tloodt!.lc IJ f lIngudlinc.:,' Hlld WI ' .1' thi - l argest c;o,lI l flercial
t' 'nLI withm our tniJE, th n, nf..,"3 l'f o thwf'S hovC' f'<l r ne!>ll l Sll lwht
tilp I ' :.t.\', the tru th. ;ll:d t Lc ' 1'",', '
W.J It a\ Ill'll!' a nurrb r p t Il! p ofi ta li e It llera
riel> tbrough lh ' )'It -dlldgb of the dIRe-' tt duo ing vUe
[I)und t;videnc;ps 01 the rl , rut h lla j entered inlo
The village head judge came to me complaining tha t be was tired
of the things of the world and wanted to give up his polygamous
life and be baptized. Through long attendance at the services of
the church th e sword of th pirit had smitten his he rt and he
sought thp Balh1 of Gilead for the cur e. He returned the surplus
wivs to their homes, removed them from his state tax book and
refused to r eceive the dowry paid by him on them. After ample
evidence of his conver sion we baptized him.
V'ie conduct d eleven district meetings in the lar ge village cen
ters of the district at differ ent times during the year with blessed
spiritua l resuits in most cases. With these smaller groups of 25
preacher s and a few hundred people we were ahle t o more nearly
approximate "thinking black." We learn to understand t heir prob
lem' beller meet them with a definite message.
Wl i\e statistics do not alwa\ s mean development in the proper
realms, nor can the depth of piety of the church be calculated in
cold figures, yet our contention has ahvays been that if we place
the need of r egenel'ation of the heart and the cleansi ng of the life
from the pol lution of carnal sin in the forefront of our thought and
plans and missionar? endeavour, all the other inter ests of the church
will be ad anced. We feel greatly encouraged over the large increase
in interest and gen ral attendance at all the services of the chn ch
and the preachers' schools. There has been between a 1300 and 1800
avenl,lie incr ease in the attendance over that of the past year, wi th
the largest av::: rage Uendance nn thl! Sabbath morning (I f 7231. In
the schools conducted b.v the prea Iwrs we havp 2732 children en
:wJl ed, an Il1creas . of 407 over the pc st The from
the church a nlO\ll1t t ) 18, 921 fra nc, the largest am'"lunt ever given
by the native ch urch, an of more than 7.000 francs over
p,: st
As is our cust!)m we clI' w the labors to a happy consummation
with twc serif' S of camp meeting' services. Thl' ollgb many months
uu!" preacher ' hM. been fasting and praying with us nd eagerly
anti('ipa tinf!" with (' .'pedant faith, viet')ry during the camps. Weeks
befot'e we bel-tan, the countryside hithel'to uninterp,::; ted began
enquil'in,r the day for the onening servicE'S. From t he beginning of the
Lutundu la camp tIl "cJ ug'h the clusing" services of OLlr Lodja camp,
cV2ry sing-Ie was a glorious nay of victory ab::)Ut the altar of praYE:' r
with hear ts sf'eking the Christ or com:ecratin.(T heir all to the Lo"d
ol life. We nev 'rcondude, j two ten day amr meetings where
t rot th (\!,' , ervi c to t h d ose \\'e f und such a heart hungEt"
for the consciousness of
of the gospel of peace.
literally scores and hund
until they were comp!e
I have never in my 10
'found su han eag' erness fI
a nd him for the
nev(>]" found such an
l'evYarded their faithful
his most precio 1S gift,
a deep :md abiding on
Eightor more ut-; tandin
wives atld found delive1'3
t ha I have eve,' een con
of my ministry here.
No iess than eight contr,
by their owners and giVE
before. Their existene \'\
and imprisonment' \ 'aits
si n and the fear uf God
heard s.uch joy. i.n t he ll<
gTac'" Ill' f; an tI fymg pO\VC
s tood to bl' s)" glad wi tnes
only a fe w to speak. and
happy- song.
We have had t c :)(,' ;;t y
land and we giv e GGd
falter ing' steps,
cooperation of mi , s;onari
of th se victrJl' ies has beE!
promi ses, with a hope th
by H is unerring hand. ve
to advance \\ ith Chri stal
, e are grateful that w
our Missiol Building Pl'og
During the year the foll
came to me compl aining that be was tired
ld and wanted to give up his polygamous
Through long attendance at the service of
f the Spiri t bad. mitten his he l't and he
ad fOI' the cure. He returned the surplus
oved them from his state tax book and
dowry paid by him on them. After ample
D we apfzed him.
district meetings in the Ia 'ge yi\lage cen
t limes during the year with I ssed
cases. With these small er groups f T
ntIred people we were ahl t o mor e near ly
black." We I ,3rn to undersea d t heir prob
them with a d finite message.
always mean development i n t he proper
th of piety of the church be lculatecl in
tcntion has always been that if we place
of the heart ' nd the leansi ng of the life
I sin in the forefront f our thought and
vour, all the other interests of the church
fITeatly encour ged over the larg-e increase
attendance t all the services of the hurch
Ther has been between 3 1.)00 and 1800
. over that of thf: past year. with
lL\." ,..",<O on the Sabbath morning l' f 72:n. In
b'l the preacrlf> l'S we have 2732 children en
4 7 over the past ThE' ojf,}ring from
18, 921 francs, t he largest annunt ever gi\,c
n of more th an 7,000 francs over
l' ': W the Ia!JoJrs to a happy consummation
mp rrleeting servi ces Throllgh many mont hs
n fasting a nd prayi n,., with us anft eagerly
n t f I t h, vid0r v 'ewing the camps. Weeks
cotlntrysirie hitherto began
opening servicps. F'1'1)l11 the b ginning of the
he dosi ng senr ices ot Oill' Lodja camp,
riay of victory abJut the ltar of
, Chri st or all t the Lor d
ude. l two t en d y amp meetings where
to lllP du (! ... e founJ 'uch a heart hl.lngEt

for the conscious ness of sins forgiven or the ful nes'ii of the blessing
of the gospel of peace. They came forward to the altar of prayer,
literally scores and hundreds of them. They retumed again "nd again
until they were completely satisfier!.
I have never in my 10 years 0 service with the native mini try,
found such an agerness th2t11 to consccr- te thpir all to Christ
a nd trust him for the power of the Holy Ghost in their li ves. I have
nevu' fo nd such an earnest spirit of pI' yer among them. God
r ewarded their faithful earnest seeking ith many of them
his IIl Ost preeio s gift, the Holy Spirit. I have never witnessed such
li deep and abiding conl'iction f or sin mong the see -it g multitudes.
Eight 0 ' more out!'; tandi ng cas s of polygamis ts gave up their urplus
wives and fo und dE'liverance from theil' I'> in . This is more pol,
than I have ev l' seen converted in all the other nine combined years
of my here.
No less than eight con traptions f or COl'll whiskey stills werE' brongh t
by their owners and gi en up. Thad never e en seen one of them
before. existenec was unknown to the govel'l1mrmt for a finc
and imprisonment awaits any lme who opel'3tes one. ConvictiGn fo),
si n and the fel'lr uf God alone made them surrender the m. I ha \'8 never
heard such joy in the nati ve church in bearing testimony to the saving
gracp or sanct ifyi ng p weI' of our wonder ful Redpem el. Such throngs
stood to bear glad witnesS to t he power of ChrIst that time allowed
only a few to sp ak, and once \\' e had to blend their testimonies into
happy ong'.
We have had tht:! bes t year uf our t\vo tpr rns of service in Cong
land and we give GwJ ,QTuteful pmi se. 'l'ti r ou Th feebl e efforts and
fal tet' inR s teps, . npported by the praY0r s of God's faithful ones, the
r oopcr ation of tla li ve preachers a nd people the l'eport
of the 'e victories has li eEn made possible. \Vit h in His
promi es, with a hope that \\ e may profIt by our fil. ilures, and be len
by HI S nnerri ng hand. we ' ird oursel ves with t 1e whole a rmor of l; od
to advance \\ itb Christ and His militant Chul'Ch.
Re ;; edful ly:; ubmittecl,
lexander J. Reia.
Sli perintendent. Lo ja Di sh'iet.
Rep ort Of Buildi ng Supervi sor
We are grateful that we were able this past year tocontiTlue wi l h
our Mission Building Progl'am even though it was a year of world wa r.
During the year the follo wi;).g builuing::; \'V'ere complet ed:
G II 'ral Board residt'nce '\m
Morrison !\.lemorial Chl!rch Min?'a
Day Memorial ChUl",h Lodja
Foul' cottages and dining- han of Girl ' Home We bo Nyarna
Council Hume except ror insirle finishing work \Ven lbo 1 ama
Approv .l was received fro. J the Board ofMisslons f r
(.If other buildi ngs as follows :
(ot1n,?i1 Home ( to'llnnatlOn laid and mat('l'ials p!p. par
uncil Home " " " ,.
L wis Memoriul Hospital
Normat ,JchOollprclvidE:d additional funds
can be 'Jbtninec1) Wflmbo N 'ama
'rhe liuiltling f\ nmitLe appro"etl ph : IS for. '
Hos lital Ward Wemh l Nyaul'
Gil'ls' Horne Y'nga
Girls' Home LodJ3
Vel'll Cl !\1.p.ll1ol'ial Nursery comp!.. hI n) nDda.
Mi..sio Building CO'l1Imtte . m<!t LIne''; t l lU',' clu ing he yea!'.
i approving plans for tf"> Sinti m hdldiI J(T nlt'lilioned above
als pprv rpd plans 1'01 a ' and church bui dina for Op rating Fo
('ent ers i n thE'L d'a 111"trict, nnd a r Iral :5 'hool buildi:1"r the
Wernbo Vnlna l)"stxi t.
TIl(' W )n;11 I :' Council v. IS 0. k 'd to match th" ,,(" '" I huur' ed "nr1
r fty dnll 1'8 llppropl'iat , ,j h.' Lhe Ceneral Bo: rd f( the Ho pi.tal
Admini tralion buildinl! 1"1" Minga Slarjon,
Th , Ask;L)!'" C nlln;[tee wa ' 1"Au 10 inchld . he j. diLhnHI
amount It!-'ed d () t.hi.:l No mill SChool in the 10'
It ;lgT!:'-!ri th It; tll') !lve hunlll'C!d d"Ual'=, St;!llt to t .(' r Id the
. 'n('raJ 811urri for bllild' l1L,"S it .n' '1rl5t qum"er .)f j C W should I'e
l'ql",llydi,,;l1eI1 heLve, Llie !I1)'pilnl A n Buildillj.: fOl' il'.
g ' and th ' 'iN mhll N) ulna HosJlitdl \Vard,
\lYe tru t (h; t m' n. 'I d PI iriency is b. , 1;14 'rdrled tll 'ml'
tations 8ud tht:ir Wqrl a the i'>uildil :g nrog'j'{! lll
Sqbnl'f" d by.
,\Vm. Dt; RuiLer
omhined of the Oir ' Homes
[,odja - Minga - Tunda - W. N. Total
'Q, {'urolle, I Yf'rt . 20 57 Ii! 50 1 1
Nu. girl:. ,uimittel d . ing. edr 20 1 ]5 LI .I :)6
{J, girls mar duri II.! ,I t' Ir 2:1 (j () 11
)To. girls dismi:, dud'l'; rc 11' 0 ft
Tn, )lirls t r,:! j 'n t 5,) .')8 14 l':J
January i. lOlO the Lodja Git ! ' Hom f' ent' fn the
ion of plans it
that they might
using the Unit
the necessary
veranda which is
kitchen is under
units with nine
ministerial stud
A teacher who
center taught the
g il' s of rna '
helps for a you
W men of the
financial help as
The girls enj
joy to see them.,
At lVIi nga dul'!
girls in the
regional ::;chool
evangelist. The
with three native
meetings and wen
There are now
They ar" nice chil
They have already
horne f)r clean eh
fit in to the school
Several of the
inspiring to see tl
have recently mal
They help with U
with the Missionl
married in June,
the other married
At Wembo Ny
the foundation fOl
which are of red ti
two cement beds.
for the cottages, 0
paid for out. of U
Eleven girls ree
Tll d"
Lodj a
dU1I1l r han oIGirJs' HOille We"1bo Nyam
fOl" in.::ide fini. work \Veolbo Nyama
Board of Missions fUl" the ere th 1\
0\ id(; d additi nal funds
. Wf>mho N,
. g v nlmlttee apllro oed plads fo
" embo Nyal ll:.l

