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Submitted by: Mehreen Omer Zoha Naveed Sec E

Submitted to: Prof. Shahid Siddique

Dated: 25th January, 2011


This advertisement is a quintessential example of the global fast food culture prevalent today. Electric kitchen along with standard work ethics and uniform services at Mcdonalds is manifested in the ad. The customers robotically grab the tray off the counter, find a table, take a seat and dig in. The culture of obesity is also promoted through this ad and the attitude of carelessness is shown in the language used in the slogan. The entire lifestyles and attitudes of the generation of today have changed as a result of the fast-food assault. Youth today loathe at the notion of self-service. It also shows how in a world adoring sensual sumptuousness, people have succumbed to the divine taste of the All-American meal. The language used in the ad is quite colloquial with liberal use of contractions in the slogan. Apparently, the slang language has become an important social medium for interaction today and reflects how a language can be played with to reflect greater meaning and emotion. The use of slang in the ad depicts how the American culture has evolved. It captivates the young minds and encourages them to take action, since they can relate well to it, apart from the fact that slang is hot and in. The ad implicitly symbolizes a sad realization of The American Dream and how the American culture has imperialized the rest of the world. The ad also uses a humorous theme wherein people are cracking jokes, to psychologically manipulate the viewers. It depicts the homogeneity of cultures around the world and how all of us have come to speak the universal language of Mcdonalds. It also shows free intermingling of the sexes and so portrays how the Western culture is liberating the world from their conservative philosophies. And quite incontrovertibly, Mcdonalds is one of the leading icons of the pervading Western culture. Music as a language with all its rhythm, melody and syntax has also been used in this ad to appeal to the human psyche. Although it is vigorously debated in recent times whether music can be perceived as a language, many proponents argue that music is de facto a universal language that is only understood by the heart, or more correctly by the brain, as proven by scientific evidence. Music has an enormous impact on the viewers mind which is further supported by the fact that all the affect is lost when the same ad is viewed without music. Moreover, music to depict cultural arts is also being cleverly employed in this video ad.

Justin Timberlakes song, Im lovin it is adapted to the accent of the people living in the Islands of Samoa in order to arouse positive sentiments. The songs lyrics also subtly endorse the concept of family values to persuade consumers, especially those who have not yet forgotten the imperative of spending time with family. Furthermore, being able to hang out with friends attracts people who want to eat and socialize simultaneously. As the ad demonstrates, people are communicating through smiles and bodily gestures and thus fostering stronger bonds. Arguably, the culture of vanity i.e. Live life to the fullest! is also being promoted through this ad. On a cursory glance of this ad, one would think that this analysis creates a paradox; how could individualism and collectivism both be promoted at the same time? But after a critical examination, one would understand that its in reality an indoctrination of self-love under the guise of flaunting communal propriety. This attracts the naive and radical mind.