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A month in the India Transport Sector

September, 2011

FOCUS ON THE RECYCLING OF USED TYRES With better infrastructure and living standards the world has seen a surge of automobiles, with each obviously coming on a set of tyres. The problem o frubber graveyards has caught the much needed attention of the environmentalists, consumers, planners and the industry alike More information on ITP ARE INDIAN ROADS ELECTRIC CAR FRIENDLY? It is a known fact that electric cars are more environmentally friendly than gasoline powered cars. The electric energy is stored in an electric storage device or in batteries. It also offers significant reduction of air pollution which makes it ideal and best suited for Indian roads. More information on ITP ENVIRONMENT FRIENDLY STAR RATING SYSTEM FOR CARS Cars have a great impact on the environment and climate change due to the greenhouse gases they emit. Until the time when manufacturers come up with feasible and sustainable hybrid options, cars will continue to use petrol and diesel to run. Individual automobile manufacturers try to innovate and use new technologies to make the diesel and petrol engines more fuel efficient. However, there is no standard measure for how environment friendly a car is in India. More information on ITP


Its urgent to fight against global warming. For automakers it means reducing the emissions of carbon dioxide and greenhouse gases from cars but also using green components at every step of the design and development of a vehicle. For the governement it means developing green public policy. In December 2010, the Ministry of New and Renewable Energy announced a 20 per cent subsidy on electric cars. Furthermore, Finance Minister Pranab Mukherjee announced setting up of a national mission on hybrid and electric vehicles in his budget for 2011-12. But, consumers must be educated to change his mind


6TH IRF REGIONAL CONFERENCE October 3 5, 2011 New Delhi

INTERTRAFFIC INDIA October 3 - 5, 2011 New Delhi

ASIAN TYRE & RUBBER CONFERENCE December 2 - 3, 2011 Chennai

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A month in the India Transport Sector

September, 2011



TWO-WHEELERS ON INDIAN ROADS: HOW SAFE ARE THEY? Two-wheelers can be extremely convenient when travelling a short distance with one or two people. Thanks to their light-weight mechanism and affordable price, twowheelers have always been the preferred choice for many. More information on ITP ARE UNLICENSED DRIVING SCHOOLS RESPONSIBLE FOR RASH DRIVING? Rash driving in India is a common menace that has plagued the road networks of the country incessantly and has put the lives of road users at risk. Travelling on Indian roads is nothing short of having a tryst with death. Unfortunately, India has one of the highest numbers of road accidents with a death toll of around 1, 05,000 annually. More information on ITP TUBELESS TYRES HELPFUL OR A HARASSMENT? Contrary to what most people believe, tubeless tyres are not a new innovation. They were patented by Goodyear, one of the leading tyre manufacturers in the world, in the beginning of the century. The first production of the tubeless tyres for commercial purposes began in the fifties and they became more popular as time and technology progressed. Today, most mid segment cars rely on tubeless tyres. More information on ITP INDIAN

The freight transport industry in India has in recent years witnessed growth More information on ITP





DISCIPLINED The view of the long unending Indian traffic from a flyover is a sight to reckon with especially in big cities which bear the pressure of a few hundred thousand vehicles plying on their roads every day. More information on ITP

HIGHWAYS OF INDIA A BOON OR BANE? India has a large coastline of 7,517 km. It comes with varied topography, climate and eco-regions ranging from snow and rain-forests to deserts. More information on ITP

INTERVIEW MR. K.K. KAPILA, PRESIDENT, INTERNATIONAL ROAD FEDERATION The have automobile/equipment both corporate to as constantly manufacturers well as social their upgrade

FOCUS ON NHAI The National Highway Authority of India (NHAI) was developed for the management and maintenance of the National Highways in the country. More information on ITP


vehicles in terms of safety features More information on ITP

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A month in the India Transport Sector

September, 2011



FLYOVERS IN INDIA A flyover is meant to support traffic or a train and is constructed to reduce congestion on city roads. India being no stranger to congestion and traffic woes, began constructing flyovers as early as the 60s. More information on ITP

As India continues to try and build a sustainable road and transport networks for the future, Public Private Partnerships (PPP) is expected to play a very vital role in this growth story. More information on ITP GOVERNMENT NEED TO CHANGE ITS ATTITUDE: S. L. DHINGRA, CHAIR PROFESSOR, INDIAN INSTITUTE OF TECHNOLOGY One even cant compare the current situation of infrastructure in India to the developed countries. Be it because of the corruption in the system or the complacent attitude of the government, the fact remains that India is way behind several developed countries. More informations on ITP TAKING THE FIRST STEP TOWARDS A NEW INDIA! Undoubtedly, events like these surely contribute their bit in developing the infrastructural capability of the country but there is still a long-way to go before India stands neck to neck with countries like US, UK and China in terms of road and transport infrastructure. More informations on ITP

POTHOLES ADD TO TRAFFIC WOES A number of issues plague the everyday life of an Indian citizen; one of the most prominent being inefficient infrastructure More information on ITP

TRUCKS IN THE CITY DURING BUSINESS HOURS HARASSMENT FOR OFFICE COMMUTERS For the hundreds of thousands of commuters making their way to and from offices in Indias cities each day, the journey can often be a fraught affair. More information on ITP PRAVEEN SOOD, CHIEF OF TRAFFIC, BANGALORE CITY Wherever there is development there will be traffic congestion More information on ITP

ROAD INFRASTRUCTURE HAS NOT BEEN ABLE TO MATCH THE LEVEL OF GROWTH IN THE COUNTRY: P. K. SIKDAR, PRESIDENT, INTERCONTINENTAL CONSULTANTS AND TECHNOCRATS P.K. Sikdar. President, ICT (Intercontinental Consultants and Technocrats) discusses the problems for developing a world-class road infrastructure in an exclusive interaction with ITP. This interview took place during the recent 4th National India Roads Conference 2011, in New Delhi. More informations on ITP

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A month in the India Transport Sector

September, 2011




FOCUS ON TATA MOTORS Tata Motors represents one of the trusted and biggest brands in the automobile segment of India. With a revenue base of Rs.1,23,133 crores (USD 27 billion), the presence of this automobile company spreads across a range of segments like commercial vehicles, passenger cars, multi utility vehicles etc. More information on ITP

INDIAN RAILWAYS Ministry of Railways proposed to step up its plans of attendance, productivity and efficiency in the rail services;. More information on ITP PRIVATISATION OF INDIAN RAILWAYS:

A FOCUS ON APOLLO TYRES The invention of the wheel by the early man is considered as the second most important phenomenon in the history of mankind after fire. While the early man chanced upon fire by rubbing stones, the wheel was an invention More information on ITP

DOES IT MEAN HIGHER PRICES? Railways are an essential feature and integral component of transport systems within vast and populous countries such as India. More information on ITP SUBWAYS AND UNDERPASSES

MORE AND MORE FOREIGN CARS ON INDIAN ROADS Foreign cars on Indian roads are not an uncommon sight anymore. Long gone are the days when a Mercedes was a prized possession of the lead character in movies. More information on ITP

BECOMING POPULAR Today, a considerable part of the Indian population still believes in walking and using public transport to get places. More information on ITP








More information on ITP

CONSUMERS Small cars such as the Ford Fiesta, Mazda2 and Toyota Yaris are becoming increasingly prominent in the market nowadays. There is an increased need and desire for small cars and micro-vehicles in India. More information on ITP

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