Training Team presents

Bridge of Leaders and Students:
Training on Four Values for an Effective Student Council and Student Leaders

prepared by: Emmanuel R. Caleon Analea E. Calusin Raymond G. Funclara Keyzzel T. Reyes Michelle Ann A. Santos Contact number: 09087397020

They should wholeheartedly pay back the students who trusted them and their abilities to be their leaders and models. Standard Constitution and By-Laws of the Student Council/Organization. With these aim. in extra-curricular or in academic status. so it is just for student leaders to be trained with mass-oriented and service-oriented leadership. irresponsive and incapable with the position they have. This is not to generalize all the student leaders yet the proponents aim for improvements and development for the others. it is fair to say that Student Leaders need not to waste their power and missed the chance of serving the students. Being part of the Student Council is an opportunity and privilege awarded with only the few.TITLE: Bridge of Leaders and Students Training on 4 Values for an Effective Student Council & Student Leaders PROPONENTS: Sophia Training Team I. As member of the Student Council. the proponents of this training program saw the problems that. “…believing in the need for a better organized student government and in the development of the youth as future leaders of the nation… form a unified student organization that shall embody the ideals and principles of democracy. it is his task to develop and organize projects and activities that will be beneficial for the students. The proponents. being part of the Student Council once in their life and being the officers of different organizations. It is a clear manifestation of alienation with their tasks and obligations. Rationale Student Councils are created to establish a body that will represent the students in quorums and gatherings and will be the reflection of students’ desires. hard work. headwork and dedication. this training program is designed to . thus. In traditional connotations. it is justifiable that Student Leaders need to device and think of ways on how to develop students’ welfare. foresee that this particular aspect needs for improvement and progress. some student leaders are becoming inactive. in collective efforts to promote welfare of all students and academic standards. Indeed obvious that Student Council is the manifestation of political democracy and politics at large inside the school. In the Preamble of the Department of Education. Performing such responsibilities require effort.” Thus.

(Subject for modifications as requested by the school officers and administrators) II. Interactive – this term is used by the proponents to give specific term for the games and workshops. these sessions require physical strength and intellectual strategies to use upon the process. Plenary Session – plenary sessions is very often equated as the lecture. This training program is ideally planned to respond with the desires for an admirable Student Council. These are obviously the discussions wherein the speaker has to talk about the issue and the participants have to listen. Break-Out Sessions – this activity serves as the reflection point for the participants to realize what the speaker discussed. a moment for participantparticipant discussions and group sharing. mess hall and grounds or oval. 3. this session needs hand-outs or activity paper to write on.examine four areas that have the biggest impact that affects one’s leadership potential. This training program is composed of three important codes that will be the key for activities. Unlike the break-out sessions. These three important codes are as follows with their functions and use in the training program: 1. If the Break-Out Sessions are the reflection written on paper and done silently. It is the facilitator’s task (member of the Sophia Training Team) to guide them. 2. This Training Program is good for twenty (20) – thirty (30) participants and will last for two (2) days and one (1) night with classroom. through Interactive Sessions the participants are expected to perform an actual application of what the speaker told them during the plenary and on what they realized during the break-out session. wide enough to accommodate the participants and for the campfire. We are not to set fixed and permanent groups here so that each participant will have the chance to communicate and relate with others. Objective of the Program . Participants can ask questions or any clarifications on what has been discussed. We will avoid assigning or incharging leaders in every group during the activities so that each one will function accordingly and can improve their own skills. Very often.

Specifically. this training program will focus on four (4) areas that are essential for an effective Student Leader: 1. Initiative – this is the willingness of an individual to perform his tasks even without telling him or observing him. It is not simply to make a project. Plan a. Student Council’s effectiveness lies in the hands of the few who runs it. 2. This is not on training alone . Responsiveness – is the ability to quickly respond with the needs of the students. 4. This is the power to do an action he knows his responsibility for developing something. Methodology The proponent wishes to call this method as the Inductively Deductive in a sense that it is inductive but the element of deductive is present and has the most important role to start every session. we are to follow the trio event wherein after the plenary. he does not carry the sole responsibility but for him to know that there are many men in the island and all he need to know is to seek and discover them. Responsiveness is applying proper solution. This is procedural in the realm that from the deductive method. confidence can give him the courage to stand firm with his ideas and plans. Confidence. This deals that.Generally. break-out sessions will be next followed by the interactive. This is the enthusiasm of performing his tasks as a leader and his heart to decide on what is beneficial for the many. this training program adheres to develop Student Leaders for massoriented and service-oriented leadership and to inculcate this attitude in the future. Collectiveness – it is the character that will definitely give justice to the statement “two heads are better than one” this requires social interactions and understanding of one’s differences to perform tasks effectively. rather than let others do it because he can’t. 3. Confidence – is the character that will carry him towards every action he will perform. III. thinking how it will affect and resolve students must have. is believing on his own potentials that he can do it. we are to raise the bounds to inductive. but in deeper sense. To reform Student Councils is to develop Student Leaders and ergo. This matter affects his effectiveness as a leader for. projects. As stated earlier. activities that will really answer the needs of the students.