. LOrlJH
() '1.11 ( fll>al'ing complttio d Tunda
. (,0 Iml ttee tln'e) t.1 , during t he - .ar
plans for the Stat"on m'.:.!lltionecl
. rl ::cho 1 and church buildmg 1'('1' Opr'rating
f ll -'; t rJ('t am! a r'lrll ,;chool bllillin" f 11' til(!
lrn. De Ruiter
R('port of "he Gi " Ollie"
Lodja -Min n - Tunda - Total
() ill n1 51l J9i
20 15 i>6
_.. tl I) 11
yc l' (J I IJ 7
I;) 5'1 ,-8 14 17:;
H Is' Home was ( I ned. 10 the flll"mRt
ion of plans it was decided to limit the number of girls in order
that they might be more carefully trained. The Home was opened
using the Unit A unit consists of eight or ten girls with
the necessary buildings and eqllipment to live together as an active,
industrious family. Their cottages have one room with a large
veranda which is used as a gathering place and dining room. The
kitchen is under !'eparate cover close by. At present there are two
units with nine girls to a unit, two of the older girls having married
ministerial students.
A teacher who taught i n the mornings in a nearby operating
center taught the regular school curriculum in the afternoon. The
girls of marriag-able age also were given a course on hints and
helps for a young wife .
Women of the district helped in the opening of the Home by giving
fi na:lcial hel p as well as about six tons of rice.
The girls enjoyed the yearly camp meeting very much. It was a
joy to see them !';urrender their hearts to Christ.
At Minga during the revival the first of June there were ninety
girls in the Home. The thirty-six extra ones came in from the
regional school centers and from other villages where there is an
evangelist. The afternoon group meetings were held in the Home
with three native women leaders. The children enjoyed all 0f the
meetings and were helped in their Christian lives.
There are now fnul' of the clean children of lepers in the Home.
They are nice children and fit into the schedule of work and play.
They have already been in the kindergarten at school while in the
borne for clean children at the hospital and it is easy for them to
fit in the school program.
Several of the girls have married during the year and it is
inspiring to see them take places with their husbands. Four
have recently married teachers and gonE' to the Regional Schol.)ls.
They help with the teaching, teach Church School classes and help
with the Missionary i'ocieties. Two of th most promising girls
married in June. One married a nurse in the Minga Hospital and
the other married a ministerial student.
At Wembo Nyama this year four cottages, the dining room and
the foundation for the social unit have been completed. The cottages
which are of red tin roofs have two rooms each with a fireplace and
two cement beds. A number of pieces of furniture have been made
for the cottages, office room and praYer room, also an organ has been
paid for out of the annual appropriation.
Eleven girls received baptism this year. One finished Bible School
and another finished Second Degree School.
Vacations for girls have been discussed for a long time with
strong arguments on both sides. At the close of Conference last
year the appointed to gi rls' work met and decided to
give their girls vacations. This was done and the results were
varied. Vacations for the girls in the Wembo Nyama Home met
with out-standing success. Since the girls have been permjtted to
return to their homes during the vacation there has been a notice
able change in the girls for good. Disciplinary problems have been
almost entirely erased. In all three sections much cooperation and
appreciation has been shown this department by both parents and
evangelists in working out vacation plans.
Respectfully submi tted,
Mrs. A. J. Reid
:iViiss M. D. Zicafoose
Miss C. Parham
Miss D. N. Robken
Report of Printing Depa rtment
A small gasoline engine was installed on one of the two presses,
and this speeds up the work of printing considprably.
Work done during the Conference year included the following:
Conference in English, calendars for 1940, various blank
forms, 'Dikendji' (Messenger) and the Sunday School lessons e8ch
quarter except this one; th Pirst Third Reader, and about
150 songs of the new song book.
A good supply of pape
' ',vas received recently from America, for
IV hich we are very grak!:ul.
Respectfully submitted,
E. B. Stilz.
Educational Work Of The M. E. C. M.
(II Degree, I Degr ee, and ural Schools)
The wOl'k of schools is that of training Christian leaders for
the Church of Christ in Congo. The training must begin with the
small children nd go through life. It must be physical, menl'a!, so
cial, and spiritupl. We must train those who enter our schl)ols to
face the problem;; of life in the spirit of Christ,
The Wembo Nyama station school has had about 300 students
this year. Most OT them are in the II degree schl)ol.
The mission boy enrolment is 55. This is due to the fact
1hat no first degree hoys are taken into this rank. '1 hey are sent to
the rural schools where it is cheaper to train them. We are expect
ing an increase in
graduates from the
There are five
of eleven teachers
Throughout the y
the church and
ed m four centers.
all the centers the
We havp. alsn p .
The evangelistic
He also took an
Rchool students.
During these
intention to bee
TheJ'c are five r
staff of nine teach
aging things about
which promises to
new tear.hers from
in the II degree
ting to entel' W
to enter the Middle
The school near t
the enrolment,
The school at Ngo
schools. Of the ni
are baptised
All of the Lt'i:1'l;l1<:: L ;
attended the camp
The Tunda S
have gone are
our desires for th
man and his wife
these p<:' ople go.
Light." This tri
joy in our ,."",..,,,.,
valued this y
Christi::ln in t. heir
Wp have found
munity hei.'e; in
. 8.
during the
: th
must tram
station school has
Second Degree School.
have been discussed for a long time with
both sides. At the close of Conference last
nppojnted to girls' work met and decided to
This was done and the results were
the girls in the Vv'embo N yama Home met
Since the girls have been permitted to
vacation there has been a notice
for good. Disciplinary problems have been
In all three sections much cooperation and
shown this department by both parents and
out vacation plans.
Respectfully submitted,
Mrs. A. J. Reid
lViiss M. D. Zicafoose
Miss C. Parham
Miss D. N. Robken
of Printing Department
'ne was installed on one of the two p
work of prinling considprably.
yeal' included the follO\ving:
m Enghsh, calendars for 1940, vari ous blank
.. ,.-""" .... . } and the Sunday School lessons el'l ch
First Reader, Third Reader, a nd about
was recei ved recently from America, for
Respectfully submitted,
E. B. Stilz.
a1 Work Of The M. E. C. M.
I Degree, and Rural Schools)
is that of training Christian leaders for
The training mus t begin with the
.h lif? It must be physical, men tal, so
those who enter our sch00ls to
in the STJ irit of Christ. .
had about 300 s tudents
"n'e in the II deg-ree school.
t-;nt is about 55. This is due to the fact
s taken into this rank. 1hey are sent to
it is cheaper to train them. \Ve are expect
ing an increase in enrolment t his year becamie the;'e will be more
graduates from the rural schools.
There are five rural schools in the di strict with a teaching staff
of eleven teachers and an enrolment of 516 students.
Throughout the year much emphasis has been given t o beautifying
the church and school gl'ollnds. Grass and flowers have been plant
ed in four centers. In one place the chief hp.lped with the work. In
all the centers the church people cooperated with the school children.
We have als!) planted pineapples and many fruit trees.
The evangelistic worker in the district has helped in the school work.
He also took an offering which amounted to frs. 8 0 for the boarding
school students. He conducted revivals in each of the centers.
During these sprvices more than seventy boys expressed thpiJ'
intenti on to become preachers.
There are five rural schools in the Lodja District with a teaching
staff of nine teachers and an .nrolmellt of 724 studerlts. The encour
aging things about the work have been the opening of a new center
whid: promises to have one of the best schools, the arrival of two
new tear.hers from the Normal School, twenty- Lhree students enrolled
in the II degree !3chool at Wembo Nyama, fiftepn to twenty expec
ting to enter Wembo Nyama the new t erm, and a few boys ready
to enter the Middle Schcol.
The school near the state post has shown marked improvement in
the enrolment. the quality of work done and the general interest.
The school at Ngong-o has the best boarding de partment of all the
schools. Of the nineteen student!; in the most advanced class sixteen
are baptised Christians and two are probationers.
All of the teachers ann some of the s Ludpnts from all of the centers
attended the camp meetings and showed much interest in spiritual
The Tunda Station School has a teaching staff of twelve and an
emolment of 2[j5 students. As yet we have J;lot had a great num
ber of trained workel's to go out from the school but those who
have gone are doing' a good work. A Chef de Secteur expressed
our desires fo!" these young people when begging for a young
man and his wife t o remain in hi ;:; vill age. He said," I cannot let
these p("ople go. This boy has me hy the hand leading me to the
Light." This tribute froi11 the faculty at Kimpese also gaVf;:) us great
joy in our representatives there. "You kno\\' tha t we have greatly
valued this young man and his wif", ; they have been eminently
Christian in their attitude and thoroughly capable in all their work.
"Ve have found that they are held in great respect by the whole com
munity here; in life, charader and work they have been looked UjJ
to, trusted, and lovfd. 'fhey have a real place in the hearts of us
all, European, American, and African."
More and more better boys and girls are coming to us annually for
training. They are a happy, healthy, and hard working group. In
our present group every married teacher has had a Christian
marriage and they and their wives have expressed the desire to go
throug'h the Bible School at Wembo NYRma before entering their
work in the out-villag s. We believe when they do this we will lose
fewer leaders when their tasks become difficult.
There are ten teacher s and an enrolment of 400 students in the
llinga S ation School. The teachers and students have worked hard
and have been much interested in their work this year. The girls
from t he Girls' Home have helped with the kindergarten work
and have done some good constructive work with the children.
They have taught the children to sing, memorize Bible verses,
read some, count, write, tell simple Bible stories, how to care for
their bodies and how to work and play with other children.
The mission boys have built houses, planted plantains, bananas,
pineapples and citrus fruits along ""ith their reglliar garden work.
All the stedents finishing the work in the rural schools came
to the station for ten days and studied along with those completing
same work on the station. These classes were taug'ht by the rural
school teachers. The work helped prepare the students for II degree
school and helped the out-village studellts to get adjusted to their new
The revival which came at the of school was most helpful
to the students and teachers and many re-dedicated their lives to
Christ .
There are four Rural Schools in the Minga District with a staff
of eight teachers and 522 s tudents, The rhildren have attenrled
regularly <i nd have made much progress. The 197 girls continue
to show interest in their school work and are making progress
in their clas.;; work and sewing, \Ve try to teach the girls the
importance of living clean lives in their own villagf's.
There are three schools for women with an enrolment of 78. The
women have twice per week and sewing twice a week.
The WOl1'lf'n at Mukundii who have had two terms in school are
doing' some beaulifuI work on blouses.
We pJan to open two mon"' rural schools this year, Before sending
teachers to a new village we ask the chief for houses for them.
This mal' ep, the sch001 their very own. When we have teachers
tor eight rllral schools every child in the district will have tee
opportunity to attend a I
station if he reall y wants
We are gratdul to the
a gift to build a rest
who rr.ake our work
Annll a
believe that in manv
of the best years of work i
co-operation between
for the faculty as well as
in and out of the class
o-ordinated was pu t on
As pel' the reques t of the
t he plan for a preparato
enter either the Bible or Nor
Allother feature of the
missi nClries who had a s
Besides the principals of
and Robken, Mrs. Stilz an:!
and Sheffey. A native
The beautiful new Tri ni
2,500 dollars, W':lS a great
lorlY'ai School the use d
Schpol depaltment is sh
The students built ala
for food, as well as a n 11m
.vork was al so d,;ne in get
iTlanicc and sweet potatl'es
The students have many
ing their d, 'eper years of
Camp Meeting. For man
sion and consecration. At
students assisted our n
meetings in various vill
We personally enjoyed
f this program for t he
the field.
:d. 'fhey haYe a real place in the hearts of us
ican, and African."
er boys and girls are coming to us annually for
happy, healthy, and hard ;yorking group. In
wery m:uried teacher has had a Christian
td t heir wivec; have expressed the desire to go
at Wembo Ny?ma before entering their
We believe when t hey do this we wi1l10se
ir t asks become difficult.
and an nrolment of 400 students in the
The teachers and students have worked hard
ted in their work thi s year. The girls
e have helped with the kindergarten work
good constructi ve work with t he children.
children tCI sing, memorize Bihle verses
tell simple Bible stories, how to care fa;
to work and pJay with other children.
. built houses, planted plantains, bananas,
fr uits along \V ith their regular garden wor k.
ing the wor k in the rural schools came
days and studied along with those completing
. . These classes were taug'ht by the runl
