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A BYTE OF LIFE Tuesday, October 14, 2008

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Chetri on India’s Nehru Cup win JLo, Marc Anthony renew wedding vows


The legacy started by Poppat
Jamal is continued by the third
generation through many
businesses – gas distribution,
warehousing and music CDs.
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Who is the
PETLEE PETER his body inside a house in Mettu Street, Periya Colony. “The body was
tied up and was in a half-burnt state.

n Monday, September 8, 2008, A wire was connected to the plug
residents of Periya Colony in point and his toe, through which it is
Thiruninravur woke up to the suspected that the current would
shocking murder of an autor- have passed,” said an investigating
ickshaw driver who was tied up and officer. As part of the investigations,
electrocuted using a livewire con- police initially detained a relative of
nected to his toes from a plug point. Rajasekar, but no breakthrough has
Police had registered a case of mur- been achieved.
der, but though it’s been more than a However, there’s a police version
month since the body was discovered that says the incident could be a case
the cops remain clueless about the of suicide. “The deceased had the
execution-style killing. reputation of being an introvert and
The deceased was a 24-year-old he seldom socialised with the people
auto rickshaw driver named Rajase- of his locality. Moreover, the house
kar, who was a resident of Sri Ragha- where he was found dead was locked
vendra Nagar in Thiruninravur. from inside, raising suspicion that he
On September 7, Rajasekar’s par- might have committed suicide,” add-
ents lodged a ‘man missing’ police ed the officer.
complaint after he didn’t return But the fact that Rajasekar’s body
home from work since two days. Po- was found in a bound state raises
lice launched a manhunt and found doubts over the suicide angle. ■
02 NAMMA CHENNAI ERGO Tuesday, October 14, 2008

What are those memories – sweet or bitter – that you share about your hostel,
paying guest accommodation or the rented flat you share with a few friends?
Write to us telling which one among the three was good, better or worst. Do not
send us more than 150 words. Write to us at with the subject
line MY KINDA PLACE before Wednesday noon.

Hire a driver
Your driver has fallen ill,
your aged parents need a
chauffeur only on a
The only fault with the Thierry ‘Titi’ Robin trio was
particular day of the week that the synchronisation was a little too perfect
to ferry them to the hospital
or you are not in town for a
week and the car needs to
be used for the family
members who do not know
driving. Now, you could call
exclusively for drivers
depending on the number of
hours required!
■ Sri Murugan Travels
Contact Nos: 98412 84518/ 94445 52257
Avail the driver for a minimum of four hours
at Rs. 150
■ Top 4 Call Drivers
Contact Nos: 2825 7777/ 2823 5275
Get the acting driver at Rs. 200 for six hours
■ Jayashree Travels
Contact Nos: 6529 5959
Zip anywhere at Rs. 150 for four hours
■ Chennai Job Service
Contact Nos: 6450 8454/ 6526 7886
They do not offer hourly service; instead you
could hire them for a month at Rs. 6,500 Thierry ’Titi’ Robin Francis Varis Ze Luis Nascimento
Rates are subject to change
MITHRA SURESH you, becomes a study of passion. total, it was with the guitar that One of the songs played is he spun Flamenco tunes, while
called ‘La Famille’ (The Family), Varis accompanied with the

or the musically inclined, which Robin remembers com- French accordion melody that of-
what could be better than posing in his youth, as he sat with ten conjures images of waltzes by
listening to live world mu- his siblings. “I remember playing the promenade, against a back-
sic, under a starry night, be- this piece with my brothers and drop of cafes and pigeons.
side shimmering waters? Thanks sister, while my mother was The star of the evening, howev-
to Alliance Francaise, this was cooking in the kitchen and what er, was Nascimento, who
possible as the Thierry ‘Titi’ Rob- could be more appropriate as I switched from the darbouka to
in trio recently played to a hand- play this piece with two of my bongo to cajon to bender to rain
ful of invitees by the Taj closest friends, who are now my drum and more. In fact, at one
Coromandel poolside. family,” said Titi. The song was point he managed to lull a foot-
The trio consists of Ti- almost Greek, folk forms of which tapping crowd into silence as he
ti Robin (oud, guitar, often figure the bouzouq. The emulated the gong of a grandfa-
bouzouq), Francis Va- song was reminiscent of the cir- ther clock, against the back-
ris (accordion) and Ze cular Greek dance, called sirtos. ground of a ticking wall clock.
Luis Nascimento (per- While Robin played the oud If there is something that ne-
cussions), whose stoi- and bouzouq for three songs in gated the concert, it was the trio’s
cism was reserved to synchronisation which, as a mu-
the lawns, where eager What could be more sician-friend pointed out, forms
fans asked about the nu- the soul of jazz. There was noth-
merous instruments on stage. On appropriate as I play ing impromptu and in-the-mo-
stage, the energy was inspiring, this piece with two of ment about their performance. At
especially from Nascimento, the precise moment Nascimento
whose orgasmic expressions as
my closest friends, finished his percussion solo, Va-
he seamlessly shifted from per- who are now my ris and Robin would join in to
cussion to another was initially family create a perfectly timed fusion of
comical but then, as it grows on gypsy jazz music. ■
Tuesday, October 14, 2008
On your table since 1901

