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September 2011

The Reichart family (Brenna, Lauren, Bill, Emmy) on vacation this summer outside of Charleston, S.C.

Dear Ministry Partner,
Taking off like a rocket! That is the best way to describe the student ministries at Emory, Morehouse, GA-PCOM and Mercer these last couple of weeks. It has been exciting to see the student leaders step up with confident, Spirit-filled leadership and reach out to the incoming first year med students. But as spiritual leaders for the ministry, they need your prayers and support. So would you cut out below the list of student leaders, and put it in your Bible or on your bathroom mirror and commit to pray for a leader/a day? Also I’ve included their email so that perhaps you can drop them a note of encouragement letting them know of your support and prayers for them that day.

List of Student Leaders:
Morehouse: 1. Shayla George (sgeorge@msm.edu) 2. Les Williams (lewilliams@msm.edu) 3. Lynneice Bowen (lbowen@msm.edu) Emory: 1. Dan Tucker (danieldaytucker@gmail.com) 2. Katie Clay Calhoun (CCCALHO@learnlink.emory.edu) 3. Derrick Ashong (dnashon@emory.edu) Mercer (of Atlanta): 1. Lindsey Hunter (Lindsay.Lenoir.Hunter@live.mercer.edu) Georgia PCOM: 1. Alison Clark (alisoncl@pcom.edu) 2. Amber Childers (amberchi@pcom.edu) 3. Ashleigh DeMoll (ashleighde@pcom.edu) 4. Courtney Drew (courtneydr@pcom.edu) 5. Erik Clauson (erikcl@pcom.edu) 6. Leslie Hyman (lesliehy@pcom.edu) 7. Morgan Newsome (morganne@pcom.edu) 8. Ryan Cronin (ryancr@pcom.edu) 9. Shatia Edwards (shatiaar@pcom.edu) 10. Urania Davis (uraniaed@pcom.edu)
Dr. Scott Keller is actively involved with the students at GA-PCOM.

First meeting at GA-PCOM had 30 students—student leader Ryan leads the group in worship.

First meeting at Morehouse School of Medicine—a large auditorium of students listening to CMDA advisor Dr. Patrickson speak.

Students at Emory meeting incoming first year students at the school’s activity fair.

Serving Him Together,

Your financial and prayer support makes it possible to reach out to the next generation of medical professionals. Please consider a gift to the ministry this month so that we will have the necessary resources to fully fund the ministries at Emory, GA-PCOM, Morehouse and Mercer. Thank you for your commitment to this Kingdom ministry here in Atlanta.
(770) 350-8539 (o) billreichart@cmdaatlanta.org www.cmdaatlanta.org

CMDA Atlanta Area

1415 Mountclaire Dr. Cumming, GA 30041

Thank you very much for your faithful support of this CMDA ministry.
My check is enclosed Please charge my: Please send information on automatic bank and credit card draft options Please remove me from the monthly Heartchangers update

Bill Reichart Atlanta Area Director

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