I'k helped prepare the students for II degree
t-village students to get adjusted to their new
at the cl01'e of school was most helpful
hers and many re-dedicated thei r lives to
Schools in the Minga District with a s taff
522 studpnts. The rhildren have attenrled
arie much The 197 continue
eir school work and are making progress
r:\ sewing. \Ve try to t each the girls the
lives in their own vilht gps.
for women wi th an emolment of 78. The
t wice per week and ",ewing twice a week.
. i who h;we had t wo terms in school are
Sf: -slitch work on blouses.
rural seho Is this year. Before seucling'
we ask t he chief for ho uses for th m.
theil' very own. V\i'h en Fe. havE' teachel's
evcry chi ld in the uiEtrict will ha ve th
opportunity to attend a I degref' school before he comes to the
station if he really wants an education.
We are gratful to the women of the Baltimore Conference for
a gift to build a rest house at nile of the centers for all
those who 1I.ake 01.1r work in this land possibl e by their onstani
Respectfully submitted,
Edith Martin
Bible & Normal School Report
Annual Conference 1940
We believe that in many ways these tvvo have had one
of the best y ar s f work in th ir hi story. The npw plan for the closer
co-operation between them has worked out well anrl \-v as pleasant
for the as well as the students. Every part of the program both
in and out the class room that C0ul r properly be unified or
<, o-or cli nated was put nn that basis.
As pel' the reques t of the Annual MIssion Conference of 1m-t year,
the plan for a preparatory year of study f or all students desiring to
enter eithl-' r the Bible or Normal school was tried out very successfully.
Another feature of the year's work was the larger number a f our
mission<J l'ies whohad a share in the teaching program of these sch ols.
Bc::sid s the prinCi pals of the two school s, t here were: Misses Kelly
and Robken, lVIrs. Stilz an -l Mi','. Sheffey, Messrs. Chappell, Lovell
and Sheffev. A native teacher was also used.
The new Trinity Bible School building, costing about
2,500 dollars, W <l S a great bless ing. It Wil S able to s har e ...vith the
I 'ormai Schaul the use cf several of its class ronms. The Normal
Sch"ol department shameftdly in need of a new b 'lildmg.
The students built a la rge clilling room, a kitchen, and a store room
fOi'food, as well as a nlimber of new dl):rmitor ies fur students. Much
work was also done in getting 111 r ge gardens for th,?m, planted with
manioc and sweet potatt' es and in getti ng; an oi'chanl of fruit trees
st arted.
Th ' s tudents have many relibiou privileges and opportunities dur
ing t heil' deeper years of training. Especililly helpful this year was the
Camp Meeting. For many of the students i t a time of confes
sion and consecration. At the cluse of these meelmgs a large group of
students assisted our native preachers in holdml! short revival
meetings in various villages of our Distri ct.
We enjoyed working together with Miss Parker in. all
of this program for the two schools and greatly regret her leavlllg
t he-field.
Enrollment in the Preparato!'y 15
" "" Bible School 69
" " " Normal School 48
Graduates from the Bible School 10
" " Normal School 15
Average attenoance 1n each school about one less
than em'ollmen t figures.
Respectfully submitted,
H. P. Anker
Medical Report For Con ference Year
July 1939-July 1940
During the past year the three hospitals of the missi n have been
directed respertiYely by Dr. W. S. Hughlett at Jylinga, Dr. W. B. Lewis
at Tunda and Dr. C. P. M. Sheffey at Wembo Nya lll::t. Dora Arm
st rong conducted a flispensary at Lodja and carried on public health
work The other missionary nurses werE' stationed a ' follows: Miss
Mary Moorp at Tunda, Mary Foreman at i.\1ill!'a, and Miss Rut
O'Toole at We mbo Nyama. Since Miss Foreman was leaving' on fur
Inugh, Miss O'Toole replaced her at Minga t Dward the end of May and
1\11S5 Kathryn Eye, a new missionary, tOll].; up work at vVembo
The development of nat ive lTledical assi stants is showing signs of
progress. At Tllnda during the year seven student nurses passed the
examinations and received certificatE's of ai de-infirmiers.
Likewise six out seven senior student nurses a1 Minga passed the
examination at Lusambo. The class at Wembo N,\'ama beg inning the
first of Januar y has not yet taken the examination, but there ar c
sixteen in t he class :md some of them are quite promising. Assistants
trained in our in demand by the government dnctors.
Some of tlw T!llIda a aduates went t il work for t he state and two of
t hose from NEnga have been lJ osi ti ons in a governn1ent hospital,
whereas a third who h s heen released, will probably go there a iso.
A goodly nu mber nf assis tants \.\' ho wer e trained at We mbo Nyama
prior to the es tabli shmen t of a recognized training schoul there, are
i n the ser vice of t he tate at V::I i jOll S places in the surrounding country.
The Belgian guve rn ment has continued its s ubsi di es to the medical
wl) r k, thoug h to \\,Ht,:] s rhe end of the year it issued orders advi sing
strict eCU110
ny. F 0 1' s ver al months our suppli es of tryponarsyl were
either great ly depleted or exhausted. We hear, however, that the gov
ern1l1e!l!' inrcnd s to continue tile at least fot, t he rest of 1940.
InfedioD bl' intesLi nal p,'1 r asite::l is rl real in the Congo. A
l arge propOltlO of the r)opulat ion is infected. Especi ally ishookwol' n
a menace since it ca uses a
anemia. vVe r egret to say t hat
shows no signs of decrease. Fres
rather unusual. Occasional ca es
is Ll s ually impor ted from some .
Our two leper colonies are loc
t.he \;vork has gone forward
nurRe, Joseph Tet e. Tete
Elizabethville. At Minga the
is the gener al helper at the
cnce, and it is to be regretted
We pray that the Lord will, in
t ake his place. At Minga there
bearing, and in the near fut ure i
moogra oil can be under b,!;:en.
have g'iven fresh impetus to
Hug-hlett is traini ng leper s to be
Lure of the wor k was the
the women of t he colony by
meets every week and au a
Lewis and Joseph Tet e star ted a
wi th success. At Tunda three Ie
and fi t Mi sp,veral m'e r ep(
All of our huspi t>tls condud
special hospital chapels. At We
at the main hospital and one "t
t hat our efforts along this line
the patients are ignora
t and illi
We hear gO(ld renorts from
homes, and they e
church can be for med.
Mi ss Dora Armstr ong has
Lod,i a. \Ve have no hospital
nearby. However, Miss Arm
the mission village and the
about matter s of public health.
students in the four centers .
how to keep well. She co-opera
him patieTlto; who need his atte
has established baby clinics in
334 The mothars are
nor ailments are treated and th
Respectfully submitted,
H. P. Anker
Report For Conference Year
July 1939-JuJy 1940
the three hospitals of the mission have been
I Dr. W. S. Hughlett a t Minga, Dr. W. B. Lewis
. Sheffey at Wembo Nya !lla. Miss Dora Arm
sary at Lodja and carr ied on public heal th
nurses werf' stationed as follows: Miss
IV Mary Foreman at and Miss R.uth
rna. Since Mis. Foreman vas le' lving' on fur
her t Minga toward the end of :May and
missionary, l OP}: up the work a t Tembo
nati ve medical assistants is showing SIg- ns of
ng the year seven student nurse!:' paf;sed the
ns and l'eceived certificate'S of aide-infirrniers.
. enior student nurses at Minp:a passed the
The class at Wembo bf'ginning the
not yec taken the exa mination, but therE: are
SOl lIe of them are quite promising. Ass istants
. [,rc in demand by the government dnctors.
duates went to work for the state and two of
heen given posi tions in a government hospital
1 1 ' '1 '
neen 1'e eaS9L1, WI I probably go there also.
who wer e trailJ ed at W' mbo Nya rna
11 t of a recognized training school ther e, are
at v,Ii'iOIJ Spl ces in the surroundi ng country.
ent has eont ,i) ed ite subsidies to the medical
end of the year it issued 0 ders advising
months OIlr of tl'yponarsyl were
exhau:ted. -rye hear, however, tha tthe gov
nue ti1e subsl i .'!; t leas t for the rest of 1940.
is:-; real menace !!1 the Congo. A
<{ ti on is infected. Especially is hookworm
a menace si nce it causes a number of deaths by creating' a severe
anemia. We regret to t hat the incidence of thet \V o social diseases
shows no signs of decrease. Fresh cases of yaws however have become
l'ut l)er unusual. Occasional cases of small- pox OCeLlI' though the disease
is usually imported from some center of the POj)ulatio n.
Our t wo leper colonies are loca leci at Minga and Tunela. At TLinda
the work has gone forward efficiently under the graduate native
nuri1.e, Joseph Tete. Tete graduated in the government hospital at
Elizobethville. At Minga t he head-man, Senga, who is himself a leper ,
is the general helper at the colony. He exerts a fine spiritual influ
ence, and it is to be reg1'etted that he seem t o t1e failing physically
We pray that the Lord ili, in c. se of nceessit y, raise up someone to
take his place. At Minga there are some hydnocarpus trees which are
bearing, and in the near future it is hoped that the pressing- of chaul
moogra oil can be undertaken. The nurse a nd educational department
have g'iven fresh impetus to the colony s hool at Minga, and Dr.
Hughlett is training lepers to be the colony's nurs('s. At 'funda fea
ture of the work was the onrani zation of a mission;lry societ.y among
t he wom n of the colony by Miss Moore and Mrs. Lewis. The pyoup
meets every week and an average of si.xty attend. Soon after this Dr.
Lewis and .Joseph Tete started a similar orgcluizHtion among the men
with Sllccess. AtTunda three lepers were dismissed apparently cured
and at S0ve al <ire r eported to be on the \ ' (' r gf' uf a cure.
All of OLlr hospi t:-tls conduct r eligious serviees for the patients in
special hospital chapels. At We mbo Nyama there are two one
at the main hospital and one <It the annex about a mile away. We feel
tbat our efforts along this line were not i II vain. Naturally many of
tl:e patients are ignoran t and illiteratl: and come from distant villages.
We hear good reports from some who have returned healed to their
homes, and sornetilw's they even form a nucleus around which a
ChUI-ch can be formed.
Mi ss Dora Armstr(mg haR been in charge of Oll r medical work at
Lod.ia. We have no hospital there since the hospital is
:leal'by. However, Mis' Armstrong conriucts a small dispensary for
the mission village and the Gil' 's Hume. She is particululy crmcerned
about matters of public health. In this connection she cares for the
students in the fOUl - centers for regional schools teaches them
how to keep well. She co-operates with the state doctl,i' by
him patients who need his attention- sometime", an operation. She
has established baby clinics in eleven villages with an enroilmenL of
3:.)4 The mothers are taught h'lIv to cru'e for their babies, mi
nor ailments are treated and the very ill babies carried to the hospital.
There are 13 orphan babies 'ovho are being cared for at the mission
at Lodja. One of the outstanding events in the nursery department
was t he admission of pr emature twins of seven months. They were
brought in when one day olrl following the death of their mother a
a result of pneumonia. Their weights were 3 and 3 1/21bs. respectively.
At first their cries were mere whines and it was necessary to force
them to take nourishment. They thrived and became fat and plump.
However after three months Peter, the younger one, became acutely
ill with pneumonia and lived only three days. Mo!';es is still well and
gaining. He has dimples, is of the color of ginger cake and has curly
black hair. Nurseries for orphan children have also been cnnducted
at our three hospitals. At Wembo Nyama 15 such orphans were being
cared for at the end of thp year.
A compilation of the statistics of our three hospitals is as follows:
patients hospitalized 1571, lepers enrolled at the end of the first
quarter 1940- 640, total treatments at the dispensaries 59,917 (not
including treatments given at the three rural dispemaries of Tunda
during the last two quarters of 1939. The"e dispensaries were taken
over by the state the first of 1940), total operations 437, obstetrical
deliveries 21 3, intravenous and intramuscular injections combined
20,724. It should be mentiond here that Dr. Hughlett made visits
from time to time to the dispensary at Lubefu, the nearest government
post, to care for caSeSand supervise the work. Naturally these figures
are not included in the above.
Respectfully submi tted,
Chas. P. M. Shpffey
For the various depar tments 0 1" the medi cal
Report on Eva ngelism
We recommend:
1. That each District have a District Camp Meeting each year.
2. That he Supf' rinrendents choose some of thE: stronger preach
ers to go on evangelistic tours' for sevE:ral weeks during the
:3. That preacher feel the responsibility of pushing the
Evano'ehstic cause in his village.
4. That I gandjolo become the conferr:>ll ce f'vangelist.
5. That lay members be urged to estabiish class meetings to
for Christ in nearby villages.
6. That we h .v" a day of prayer followed y a week of witness
in which each Christian will be urged to lead one person to
7. That if a f
he be dis
8. That from
Social Ev
and love God and
ocial Evangelistic
ear than any
This is due to
1st, each station
ther e has
3rd, a Council
Miss Zicafoose
'what she has been
"There are Sund
At Mukundji there
oldest one of the
and they attend
good t eacher She
Yl'!Clrs and shows
and when 1
has a class of hoys
see the picture;; .
gdist and fnr se\' 8
the Station school
graduates and
take part in the
"Kitenge Ngan
speak a eli fferent
Sund<1Y school IV
metlt of 200 with
pip lessons thy
there a number
the people there.
Christian will be urged to lead one p 1'son to
babies who are being cared for at the mission
out tanding events in the nursery department
premature twins of seven months. They were
day olel follov, ing the death of their mother as
Their weights were 3 and 3 1/21bs. respectively.
ere mere whinps and it was necessary to force
ment. They thtived and became fat and plump.