Though cutlery is what Poppat Jamal and Sons is known for, Mahmud N. Jamal at the
Poppat Jamal and Sons
there are other pies they have their fingers in showroom. PHOTO R. RAVINDRAN

amongst the many hallmarks the that is taking care of the business. Apart from its cutlery business,
current generation takes pride in, The Broadway store is handling the group also runs a gas distri-
reminiscent of the business Pop- administration and the business bution agency in Egmore and wa- Time line
pat Jamal started in Madras in functions from its Anna Salai rehousing business in
1901. showroom, opposite Spencer Aynavaram. 1901: Poppat Jamal and
Originally from Gujarat, Jamal Plaza. CDs were another new addi- Brothers opens in Broadway
was a wool trader and was also The wide range of plates, tea tion, which the Poppat Jamal
working with Ibrahim Peer Mo- cups, coffee mugs, curry bowls stores started selling since the 1920s: The shop is shifted to
hammed and Co., which was sell- and dinner sets remains the USP ‘60s. “The focus is on devotional another location in
ing crockery and glass at its store of Poppat Jamal and Sons even and classical music. I have with Broadway
in Broadway. When the owner today. Proof of which is the fact me someone who has thorough

he next time you dine at Ka- decided to sell the company, Ja- that the brand has expanded out- knowledge of music. People used 1954: Poppat Jamal passes
raikudi restaurant on Rad- mal bought it and named it Pop- side the city, too. The shop has to take advice from him on mu- away and his four sons take
hakrishna Salai, make sure pat Jamal and Brothers. branches in Vijayawada, Kochi, sic. Customers even come from over the business
you look around to see the In the 1920s the company was Bombay, Hyderabad, Bangalore abroad to buy CDs in bulk,” says
intricate works on those glowing renamed Poppat Jamal and Sons. and Muvattupuzha. Mahmud. 1958: Mount Road branch is
Sweden lamps – with the name In 1954, after the death of Poppat “There is no compromise on Inside the Mount Road branch, started
‘Poppat Jamal and Brothers’ Jamal, his four sons took over the quality. People who drop in here tucked away behind the crockery
beautifully inscribed on each of business. are not bothered about the price. and glassware Poppat Jamal is so 1967-68: Starts selling audio
them. Today, it is the third generation They are particular about qual- famous for, is a CD library of orig- cassettes
The dome-shaped lamps are headed by Mahmud N. Jamal ity,” Mahmud says. inal music CDs. ■
04 KALEIDOSCOPE ERGO Tuesday, October 14, 2008

I don’t want a lot of good
investments; I want a few
outstanding ones.
Philip Fisher

MySpace gives small

operators online ad muscle
ySpace on Monday un-
leashed a tool to let small
operators with tight bud-
gets easily target online
advertising to preferred demo-
graphics on the world’s leading
social networking website.
A ‘MyAds’ platform available at
provides simple tools for garage
bands, small businesses or
anyone else to reach out to au-
diences they feel will be receptive
to their messages.
An exhibitor builds up his stand for the The platform guides people
Horti Fair in Amsterdam on Monday. The through the process of designing
biggest horticultural fair in the world with ads and then launches advertis-
more than 900 exhibitors from 50 ing campaigns with budgets as
countries will open tomorrow. AFP PHOTO low as 25 dollars.
MySpace gets 25 cents each
time someone “clicks” on Inter-
net links build into display ads,
meaning a budget of 25 dollars
could last until 100 people visited
an advertiser’s website.

Eliminating barriers
“This is democratising the on- MySpace gets 25 cents each time someone clicks on its internet
line display market and opening links
it up to the 20 million-plus small
businesses in the United States, with the targeting capability we interested.
millions of bands and thousands offer.” MySpace uses information pro-
of politicians looking for votes in While online ad platforms at vided by users to let advertisers
November,” MySpace spokes- Internet powerhouses such as send banner ads to social net-
man Jeff Berman told AFP. Google let advertisers buy “key working community members
“We are eliminating the bar- words” to target ads depending based on gender, age, location
riers to entry in the banner ad on terms used in searches, and interests. ■
market. MyAds targets ads at people busi- .
You have the reach you need nesses think will be most AFP

This handout combination of pictures work connects six locations ders. The news comes as a U.K.
released on October 13 by the Korea across Vienna and in the nearby banking group revealed that
Institute of Science and Technology shows town of St. Poelten, using 200 km phishing attacks were up more
Mahru, a new robot, dancing in the of standard commercial fibre op- than 180 per cent in a year.
institute’s showroom in Seoul. The robot tic cables. Quantum cryptogra-
developed by the state-funded Korea
Institute of Science and Technology can
phy is completely different from
the kinds of security schemes
Virgin customers
move its lips, eyebrows and even pupils
freely to make faces and can emit two
used on computer networks
lose email access
kinds of fragrances to match its emotions. It Virgin customers have spent
can move upper body parts freely while
walking on its legs. AFP PHOTO
Phishing for bank four days cut-off from their email
after an alleged spam attack. The
Unbreakable details problem affected a company
which processes messages deli-
STOCKTRACK computer security Fraudsters are taking advan-
tage of the global financial tur-
vered through the plat-
form, according to the BBC. All
11329.11 3490.70 moil, government and security legitimate emails were held back
closer to experts tell the BBC. The U.S. so the spam could be removed, a
Federal Trade Commission (FTC) Virgin Media spokesman said.E-
7.61 6.04 realisation issued a warning saying phishing mails were gradually being deli-
Perfect secrecy has come a step hackers were using the credit vered now the fault was cleared,
closer with the launch of the crunch to extractvaluable infor- he added. He said these messages
world’s first computer network mation from consumers. A U.K. should now have been available
protected by unbreakable quan- parliamentary group said it ex- but access via web mail may have
tum encryption at a scientific pected a move away from ID theft been taking longer to restore.
conference in Vienna. The net- towards attacks on account hol- WENN
Tuesday, October 14, 2008
Websites of the day
Online sitcom US $ 48.14

SOURCE: RBI Pound 82.73
A portrait for every day Euro 65.63
100 Yen 47.96

Cycle rickshaws to ride on solar power

Soleckshaw to be “The most important achieve-
ment will be improving the lot of
Rickshaws have to be
seen as a part of the
a key transport rickshaw drivers,” said Pradip
Kumar Sarmah, head of the non- solution for modern
link at the 2010 profit Centre for Rural Develop-
traffic woes and
Commonwealth Environment-friendly
Games in India has an estimated eight
million cycle rickshaws. The ma- “Pedalling the rickshaw was ve-
New Delhi keover includes FM radios and
power points for charging mobile
ry difficult for me,” said Bappa
Chatterjee, 25, who migrated to
phones during rides. Gone are the capital from West Bengal and

