CONTOH SOALAN ULANGKAJI UAK WAJ 3105 (Soalan 2011 dalam B.



There are two categories of problems in Mathematics, namely
routine and non routine problems. State the meaning of non routine
[ 2 Marks ]
“Solving the problem by starting with the final data or statements”.
This statement is best refer to one of the strategies in solving problems.
State the possible strategy and give an example question
[4 Marks ]


In a room with 5 people, everyone shake hands with everybody else exactly
once. How many hand shakes are there?
From the problem given above, suggest two suitable strategies to solve
[2 marks]

Ability to use mental method and informal strategies indicate confidence with numbers. ___________________________________________________________ [2 marks] Sometime we have to do rough estimation in our daily life. Compute the following problem: “ A pen costs RM 1. Estimate the following computation: 349 ÷ 69 .2 (a) Pupils are encouraged to build up a range of informal strategies. ___________________________________________________________ ___________________________________________________________ (c).99 . What is the cost of 6 pens?” i) By using ‘pencil and paper method’ [ 2 marks] ii) By using ‘ mental or informal method’ ( write out all the steps) [2 marks] b) State two inappropriate using calculators in primary school.

(a) How do you compare the mass of a piece of A4 paper and a exercise book ________________________________________________________ [2 marks] (b) (i) Give two examples of non-standard unit used for each of the following measurement: Length : _____________________________________________ Mass : ______________________________________________ [2 marks] (ii) Write down all the missing measurements in Table 1 below by converting units of mass. g 250 kg 0. before they learn how to use uniform non standards units.5 Table 1 [2 marks] (c) Suggest two ways to use a ruler correctly when taking measurements in standard units (i) _____________________________________________________ _____________________________________________________ (ii) _____________________________________________________ .3. masses etc. _________________________________________________________ [2 marks] In the topic “measurement” pupil learn to measure by making direct comparisons of lengths.15 3570 4.

de (i) Cube pyramid triangular prism Cone cuboid sphere Classify the following shape given in the box into prism and nonprism._____________________________________________________ [2 marks] 4. D A 120 ° 90° 60° C B Figure 1 (i) Calculate the angle of sector C .Prism [2 marks] 5. Children face difference types of challenges when dealing with problems related to the shape and space activities such as classifiying. Prism Non.(a) Figure 1 shows a pie chart for the mathematics grades obtained by 24 pupils in a class.

7. Describe why the probability to get the right answer is 1 ? 4 (1 marks) . C. (i) How do you find the median for the following data : (State the steps you take) 5. 3. there are 4 multiple choices given A. B. 9.(2 marks) (ii) How do you draw a bar chart from the data given in figure 1 (State the steps) (3 marks) (b). 12 (2 marks) (ii) When you an answer your objective test.D. 10. 8.

EMBED Excel.8 \s .Chart.

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