months Peter, the younger one, becam acutely
lived only three days. Moses is still well and
is of the color of ginger cake and has curly
for orphan children have also been conducted
At Wembo Nyama 15 such orphans were being
ofthp year.
statistics of our thre hospitals is as follows:
1571, lepers enr olled at the 8nc1 of the first
treatments at the dispensar ies 59,917 (not
given at the three rural dispemaries of Tunda
l1al'ters of 1939. The,se dispensaries were taken
first of 1940), total operations 437, obstetrical
enous and intramuscular injections combined
mentiond here that Dr. Hughlett made visits
dispensary at Lubefu. the nearest government
and supervise the work. Naturally these figures
Re pectfully submitted,
Chas. P. f,1. Slwffev
For the various departments 0 f the
Report on Evangelism
trict have a Dis h'ic l Camp Mpeting each year.
, I.enden ts choose some of thE: s rongf'r preach
angclistic toursfor seVEral weeks during the
feel the responsihility of pushing the
use in his village,
become the conference evangelist.
ers be urged to establish class meetings to
in nearby vill ages.
a day of prayer fol lowed y a week of witness
7. That if a father allows his daughter to enter a child marriage
he be dismissed from the Chunch.
8. That from now on women in polygamous marriages not be
received into the Church.
9. That J anuary 1 become a day of Thanksgiving.
C. W. Chappell, Chairman
Unya Ngunga Paulu, Secretary.
Item 8 was not accepted by the Conference. See Minutes, p ge
15, for substitute item.
Social Ev an gelistic W ork
Social Evangelist ic wor k is any thing that will bring one to know
and love God and to want to work for Him. We believe that more
Social Evangelistic work has been done by the Council women thi s
year than any previons years.
This is due to the following- facts
1st, each station has a Council car for itinerating.
th r(' haR been an appropriation for each section for this work ,
3rd, a Council worker was appointed to this work in each sE; ction.
Miss Zicafoose from the Minga District gi ves a graphic descri ption o[
what she has been doing there.
"There are Sunday Schools in each of our Regional school centers.
At Mukundji there are 200 pupils enrolled with 5 classes. This is the
oldest one of the Sunday schools. In 2 years the has kept up
and they attend well. Mama Dunga. "he wife of the evangelist. is a
g'oocl t eacher. She was matron of the rid,,' Home at Tunda for many
years and shows r esults of good training. She has a class of75 women
and when I wanted t o dividt- the class the women r efused. Mulenrla
has a class of boys and th8Y love to hear him tel! Bible stories all d
see the picture,; , The secretar'y is a m ;I n ',.\' hC) wants t o be an eva n
gf'list and fnr several school terms has been walking 10 mil es t o
the Station sch() ols each day. The two teachers are .No 'mal sehoul
graduat es and have married girls from t he Minga Home. They all
t ake part in t he work of the chmcb t:Jere,
"Kitenge Ngandu is one of til e liewer schools and the peopl e
speak a di rfer ent language. All church Services are in Otetela and t he
Sund"y school work more difficult, however they have an enroll
ment of 200 with 4 classes. All children j,we pictures a d with s im,
pip lessons thy grasp meanin . The evangelist. Luhata, has been
there a number of years and he has m':lde a place in the hearts of
t he people there. It was easy f01' our teachers to g'o into the -dlage
and start their work. The village is auout 100 miles from the Station
and the missionary cannot visit them often. It is a joy to go into
the village and find a big attendance in Sunday School.
At Katehe we have 1500 in Sunday school a:1d at Ukit'Ukunda there
are 100 enrolled. At both places the children and adults attend well.
The new Sunday School literature with the pictures to represent
the lesson have been received with joy by both the children and
teachers. We want to make our Regional centers a real
means of presenting the Christian message in its fullest meaning. It
is worthwhile to the life of a village to have the three Christian
workers in the larger villages.
In Tunda District, Miss Parham made 44 visits and found it a high
privilege and great joy to reach those who otherwise would not have
been reached.
The Wembo Nyama District was well worked by Miss Kelly, Miss
Parker, and Miss Rohken.
Miss Kelly had charge of 5 Sunday Schools. Four of these were con
ducted hy native teac;hers and one by Miss Kelly and a woman as
sistant. The teachers taught the childrer. and the pastors of the
churches taught the adults. The teach(?rs used the colored pictures
to illustrate the lessons. The average attendance wag 400.
Miss Parker and Miss Robken with 6 nati ve teachers taught S. S.
in 4 village::;. The native teachers were sturlents from the Bible and
Normal Schools. These teachers were taught by a missionary at a
regular class hour set Ilside for that purpose in the school curric
uillm, The most outstanding teachers were two girls from the
\Vembo Nyama Home- one from the 2nd. degree school and one
from the Bible School. These girls were able to reach the women
and giris in a way that no one else could. It was valuable training too
for the girls as they will be wives of future Christian leaders in
similar vilLlges. During the week Miss Parker and Miss Robken
went into one of the 4 villages for follow-up work with the women
and children. The good done by theO:ie follow-up visits cannot be
estimated here.
In the Lodja section the greater part of our work is Social Evan
gelistic as we have very little work on the post. We have worked
with the women, children and the villages as groups.
Since Mrs. Reid \vas unable to itinerate very much this year she
asked me to look after the woman's work out'iide of the Lodja zone
which was done by Mrs. Townsley. We sent letcers to all the
women in the District, urging them to set aside one day in \\ hich
to make a love gift upon viRiting the villages. We urged eclch woman
to give a smail gift of rice to be used for the girls' home, boys in
school, the orphans
appeal the amount of
Townsley and I had
like Joseph must ha .
The tithe reported
been. We believe th
have encouraged and
report great spiritual
saw similar ex
also in the Katako-
In the village of
rice was given four
in. The rice when
was given after the
poor. Some of this
the hungry season
in the Lodja
Through these schools
build up stronger pI
students called to b4
employment to our tel
to have a series of reI
give special emphasis 1
see the need and we h
Much has been clon
hand::; of the people
preachers' schools as
and brick making- ha\
mothers and babies
of these words when
on his onward flight,
Oh w here shall this s
grown? He said as he
The Educational Con
The commi ttee OpE
was elected chairma
The committee rec
The village is auout 100 miles frum the Station
cannot visit them often. It is a joy to go into
a big attendance in Sunday School.
500 in Sunday school a:1d at Ukit'Ukunda there
loth places the children and adults attend well.
literature with the pictures to represent
, received with joy by both the and
to make our Regional centers a real
Christian message in its fullest meaning". It
of a village to have the three Chri;tian
ill ages.
Parham made 44 visi ts and found it a high
to reach those who otherwise would not have
District was well worked by Miss Kelly, Miss
of 5 Sunday Schools. Four of these were con
(>rs and one by Miss Kelly and a woman as
taught the childrer. and the pastors of the
Its. The used the colored pictures
The average attendance wag 400.
Robken with 6 native t 2achers taught S. S.
teachers were sturients from the Bible and
teachers were taught by a missionary at a
side for that purpose in the school curric
ding teachers two girls fl'om the
one from the 2nd. degree school and one
These girls were able to reach the women
o one else could. It was valuabl e training too
ill be wives of future Christian leaders in
the week Mi ss Parker and Miss Robken
lla es for follow-up work with the women
done by the:;e follow-up visits cannot be
greater part of our wor k is Social Evan
littJ work 0 11 the post. We have worked
and the villages as groups.
t o itinerate very much this year she
he woman's work out... ide of the Lodja zone
. Townsley. We sent letcers to all the
urging them to set. aside one day in which
the villages. We urged eclch woman
. to be used for the girls' home, boys in
school, the orphans or to be sold for the girls. In response to this
appeal the amount of rice estimated amounts to 12 tons. Before Mrs. _
Townsley and I had measured or weighed and written it up we felt ,_
like Joseph must have felt in the land of plenty of "milk and wine." _
The tithe reported by Mr. Reid this year is more than it has ever
been. We believe that this is partly due to frequent visits which
have encouraged and awakened people to their duties. Some preachers
report great spiritual meetings on the days the rice was given. I
saw similar experiences on the Lomela, Kale and Bena Dibele roads,
also in the Katako- Kombe Section.
In the village of Shutsha near Lomela the Sunday afternoon the
rice was given four chiefs were present, two nearby preachers came
in. The rice when weighed amounted to pounds. Much more
was given after the bags had been tied up which was used for the
poor. Some uf this rice is still uncollected. We plan to sell it when
the hungry season come'3. Our daily vacation Bible School was held
in the Lodja We hope to have more this coming year.
Through these schools we are able to study the needs of the village,
build up stronger preachers, schools, learn to know interested
students called to become preachers and teachers. It also gives
employment to our teachers who need it during vacation. We hope
to have a series of revival services at the close of each school and
give special emphasis to life service in order that our students might
see the need and we hope feel the call to preach and teach.
Much has been done in trying to get Christian literature into the
hand:; of the people. We have tried to help the children in the
preachers' schools as they feed our Regional center. Garden projects
and brick making have been successfully tried. The work with the
m()thers and babies has been encouraging and we are reminded
of these words when encouraged or discouraged. An Angel passed
on his onward flight, with a seed of love, of truth and light, cri ed.
Oh where shall this seed be sown, that it yield most frui t when fully
grown? He said as he smiled, "Plant it for me in the heartof a child."
Dora Jane ArrI;strong
Report of the Educational Committee
The Educational Committee makes the following report to the con
The committee opened with prayer by Mr. Townsley. Mr. Anker
was elected chairman, and Mr. Lovell secretary.
The committee recommends that Miss Parham, Miss Martin, and
Mrs. Wheeler be chosen to translate and prepare the Church School
lessons for 1940-41 for the children. Also that Mr. De l\uiter and
Mr. Townsley prepare the lessons for the adults.
The committee r ecommends that Vacation Church Schools be
tried out by interested workers (missionary) in the various dis
tricts and that Adult classes in Bible Study be held in these schools
at the same time. The secretary was asked to investigate books
for Adult Bible Study, especially prepared for laymen.
It was recom'llended thai we ask the treasurer to ordet sample
copies of Vacation Church School Literature.
The book, "Worship Programs in Village Churches," is to be
translated by Miss White. This book can be used in mimeographed
form for such 8chools.
The following teachers have been cli;;missed or suspended during
the year.
Wembo-Nyama Minga Tunda Lodja
Ulinga Pierre Lolonga Ulungu Thomas Tupangu Sam.
Shinga Paulu Dimumbi
The committee recommends that a Second Dpgree School he es
tablished at Lodja Station. It also asks that the Board of Missions
appl'ove a Girls' Home at Lf)dja.
The Committe,:" also rpcommends that- students of the Second
Degree Schools of the mission choosing the work of the ministry
or teachmg be urged to work with the teachers and preachers dur
ing their vacations. This will give them a clearer under::tanding
and greater zeal for the choice of their life's work.
Respectfully submitted,
H. P. Anker, Chairman
E. H. Lovell, Secretary.
Report of the Board of Ministeria l Training
The Conference Board of .Minish'rlal Training met and elected
Wm. De Ruiter chairman, and E. H. Lovell sect'etary.
Til Board reviewed the work of the preachers in their COUl'1,es of
study and pas:i<:: d this work on to the Committee on Conference
The Courses nf 3tudy will be reviewed at some later date by the
Board to see if there al'e changes to be made.
It was recommended that the Pastors' School be heIr! at some time
during the first half of the month of January. Since the committ"e
recommends that the various classes be sent to various stations for
t heir work, this dale will be fixeu by those who teach courses O!l
the val'iolls S
The -lass of th
curses With Mr.
Mr . Davis will
Teachings of J
T he cla,;,; of
with Mr.
Mr. eha pell
Mr. Anl, el ...
The clas::> of
Wi Lh Mr. Whee
Mr. Wheeler
of Paul."
The el ass of
wi th Mr. De
Mr. De Ruillll'
W sley's
on Rei
For ti le Sel:ond
to translate and prepare the Church School
for the children, Also that Mr, De l{uiter and
the lessons for the adults.
I commends that Vacation Church Schools be
workers (missionary) in the various dis
classes in Bible Study be held in these schools
secretary was asked to investigate books
especially prepared for laymen.
that we ask the treasurer to order' sample
Church School Literature.
ip Programs in Village Churches" is to be
hite. This book can be used in
have been dismissed or suspended during
Minga Ttmda Lodja
Lolonga Ulungu Thomas Tupangu Sam.
that a Second Dpgree School be es
It asks that the Board of Missions
at LodJa.
St) 1:('c:1mmends that students of the Second
IlU',SlOn choosing the work of the minist
h: with the teachers and preachers du;'