t’s been touted as a solution the flimsy metal and wooden is one of the 500,000 pullers in
to urban India’s traffic woes, frames that give the regular Delhi Delhi.
chronic pollution and fossil rickshaws a tacky, sometimes du- “I used to suffer chest pains
fuel dependence, as well as an bious look. and shortage of breath going up
escape from back-breaking hu- The “soleckshaw,” which has a inclines.
man toil. top speed of 15 kilometres (9.3 This is so much easier.”
A state-of-the-art, solar po- miles) per hour, has a sturdier Mohammed Matin Ansari, an-
wered version of the humble cy- frame and sprung, foam seats for other migrant from eastern Bihar
cle rickshaw promises to deliver up to three people. The fully- state, said the new model offered
on all this and more. The “soleck- charged solar battery will power parity with car, bus and scooter
shaw,” unveiled this month in the rickshaw for 50 to 70 kilo- drivers.
New Delhi, is a motorised cycle metres (30 to 42 miles). Used bat- “Now we are as good as them,”
rickshaw that can be pedalled teries can be deposited at a
Soleckshaw is an eco-friendly urban transport. AFP PHOTO
he said. Indian authorities have
normally or run on a 36-volt solar centralised solar-powered charg- big dreams for the “soleckshaw.”
battery. ing station and replaced for a Going places of automobiles using fossil fuels,” India’s Science and Technolo-
Developed by the state-run nominal fee. she said. gy Minister Kapil Sibal who
Centre for Scientific and Indus- If the tests go well, the “soleck- “Rickshaws have to be seen as a Initial public reaction to the hailed the invention for its “zero
trial Research (CSIR), prototypes shaw” will be a key transport link part of the solution for modern “soleckshaw” has been generally carbon foot print” said it should
are receiving a baptism of fire by between sporting venues at the traffic woes and pollution. They favourable, and the rickshaw be used beyond the confines of
being road-tested in Old Delhi’s 2010 Commonwealth Games in have never been the problem. pullers have few doubts about its Delhi. ■
Chandni Chowk area. New Delhi. The problem is the proliferation benefits. AFP

Festival count
Honey, no Goa for X-Mas
Airfares to Goa already up; ranging between
쑸 Rs. 8,715 and Rs. 19,400 from Delhi
A potter
paints the
‘Karva’, a
I f you are planning to fly to Goa
this Christmas, you may be in
for an expensive surprise. That is,
“Trend for the last many years
suggests that a lot of people
would fly to Goa. Even the hotels
special pot even if you book tickets now as rates are high during that time,”
used during air fares to the holiday destina- Spicejet Chief Commercial Offi-
Karva tion have already sky rocketed. cer Samyukta Sridharan said.
Chouth, a The minimum fare from Delhi That may be the reason why
festival of to Goa for December 24, the day tickets from low-cost carriers are
married that practically marks the begin- not coming cheap either. Inter-
women, in ning of the Christmas and New estingly, the budget airlines tick-
Bhopal on Year Celebrations, has already ets are higher than full-service
Monday touched Rs. 8,715. The maximum carriers in most cases.
PHOTO: goes up to Rs. 19,400. The mini- For instance, the minimum
A.M. FARUQUI mum from Mumbai is Rs. 3,228, fare ex-Delhi on SpiceJet on De-
while the maximum can go up to cember 24 is Rs. 10,724, going up
Rs. 23, 910. The fares are inclusive to Rs. 13,824 while the Indigo
of taxes. ticket would cost Rs. 12,024 as
Considering minimum ticket compared to Rs. 8,715 on King-
price to the coastal state ranges fisher and Rs. 9,724 on Jet Air-
only between Rs. 4,400 and Rs. ways. The tickets for travel
4,500 from Delhi for different air- between December 22 and Janu-
lines anytime in November, air ary 2 would be higher and people
travel would be at least twice as are willing to buy those tickets,
expensive during the festival time Sridharan added. ■
in December. PTI
06 VILLAGE ERGO Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Ice Age mammoth

The woolly mammoth, extinct since the
Ice Age, had tusks almost 16 feet high.

Computers still Over 100 sick as too many

cooks spoil broth
not quite good Some 170 wedding banquet guests were rushed to hospital
when powdered rust remover was added to the pot instead
of salt after they all decided it needed spicing up a bit. The

enough to fool bride’s proud father invited friends and relatives to the
banquet at a village in northern Hebei province on Friday,
the night before the wedding, the Beijing News said. “All

food was stewed in a big pot but after dinner started, all of
them felt the taste was too bland,” the newspaper said.
Someone added what he or she thought was salt – several
times. An hour later, the guests were being rushed to

