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Technical/Monitoring Consultant ________________________________________________________ Overview
Are you interested in being a part of a fast-paced, and highly-skilled technology implementation team? CSS is seeking highly motivated individuals who are looking for a challenge. Team members have the opportunity to craft best-practice monitoring implementations with the goal of ensuring operational stability and excellence in a wide variety of environments and locations. On boarding would start with an intense training course and self-study followed by onsite shadowing (where possible) with a senior team member.

Duties and Responsibilities
The duties and responsibilities of the Consultant will include: • • • • • • • • Working at client sites and participating in the implementation of best-in-class monitoring software for critical, time-sensitive, and widely-varying environments Application of technical knowledge and concepts to monitoring design / recommendation Design of complex, multi-level monitoring dashboards and reports Self-management of critical project deliverables Ongoing learning and adoption of new monitoring technology features Assisting technical leadership in best practice reviews and improvements of methodology Proactive generation of new, unique, and novel implementation methods Strong willingness to travel

All applicants must have a strong technical background, per these qualifications (wide-ranging knowledge is highly-valued, but expert-level skills are not expected in every category): • • • • • • • VCP certification CCSP certification 1+ year practical experience in system administration and/or help-desk Excellent written and verbal communication skills Self-motivated attitude and ability to manage time carefully Project Management experience High attention to detail

It is preferred that candidates also have the following: • • Bachelor's degree Knowledge of / familiarity with a wide variety of hardware types: - Modern server-oriented focus - RAID, redundancy, failover, storage a plus

ports and sockets .Web servers (IIS. SSH.Windows Server 2003. UDP. LDAP) Some database administration knowledge a plus Some knowledge of Lua a plus . Solaris.Processes.Linux (UNIX. Resource consumption. and others a plus) Good grasp of OS fundamentals: .TCP. networking Knowledge of concepts relating to a wide variety of networking devices and protocols: . SNMP. 2008 R2 . MySQL). databases (SQL Server. firewall rules. Apache). Services. routers. WMI Knowledge of SQL. telnet. Performance counters. directory services (AD. gateways. 2008. ability to learn and adapt specific queries to client reporting needs Some familiarity with a wide variety of software a plus: . BSD.• • • • • • • Knowledge of / basic fluency with a wide variety of OS platforms: .Switches.

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