II b
tl e van ous taLi ons.
'fhe cla ' of t h :First Year will go to Tunda Stati on for th ir
tours wit h Mr, Davis and Miss Parham.
Mi". Davi s will teach "Personal alvation," and Miss Parham, " he
T achinCJ' s of Jesus."
The clc of i h econd Year will go to Wemb Nyama f r theil'
courses wit h Mr. Cl appell and Mr. A nk r.
MI'. Chap ell will tea<'b . ''fhe Ministry t the Congregat ion, " anti
Mr. A ker. "R
Th class of the Thir d Year will g to Mi nga for heir courses
wiLh Mr. Wheeler I'll tin.
Wheeler will teach, "Tongue of Fire' . and Miss l\Iartin, "Life
of Puul"
The class or the Four th Year wiIJ go t o Lodja for their cow'ses
with Mr Dc Ruiter Ilnd l\'Ir', To\\ sl .v.
Mr. D R iter will tea _h "Sy tern of ,ru' istian Ethics, " six of
We!'! y ' s (2 'OW'ses), and T wn ley "Preacher and
PI'Il,\'e1'.' ,
or th p Y . r 11'. will accepL and grade the wntten
!';en !l nI1S on Repel
For ttl(' Second Yv' I' Mr. Chappell Nil! <lIlJ grade t he written
sermnl1 S on R gPl1el'aLlOn.
1'01' tl Thi rd Year \Vhef'll'[' will acc(>pt and g'rade t he I,yritten
Rl t otOns " D FHitlI .
ThIs give them a clearer
the chOIce of their life's work.
Respectfully submitted
H. P. Anker Chairman'
" .' H. Lovell. Secretary.
of Training
of Training met and elected
n, and E. tl. Loven secretary.
1the work of the preachers in their courses of
work on to the Committee all Conference
will be l'evievved at some later date by the
are changes to be made.
the Pasta!".:;' Sehool be belrl at some time
t?e month /If January. Since the committ"e
'l! I"JOUS cliisses be sen t to various statim)>; f
f . b or
, , I ell y those who teach courses on
Fu:' Fourth Year llrJ". De Ru i t r vill accept and grad lh..: wl' i Jen
Sl'l'!llOI1, lIll The Vi lne:" S of the Sprri t.
Aft,}' t i n' Di'l:rid e un f'erell Ci. S 11m (' b 'e hciJ. , Lh.: 1-1 ,,110
a1'( n..l ed f () r Adl1l if.;siun on Trial will come to \Vl;miJo
rna fClr lhei Anker on Ills 'i ,)lm '. Chappell 011 liH
h1ll't.:h <1:-> Otgani and LUlipll (In Chl'islJ.1O Ped cti oli .
Wm. lJe Ruiter, Chnirrnan
E. II. L ) -el l, S;.:c)' !tU i"Y
Missionariel! in Section:
W. N. Mingli Tundrt l ,orljn
W omell
.' In Dep. of Woman's Work
No. ordainerl OreUci1<'r8 )ft: , year
N . preachers ordained this y u
Tut!ll '0. rdainod 110\\'
No. iull Cont'rence members I t Y 'al'
11:0. recch cd in to Lhe conferencE. lI:i s y at'
Tutal t-;o. full con erl'nce member< now
No. conference members <1n Lrinl )ust y Ill '
No. conference member:! ruc'd on tl'iul t hill year
Total "'0. conf rence mcrnlll.r Qn rial now
No Ju '0.1 prl':1cher!! I t :O;<':lr
No. ).lea] preacher., r 'cd "d this year
'l'ots) Nu. preachers now
hort ers la;t yeat
Nu. exhoners r cei d .y ar
Tolal !'iu. ,xhurtt'r now
T'ltH) Ij.!, :ache!"!l
"0. I ehUl'
No. 'cieri (collgn.g.. tions,
.'0, (hu ...h mern EU" la&Lyt:'r
' 0. fl nwved or tli '..1 ullri ng the y"ar
0 . receiver! on J11'ofessioll of fai U,
Tut.ul t, . dllll'ch II 1l'!1l b<' 111)\\
1/ embe/'S on roll last
Prl!pUflit t y Ill,rnhen; /' 'eel\ ed lhp )'\'31'
1 ') prepnrntllry mcm 'l!!" llliprl U'U dlll'lIl:; Y":lI'
NI) . !Jrepnratury mcmlx'!" t n roll HOW
' 0. lI. hics baptizell lurrrll; t he YE' ..r
No. distrtct m...eling;;
CntclhislIl att. n,lnm' J)
,lurning prR} 'J' e o' i l:t!(RVl'Ca.t!e' tlenuanc. l
I:: vl''ling 111: 1\)" r sel'vice "
Sund:w service 'I
No. c1;urcll :-l'i l'Jols
o. of (i ,'Cl'S ami t.eachers in church schuoi.'i
Average lIttendnnee of Ci llll'ch
N'l C'.hl'i. l ian Ihrin lhe yUIll'