ill computers ever be cle- Though all the ACEs managed Reuters
verer than humans? No to fool at least one of their human
one knows. But for now, interrogators, none could pass
at least, they are not so the threshold set by British math-
smarter to fool people, a test has ematician Alan Turing in 1950 of Pak woman becomes first Asian
shown. fooling 30 per cent of human in-
In the experiment, known as terrogators, The Daily Telegraph to skydive from 29,480 feet
Turing Test, scientists tested six reported. Namira Saleem, who is training to become Pakistan’s
computers to see if these ma- The winning machine, known first astronaut, has become the first Asian to skydive
chines could actually pass them- as Elbot, could only achieve a 25 from a height higher than Mount Everest. Saleem
selves off as humans by holding per cent success rate. Prof Kevin skydived from a height of 29,480 feet. “That included
conversations with people. Warwick of the University of one minute of free fall, meaning I had to open the
In fact, the experiment, per- Reading, who organised the test, parachute one minute after jumping from the
formed by conducting a text- said: “This has been a very excit- aircraft,” she told BBC Urdu. For a moment, she said,
based conversation on any sub- ing day with two of the machines she felt as though she was ‘suspended’ in the air. She
ject, involved six ACEs or getting very close to passing Tur- became the first Pakistani to reach the North and
Artificial Conversational Entities ing Test for the first time. South poles in April 2007 and January 2008
which tried to fool human inter- “This demonstrates how close respectively. Saleem said she did not need a lot of
rogators into thinking they were machines are getting to reaching training for the jump and that she did it with only a
also human. the milestone of communicating few weeks of exercise.
Each interrogator has two with us in a way in which we are PTI
screens and talks with a human comfortable.
and a machine at the same time. That eventual day will herald a
If they cannot tell the difference, new phase in our relationship
the test is passed and the ACE can
be said to be ‘thinking’.
with machines.” ■
Two scuffling professors suspended from work
Two Chinese professors, Yang Fan and Jin Shuren,
were suspended from their jobs at the China
University of Political Science and Law after
Scientists tested getting into an argument. Yang claims Jin
plagiarised passages in her book, China’s Human
six computers Resources Strategies in the 21st century. In a blog
to see if these entry posted by Yang on Sunday on the
machines portal, he said he had received emails
from an unnamed student, which disclosed
could actually plagiarism in Jin’s book. Yang said those emails
pass themselves claimed up to 60 per cent of the book was
plagiarised from a student’s doctorate paper.
off as humans Yang’s blog said Jin, in turn, reported him for
by holding plagiarising students’ work.
with people
China milk scandal companies apologise
Three Chinese dairy companies have publicly
apologised for their involvement in a toxic milk
scandal that has killed at least four children
and led to Chinese-made products pulled from
shelves around the world. Inner Mongolia Yili
Industrial Group, Mengniu Dairy and Bright
Dairy Group were found earlier to have
produced milk contaminated with melamine.
The scandal has savaged the companies’ share
prices and prompted Seattle-based coffee chain
Starbucks Corp to pull Mengniu milk from its
300-plus stores last month. “I feel I have let
everybody down. I have done so much, yet still
done wrong,” said Mengniu’s marketing chief.
Tuesday, October 14, 2008
Legal addict This day, that year
It is not against the law in the U.S. to It was in October 14, 1854 that the
be a drug addict. In 1962, the Supreme world’s first baby show was held at
Court called imprisonment for being an Springfield, Ohio.
addict cruel and unusual punishment
prohibited by the Bill of Rights.

Gemstone auction a new trend

Mumbai-based art and jewellery house Ma Passion is gearing up to hold an auction of sculptures of
precious and semiprecious stones

fter paintings, sculptures said PTI just before a preview of
and installations it is now select auction pieces in the cap-
the turn of gemstone sculp- ital.
tures to go the auction way. Traditionally the market for
Mumbai-based art and jewel- gemstone carvings has been fa-
lery house Ma Passion is gearing mous in the US and Germany,
up to hold an auction of sculp- says Poddar. “Collecting is a
tures of precious and semipre- niche market and has been fa-
cious stones with the hope of mous in the US but is fast catch-
reviving the ancient craft of gem- ing on in India too. The collectors
stone carving said to have been have always been either royalty
handed down from the Mughals or high net worth individuals,” he
to the traditional Kumawat com- says.
munity in Jaipur. Jamwal, whose book on the an-
“The auction of these miniatur- cient art focusing on the artist
es would be treated as conven- from Kumawat is scheduled to be
tional art,” says Dinesh Poddar, released soon, says, On October
managing director of MaPassion, 22, the crystal ballroom at the Taj
a listed company. Mahal would be host to the auc-
Curated by art expert and au- tion in an ambiance that recre-
thor Nisha Jamwal the auction ates a Jaipur Palace in the
later this month would include 55 backdrop of Rajasthani paintings
lots of hand-carved statues in- and Bandhini handwoven de-
cluding among others, an emer- signs done on rubies and emer-
ald Ganesha with 1,000 mice, a alds among other gemstones.
crystal Buddha under the Bodhi Pieces in the miniature collec-
tree and several nature-based tion of rubies,emeralds, quartz
themes such as fishes and a and opals are priced between Rs
group of flying horses. 45,000 to as much as several
“The intricate and painstaking- lakhs. A rose quartz stone carving
ly handcrafted ancient craft of In- of Shiv Parivar and a light green
dia of gemstone carving is on its Siddartha statue are both pegged
way to become extinct. The craft- at Rs 25 lakh.
smen are now a dying breed due ■ Sculptures made from precious and semi precious stones.
to a lack of patronage,” Jamwal PTI

Tiniest walking robot Go, Jets, go

unveiled in Japan
T oy manufacturer Tomy Co. has
unveiled the world’s smallest
walking robot in Japan. The hu-
man-shaped Robo-Q, which is
not bigger than a thumb, can kick
a football, find its way out of a
maze and dodge unexpected ob-
stacles, reports the Telegraph.
The two-legged micro robot,
which stands only 3.4 cm high, is
fitted with artificial intelligence
enabling it to navigate and play
Built-in infrared sensors also
enable the Robo-Q to walk
around objects placed in its path.
Robo-Q’s ability to kick and
pass a ball, with the use of a re-
mote control, means the toy The tiny creation was among
could be used to play miniature more than 100 different types of
table football. robots being showcased by com-
The robot is available in four panies, academics and organisa-
different colours and will be sold tions during Robo Japan 2008, a
쒀 A fan of The New York Jets cheers during their game against the Cincinnati
in Japan from next February for three-day convention of all things
Bengals on Sunday at Giants Stadium in East Rutherford, New Jersey. AFP PHOTO
21 pounds before being released robotic, held in Yokohama. ■
in Europe. ANI
08 SPORT ERGO Tuesday, October 14, 2008

ICC Academy
Former Test cricketers Dayle Hadlee and Mudassar Nazar will join Rod Marsh at
the ICC Global Cricket Academy (GCA) in Dubai to train and develop the best
talent in world cricket. According to an International Cricket Council
statement, both Hadlee and Nazar would relocate at the Dubai Sports City to
take up their positions in early 2009.

Jeev rises to 55th spot

The fourth place finish in the Indian Open, his best
show in Delhi, pushed Jeev Milkha Singh three places
up to 55 as the Indian inched

towards a top 50 re-entry in the
latest world golf rankings issued
on Monday. Jeev, battling
through a stiff neck, on Sunday
posted his best show at the Delhi
Golf Course which has been less-
than-kind to him in the past.
Though Jeev’s 12-under aggregate

declares innocence
was still four shots adrift of what eventual winner
Liang Weng-Chong totalled, it was enough to see
him jump from his previous week’s 58th position.
Compatriot Jyoti Randhawa, meanwhile, continues
his freefall in the ranking ladder and his tied 57th
place finish in the Indian Open, which he had won
thrice in the past, saw him slip 11 rungs to 126.

