During the eclectic nineteen seventies Alexis Cole was an energetic young lady in her twenty's striving for a career as a high fashion model in Boston, Massachusetts. Attorney Michael Tompkins a Viet Nam veteran practicing criminal law in Boston when the murder case of Eric Rowen came across his desk. Alexis was charged with his demise, a simple open and shut case; she had amnesia with a stab wound corroborating self-defense... Michael took the case. After weeks working together their relationship grows erotically personal. The jury validates self-defense where by acquitting Alexis. Their heated romance advanced to images of marriage. Unfortunately, major character differences such as-Alexis being head strong and independent-Michael a Neanderthal chauvinistic thinking male... their union fails to transpire. Now four years later Jake Hunter, Eric's business associate and Alexis's want-to-be boyfriend is back on the scene targeting Alexis with serious reprisals

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