!? ri7
1 II

:2, '
:15 t
111,; 1
1}'<! 1

2 ')
3 2
2 Z
2 .j
,j 12
2ii 4')
I:J !j6

2fi Jl !1
84 1 lS15
: 1/ 2 II
30 22'

,, 'J() -1:;17
SOl) ;)J' 7

!l2il 7;:!:H
7 n,l;
20 110
f, 2
) 2
. j


11 ;;



No. (lutvilla:.,"E! r
.Enrollment in
Av a ltcndu.nrc in
o. I'q;ional sl:h..,oIR
No. t LOI ('hers in T' .
Enrollmenl in r
A v a tendant'c
Av. nlknl!' n('c m
" " ,')s ' Homes
Em.,1 men t in
)'I'cl'ltratory r Ia. ;
"iv. tOO( hc' rti In !\of
1- 11['011 111 III i!l N,1l'[
;,Uenl'tnc ;'1
, ,lImcnl in l!ii, l(
Av at t, pllnncO" In
'-I \, l'ITAt. WUPJ{
tlw "i'\ :"\4lry trea
(. ,<lmi I. innA t.o,) h
) op f"71 tic 't.
1\ 0 let,r: .: .. 1 I' u' e
NI , rural di"!
... TU r'll'al di ... p n. 'r
'-1u. penplc \ i,i ., [ i
N ). pc oplc c: . mit
He".lt 1 wort.
1 o. ;"bllll
No I. I ..
No. in le per eolunil
Minga Tunrla Lodja Total
2 14
2 12
6 ., "
" 11
, I
2 2
] 'j
. )
r 45
26 If;
20 'Hi

5 1
J tif;
1'I :In

25 W,
8 11 11 1[j

11 'I
1 '0

" 147fi
fi1' ' )
1 101. t yeal'
l li1) !
" !l 1";:!.J ,,;j 7 '
v.,d lhe \-cur
1.,J :j[j7
'{ol 2 '6
n, )
lolII,t;' 'u dtlrtng-'YI ar
1 \;:" :{5 1
'i 7
en roll
!I \' 97
lilt year
67 If,
II 1";
600 4517

foil!! ) 5017

bti3' i HI21
9211 7:tH
Jr., -:";R

j Uti
:!I) 110

Ii.! I ii ,51)
12, 'lU
i5 i l
;; 2
No. lmek hUlldings (i
No, temporal) cl lurt:h Imildings 71
Vaht! v i 'hlJl' ' h buikhngs 365,000
]\jv. of parsonages 70
Value (It parsonage:! 7, 500
l-iativc church off -ri ngs
12, 91i 7.25
is SUI!. offerings
No. out VIllage !iii
U. JlI t'1l'-teachen, 65
hDlullmen tin out.-vill nr;e school Hi,'l
Av att elldlilll'e in rl llt-v dlage
.,chonl Po7 '
1\0. rpg ional :=; chool 8 :5
N". 1. chcrs i ll r"givn,,! .schools 11
Enrollment in "cgioll I ;;chouls 516
Av at t 'nt!: m'c in reg ional schoul s
N.J. teachers in sl,lJ. ti tl l1 :senonls Hi
Enr(llirnen t In . tuLian schools gOO
j\ I . :'t end lIlce ;n !ltati n c.hool s 292
No. Gll'ls' Humes 1
Enr II m!!nl iT rHrls' :1'lrrtUS 11

:n. 17

Nu l'lIr!l.l 11 .. r v Ll'eM t ments
'". 'd i 11'LI\,l i , n 'ulth w Olk
{u:-op!r ,rnl r' l.). d in
Ue"Hlt work !15oJ
No. OJ r 'ln lOll i"'; 15
No. I p(" I' Jlon il'.:!
!-<o. in k!ler t: oloni("s
;) '1.'
f. r io:ttl
o I'und 'ei
1\1 inga
2.222. 50

11. !_I)
' J
T unda
1, 500
10 710
1 1
::l !.1


1 "

(, l.' 1

.:., I.
... tit
I , ' J .
R port of Committee ()u Woman ' Work
Realizillg the gr at need ot' pt'actical Chri.;:Lillni t.I' a nd of practic 1
Christian living, we reccromenu that Mi::s Par ham a series f
SOI'i;l l for usein W men s work ' n () L-wiag-es.
Vtc recummenrl that L 1rs. Ank r wdlt.> the Less ns tor he iVIis ' io'1
ar\ So ieUe [or the year 194:!.
'-tVe recommend that rluring t he yehl' commit tee s Luliy what
constitutes an ideal Ml ions .\' and a member of such societ y
and that Mi s Robken working wit 1 is cC)mlOlll e prepare a set of
standawls or goals to b rf'ached b} the oeicr eo; On l\'lission station
and in out-vill ages,
subrnitt. d,
Mrs. H. , Anker, Ch' iI' n
:Mr&. W. De I uiter, S'"cretary
The medical committee m t in the s t dy of Dr. Hugh]ptt on t he
:litem on of Sept. 10, UWl. Tho e present wele Dr. Hughlett t he
chait'man. Dr, Shl' ffcv :VIi ' O"l'oole, Miss 1 TOOl'L' . 1\1L 8 \rmslrung,
and Miss Eye. TI E' mept.i ng opened wi t h prayer hy Ar ms \mg,
The characters o f t he pfesent eniol' nurses of t he r S) ledlV .
ho!';pltal.,; were cilTi sid ann pass >(. a nd pcomm,' ll d d to t he
nis. ion
Mary Moor' requested aid In wor k nt Tuwl .l dll t v tht: fa ct
thaI. Dr. W. B. Lpwis left on f Thl conllniLI ee d ' ided
i hat t he tW(J doclors hould p Hy alLol'l1ate d !-;iL<; lol l Tund!>, lll' Hug-hlel t
b 109 assigner! t he f irst nd t h(: t hird qUaI' t l't" of t Ile ct.ming C rI
ference ye'lr and !Jr. ' hdfc.Y Ih secC)n l l tL ll J f.!Urt h qUill t.el' S,
I v\Hl' agreed th ' t a l:ould he v. r it u'l l to) [,I' . C,reg{' lre. the
dil'ect.or of the Medic,, } " choo} at Le0l'o:Chi l i!:'. l hanki pg the !-: ov
erlll1lt:!nt t or the f rai n' ll g of Llamba Pierre a d (' ."]lI' cs,:i g: our hOIK'
t hat he will he retur ned LO l it . mi :;; i (H) for WL l'k an" tl g h; <; (' W I p pIp
It wus recomnwnJed t l lal. a Jett e!' bl:! \\ r itt t' l! to I he Hourd f) I'
Missions askmg j ')st how in:ooJal' the thre.: J r cent clIo \'.
ance can be u:; a in t ile pur chase I)f drullb f"r t II l , PS.
Dr. Sll'-' ffey w.. I' ek ct d to l:u rnpi l ' thl' m"dical It port 1'0' t il ('
coming yal'
lr wa!'ll'eCOlll Olenr 'd tha i. lite 0 1 \' I)C in
village Bt'
Respt.'t'tf ldl
W. :::l. Hughl ' I t, Chailllliln
lhas, IJ, , ", hdl" , S er eti 1.\
The Lan .Ufl '!' Committe .
1'.Jo l nf ea_h eQsion
llyn: Cl al al1' a r.revL.l1g' ,lew
TI l ' coromitl,.I:' recmnm
.;(.ri l tS:
11.'rd R..! UdCT
Fi rst Rl'ader
P:l mer (to be r: ' t inted)
Gp' lurnar (to be
e;, of ]t) 'li S
Rep r t of Ch ur ch
article about t he C 1
written by Mrs. "\Vheeler
" Co_ J O r lssio!' News" du
The Conespe>ndent s nt
ents asking f0r r epOl Ls of
t ive dis tricts. The r e.,;ponses
out t he yearly to the
' e are l' esolvd that i f
dis pensi ,p: such t:'xcel !en t h,
thp word "Ming l " wi: I ';"\;en
r:'l l1 l..! s " .
We are (kept " T " tl ill l l"
s real adj ta l ee 11' 1 it)
t o let Oill' Conf! 're (: c
!.n'e' a id l"J d to
We ;vi. h t o thanj- tni:' j1t
is and del ig htful f' 1l lert ai,
!;arty g'i v n t. he fi. rste\fp ni
c nce.
uf Committee on Woman' Work
l ne d of pmctical Christianit,v nd of practical
recolJlmenu that M' cs Parham nite 8 s ri s of
in Women' work in out-villages
. ,Irs, Anker writp the Lesson' i or t he Mission-
eluring th ye(\r this committee study wha t
, \' . ociety and 8. mpmber of such societ y
\\lork ing with t his cornmitL e prepare u. sct of
be reached by the aocietie: On Missi on stations
Ri::lp ' ctfull y
MI . , H, P. Ankel, Chrurman
lVlrs, W. De I\ uiter, S'. cretary
tee met in lh study of Dr. H ughlet t on th
iI,1!l40. Those present were D I', HIJ 'hIett, the
.\l;:lS O"fooJe, Miss Moor', a Armstrung,
onened \\'it h prayer l )y :\Hss Arm"t rong,
the p,'esPJll nurses of the snecti v
and passed, and rpc')mm':!Ilderi LO I ('
J'equ . ted aid in wo)'k at Tl,Illrl u Gill: to ell f!;l ct
has left on f!l1lliUgh. Tile commit te"
tlld pa alternate \'i. i ts t() T nd:, Dr. Hug hi d t
'st a nd th third of tit, ( J 11.
;"11fe.'/ the second ami I' JUr lh ljuruters.
a letter be wr itt l' ll tn 1) 1", (;, tlw
al 1. he g()V
i llg !) TJarnba Pil:'1 n rl .. in.!! (' UI' hope
d trill! 11 Jur \\,. !J !ClIIWIl
Il'd tl l<lL a it. tter be \ r itt"!l to Ui l' I I)il n l I r
how ill"nl<ll' the l.hre; J er cenl r ... dit :: I allow
t1.1. /l urCh'lSt! of rlrul!s i l, ' n-j,sioll;at' j.,s.
L L:\ llipi le til(' m"die ,J n JIll t j'. I' t. he
d t haL t he l( tll'hi llg o[ 11 . 'i
'XlI' be prcmntt. cl in
Re6pl'ct flll ty RldHnl lt ecl,
'yV, S. Hug+tl
u, haiJ tn<1l l
has. P. hdf.'
Repo t of Th.. T.. nguage Comm'ttf'e
The Lan ua"!(> CommitteE' h d f our meetil gs duri ng t e year.
of e _b Slon sp nt r vlSin he hymns in the Otet ein
hyn:o n::t
a"d appl vin, ",leW h mns for this book,
I:) oHrnitt<'.' r .commenrled t e pr int ing' of t he folTowil!g' anu
Tbird Rc-actcT
First R 'n.Uel'
PI: or (to be l'( 'n nnt2
rT:1mm -tr (t o be m imeogra hed)
Th J of JesLl S
Respeclfully submitted,
Chas. P. M. Sheffey Chairman
Edi th Secretary
Report of Chur ch School Correspondent to C. p, C.
The ar ticle about t- he Church School work in the Minga District
written by Mrs. Wheeler before Conference last year appeared in the
"Congo Mi ssion News" dorin6"this year.
The Corr esp(\ndent sent lettf' rs to each of the District Superintend
ents asking for l:eporLs of Church School work done in their respec
tive distJicts. The responses to these letters were used in malcing
Ol1 t the yearly to the C. P. C. this year .
Respectfully submitted,
Loren Kelly, Corresponrlent
Committee on Resolutions
We arc l'(' solv,' :1 that if Ming-a station continues to practiee
such excellent hos pitalit,l' as has been me ted Lul to us,
th e word "Ming I" will ' \'f'n l.u ally ll'l all ho pitalil.v inst ,-. aol (If " JU:'fJ