Racism woes F1 tussle hots up

A friendly fixture between England and Spain is set
to be moved from its scheduled venue of Madrid
next year over fears that racism could again become

the overriding feature of the match. The last time razilian Felipe Massa has declared
England played Spain in Madrid, in 2004, sections of himself innocent of deliberately ramming
the crowd at the Bernabeu stadium rained racist into Lewis Hamilton during a heated after-
chants down on some of England’s players. Shaun math to Sunday’s Japanese Grand Prix.
Wright-Phillips was abused – along with Ashley Many observers suggested that the Ferrari driver
Cole, Rio Ferdinand, Jermain Defoe and Jermaine turned into the Briton on purpose when they
Jenas. The Spanish Federation were eventually fined crashed during the second lap of the Fuji
56,000 euros. And with England striker Emile Heskey Speedway showdown in order to wreck
a recent victim of racist monkey chants on the part the McLaren car and Hamilton’s
of some Croatia fans during their recent World Cup hopes of glory. But Massa, who
qualifier, England’s FA are keen to avoid having to was handed a drive-through
play in the Spanish capital. Although an official penalty for his part in their colli-
agreement is yet to be reached between the FA and sion, hit back.
their Spanish counterparts. “He (Hamilton) braked very
AFP late and I braked very late, and
then I was a little bit wide in the
first part of the corner,” he said.
“Then he had my inside line
ECB appoints Waqar and pushed me a little bit wide
in the gravel, and then I went
as bowling coach with the wheels on the gravel
Former Pakistan pacer Waqar Younis has accepted but the next corner was on the
an offer from the England and Wales Cricket Board left. Then we just touched
to tour India with their academy team as a bowling each other, so in my opinion
consultant. “They asked me if I could accompany it was a racing incident. But
their academy team which is going to tour a work we (Ferrari) had a drive-
with young bowlers,” Waqar said in Toronto where through and we paid – and
he is commentating on the four-nation Twenty20 it is a bit difficult to speak
tournament. “They felt that with my experience of after the race when we have
subcontinent pitches and having played in India I already had the
would be able to play a part in developing their drive-through.”
bowlers,” he said.
Pakistan’s former leg spinner Blame game
Mushtaq Ahmed has also Asked if he had rammed
accepted a role as bowling into Hamilton deliberately,
consultant with the ECB for next Massa responded: “For sure
year. Waqar said he was willing not, I had two wheels on the
to work as a coach with the gravel. I could not stop the
Pakistan team if the right offer car and I was on the gravel
was made to him. “I have a lot because he pushed me into
of respect for the new chairman, the gravel.” And in a state-
Ejaz Butt. If he has something in ment that stoked up the
mind I will definitely consider a coaching position fires of their rivalry in the
with the team,” the former captain said. Waqar world title battle, Massa
stepped down as bowling coach of the Pakistan then added that he felt
team before the 2007 World Cup after differences the penalty meted out to
with the former Chairman Nasim Ashraf. Hamilton for the first cor-
PTI ner incident was, however,
fair. ■
Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Terrorists rely on support from the masses because that’s where they get
their recruits, and cricket is a game which is so loved and there’s such
passion in Pakistan. The terrorists know that if a cricket match is bombed, they’ve
had it. The public will just turn against them.
Imran Khan

Kick of a victory

inning the Nehru Cup last
year has ushered Indian foot-
ball to a new age. And with a
host of spirited youngsters
coming in to support the evergreen
skipper Bhaichung Bhutia, Indian
football may at last be moving in the
right direction.
With Delhi lad Sunil Chetri forging
a deadly combination with the skip-
per, the Indians are slowly rising from
their sleep. Chetri came into the fore-
front and established himself as one
of the top goal scorers in the country,
notching up four goals in the compe-
tition. “I think all credit goes to our
coach Bob Houghton for our Nehru
Cup triumph. He instilled a sense of
confidence in all of us and for the first
time we had started believing that we PHOTO: RAJEEV BHATT
could win a game. Look at me, for
example. I have played for the top other and the sup-
clubs in the country over the last cou- port staff of both the Sunil Chetri
ple of years but was always lacking teams had to inter-
something when it came to interna- vene. recalls
tional duty,” Chetri says. ging on the “The victory in the final was the re-
India scored a total of 12 goals in home team, NP Pradeep put India sult of teamwork. We were supporting India’s
the competition and their superior
conversion rate was one of the main
ahead two minutes from the lemon-
each other to make our way through
and worked on every minute detail of
Nehru Cup
reasons behind their success. They Chetri, who had troubled the Syrian the game and were also able to imple- final
only lost to South-West Asian giants defence with his quick burst of pace, ment it on the field,” he says. “I think
Syria 2-3 in their group league en- drifted towards the left flank and we tried to be very positive and it against the
counter as the diminutive Indians the final, the 112th-ranked Syrians floated a cross for Bhutia, who head- helped that we didn’t concede any
were muscled out by the tough, taller were clearly the favourites and the ed it down for an onrushing Pradeep early goals. That put them under im- taller,
Arabs. “Syria was way ahead of us in question was how meekly the Indians to fire home a bullet past Syrian cus- mense pressure.”
FIFA rankings and they could com- would surrender. But a determined todian Mowssab Blahowss. With an acrobatic Subrata Paul in stronger
pete with the Europeans in stature
and physique and we lost most of the
Indian side took the fight to their
much fancied opponents and frus-
The visitors were clearly rattled and
Wael Ayan kicked Surkumar Singh in
goal and heroics from man-of-the-
match Mahesh Gawli in defence, the
and higher-
50-50 challenges in our group game,” trated their opponents for the greater the groin in the first half injury time Indians held on to their lead and ranked
Chetri recalls. part of the first half with a stoic de- after losing out on a tussle. Hell broke etched one of India’s best perfor-
When the two sides met again in fence. With a 16,000-strong crowd eg- loose as the players clashed with each mances on the football field. ■ Syrians