discussions. Clip viewing. Schedule of Activities Time Activity Code Activity Description Venue 6:00 – 6:30 6:30 – 7:00 7:00 – 9:00 9:00 – 9:30 9:30 – 10:00 10:00 Day 1 Opening Program and Getting to Know Activity Registration Campfire Opening Program Campfire Candle Ceremony Socialization Sleeping Bags Light-Off Day 2 Activating Values for Leadership Lobby Oval Oval 7:00 – 7:30 7:30 – 8:00 8:00 – 8:30 8:30 – 9:00 9:00 – 9:30 9:30 – 10:30 10:30 – 11:30 11:30 – 12:00 12:00 – 12:30 12:30 – 1:00 1:00 – 1:30 1:30 – 2:00 2:00 – 3:00 3:00 – 3:30 3:30 – 4:00 Reveille Wash-up Breakfast Ice Breaker Plenary Session 1 Interactivity 1 Break-Out Session 1 Lunch Plenary Session 2 Break-Out Session 2 Plenary Session 3 Interactivity 2 Break-Out Session 3 Coffee Break Interactivity 3 Grounds Mess Hall Classroom Classroom Classroom Classroom Classroom Classroom Classroom Oval Oval Oval Destiny Box I Love Myself! (Confidence) Unwatched Movie Scratch Bag Draft / Story Behind I Will Work vs.but as well as socialization program wherein everyone can interact and will be given time to chat and build up strong relationship with others. b. social interactions. Individualism: Dilemma of One vs. Many Puzzle Loko Story Telling / What If? Game of Fortune . I Need to Work (Initiative) Shoe of a Puppet Collectiveness vs. physical activities and reflections are the tool that will be of greater use in this program.

4:00 – 4:30 4:30 – 5:30 5:30 Plenary Session 4 Wrap-Up Activity and Closing Ceremony Homebound I Surrender! (Responsiveness) Ball of Strings Classroom Oval To attend the Holy Mass for Roman Catholics and Home Bound for none. Activities Description (Available upon request) IV. Venue The Training Design needs a venue that can support and accommodate its’ activities. School campus is the most convenient and practical venue for this program. Materials  Box  LCD Projector (optional) and Laptop/Desktop(Personal Computer)  Hand-outs per participants (20 pieces of scratch papers per participants can do)  Puzzle (size of 8’x11’ bond paper)  Scotch tapes (5pieces)  10 Bottle of softdrinks (identical)  Ropes/Straw (30 cuts with 1foot per cut)  Old newspapers  Strings/yarns at least five balls  Candles for every participants  Campfire  Balloons b. c. . but ideally. it has to be somewhere away from the campus. Resources a. Human Resources (Sophia Training Team) 1 Head Facilitator/Organizer 4 Facilitators Faculty member/s c.

VI. minor in Psychology Caloocan City. Sophia Training Team Members CALEON. Raymond G. Polytechnic University of the Philippines Bachelor of Arts in Philosophy. Analea E. participants are expected to perform more productive and efficiently with improved values and with more concern for students’ development and welfare. They are expected to undergo deeper selfrealizations and reflections so that they can be more competent and to practice professionalism. minor in Psychology Pulilan. MM . Polytechnic University of the Philippines Bachelor of Arts in Philosophy. VII. MM CALUSIN. Michelle Ann A. minor in Psychology Mandaluyong City. minor in Psychology Famy. Laguna FUNCLARA. Facilitators’ purpose is to develop campus politics into a well-rounded democratic body. Bulacan REYES. This Training Design is for “free” as well as with the facilitators’ fee. Polytechnic University of the Philippines Bachelor of Arts in Philosophy. Budget The school should provide the materials that will be use in this training program as stated in previous part. Keyzzel T. Polytechnic University of the Philippines Bachelor of Arts in Philosophy. Emmanuel R. Evaluation At the end of the training program. MM SANTOS. minor in Human Resource Management Quezon City.V. Polytechnic University of the Philippines Bachelor of Arts in Philosophy. and the foods of the participants and if possible for the facilitators.

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