WI) m'e d 'c ply g-ra L. ful Lo I;is hl)r' and . . L'l>l' c ming
so gTPaL a uistancc an'l i th, fuca ()f to be present anri
to condud 01 11' Coofnrene Theil' j) 'esence has been a !:- ource of
!.treat ai d and i n -; pi.n ll ion to
v..,' e WIsh to than]' tne people of 'Ii go fat' theiq ll acinus hU::'Dital i
Ly ami d lig-htful fl ntertuimnent \\hi rh continued fnnll the lawn
party g-iven the fi rs t cW'll ing, on through to the close of Lhc Confer-
en c: e.
ChC'lrjp,; p, M. S! IC'l'ft: .'(. Chairman


Letter to Friends at the Home Base

M. E. C. M., Minga, Congo BeIge, Afrique, Ie 14 Sept. 1940
Engenyi asu wa Ie Kristu,
Moyo efula urns Ie suo Tatunyukaka lusaka ne dia nyu nyakatu
kimanyia dia ntatela ekelizia a Nzambi lindu. Mete nyu nyakatu
tshela uku aki 01010 lu ashu a Nzambi.
Nyeyi nyati, "Shu tshe hatenana lu dundji, shu tshe teli ana
wa Shesu otoi la Jesu Kristu eli Ushimbedi asa." Okone tongene
ngene ne dia shu tshe tambukelekama lu dimama dia ngandji.
Ntu tatunyukaka lusaka efula ne dia esh'lsha watunyututumelaka
dia mpamia ekelizia lu kete yasu.
Nzambi ayali Ja nyu. Secretaire, Shungu Joani W.
lVi. E. C. i'1'f. Minga,
Congo Be]ge, Afrique
Sept. 14, 1940
Dear Friends in Christ :
Greetings to you. We wish to thank you becallse you have helped
us to start God's church here. Truly, you have treated us well in the
sight of God.
Remember that we cannot see you}' faces, but all of us are children
of one Father and Jesus Christ is our Savic.ur. Let us rejoice because
we all are bound together in one fellowshi i) of jove.
Also we thank you for the which you send us in order to help
the Church to grow in our land.
God be with you.
Central Congo Provisional Annual Conference
John Wesley Shung-u, Secretary
The first session of the Missionaries' Meeting convened at 7:30
P. M. September 12, 1940 at Minga Station with Bishop Springer
presiding. Bishop Springer led the devotional services.
The main item of business was to discuss the new legisla
tion of our Church in regard to the Field Committee. This Com
mittee is to be composed of an equal number of Missionaries
from the General and Woman's Sections of the Board and, where
possible, from the Nationals. The treasurer becomes a member
by virture of his office. The grou p agreed that the committee
should be composed of fifteen members: five from the General
Section, five from the Woman's Section. and five Nationals. The
following Missionaries were elected to this Committee:
Mr. De Ruiter Miss Rees Miss Martin
Mr. Wheeler Mr. Chappell Miss Parham (Treasurer)
Mr. Davis
Mr. Anker
The following
in the Language
Dr. Hughlett
Dr. Sheffey
Mr. Stilz was
was continued as his
Miss Eye was ch
Mrs. Sheffey was
l\<liss Winfrey was c
Mrs. \iVheeler was
C. P. C.
The Mc('ting' Adjo
After a Devotional
cussed the possible
Group set the number
clerical Missionaries,
Section and the other
It was
for a concession in the
The Meeting
Bishop Spl'ingPl'
The following
the Language Commi
It was voted
nine francs to fi ve fran
'1 he group voted
Nyama to Lodja.
Mr. Stilz read
Miss Rees read
Miss Rees read
The report was adop
The group
:Mjssion the portion of
to }<' r iends at the Horne Base
nga, Congo BeIge, Afrique, Ie 14 Sept. 1940
Kr i tu.
Ie su. Tatunyukaka ne dia nyu nyakatu-
I ekelizia a Nzambi lindu. Mete nyu nyakatu
lu ashu a N zambi.
tshe hatenana lu dundji, k2li shu tshe t eli ana
.!esu Kristu eli Ushimbedi Okone tongene
e tambukelekama lu dimarna dia ngandji.
iusaka efula ne dia esh::tsha watunyututumelaka
lu kete yasu.
Mr. Davis Miss Zicafoose
Mr. Anker Miss Winfrey
The following missionaries were chosen to fill the vacancies
in the Language Committee:
Dr. Hughlett
Dr. Sheffey
Ml'. Stilz was continued as Legal Representative and Dr. Hughlett
was continued as his assistant.
l\1iss Bye was chosen correspondent to the South African Ad
Mrs. Sheffey was chosen correspondent to the Congo Mission
Shungu .Joani W.
rvi. E. C. iYi. Minga,
Congo BeIge. Afrique
Sept. 14. 1940
ChrIst :
2, 1
We wish to thank you becailse you have helped
hurch here. Truly, you have treated us well in the
cannot See yom' faces, but all of us are children
Jesus Christ is our Savicur. Let us rejoice because
er in one fell owship of jove.
for the gifts which you send us in order to help
in our land. .
Provisional Annual Conference
Juhn Wesley Shungu, Secretary
n of the Missionaries' Meeting convened at 7:30
.940 at Minga Station with Bishop Springei'
led the devotional services.
business waR to discuss the new leg-isla
m }'egard t o the Field Committee. This Com
posed of an equill number of Missionaries
d "'yoman' s Sections of the Board and, where
The treasurer becomes a member
offIce .. The group agreed that the committee
of fIfteen members: five from the General
Woman's Section. and five Nationals. The
were elected to this Committee:
Miss Rees Miss Martin
Mr. Chappell Miss Parham (Treasurer)
Miss Winfrey was chosen correspondent to L'Evangile en Af
M,s. Wheeler was chosen Church School Correspondent to the
C. P. C.
The Meeting Adjourned.
September 13
After a Devotional Service led by the Bishop the group dis
cussed the possible number of delegates to Central Conference. The
Group set the number of delegates at four. Two of these are to be
clerical Missionaries, one to be a Missionary from the Womans'
Section and the other to be a clerical National.
It was recommended that Mr. De Ruit:er choose and apply
for a concession in the Lomela Section.
The Meeting adjourned with Prayer by Miss Parham.
September 14
Bishop Springer led thp. Devotional Service.
The following Nationals were chosen to sit in meeting!:? of
the Language Committee as consulting members:
Ashema Lupan u
Paunyi Shuyaka
It was voted to reduce the price of the New Testament from
nine francs to five francs.
1he group voted to have weekly mail service from Wembo
Nyama to Lodja.
Mr. Stitz read the r eport of the Legal Representative.
Miss Rees read the report vf the U. M. H.
Miss Rees read the report of the Councillors of the C. P. C.
The report was adopted.
The group recommends that we cede to the North Sankuru
Mission the portion of our territory near Bena Dibele which is now
the Kole territm"'.
It was mOVE ,,,1 pas ed t H.l.L '.J ') ci of ur Mi. 'sir> 1 b.;
com e 1 M. C. L lhel: ,udist Mi,..i ' I "I ('enh" ('.) "' ).
Til l'epor t of L' Evangil.: ell Afrique wa.<; 1',,<10.
The r .lJf,rt of .he ", tully of Fi n "i.i l' t he 1 ad1'2S Mertir g
w s given.
The group 1'ecommHulec! Lhat Mr. 1'ov;r sley I' econ. 'tr '1. Ul'
e1' of the Mission begi nni ng April 1.
The Meeting adjo rned.
Report of Legal I: epr Esentr. the
W re!net to agam r eport t ha th 'on s i 'JI' a t
Wembo yuma and the station and 'Jepe; C01o:}vat dil1J.! have not
yet b en obt ai ned. Th 1' e was some \ orl'ellpond tI ( e i n reg-"l. rd to the
wat l r.
There were two births t o report b. the State <md t o the Arnencan
Consul, that of Eugpne Hendrix vlIJr. and In man Hebf1rTo vnsley
Other duties attended to were in C'onneetion wi b th<! p <l . me nt of
ta:.xes, obtaining permits to make trips, and snch items.
All the missiunaries e r egistered at An' el'le' n Consu ate at.
Leopoldville, and nearly all have passport :; up to dat',.
Respectfull y submitted,
K B. Stilz
Report of Union Mission House '.t r ustee
As subs titute for Mr. Lovell, th ]\11 E. M. trustee of the Uninn ..J .
Mission House, e submit the following report:
1. F or ]!mUthere was an operating defici t of 1,970.9() frs. Thi,' \\ as
alloca ted to the' eserve Funds of the Partieilmting Missioni-;. Oll r
share of this was frs.
2. Hi were the numbeJ' of days of renckl'ed Lo our l1!is:-;ion
for 1.j;39.
3. A bicycle was given to the Hostel to be used by Hostel A
small sum i -' charged pel' hour as 1'e t. Til ID" gue:l!;.s of t he 1()std
enjoy the bicycle very milch. The s me iver ga T money to build
additional accomodations for native boys accomIlanying-
ries with (hildren.
4. If the language school materializes in Leopoldvill - mi s i<1l1 arie '
studying t here may be given special rate., on ard and room at
the U. M. R.
5. The manager of the Bool s hop annou ll cer! t hat t.he time he.d tome
when the okshop could pay some r" nLal tur rOO I\ \ used at the
U. M. H. To impr ove the accomod<ctions of th > Boo s hnjJ some
vY the M.Re
make t b f Um 'i!1g
1. That thp M. E. ('
minutes of t he
a. Up-to-date
aoon of th
b. St lr\y of n
c. Mut ual conf' ul
Ancl that hp flli
nu th maps ade
"'rhat \'euri!'
t he C. P. oJ"
M. E. C. M. 1
3. That the ]\IL E.
i n .. he Ight of the 1
c tion. uf thC5l ' f
Report ofC
D\uillg t he 'ear
to L'Evanglk en 0\
and one \1< S been
convl"rsion. Mrs.
other one also. The
Miss !\.elly last ye
other nativtls i11
cei ed.
Mr. Stilz has
published. 1 WRS
J 1IlassEd th... !.:1 '1:t.als four Mb i(\ b,"'\
I'L;,vdist l'vli,si il ' Ji C('ntr'll C, . n'!'o) .
L'Evangil" en Afrioup. was l'ca '
t he i::itlJdy f F' 1 i i' ,s of the H (1 2') Mep ing
Tow, .., Iey hf:con, ' t re'\sU!
f Legal represent ti"e
report that th . cun 1m '[I e sl atio,l at
st'l ti 0 nd r..Jepe) C(llo:w at Minn >! ha ve not
I'e was some ('one pnn m e i_ )' "'ll'd t o the
hs t.o r eport tc t ne State :md t o the rn el'lcan
R ncirix Love. l Jr. and Tnman J(lherTo'\' sley
to were i n (: onnect ion w' th t . " pelyme nt of
ts to make trips, and ucl! items.
Il r C! r egistered at Americ 11 ,onsulate a t
all have up t ) dati>,
Respec tfully surmitted,
E. B. Stilz
Union ission House 1. rm.. tee
Lovell, tb M. E. C, M. t rustee of t h(;' Uni on
t t he f. lIowing report:
an 0 er t ing de fici t f 1,970.! il frs. Th ;" \1 as
hmds of t he Pal' t iei pat i ng MissIOns. Our
lAO fr 8_
, of ct ays of s Tvic( to our mhision
to the Hostel to be u:,ect by Hostel gu est.s . A
per hour as r ent. T li t: men gue"t, of the nstd
milch. The same \ el' gave m nl'. t o ) uild
nns for n tiYe s a ccompan:iIl2' mi::;siona
mat ri cll ize.' in Leolloldville mis iOllfl.l' l
he given specinl l'a tf', Oil board a nd r oom ::I t
Book hop an nounced t ha t t he time h2.d <:.o me
d pay some J' Ln tal r OY the r OQi 1 used a t the
th of the Bo l s hr,) some
alter t i(u' doors and wiNi '\VB lI''''r sl1c;rge:ted at. 1 1
6. Th TI u tUlJ app ved uf a further 10 n to 1Jlt! 1r 111 l he
i'l lnds of l he U. ]\. " T'- > of h. 0 .. \\.;>- to
dl:!l' iJed lut r. .
7.11 e d:l1cic C\ of I f,. Co. III in mannging t!lch.Ju>l nut .ne
' r} w l mlente.J loo 1 ighly. The h use is. u"d II re:, 11'
att..!n 1>, j to pl'tlmpJ v. iL are ' el'\'eJ lJ1' ,ll'd
a home-like tl tmo"l Ih ' 'e pr
' ai hdn t J. c place. Mr 'nd \ S. ( 0, III
hOOltp..1ll1 10$0,' .
r1 a Jetter of lilt (J ' il! \H te, t ho 1. th
authurh:ed h illll.o ,I; a Cell'.
Doro by Rees
R 'omm ndaiions of the C. P . C. Cuun in"
"Ve t he M. E. C. 1. Co ncillor<i of Congo Cuuud!
make t he foll owing l'eCOmmbHbtions: "
1. That t 1 M. B. C, M, compl y 'yith tl?e l"" (fUest 1, rr:: Dut e' U5 )f LnG
_ ' l1utes of t. he C. P. C. meetIng of Feh. J1 - 1h, 19W.
a. Up-lo-d tl' idf,n'mation to the C. P. C. offiee on riel occu.
pation of t he missions.
b. , t rly of lInoccuvied 0 1' poody oecupie al''' <l u of mis 'izl D fidel.
c. Mulual ion and co-opera ion of Il cighLori r.,g miss (JOS,
And D -t od' . ndapPl'Ovel.11einf',l'maLlOll gathel'eJ
and lhe maps made for the llSC (l (.he C. P. ;. .
? "That we rge our mi. to hecome fl 'non I me ()f
t.he C. P.," Spe Repurt ; - Jourrwl 0 l 'fi SiO!l;,r'c,' l\!t etill g,
M. E. C, M, . . .
3. That thl;! M. E. C. M. eon inUe a of IDN.. lOn l>!' hIe
i n t he light of ' he l! llcrnat iollni Mi.,,;!onur v fln dlDl.fs and ffiRkl' ,I Ip! l
cations of Lhc,:l' l mui Ji g t o .. I ' nll.Slon work.
Dorothv R e.',
Report of CorrE'spondent t L'Evangile cn Afrique
Durin!:!' the y ear a ! u nber uf .. ha Ie erlw':j ancl sent
to en Airiqu . T;I, 0 pc pcrs wr'Uell hy native.-; ,,"PI'. sef t,
and Ol le II 'en pu lisnerl. John We I y bhl.lngll' . tllry of his
conwrsioll. Mr. Carpenter stated t ll:..t s he, ill prob<l hly use tbe
otbel ont: also. T hese WPl'e writ!en uS a "esull of r:::quesL-; n a I by
Miss Kell y last year, EfHts h.wc been m de' th is rem' t o i ntel'e'lt
other n t he in \\'l'i ti ng Ulti<:l es, bu t no re pOI1!"e yet b( ull l'P
ceived. ." .
Mr. Sti tz has sent in severs l co b'ibutlOns, one ot has hce.n
pl.1blLhed. It was an HI t ide on OtetL' la with IlIctnres. HI'
co-operation has h en a real help.
I any of you would like to c '-ntri '.ute. your artLle woul b
greatly n.ppreciated, If you know of nat Ive who are interest ed in
expressing theOls Ives i n French, pldlSe Cl CUllrqge hem t send
articles to the corre!':pondent. Mrs, Cnrpent'r says t hat shE' has
)'eceiv"d too many autobiograQ Billl: of older Chri s twns
and articles Oil native customs and I ts .... ould be quite ccepr ble.
n sJled i:, l IS "'U ) 11, itte . ,
An ni La I a 'v\' j
neport of the Committee 0':1 th "'t dy of the FinJings
of the Mad)' 19 V\' eel 'ng
'Ve sLl'ongl urge that. the Missiona y gr up cont ill ue tit ..
study and of the of lHe b st International
Missionary C uncil, insofar as they ;,pply t:o t U',' work in Dngo.
That any wor t hwhile findings Lhtf) ugh st ll dy ot' appli c8tion in t h '
',\, o ' k b 1 ha den. t t.h GC. P. C. COl 11 'il l) M i" RePR.
, ,, ' , I1Ughllt. Ci ni nnnn
C<1 ch ct:l'ctary
AI1l 'uintr'1 nt
Po i: an Nor lal School Report
noa, ,I (/ , I ints .erilll Traming ,
Uuih. tng SupervlBor, Rpport of
C('n l "al Confer ence
lel't ' ficate or Or dination
('"han!'; of rH\ tIl e o( MI - 1 n
ChUI" h slcm])eJ h ip for ""I,u <Tllrnlnn!
Cowmunivn Sel' vice
C. P. . Ollll cillor s' epor t
lJa ily Pl'o(:c( 'ding:>
n >d h;ation or Church
Lv cntl'sl ClInf crencc
I) i:-;c i plinary lle"lions
Pod l "nLi ma l Commit 'e I e por t
Erlllc.1Liona l Repor t of
E vaJlgeli Tn, Re p(WL 00
(, iJ i omes. !teJlor! un
Gre.. t mgs
Lan guag10 Cornmi ttt:', Report or
I.egal r epreaentativc, P.e port of
l.'Evangile e n Afri que, R
11ol' t
V . Hom;.! Base
Marl!':!" ,It!\:: ti ng Finding", t dy
, Repor t
M,'rlic..ll Committee. ftc r l of
r,1 mntes o t Mi:>s ion eting
MlTIutes i Mis -ion riee ' Mee ing
J\l " siona in need
Nnmi natiJlg 'ommi t tee
anrl St:mdin. Commit. t ee
Ord ina ion Sl.'r ' ires