“With the current FTP due to finish in May 2012,

ICC board to meet in Dubai the ICC Board will discuss the concept of an
Umpire review system, possibility of an alternative structure to bilateral tours, including
“enhanced” Test championship and Indian Cricket the possibility of an enhanced Test championship.
League’s impending plea for recognition will top The concept is something that has been previously
the agenda when the ICC Board gathers in Dubai looked into by both the Chief Executives’
for a two-day meeting starting from Tuesday. The Committee and the ICC Board during meetings in
ICC Board will review a report on the umpire Dubai in June/July and September,” the ICC said.
decision review system, which was put on trial The postponed Champions Trophy in Pakistan
during the India-Sri Lanka Test series earlier this would also be on the agenda and ICC Chief
year. “If it deems it appropriate, the Board will Executive Haroon Lorgat will brief the Board on
nominate four series for further trials of the how the event can be slotted into the FTP next
system between now and the meeting of the ICC’s year. The ICL’s plea for recognition will also be
Cricket Committee, due to take place in April/May discussed with ICC President David Morgan
next year,” the governing body said in a scheduled to report to the Board on his
statement. Besides, the Board will also consider discussions with the rebel league’s owner Subhash
revamping the Future Tours Programme after the Chandra.
current FTP ends in 2012. PTI
10 FLICK ERGO Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Supply and no demand

Victoria and David Beckham have been hit by the global credit
crunch, and they are unable to sell off their Madrid mansion. The
couple’s five-bedroom villa, which Victoria (34) dubbed as the Casa
Beckham, has been up for sale for 17 months, and there has not
been a buyer interested in buying the 5-million-pound mansion.

Friends in need
Brazilian model Gisele Bundchen has found the perfect
team mates to shoot a new music video with – her ex-
beau Leonardo Dicaprio’s best friends.
Bundchen and actor/musician Lukas Haas can both be
seen making their cameos in alternative rockers
Blackcowboy’s new Come On promo, the Daily Express
The shooting of the scenes for the video is said to have
taken place on Los Angeles’ Melrose Avenue on October
9. The model gelled with Blackcowboy stars Jonah
Johnson and Richard Woods when she was dating
DiCaprio. ■

A Halloween

pumpkin for
L indsay Lohan is planning

elebrity couple Jennifer Lopez and thing,” People magazine quoted a source to dress up as the
Marc Anthony have renewed their as saying. Republican vice-
wedding vows away from the public “They decided around 12:30 in the morn- presidential nominee Sarah
eye in Las Vegas. ing that they wanted to do it and started Palin for Halloween.
The duo, who tied the knot more than calling for ministers,” the source added. According to pals of the
four years ago, repeated their promises and Both singers, who attended Criss Angel’s actress, the costume will
commitments to each other at Caesars Pal- new ‘Cirque Du Soleil’ show ‘Believe’, were include the glasses, the
ace’s Forum Tower Penthouse at 3:15 a.m. thought to be in the city to mark the occa- perky red suit and ample
on October 12. sion of Anthony’s birthday last month – lat- cleavage, reports the New
They decided on their renewal ceremony, er supposed as a disguise. A source, who York Daily News.
witnessed by two friends, after having spoke to the couple, said: “(Marc) said they What’s more, Lohan’s gal
spent the night at Pure Nightclub, a repre- were in town for his birthday and they pal Sam Ronson is
sentative for the hotel confirmed. wanted to celebrate.” ■ considering dressing as
“It was totally a spur of the moment ANI Palin’s hubby, Todd, to
complete the package.
Recently, the Mean Girls

Knotted, again star railed against the

Alaska governor on her
MySpace blog, calling her a
“narrow-minded, media-
obsessed homophobe.” ■
Jennifer Lopez and Marc Anthony renew their wedding vows
Tuesday, October 14, 2008
The Beatles’ Ringo Starr won’t sign autographs anymore!
Former Beatle Ringo Starr has told his fans not to send him mails requesting for autographs
because he would soon stop signing them. The drummer, hailed for his signature ‘peace and love’
symbol, said that all fan mail would be thrown away as trash after October 20 since he was busy
with a lot of work.

C r u z ’ i n g
No ‘ Cine City
pa s t t h i s d
s angere
Cruz ha r
enelope hts activists afte

P im a l ri g , th e
an Manolete a leg-
signing o u t
film ab s gored
Spanish a
a ta d o r who w e peak
endary m a bullring at th
to death e. rs
is fa m mpaigne
of h
-b u ll fi g hting ca articipa-
Anti t her p
happy a celebrates the
are not th a t
tion in a . the
cruel sp
o rt z plays
th e m ovie, Cru upe Sino,
In ss L
us actre yed by
voluptuo ‘Manolete’, pla , had
w h o m ro d y
with rien B
s c a r w inner Ad th e 1 940s.
O in
nt affair lete, a
a turbule kers of Mano ction
The m a pro u d
is h -B ri tish in Britis
Spa e shown ar, insist
which w il l b
early ne
xt ye
were Mani Rathnam’s team in crisis
cinemas er of its stars hting We hear that the Forest Department of Kerala has
e it h fi g
that n l of bull
approva and filed a case against director Mani Rathnam for
showing part in the film roles felling the trees to erect a grand set within the
in g th e
by tak cted to
ply attra Malayur forest in Kerala. Sources said the forest
were sim g story. cam- officer was shocked to see the felled trees and
by a stro r, animal rights g at- immediately stopped the shooting. The film has
Howev e in
n launch Cruz
have bee y Abhishek Bachchan, Aishwarya Rai and Vikram
paigners e pair, especiall s on playing the lead roles.
c k s o n th u g h t w a
th e y had tho
who ucer
e. ish prod
their sid ’s Span z, of Lola-
Th e fi lm
Vicente the film would
Andres ts th a t
sis g.
films, in urise bullfightin sto-
not gla m o
b o u t a love
a film a d show
“This is no bloo olving a
e re is
ry. Th ne inv
one sce ow the
There is ut it does not sh
h t b w ay did
bullfig ri n g . In no l-
su ff e ,” The Te
u ff e r fo r this film saying.
bulls s im, as
uoted h volvement of
egraph q e in
He said
th lm did
B ro d y in the fi bull-
d d
Cruz an supporte at the
n they
not mea d pointed out th that
an st
fighting s said in the pa
s s h a
osed it. le be-
she opp pe took the ro good
“P e n e lo l b e a
it wil
e thinks
cause sh ez said.
om AS In-
film,” G samitjana, of C t an-
Jordi C a e s
e’s larg
a ti o n a l, Europ a ti o n , said:
g h ti n g organis d or the
ti-bull fi
“The film and Franco a
m a k e
s the ma nd the Sneha dreams of
y inevi-
good gu e bad guys, so t of a
Fascists l make a hero o for a
u National Award
il ls
tably it w tortures anima Actress Sneha, who celebrated her birthday on
o ee any
man wh n if we do not s bull- Sunday, has expressed her dream to bag a National
. E v e a k e Award. The actress has said she never aimed for an
living will m
ll s s u ff ering, it d th in g.” ■ award in the movies she has acted so far. “Now I
b u m a go o ANI
n g s e e feel that the time is ripe for me to aim for the

