Title of Project: -- Decision Making in Artificial
intelligence with Fuzzy Logic.

Guide:-Prof. Dr. D.Singh Co-Guide:- Soumay Mukherjee

Members of this project: Ms Pinki Singh (CSE/02/08) Md. Afzal Nawab (CSE/33/08) Mr Mukesh Ranjan (CSE/01/08) Mr Vishal Chandra (CSE/06/08)

Introduction to Fuzzy Logic: -Fuzzy logic is a type of logic that recognizes more than simple true and false values. Fuzzy logic is a superset of conventional (Boolean) logic. The origin of fuzzy concepts is partly due to the fact that the human brain does not operate like a computer. Fuzzy means vague, imprecise, and ambiguous. It is a form of multi-valued logic. A fuzzy set is a pair (A, m) where A is a set and .

After in depth about fuzzy .Fuzzy sets are sets whose elements have degrees of membership.  Second module is to designing software for decision problems. Statement about problems: -Using fuzzy logic realistic acceptable imprecise (vague) are obtained. Aim & Objectives:- To study about Fuzzy Logic and its application. The main objective of this project is to solve various decisions making problems and model in Artificial Intelligence (AI) System. This project contains three important modules.  First module is to study about fuzzy logic and Artificial Intelligence.  To study about “Decision Making in Fuzzy logic”  To develop a decision making software using the concept of Fuzzy Logic. . The application of fuzzy sets gives realistic and acceptable solutions.we would like to apply the concept of devising some decision model and seek their solution.  Third module would be AI system and Fuzzy Expert system.

Conclusion: -- This project is aimed at learning the Fuzzy concept of solving realistic problems and designing Artificial Intelligence software for easy solution of complicated problems on computer. This will be a step forwards the development Fuzzy based realistic applications. Knuth. IT would be approached to make the software using MATLAB fuzzy box or C language. Lukasiewicz. There may be also tried to make it using JAVA so it would be platform independent. In 1974 Mamdani and Assilian used fuzzy logic to regulate a steam engine. A realistic approach to solve a problem related to it. . Zadeh and a presentation was given by him at the University of California at Berkeley in 1965. In 1985 researchers at Bell laboratories developed the first fuzzy logic chip. The concept of fuzzy logic was given by Lofti A. Methodology:-The system development life cycle we are using is Water Fall Model. Jfuzzy software can also be used for it. It has chosen the domain of Fuzzy set and Fuzzy logic.Review of literature:-It is a multivalued logic which was first proposed by philosophers and mathematician Plato.

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