Prayer for home-....omg miss lOnari
I'rintmg Departme t Report
nee mmenda tions of C. P. C. Co
I'l")Ort:!, giving f
Res lution.
Il real h "Ip,
like to conlri ute, 8 1' . Ie woul be
If you now of natives who al'e intel'ested in
in Fr'l (;h, pl ase ellCuurage them t send
ondelll. Mr . says t hnt she has
toblOgraphies BlVl, taphi ... of Cllri , tbn.,
customs and iTt be quite ace
Laura \, i
Committee 0:1 th: Study 01 the Fin.Jings
'aclras Tee ' ngo
that the entin 1issionary gn UJl 'mLinue be
11 f the findings of t l e last International
ofar as hey l1pply tn nu. work h I"e in Congo.
fi ndings t hrough Rt ud., 01' applJe'l1 tion in the
e C. P. C, COl nci llor Mi<;g ne(:';.
" . S. llughl( t, Chairma n
Cl t h riDe> S_trcLnry
Ap;:tJintrn n 0:-,
Bi lol e li nd. orrnal chool ReJjort
Roar d of 1'\1 misterial ellort of
i uil Ji ng ::)upervisor, epOl 't oI
CPf\I. .'1I1 COll f crenL' C
l.eI t lficll.te or Ordin, t ion
Char1l' t' of !lll m of J ission
Chtll'ch p:l embe rlih ip for polygamQus wi es
ChUT h ch()ol }Jrr espondent, Report of
Communi" n S", ,'Viee
C. f' . C. olln cill or.:l ' Repor t
Dail y Proceedings
r edica tion of. hurch
lk leg'a tes to Cent l'a l Clmferencc
. . [.
7, lU, 1,1
f'du"at ion a l CVlnmi l' epolt
Edueationnl iVol'k, Re p r t of
1l(' !101t ( In
Field Comrni t lp('
(; id .,' ; e p,') )'I. on
Gr l!li ngs
I an 'lI age L Rt'port of
Legal Repre. en tnt i ve, Repor t of
L Evungile Af' l'i que, TI e por t
! ((.,. Lo Home ase
Madms Fi ndll1g'8, s t udy of
Mull ica\ l't' [.lOl't
Cummil L'de, nE' JOl' L of
!mute" uf ' ion ,\1 eti g
Mml1 t es of Missionaries' Ief?ti ng
1\[; jnll anes in need
NN ili af " q' '"mmittef'
Oi'tjf' ers and Stnncli ng ,om mittees
Ord 1]1<1 t lOn S(' r vil.'cs
Praye!' ror hume-g um ., missionaries
Pri !1 ting De)laJ.'tment Repor t
Recommendat. ions of C. P. C. !:ouncillol's
R port:>, g i ving of

15. 16, 19,
9, 10, 11, 12
55 ?
' 0
6. 8, 41, 1fi
fi t
all Call 5
(: iaJ Ev ngeli.' ic Work Report of 43
~ tatis lea! [{aport
"'unday crvice-
u:-II'rintcn<\"nts' Rellod.!! 25
If. , I H. l'ru8t " U"!lor't of 54
\ 'om n's Work f'ommiLlee. Reporl of 50