coveted award,” Sneha has said. Right now, she is

busy shooting for the remake of Telugu movie
attack on

t s la u n c h Vyjayanthi IPS that had Vijayashanthi playing the

Animal ac
tivis Cruz over
lead role in the original version. On the occasion of
Penelope ghter film her birthday, Sneha donated rice and grain to the
inmates of Bala Vihar home in Kilpauk.
12 SCAN ERGO Tuesday, October 14, 2008

around crazy
Monday’s Question: Jaya Bharathi,
If you had an office genie, ■ I would make the genie drop a sleeping
what would you make him pill in my boss’s cup of morning coffee.
Akila B,
to do? Hexaware Technologies

■ Ask genie to do all the work and I will ■ Route all my managers call to his mobile.
take leave. Hema,
Ramesh, Wipro.
Perot systems.
■ I will request him/her to do all my office
■ Ask him to make anyone of my work without the knowledge of my
colleagues get little sick only on my off manager.
days. So that I can get comp off and extra Sundeep
salary. HCL Tech
■ Genie would clone me and do all office
■ Ask him to create a rest room with ultra works.. I would enjoy the other life!
comfy beds to relax after the tiring bus Prabu ,
travel. Satyam
Preep TCS
■ I will ask him to shift the office to beside Karthikeyan of Hexaware Technologies Limited has nominated his
■ I would request him to disable the access my room colleagues as partners in crime. They clicked this pic at the Hexa-
cards for all the people in the office so Mohammed Shafeeq, ware Siruseri Campus.
that no one is able to enter the office :-) CSS
■ My office work and my appraisal form.
■ Make my boss my subordinate. Jags,
JMP Polaris

■ Genie will be my all time shuttle. No bus ■ Genie will attend meetings with my boss
journey. Will appear and disappear while I do my job at my desk.
whenever I want R Suresh,
9940034218 CGSL

■ I would ask the Genie to create a ■ I’ ll ask the genie to make my boss have
duplicate (clone) of testing team people, so a selective amnesia so that he forgets me
that they would never ever raise any whenever I miss my project deadline..
defects against my code. 9840964540
Satheesh K.C.,
Cognizant ■ I’ll ask genie 2 hang d person upside
down 4 whole day, who shows partiality in
■ I would ask him to debug my programs, office.
which I don’t think is even possible for a Subhransu,
genie! :) Hexaware Arun Gopal J of Infosys Technologies has nominated his team as
SE TEAM, partners in crime. The picture was clicked while trekking in Rottika-
POLARIS. ■ Make my bosses to remember about me lu, Western Ghats.
only at the time of appreciation and
■ Request for one beautiful girl in my awards.
team, Gosh! we gotta depend on genies Prince
for this. – Rc
Awaiting Chennai Infoscion
■ To signal me when ever my pm
■ Hey genie, act as my PL and I want to cross\Comes to my place.
kick u off. Sirikrish
Ergo Pick
■ I would ask him to make all the systems ■ I would ask him to make my boss inhale
in my office disappear. nitrous oxide (laughing gas), whenever I’m
9940212246 caught for a mistake..
■ I would free him upon granting me one
wish. “Make my boss a genie that would
grant all my wishes.”
Today’s Query:
Ranjit Kumar L The most hilarious incident
■ I would ask the genie to give mock fire you came across in office. KrishnaKumar Prabhu.N of Caliber Point and his partners in
crime. They clicked this pic at Kodaikanal.
alarms frequently to see people running
Tuesday, October 14, 2008

■ Dear Swetha,
Wish you many more happy returns of the day. May
the coming year be the best in your life. God Bless
Today’s Ning Updates you.
Warm Birthday wishes from Team BI.
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Many More Happy Returns of the Day...
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Pirandha naal nalvazhthukal... I wish u all the best
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Man sets sail in paper boat

A Chinese schoolteacher is preparing to cross the 112
mile (180 kilometre)-wide Taiwan Straits in a paper
boat. Zhu Yalin, a chemistry teacher in Meishan,
Sichuan province, built the craft entirely out of paper
and used glue made of cooked flour soup.


Chethan Raj of
Satyam happened
to encounter the
big cat at
Forest in
Bangalore. The
tiger was only two
feet away. Wo!

Click Pick is
Wildlife Week till
October 15. Make
sure you send your
best nature
photographs for
the coming issues,
and also tell us
why the fauna is
So you think you would make a terrific photographer but never really had the
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Tuesday, October 14, 2008
Word’s worth
Hopping mad "Gammerstang" (gam-er-stang) a tall, awakward
A Swedish man has been arrested after woman. Related words aregomerel, ’fool,
failing to rob a bank wearing a blue simpleton,’ and gamphrel, ’blockhead’. Without the
rabbit-outfit. ’awkward’ part, such a person could be described
asleptosomatic, ’lean and tall.’



