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Chinese International School Student Council Constitution

I. Introduction
This constitution is intended to serve as a basis for a meaningful and effective student council in years to come. This constitution may be improved, changed or corrected by means of amendments by subsequent student councils. The writers of this constitution in the academic year 1991/1992 hope this document will lead to the better development of the Chinese International School and its students.

II. Elections

Class representatives: Elections for class representatives are held in September, at the
start of the school year, and December of each year. Exact dates and times of elections will be determined by the current student council. 2 representatives will be elected from each class (preferably one girl and one boy). Homeroom teachers will be responsible for the elections and will be given a one-week period during a homeroom period. Six students should be nominated by his or her classmates, and two representatives will be elected, through voting, form the six. The details of voting are the teacher's discretion, but the elections should be operated in a fair and orderly manner.

Officers: Elections for the four officer positions (president, vice-president, secretary and
treasurer) will be held at the end of the academic year before the newly elected officers hold their positions. One week before the Easter Holidays, eight nominees should be nominated during a specially arranged election assembly. The nominees shall have the Easter holidays to prepare campaign items (e.g. banners, posters). On returning form the holiday's nominees will have a one week period to campaign. The following week will be election week, where the nominees will be elected by the entire secondary division. Nominees must be Form 4 or above during election year. The four officers will hold their positions for the entire academic year.

III. Definition of Officers and Officer's Responsibilities:

1. President: The president of the Council shall be ultimately responsible for the overall
smooth operation of the Student council. Questions of policy should be directed to him/her. The president shall act as a liaison with the Administration and staff and the student body. All responsibilities not specifically assigned to other officers revert to the President. 2. Vice-President: Upon the absence of the President, the Vice-President shall take over his/her responsibilities. All affairs concerning this constitution shall be referred to the Vice President including procedural enquiries. The vice president shall also help to orient all new representatives. In general, the Vice President functions in a more behind the scenes capacity and often as a chairman of any committees that may be formed. 3. Secretary: The Secretary of the council is responsible for attendance, record keeping,

timing, minutes, tabulation of voting on proposals, announcement of meetings, and all other such matters. The secretary shall preside if all other officers are not present. Most importantly, the Secretary shall be responsible for maintaining a permanent record of council activities to be kept on file. 4. Treasurer: The Treasurer is completely responsible for the student council budget including its allocation and its administration. All budget issues are to be referred to the Treasurer. In the event ofthe President and Vice President's absence the Treasurer shall preside. It is also the responsibility of the Treasurer to make the Board ofTrustees aware of student feelings with regard to the actual investments ofthe school.

IV. Faculty Advisor(s)

The Headmaster shall appoint one or two faculty advisors to serve in an advisory capacity only. They may assist in the wording or presentation of a proposal to the administration, and may assist the President in the conferring with the administration and staff. Faculty advisors may offer advice and guidance to officers or representatives. Generally, the Faculty Advisor(s) is/are needed to assist in the smooth running of the council from year to year.

V. Attendance
Attendance at all meetings is mandatory. After three "un-excused" absences a representative shall receive a warning. The fourth such absence means expulsion form the council for the remainder of the year. A representative who has been expelled may stand for re-election in the next academic year. If a representative is ill from school for the whole day then the absence from the council meeting shall be designated as an "excused absence." In addition, if a representative has a pressing prior engagement he or she may notify the Secretary in advance who will take note and excuse the absence. At the end of each term, the Secretary shall post that term's attendance records on the Student Council Bulletin Board. It is the responsibility of the representative to attend all meetings and to be punctual for these meetings. A representative arriving fifteen minutes late shall be marked as absent.

VI. Power of Council

A. The council shall have the sole power to authorize mufti days, and other activities as they apply to the secondary school, subject to the approval of the Headmaster. B. The council shall have sole power to make its own internal regulations subject to the guidelines herein. C. The Council is empowered when necessary to act as the representative of the student body to present problems and solutions, and suggestions to the administration. In this capacity the full council or a select committee can investigate a problem to define its scope. D. The council shall be empowered to propose any idea that will generally benefit both the student body and C.I.S. E. The council shall have the power to carry out any proposals that have been approved by the Headmaster or Staff *All proposals must be approved by the Headmaster and/or Division Head.

VII. Amendments
All amendments to this constitution shall be typed and numbered sequentially including the year of their inception. Amendments require a 2/3 majority of representatives for passage and the same number of revocation. All amendments are subject to the approval of the Headmaster and/or Division Head. All amendments when approved shall be added on in order to the current constitution.

VIII. Authorship:
This constitution written in 9th academic year (1991-1992) was authored by Evan Lew, with the assistance ofYana Chung, Nanny Calabrese, Andrew Chiu, Catherine Fu, Susan Park and Tony Sabine, inspired by our Faculty Advisor, Mrs. Marguerite Tsim. The constitution writing process was supervised by Mrs. Maureen Sabine.