Today, you may be in a mood to sacrifice for
others. At office, you might have to indulge to sort
out trivial matters. You may be in a mood to do
creative tasks. Love life may require adjustments. If
you learn to relinquish, your partner may like it.


You may be tempted to have ‘quick gains’ out of
minimal efforts. To do so, you may try some short-
cuts. You will be in a commanding position in the
love life but you will not dominate partner, instead
you will try to keep him or her in emotional clutch.


This is the best day to do some work related to
BORN LOSER data entry. You will be little confused about how to
handle your work but if you think quietly, you will
surely find a way. You may be very much tempted
to meet your life partner as soon as the day is over.
It is best day to take up creative tasks. You are
likely to be guided by instincts. You will be less
practical and more creative. Ganesha finds you
chilling out with the dear one at the end of the day
but expression of love will be very dramatic.
LEO JULY 21 - AUG 20
You would not be able to finish off desired work in
given timeframe. But you will try to achieve targets.
Superiors may pressurise you to finish off particular
work, which may bother you. At the end of the day,
you are going to have a ball time with your lover.
Although you are very intelligent, today you may
FREE RANGE WORKING IT OUT feel that nothing is working in your favour. You
may need to put in extra effort at office. Be cool
and friendly. You will try your level best to meet
your lover’s demands, selflessly.
You may be very much dedicated to your work.
People around you will appreciate your work and
attitude to adjust in difficult situations. You will
wish to spend quite time with someone you love
the most. You will receive due care from beloved.
You will be so much engrossed in work that you
may even forget to have lunch! Your positive
qualities may come to the fore. You will enjoy time
with ‘someone special’. Cupid is ready with the
arrow, just let him shoot it!
While you are at work, domestic responsibilities may
keep demanding your attention. A professional whin
you requires freedom. But don’t lose the temper
even with a phone call from the family. At the end
of the day, you will try to please your partner.
You may now think about ending one cycle of work
schedule and want to move on to the next. Ensure
that all steps are done at first level. The day is
good for reviewing everything. You will enjoy nice
discussions with your loved one.
PREVIOUS You are a planner and you always prefer to work at
your time in the environment that you prefer. Today,
ISSUE’S you might have to perform in given environment!
Ganesha feels that it is slightly challenging day.
SOLUTIONS Love life will be full of soothing conversations.
By the Grace of Ganesha, you will experience a
positive change in your personality. You will be
more attached to the organisation. In family life you
may try to provide helping hand. If you are in a
relationship, you will enjoy raindrops of love.
Predictions by Bhavesh N. Pattni
16 ! ERGO Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Water works
A Chinese man can write calligraphy with water he
shoots from his eyes. Ru Anting, 56, of Luoyang,
Henan province, sucks up the water with his nose
and then sprays it through his tear ducts.

Men are dogs

Candlelight dinner
and locusts?
Prince Harry and girlfriend Chelsy
Davy enjoyed a romantic dinner
with a wild menu consisting of
zebras, crocodiles, and wildebeest.
The couple spent the evening
having a merry time while
sampling boastful delicacies such as garlic
A new study shows that dogs adopt similar
locusts and chocolate-covered scorpions at
the Archipelago restaurant in London’s West
courting techniques as humans
Starting with crocodile fillet seared in vine
leaves with a plum dipping sauce, the duo
then relished seared zebra with a port,
juniper and blackcurrant sauce for main
course at 20 pounds.
“Neither seemed fazed by the menu. They
were loving it,” News of the World quoted a
diner as saying.

Shark gives virgin birth

Scientists have used DNA testing to verify
that a female blacktip shark in Virginia, US,
fertilized her own egg without mating with
a male shark, a process which has been
dubbed as ‘virgin birth’. According to a
report in National Geographic News, this is
the second time scientists have used DNA
testing to verify shark parthenogenesis -
the process that allows females of some
species to produce offspring without sperm.
The female shark, dubbed Tidbit, died
during a routine physical exam before the
pregnancy was identified. A necropsy - an
animal autopsy - after her death revealed
she was carrying a near-term pup foetus
that was about 12 inches (30 centimeters)
in length. “Every part of the fingerprint of
the embryo comes from the mother,’’

Chapman said. ‘‘In other words, there is no ust like men, dogs too know Ward, a lecturer in the Depart- cess. Perhaps males use self-han-
genetic material from a father,” said how to win ladies’ hearts - ment of Psychology at the Uni- dicapping with females in order
Demian Chapman, a researcher with the and that too from a young versity of Michigan and director to learn more about them and to
Institute for Ocean Conservation Science at age. of About Dogs LLC. She is also form close relationships with
Stony Brook University in New York. According to a new study, author of the forthcoming book, them -- relationships that might
ANI while playing, young dogs let the Relationship-Based Dog Train- later help males to secure future
female pups win, even if the ing. “We know that in feral dog mating opportunities,” the expert
males have a physical advantage. populations, female mate choice said. ■
They might lose the game in plays a role in male mating suc-
Sleep tight, bank right the short run, but they could win

Beds were once seen as the best places to at love in the future.
stash your goods, but with the global The experts found that male
recession gaining momentum, it is now dogs place themselves in poten-
being seen as the place to stash money. tially disadvantageous positions,
For many, the option to hide which could make them more
their savings in a bed is picking vulnerable to attack, and re-
up, as one bed-maker has searchers suspect the opportuni-
reported that he is getting many ty to play may be more important
enquiries from customers to them than winning.
regarding a ‘bed bank.’ In fact, the gentlemanly dog
The bed is made with a special behaviour is even accompanied
spring system, and it also ensures with a bow.
a good night sleep without fear “We found that self-handicap-
of the money being found. ping tends to occur in conjunc-
“Our beds are designed to provide the most tion with play bows,” the
comfortable and restful night’s sleep Discovery News quoted lead re-
possible and with the unique Miracoil searcher Camille Ward, as saying.
system nothing - not even a wad of cash - “A play bow is a signal that
can impact on the mattresses comfort,” the dogs use when they want to com-
Daily Express quoted Amanda Jones, municate playful intentions to a
Marketing Director at Silentnight, as saying. potential play partner,” added